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Silver Haze

(94 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

1 gram for $10
3.5 grams for $35
7 grams for $65
14 grams for $125
28 grams for $240

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Product Description

Silver Haze was the first seed strain to deliver the full-strength Haze experience in a fatter, faster, more compact form. Crossing Haze with a non-dominant indica Northern Lights, Silver Haze maintains strong but clear-headed sativa effects. Introduced by Sensi Seeds, the Silver Haze gets its name from the massive amount of shiny THC glands covering the buds.

Parents: Northern Lights, Haze

Flavors: Earthy, pungent, woody
Effects: Happy, uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, energetic
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, lack of appetite, fatigue

94 reviews for Silver Haze

  1. Anonymous

    SWIM said it tastes like the Paris catacombs. Mixed it with Grape God so at least had desired effect.

  2. Anonymous

    Half decent buzz. Wasn’t much for the taste. Not enjoyable imo

  3. Anonymous

    Good strain, effects were strong but very manageable. Uplifting, but if you smoke too much may make you lazy. Great unique smell, tastes good and burns nice. The only complaint I have was the bag appeal. Buds need to seriously be trimmed, was very leafy. Just seems like a little more care needs to go into this one. 4/5

  4. Another top not klr strain gave it 4.5* everything is top notch with this strain and definitely recommend, I did find a fairly heavy burnout from this strain tho… The sold out Chem scout was more enjoyable for day time use from me. Klr have yet to dissapoint

  5. Good high, clean smoke. Can’t complain.

  6. Came in the sativa sample pack, was a better strain out of the pack over all it was okay

  7. Amazing strain, I smoke a blunt before every one of my soccer games and it is amazing. Fees like my cardio is endless and the smell and potency are perfect!

  8. This review is based on vaping using a Volcano set at 6.5 heat setting. I based my review on 4 criteria: appearance, smell, taste, and effect and I rated each out of 10. Appearance: Medium green in colour with a medium amount of crystals. Minimal red hairs, medium amount of leaf. Loose to medium density buds that are gummy 6.5/10. Smell: Bong shop with lemon 6.5/10. Taste: Sweet lemony diesel. Smooth 7.5/10. Effect: Fast onset, energizing, good body buzz, very good head buzz. Good for gaming. Eyes were red slits after smoking this. This was one of the strongest ones in the sample pack 8/10. Overall rating: 7/10.

  9. One of the best in my sample pack ???❗

  10. Anonymous

    Just covered in trichomes! Not the best bud formations, but since when is silver haze concerned about how it looks? Lol. This batchs’ terpenes are extremely strong. I can’t get enough of the smell and taste. Like nothing else on this world, almost mettalic. Maybe that’s why it’s so so hard to grow. Well done klr gld.

  11. Gotten this twice now, significant stomach pains develop while vaping with it, but not with other brands. Wondering about pesticides and such.

  12. Just ordered this in my last batch, killer bud. Although it didnt look exactly like the sample picture the experience made up for it. 7/10

  13. I’m loving the Klr gold cannabis! The product is amazing clean and smokes very smooth!

  14. good sativa, great smell…maybe its because ive been on shatters and shatter tinctures but i found i didnt really get a good rip off of it – I will say it kept me alert and awake though – really pungent smell, but i think thats flower in general

  15. Good sativa. One of the best IMPO

  16. Very happy with this sativa. Lots of energy, good clear high. I used to smoke indica’s but I’m slowly converting to sativa’s.

  17. Received 1/2 oz. of this as substitute for Northern Lights x Haze. Good bud. Decent potency. A bit leafy. Not what I ordered.

  18. Anonymous

    Reading through some of the reviews I see several complains of leafy bud in need of extra trimming; this was not the case with what I recieved bud was excellent quality. MIld sweet aroma that translates excellently to the taste of the herb; has a crisp almost slightly metallic undertone that I absolutely love. Nice clear energetic buzz that fades into a mellow and dreamy come down.. Excellent for daytime use.

  19. My go to sativa for sure

  20. Got this in a sample pack, loved it ?

  21. I agree with other reviews. It has a good/clean sweet aroma. Isn’t crazy heavy and allows you to be quite alert I would say.
    Good day time use.

  22. My least favourite of the sampler pack that should be a 9$ strain. Leafy and underwhelming crystal on it. Smell and flavour is there, high is cerebral but still lacks that high quality that HD strains usually have.

  23. Very clear buzz. Great for daytime use. Would definitely order again. Smell great very sweet

  24. this stuff smells like a bag of gummies, so delicious

  25. One of my favorite haze strains! perfect for the morning, gives me energy and no burnout.

  26. Great energetic smoke to get you through your day but it’s not the best in here so that’s why I’m giving 4 stars!

  27. overall great, very dreamy. those hazes are always good

  28. buds were a bit leafy. looks like a $9 strain. alright taste but smells good

  29. Tasty with a nice glow. Not the best certainly not the worst

  30. Anonymous

    Good stuff for sure. not as good as their super silver haze they had at one point.

  31. Little buds, with some little leaves. Funky-hazey smelling. Energetic-high. Not particularly uplifting from what I remember, but energetic. Tasty as well. Just ordered a gram and again, shared it.

  32. You can tell by the smell that its good weed. great for creativity

  33. Little bit sticky. Leafy buds, as to be expected with a sativa.
    The buds were also shiny as the description reads.
    First time trying the KLRGLD strains [Silver and White Haze].
    I didn’t particularly care for this sativa, though it wasn’t terrible.

  34. Anonymous

    Looks nice in the bag, could be trimmed a bit better. But the smoking experience was less than pleasant. The ash is black and the taste leaves your lips tingling. The batch I got seemed to have excess nutrients/fertilizerl left in it.

  35. Really, really lovely silver haze. Bit sad about not getting to try out the SS haze, but this is absolutely premo. Covered in silver.

  36. Best Sativa I’ve ever smoked.

  37. Anonymous

    Been trying more Sativa’s lately and really liked this one that I got in an order last week.

  38. I vaporize exclusively, no smoking. This has a great typical Haze smell. Piney to the max! Nice potency on this bud too. Definitely worth the price for a AAAA bud!

  39. This is the first bag of dope I didn’t like. Way too dark and lots of Bud leaf. Gets me high but tastes less than awesome. But at the end of the day, shitty pot is better than no pot, so two stars.

  40. I..can’t see straight..

  41. Prepare yourself for an intense sativa! If you want to start your day with a bang, this is the way to go.

    A quick vape session will have you whistling, joking around and loving life while getting your business done!

    Avoid it if you’re looking to relax after work, but definitely enjoy some before preparing dinner! It can take a vibe from mundane to masterpiece. Great sativa!

  42. Excellent bud. Only got a gram, but sure enjoyed it. Hope to be able to get more in the future. Great for regular smokers with a good price

  43. Day time use , great medicine for all needs

  44. Big buds and good taste gotta love the haze but expected more trychromes still a great smoke tho

  45. Bright energetic high as expected but not as long lasting as some other hazes like lemon haze, after an hour and half was loading my vaporizer for a couple more hits.

  46. good stuff. all my friends and family said it was amazing but i wasnt there to try it lol

  47. The gram I got in a sample pack was leafy. …really leafy. Not AAAA in my opinion.

  48. Anonymous

    I prefer the Super Silver Haze over this for sure, what I received didn’t look much like the picture but I do enjoy the taste a lot! I’ll have to try again in the morning… 😉

  49. Good high to jump start your day . Not a big haze fan but this did the trick . Second favourite out of the pack i ordered burned smooth

  50. Not a big sativa fan but this one i liked. Great day time bud or just before the gym!!

  51. Wow. Prepare yourself, you are the passenger of a rocket . The effect is sublime, the taste was not harsh, didn’t make me cough like a sow. White ash as well. Well I want to say a lot of things, but I forgot them. I underestimated SH. Did I say the high is sublime?

  52. Wow incredible again for the haze family love it will certainly order again

  53. This strain actually kickstarted my imagination. Every time I played a video game or watched a movie after smoking this, it was a little more enjoyable.

  54. Quality was okay, but took more to get a lift than others i have tried in the sample pack.

  55. 4/5
    Very nice, serviceable sativa. Nugs are dense and frosty. Smoke is clean and smooth. High is clear and energetic but lacks intensity.

  56. Anonymous

    Great daytime beach smoke!

  57. Anonymous

    Knowing how hard it is to grow ssh, very well done.

  58. Litterally my favourite brand – any day all day I’d chose Silver Haze over any other Sativa

  59. If you need some support to walk halfway across the city and still be alert when you get there, this is a top choice.
    …complete with that classic haze taste.

  60. Really really leafy, doesn’t look like the picture at all. With that being said it’s silvery and hazy as it would be..

  61. Not a big fan of the Haze strains but this is one of the better haze strains as far as buzz goes. Typical sativa gassy smell and flavor with a head high that doesn’t burn you out, good for the daytime as intended.

  62. Sticky, nice buds, classic silver haze taste. It had a quick, long lasting high that is fairly energetic. I find this strain also packs a bit of a body buzz which helps with muscle and joint pain.

  63. A little leafy considering price… however the effects and general burn qualities of the bud far outweigh this slight disadvantage.

  64. Great service! 4/5
    Fantastic discrete shipping 5/5
    For the bucks the weed don’t worth it imo 3/5

    It’s my second “herb$weed” order here and I’m a bit disappointing.

  65. the perfect day time or night time smoke!

  66. Very relaxing and smells spicey.

  67. The trim is lacking but otherwise really good.

  68. At first glance I thought it looked a tad leafy but underneath are some very sticky buds. It takes 3 seconds to pick the tiny bit of leaf off and it weighs nothing so really nothing to complain about. It tastes like haze and it has the same effects as the super lemon haze but a tad bit milder. Smooth smoke, uplifting high. 4.5/5

  69. Not sure why this is 11$ considering the last time HD had super silver haze, it looked like 10x better bud. Giving it a 4 because of the shitty trim job, too leafy, but is still good, but not as good as last batch.

  70. Wow very impressed been waiting for this strain to come back and very strong love it

  71. Very smooth, very tasty I enjoyed it.

  72. Great stuff, smooth smoke. .Didn’t seem to have a strong silver haze flavor as previous experiences. .

  73. Anonymous

    Really nice quality stuff. clean smoke and very smooth

  74. One of my favorite strain. sadly the trim is not the best ive ever seen. Maybe a badluck. The taste was still amazing.

  75. Awesome stuff, smells unreal.

  76. Anonymous

    Had this one a few months back and it’s good and no complaints here lol

  77. This is the stickiest bud I’ve ever seen. Received a 1/4 and it was all in one big clump in the bag. The smoke is absolutely fantastic. Nice white ash and the taste is incredible, even through the bong. The only reason I’m giving this 4 stars is for the trim job. Could’ve been a bit better but don’t let that deter you from ordering some of this. Light, fluffy, frosty nugs. AAAA+ sativa here folks

  78. Smelly, silver, frosty. Some awesome nugs.

  79. Great morning pick-me-up. Clear as day!

  80. I ordered it last time, month or two ago, it was really nice – similar smell to the organic super lemon haze that I recently got from here, but much denser buds. The super lemon had foxtails in comparison. I loved this silver haze but a quarter ounce to me is just a tease. An ounce of this silver haze would be a dream for me. I wish it was available in larger quantities, and didn’t sell out so fast, but it was so good last time it would have been an instant order.

  81. Anonymous

    OMG, I absolutely loved this bud. It tickled my creativity like nothing else has. Will definitely be watching for this to come by again!!

  82. wish i tried some! look yummy…. sold out fast

  83. One of my favourite strains, thank you HD!

  84. Some of the best Sativa I’ve ever had!
    Very unique smell and taste. Very smooth smoke. Great daytime med. Awesome trail smoke if you’re into hiking and exploring. Glad I tried it. You will be too!

  85. Great sativa! Pretty smooth and packs a nice high, thanks HD!

  86. i must say im a big fan of any haze and this one is worth getting more of

  87. Order an eighth about a week ago. This strain is A1. Looks exactly as show very sticky buds too. Smells like a cat took a piss on a bouquet of flowers and pine needles. This is true Haze.

  88. From the second i opened the seal around the box i knew this was some amazing stuff.
    Super sweet/citrusy/piney all at the same time.
    Heavy hitting high for sure but not overwhelming.

  89. This strain is amazing, I’m so glad that HD brought it back! Will be ordering some more next time for sure. Nugs are beautiful, covered with a lot of THC

  90. One of my favorites from now on. Looks really good with lots of crystals, smells dank and has a very pleasant , daytime high with not much couchlock. It’s a pretty strong head high and I really like it!

  91. Anonymous

    Heavy hitter !!! My new #1 🙂 #instabuzzz

  92. Absolutely love this strain, so much. One of my all time favorites! Would order again, and again. Please HD, make this strain permanent!

  93. 4.5 citrus smell when busted in grinder seven smoke should buy!

  94. Looks Dank very nice and smooth

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