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Silicone Concentrate Containers – 5 ml

(77 customer reviews)


$1 for 1 Silicone Concentrate Container

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

These 5ml silicone containers are perfect for your shatter or waxes.

  • FDA Approved
  • Silicone Non-Stick Concentrate Storage Containers
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Heat resistant up to 450 degrees
  • Freezer safe Microwave safe Dishwasher Safe
  • Reusable

77 reviews for Silicone Concentrate Containers – 5 ml

  1. Love these containers,they are so handy! Buying more soon. 🙂

  2. Nice little container. Easier to use then the full silicone ones. Wish they had bigger ones.

  3. These are great for storing seeds in.

  4. Nice ! And at 1$ lets go , get some ! Perfect for hashish or shatter for yor day doses !

  5. I’m so happy HD stocks these. I got a couple and they are indeed scent proof. Would love to see some of these slightly larger for dry herb. They are fantastic and fit nicely in my pocket.

  6. Perfect for all type of concentrate.

  7. great product. perfect to keep your dabs in

  8. Worth every penny!

  9. great price for a great product! 5/5!

  10. for 2 bucks its a steal

  11. good containers. I like the screw down top versus the silicone bendy ones that have possibility of popping open. Will prob buy again, thanks!

  12. Great lille containers, not too expensive

  13. Nice little containers and great price

  14. My favourite containers by far. Love the screw on lid, can easily see contents. Will buy more with next order

  15. great for the price, wish I didn’t get white on white, would have prefered a coloured one,

  16. awesome little container for your concentrates, i love it!

  17. perfect little containers!

  18. Honestly I’m not very happy with these new containers. They’ve changed from the full silicone top and bottom to just a plastic container with a silicone insert. Kind of like Phant BHO products. They’re still decent and only $2 but I like the previous version much better.

  19. Yep. Serviceable 5 ml concentrate containers. No surprises.

  20. Anonymous

    Every company needs to use these silicone containers. Nothing goes to waste with these things.

  21. Great little containers. Mine smelled horrible when i got them. Very hard to get ride of the skunk smell. They were perfect to replace the containers from phant products.

  22. Cheap, and effective.

  23. Perfect little things these are. And at two bucks cant go wrong

  24. Good little containers, sometimes a little tricky to open, but that’s after a bunch of tokes, lol.

  25. They are exactly what I needed so I could stop storing my concentrates on wax paper or plastic

  26. Anonymous

    Small and secure, excellent for concentrates. If the price was any better they would be free!

  27. Small perfect for a gram of shatter great price can’t go wrong

  28. Fun product, very functional, soft rubbery container no bigger than your thumb. Perfect storage for shatter/dry herb/etc on a day trip.

  29. Perfect for concentrates

  30. my wife and her friend love the containers, I’m going top have to get more on the next order

  31. Awesome compact shatter Storage

  32. perfect for m shatters

  33. Awesome little containers. Might as well throw it on your order if you’re a few dollars away from 100 or 200 or want to get something out of your point discount! I move a lot of my concentrates in these especially if the original container is those clear plastic ones that are often left open or threaded wrong and not air tight!

  34. These little containers are great! If you go to any smoke shop they’re way more expensive…

  35. Awesome little container. Great for storing concentrates including hash. Try one and you will never use anything else. its super durable and will last forever. Awesome!!!

  36. These containers are real great for when you have a few different concentrates like shatter or wax. I find it works best with shatter and oils. But not to leave oil in for long. Just good to empty a syringe into it and dab it all.

  37. No scraping st all. Perfect for shatter or really anything wish they had a bigger size, but the fact you can order wax or shatter in these containers is amazing.

  38. Wish all the shatter brands used these containers, would buy the next size up if available.

  39. Awesome little containers at a great price. They fit a gram of shatter or rosin for me but it gets tight. Perfect for half-grams, reclaim or weekend trips. Every dabber needs a ton of these.

  40. good to hold shatter in

  41. Anonymous

    High grade material and holds ~1 gram with ease.
    excellent for dabs on the go! 5/5

  42. Great for holding the stuff.

    I got one of these bad boys and have not regretted my purchase.
    Holds a gram with ease and has room to spare.

  43. Little small for a full gram, but feel great and are perfect for travelling/storing 1/2 gram at all times. I got 5 of these bad boys.

  44. These are perfect.

  45. Great for taking meds out and about eh.

  46. High grade material. Convenient & unbreakable.

  47. Great for on the go… Works great with all the goodies no sticking or scrapping 5\5

  48. ditch the wax paper and grab a few of these.

  49. A must have for any stash, nothing sticks, they seal great, and won’t break. different sizes or shapes would be great, but these are amazing as is 11/10

  50. Have two of these really good for shatter . Way better then the plastic container the shatter comes in

  51. Great for concentrates, and at $2 you can’t go wrong. Wish they’d sold the ones with multiple slots but these will do just fine.

  52. For 2 bucks these are awesome!

  53. necessity for any dabber. great value

  54. Gr8 little containers . Have 2 Iholding various erb products thx

  55. 5/5!

  56. The best! Great value

  57. I love these little dudes. They remind me the erasers in elementary school ?

  58. 2$ serves it’s purpose perfectly. Worth it for the dabbers and oil heads out there.

  59. Cute little storage container, closes nice and tight too. I will have a little collection in no time!

  60. almost the only was you should store concentrates . won’t stick to it

  61. great little containers!!! perfect for budder/wax/co2 concentrates

  62. They’re pretty great for half grams, and all the Co2 extracts come packaged with their own. Silicon makes for easy sanitization too.

    Soon enough you’ll have way too many and you’ll be giving them away like me!

  63. These things are great for the little piece of Hash or shatter. Thank you.

  64. 5ml container has more depth than I thought.
    You can store at least 2 grams in there comfortably.
    $2 each with no sales tax is about the best price you’ll find unless you buy in bulk.
    I’ll probably pick up a couple more on the next order.

  65. I got 2 of these containers in my last order and while I like the convenience I found that my wax would stick to the inside of the container. None the less still a good container.

  66. These handy little containers are just right! A definite need if you take concentrates along with you. I got pink – at first I didn’t care for it, but now I find the bright colour makes it easy to see them precious specks

  67. What can I say works great.

  68. These things are great

  69. Can’t say anything atall badd about this product,I love them.There Great to use for storeing things like wax/shatter and even hash(bubble-n-hard`stuff)..I’ve been using them for pot aswell and i think they work great for whatever i tryed putting in them.can never have enuff of them and been adding a couple to each order ive placed.Not to be pickey….But they would be even better if we could get larger size’s(bigger one’s.) ”Cust 4Life Here” Keep upp the Awsome Work HD.

  70. These are quite a bit deeper than I thought they would be, which is great. Going to grab a few more next time I make an order. Can’t beat the price.

  71. Also i find them excellent for keeping the shatter & wax at a perfect consistancy , even at room temp!

  72. Deff better then paper, i have a lot saved up, my last supplyer had your concentrate come in these with a company logo and stick on them! Mabey its simthing too think about HD , n perfect if ur order is a few bucks shy of 99$ & 199$ . I never order under 200$ , whats the point. You just make another order eventually anyways! The 20$ shippings add up.

  73. really happy with this product,love the website and am soo glad that my buddy told me about HD.

  74. If your order is $4 under the $99 minimum, then these things are for you!

  75. For $2 you betcha they’re five stars. As a nice bonus, the pricier extracts often come with their own container. Don’t forget to wash them!

  76. Anonymous

    Great containers. It’s silicone, though, not silicon. The product description is accurate, but the title is not.

  77. Your typical silicon container. No matter how messy and sticky your oils are they just wont stick to this silicon no more wasting and scrapping.
    and you can never have enough of these things. they are so cheap so I always add a few to each order.
    Wish they stocked more silicon products.

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