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Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica

1 gram for $11
3.5 grams for $38
7 grams for $70
14 grams for $130
28 grams for $250

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Sold By: KLR GLD
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Product Description

Shiskaberry, or “Kish,” is an indica-dominant hybrid that came about from crossing DJ Short Blueberry with an unknown Afghani strain. This plant will mature in 8 to 9 weeks and should yield a fairly high amount of flowers. Shishkaberry’s buds have a fruit and berry aroma and will be painted with shades of purple. Its initial head buzz is happy and good for finishing things up or being social, but once its indica side kicks in, lazy is the word.

Parents: DJ Short Blueberry, Afghani
Similar to: Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Green Crack, Pineapple Express, White Widow

Flavours: Berry, sweet, blueberry
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, happy, sleepy, uplifted
Medical: Stress, pain, depression, insomnia, nausea

Q and A: The Gold Standard of Weed

357 reviews for Shiskaberry

  1. amazing smell,taste and high

  2. Very nice bud that reminded me of years ago. Smooth taste and flavor with a great buzz 5/5

  3. Best tasting bud I think I’ve Ever had! It’s like candy.

  4. This takes me back to the stuff i would get when i was younger. Nice red hairs. 5 stars!!

  5. I got this gem in the sample pack and although it’s been around for quite some time now I have to say it made me re-appreciate just how beautiful of a medicine the shiskaberry really is it’s so nice n sticky almost smells like lemon blue berrys upon breaking apart a nug the flavour is beautiful and very unique to most strains out there and a wonderful high that does the body just wonders I really dont understand the negative reviews remember for the people that maybe disappointed different strains for different brains what may work for you may not do someone else good for example if you have had a positive experiences with a kush strain then stick to similar roots and hertiages as it will most likely treat your symptoms as for another example for the people who disliked this maybe the blueberry heritage is to much of a relaxing calm and you need something more racy and psychoactive like the pink bubba , or pink deathstar to say a few

  6. 5 stars. Really good. Tastes great. Would buy this again.

  7. This was huge let down for KLR Gold. Terrible strain. High lasted for what felt like 5 minutes. I tore through an entire ounce in less than 2 weeks.

  8. Luv this strain but this batch doesn’t have that strong berry taste it’s there but nit as strong as previous batches!! It’s not as sticky either which is a big let down the high has gone down a bit!! Still I’d recommend trying it out for the flavour!!?

  9. 5 stars all day

  10. Strongest I’ve found on this site so far. I was comparing to Pink Death Star and this is by far the stronger strain for a full body fit.

  11. Shishkaberry + Flismas
    This strain was very special for me as I only bought it for its visual, hoping it would be a banger! After opening the bag this strain is by far one of the more pretty looking strains with strong orange hairs that looked like they were just done a body building session —-> THIS TRICHOME SITUATION was next level. Aside from the bueaty hairs, the BUD itself was covered in sparkle and busted up in a hand-spun metal grinder nice a light.

    Smoke this strain in joint form is my suggestion. I found that although I got nicely stoned using a bong, this straings high was better realized a few days later by smoking by way of JOINT 🙂 It rolls nice and snokes slow and seemingly stronger than the bong hit. Before smoking this strain I felt exhausted mentally… after this smoke I felt like my attitude had changed and my evening was pretty solid.

    Smoking the Shishkaberry made me realize… I need to have a halfq around at all times. And I do… 🙂

  12. This strain delivered a satisfying body stone and lived up to the expectations of flavour. But for $130 for 14 grams (what I purchased) I was disappointed. I found 3-4 underdeveloped seeds within the bag, which is the last thing I thought I’d find in this strain since it was “a perfect example of the strain and genetic you’ve chosen” and grown in a “facility that exceeds industry standards”. I will never buy a KLRGOLD product again, as they’re overpriced and not worth the price tag they somehow feel this weed deserves. $9 a gram at best.

  13. One of my favorite hybrid strands! Gives a great initial burst of energy that delivers a whole body relaxation. Once th indica hits, be ready for couch lock.

  14. One of my favourites! So tasty!

  15. just recieved my order and this smells great, smokes great and is super smooth but the price will keep it as an occasional buy and will definitly get again

  16. Not the strongest but not the weakest strain. A good middle of the pack strain.

  17. Really nice bud. Great flavour and good buzz too!! Will buy again for sure!!!!

  18. Strain was very nice smelling the high was a little paranoid at times… I tend to smoke sativa mainly so ill shop only on that page from now on

  19. It kind of smells like their Lemon Jah, i really like it!!

  20. Usually like this strain but this batch was underpar for me.. This and last blue dream batch by klr gld have been weak in effects compared to previous versions of these two strains.

  21. My favorite indica, probably one of the best taste I’ve had. When I’m not sure of witch indica I want, I always go back to shiskaberry. The high justify the price! If you never had this strain add a g to your order.

  22. Very nice looking bud. Vaped it and the taste was quite nice, pleasant high!

  23. medium sized buds
    good quality but they shorted me .4

  24. Vapes really well. Would order again.

  25. This is a nice version of Shiskaberry. The fruity overtones really come out with this gorgeously trimmed and cured bud.

    Some say this is “more potent” than Nuken. I think it really boils down to whether you want a balanced high like Nuken gives, or a pure body stone with a clear head like Shiskaberry does. Which I prefer really depends on what I have on hand. Whatever I’m toking at the moment is always the winner for that point in space-time.

    I didn’t find the odor overly strong, though. Pleasant nose, of course, but it is almost a stealth strain in my books. At least compared to Purple Kush, Hindu Kush, and Tuna Kush. Any one of those puts out nearly twice the aroma cloud that the Shiskaberry does.

  26. This is my go to stain. The smell is so sweet and the puff is also smooth. Starts to work right away! Tight buds covered in those beautiful red hairs. Def will continue to buy!

  27. Excellent, nice look, nice aroma and potent. A couple of pipe fulls is all you need. Definitely helps getting you to sleep but also nice to have a few puffs and sit back and read a good book. Will for sure get again.

  28. Nice buds but this has a mellow buzz. If a drop kick to the brain is what u r looking for this may not be ur thing. Great for day time smoking.

  29. Smells great, good buzz!

  30. I’ve been contimplating on getting this for quite some time and I finally did. Great tasting Indica will definitely order again.

  31. Nice fresh batch of Shiskaberry. As always, amazing smell, taste, and effects!

  32. Smells and tastes ok, nothing special, kind of spicy. Good quality and decent buzz.

  33. Tastes and smells good, powerful effects.

  34. Good smell, good buzz, good bud! Definitely worth givin a go.

  35. First time trying this strain.Not keen on the taste.Maybe I’m to used to the death bubba and pinks here. Regardless good quality just not for me.

  36. Very good indica

  37. Very good

  38. Nice looking buds with a beautiful aroma. I found it made me cough a little while vaping but overall tasty. High wasn’t as strong as I expected .

  39. Very good.

  40. Loved it. Looking for a fruity tasting indica? This is what you want.

  41. actually smells and tastes like shiskaberrys!!!

  42. I love the smell and taste of this strain so I purchased a 1/2 Oz. After smoking some I found a bad pop corn taste which was unusual. I started to look at the buds and some had seeds in it. I collected a total of 20 seeds from the weed.

    After doing a little research I believe the plant the bud came from was a hermaphrodite. I’m not sure if I can plant these, but I’m pretty stoked about getting some seeds from one of my favorite strains.

  43. A tad harsh, sweet aftertaste, excellent long lasting buzz. I’ll buy again!

  44. Very nice smell and flavor on this one . Really liked this one.

  45. It was ok wasn’t my favourite shikaberry had more of a lemon taste than anything, appear every was beautiful though honestly definitely gets u nice and stoned but IMO looks much nicer than its bang,

  46. Very good! Received quickly, and very nice high. I cant wait to try all the strains. Will definetly recomend.

  47. I love shiskaberry!! Such a nice smoke and high! My second favorite strain behind pink death star!!! Nice and relaxing for the body!

  48. Nice thick clouds (volcano vape) out of this strain. I’m feeling good. I’m normally a sativa user. I really like this strain so far.

  49. totally worth it!! great buzz,nice taste is good,bud has nice look to. would buy more for sure… fast shipping to add.

  50. My fave. Order whenever it’s available. Always a good pain killer and a lasting buzz for me

  51. Yes ! what a flavorful treat,((most nugs)),,, body relaxing and a brain booster,,, to me anyway,,,can t wait for another supreme pack,, of mind altering , mentally enhanceing((the sativas , and fine hybrids usually anyway,)) body relaxing ,natural chemicals packed with in some gorgeous glimmering flowers, that stimulate my body and mind,

    , for the better of course. I greatly appreciate the help

  52. Beautiful buds man, the bag appeal is great. The smell is exotic, but i found it to be more citrus than berry. Still the combo of citrus and sweet gave a tasty toke, and the high was great, pretty close to the description. Another hit from klr gld.

  53. I got a zip of this and I can honestly say it’s some of the best looking bud I’ve ever seen, it tastes really really good and the high is top tier.

  54. The look of this bud is awesome, pale green, with bright red, not orange foxtails, worth ordering just to check it out. Dense with a nice berry smell, Nice bed time buddy.

  55. Leaving a review after a bunch of orders for this strain , but honestly , it’s the best strain I have ever smoked from herbal. Anyone who clicks into this strain should try this , sometimes it’s not available so good luck!

  56. Ya can never go wrong with this strain

  57. I like it . Great taste looks great , great high , thanks herbal dispatch

  58. Great buzz. Nice looking product.

  59. Hit me immediately when vaping but within 15 mins it crept into something very special. I found this stuff to have a bit of energy while also being extremely relaxing. 5 stars.

  60. The smell and taste is very nice. Very strong smell but not quite as strong tasting. Found it to be a very smooth smoke. High is not intense or overpowering but def a nice relaxing indica. It loses a star because I do not feel like it’s worth the $11/g. There are other strains that I have tried for the same price that were better than this in regards to the high. Still nice smoke tho. Thanks.

  61. Far from a heavy hitter. If a weaker strain & a low buzz is what u r looking for, this bud’s for you. I’m continuously impressed how herbal dispatch can send product in less than a week. I’m on the other side of the country.

  62. My favourite strain to smoke. Klr gold never disappoints with shiskaberry. Heavy stone, with a great smell. Shiskaberry all the way.


  64. Incredible buds, smells is good but the greatest thing about it is the incredible fruity taste that will last for the whole joint. I highly recommend

  65. Sweet. Has a strong berry taste.

  66. real nice indica, not overpoweringly strong but has some kick. buds look exactly like the pictures, frosty with lots of orange hairs. clean burn with white ash. taste was not as pungent as the smell.

  67. Always good , nice taste and good high . beautiful bud thx hd

  68. Great buds , lots of red hairs, a bit harsh but the kick of the buzz makes up for it ?

  69. It’s good but definitely not worth $130/Half!!

  70. I have always wanted to try shiskaberry and finally I got the chance!!!My favorite prior was the death bubba which they no longer have! This was a great new choice that I will be definitely be getting again!!! Such an awesome indica!!

  71. Would give more than five stars if I could this is an all around that I’d recommend to anyone

  72. The 7 gram bag I received was perfect.

  73. Amazing strain as always. Great berry taste.

  74. Wwwwwoooowwww awesome indica very nice buds and good taste i will recommand

  75. amazing buds. azmaing taste. just amazing all around

  76. Realy nice strain. Love the smell and taste.
    Package was all crush but still the quality was good. Would order again. Thanks hd

  77. It’s definitely good

  78. Anonymous

    Very nice looking in the bag, and very potent in the pipe; The effects at first are cerebral and energising then modulate into physical ease and relaxation.

  79. Amazing! Flavour is great and high is noticeable. Five stars !! Would recommend

  80. Anonymous

    A nice indica, smells great and looks very pleasant with orange hairs, solid buds and sweet vapors.

  81. Really enjoyed this smoke, super potent and tight nuggets! I got it in the sample pack and was well worth it!! ??

  82. One of the best!

  83. the taste, smell, high, and looks were all on point. this product was great. shout out to the grower!

  84. i got this in a sample pack and was very impressed. great looking buds and a quality high.

  85. Anonymous

    I saw a High Times mag and it was featuring 47 of the best tasting strains ever or in the world something like that anyways if Shiskaberry isn’t on that list then there’s something wrong cuz Shiskaberry is the one of the best tasting strains I have ever tryed!!!

  86. Anonymous

    I love this stuff!! It’s worth checking out for sure!! You will love it too!! I give it a five outta five for aroma taste bag appeal!! There’s nothing too complain bout this stuff except that it’s not available all the time!!! A must try!!!

  87. Received my package the other day, one word…….. FIRE!!!!

  88. Pretty good bud , decent high, Good smoke. Could be a little bit more potent for the price in my opinion.

  89. This is my all time favorite strain. Always keep some stashed. Thanks KLRGLD!

  90. Such a good looking strain, foxy red . High is great and taste is splendid, top knotch

  91. This strain it is just amazing!!!! Smell like crazy, and also….. STRONG!!! For me 10/10

  92. Anonymous

    The KISH IS THE ISH!!What a beautiful strain, grown,dried,trimmed and cured to perfection.Consistent quality as I have ordered many times in the past year and will continue to do so. Kudos KLR 🙂

  93. Great bud looks great, lots of crystals, sticky and smells so good! One of my new favourites

  94. Great strain ! Beautiful buds with a nice smell and a good subtle taste of berry 🙂

  95. I bought this strain this winter, they were little hard nug. This september batch is more fluffy, but quality, taste and smell are IDENTICAL . I Love this strain

  96. Wonderful. Such an exotic, fruity/sweet, intoxicating aroma. Burns so nice, and the effects are quite pronounced. Would buy this again, no doubt!

  97. Smell is incredible very fruity, nice heavy couch lock … I will be buying more of this

  98. Wooowwww,amazing thanks HD?

  99. This bud is full of flavour and aroma. Very yummy scent, unique compared to most but in all the best possible ways. this is a MUST TRY if you have not yet. I will always keep an eye out for this strain. A++++

  100. Nice smooth sweet smoke! Great buzz, gives me the munchies!!

  101. Awesome bud. Great smell. Great buzz. Expect to spend some time on the couch.

  102. Anonymous

    beautiful bud,truly soft,sticky,and smells like berries exploding. Clean,white ash,been flushed wonderfully,i have only good things to say about this strain. To be honest,after going through about 25-30 strains over the summer,this has got to be top 3,maybe even no.1. . . . . . While its not the heaviest hitter,it gets you very nice and heavy eyed,laughy,and comfortable.

  103. I’ve ordered this strain once before from HD and just ordered a 1/4 bag yesterday. I was pretty impressed with the looks of these small – medium, strawberry nuggets. Very red Is what I remember. The taste was good, and it was a smooth smoke when compared to other indicas. Very good weed. But, then again, everything on here is. Being from Ontario, the land of Adolph Wynneler, the dispensaries here don’t even compare when it comes to bud quality. Soon enough it will get worse here as they are going to have state run dispensaries and stomp average people out of a big market. Personally, I am going to fight this. I hope all you guys from Ontario are making your voice heard on any platform you can so other people are aware of what is going to be stolen from us. B. C. Has led the good fight for a long time. They don’t accept a criminal telling them what to do. They do what they want. We need to follow their example. Our future generations won’t have a middle class if we don’t. BTW in case you were wondering… I just smoked UK Cheese. Another excellent weed. But that’s another novel lol

  104. This stuff is over rated, i didn’t think was so good

  105. Very nice usually only do kushes , but this is nice change very unique wont find smells similar .

  106. Beautiful looking bud that tastes great and is super potent a must try!

  107. Taste was nice and it hit hard enough for myself.

  108. ive tried it from a friend and it doesnt burn to white ash, the taste could have been better but the buzz is good

  109. This stuff looks picture perfect and it got a berry smell to it.
    Burns and smokes like a dream

  110. As always excellent weed but a little pricey in my opinion for something only slightly better than your average weed on hd.

  111. Wasn’t overly impressed with this one. Especially with it being one of the more expensive strains on the site. Tasted like chemicals. Nugs weren’t frosty at the naked eye, but man the taste just ruined it for me. Opinion based only on a gram in a sample pack.

  112. Alot of awesome terps in this one. Really enjoyed a calm, deep and relaxing high. Really impressed with this weed.

  113. Anonymous

    Had this in a sample pack and it was the last bud.. should’ve been the first.. nice taste and buzz. top shelf stuff. thanks HD

  114. Loved it!! Great taste, look and smokes nice to. Will be buying again for sure!

  115. Anonymous

    Great taste!

  116. Can never have enough Shiskaberry!

  117. The smell of this stuff when you crack open the jar is unreal!! Smells good enough eat. The half once I got had great bag appeal, the buds being more orange than green. Top notch stuff!

  118. Got this in my sample pack. Very nice smoke here. Tastes amazing ???

  119. So I’m usually a Kush guy and I don’t care for sweet strains usually but this is something special. I’ve never smelt cannabis like this so exotic and yummy. I don’t know why I waited so long to try this. Klr Gld did a great job growing it and it pressed into super tasty rosin. But it’s the high that makes this special, strong afghan body stone with a really heady head high. Great for watching movies. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a change from the same old.

  120. Spicy smell incredible color contrast between green and orange almost red are crazy big dense bud love it

  121. 4/5 wish this bud was constant every time. Sometimes I get a aaaa bag, sometimes it’s aaa. It hits hard and has a wonderful smell.

  122. If I could only have one strain of pot to smoke for the rest of my life, this is it…This is a real ass kicker… Incredibly potent, great tasting… gets me wrecked every time… Will buy this strain for as long as it’s available…

  123. Amazing stuff HD and klr gold. Great bag appeal with a strong aroma. I have been extremely happy with this purchase. Packs a great punch with a high that lasts.

  124. Anonymous

    Indeed a top notch herb, major flavor and intense aromas,firey red hairs interweaving a lusious coat of cristals.The high is strong,well balanced mind and body and very long lasting.Also makes your house smell of exotic spices!Well worth the bucks..

  125. The nugs are very appealing, the high is long lasting and heavy. 4.7/10

  126. Meh, is alright.

  127. Anonymous

    Great bag appeal. Relaxing high. Not worth the price imo

  128. Super high quality nugs as always with KLRGLD, dank smell, potency was indica dominant but medium strength.

  129. My favourite flower. Always a must grab!

  130. Anonymous

    Amazing amazing amazing! Thank you killer gold and thank you herbal dispatch.

  131. This is the perfect functional, yet relaxing high. Shiskaberry calmed me significantly, but I was still able to enjoy the game I was playing without feeling overly heavy. It was a delightful experience, every time! I will definitely get this again. 🙂

  132. Very pungent flower. Excellent taste and a smooth smoke, but doesn’t pack quite the punch I expected.

  133. Beautiful hairy buds . One of my favourite indicas

  134. This was bred by spice of life seeds ,, I know the breeder and it’s exceptional ….

  135. The scent of Shiskaberry gets me every time! Top notch bag appeal, great taste and nice indica buzz.

  136. Good quality, nice buds, not hard hitting but I Would buy again

  137. Good strong indica that’ll leave you feeling mellow and happy. Fantastic strain if you like sharing with a significant other and enjoying some sexy time!

  138. Got in a sample pack, may be an indica but the high seemed like a sativa to me! Made me super happy so no complaints with this strain

  139. This klr is amazing, especially when compared to other $250oz bud on here… Nice tight nugs which look more orange than green.. Found it to have a great taste, great evening, relaxing type of bud…

  140. perfect for the evening couch time…really helped me have a good nights sleep…and the flavour is truly amazing, in my arizer air vape of course! real heavy hitting…great body effects! relax relax relax! exceptional quality!

  141. Been smoking finely grown herb for 14 years and This was pretty good, but more of a 50/50 in my opinion. Felt a strong sativa head kick, then it slowly melted through my body over the course of 30 mins, leaving my staring at my television and forgetting to even fast forward commercials lol. Decent strain, but not for 11/gram. I’d say this is more 10/gram.

    Would order again though, because the taste in my vape was incredible. Not many strains on HD, or anywhere else these days for that matter, have a strong taste anymore. This was as nice treat.

  142. Anonymous

    Meh takeit or leave it, has a unique smell and taste. Doesnt do the job for me, my geuss between 10-15% thc pretty weak bud for 250 an oz… save youre money unless u new to smoking

  143. Anonymous

    Klr gold are always the top, and this one is no exception

  144. my favourite stuff on HD

  145. Just grabbed a gram of this amazing bud and I’m immensely impressed. Klr gold never disappoints and this strain should be apart of everyone’s order!

  146. Looks just like the picture. Amazing dense and hairy nugs full of flavour. Worth the price if you’re looking for AAAA Bud.

  147. smell and taste is incredible. my favorite Indica so far.

  148. Very nice. It has a fantastic light berry flavour. Had a great sleep afterwards.

  149. Very decent. The price is right.

  150. Shiska shiska shiska, the berry appeal is real. I had a couple nugs I swear were almost all orange and crystals, not crazy about the smell, but smoke decent and is a heavy creeep for me. A nice change up to the regular kush favorites

  151. Love the bag appeal of this one.. Hard dense nugs wit crazy amount od red hairs and crystally buds… 1 got an extra g of this in my sample pack… Overall impressed…… 4.75/5

  152. Beautiful aroma, the name somewhat speaks for itself. Nice big buds and an awesome smoke, most definitely recommend this strain.

  153. Anonymous

    Probably one of the best smelling strains ive ever had

  154. Anonymous

    Not bad. Doesn’t mess me up like $11/g strains normally do, but I knew when purchasing that it wouldn’t. Still has me feeling lazy on the couch so it’s doing its job. Burns a little slow but finishes with a white ash. Could be a little smoother though; big tokes have me swallowing smoke lol

  155. Reordered. Larger batch, larger buds. Very potent. Great strain. Happy.

  156. Anonymous

    Its very berry!
    Feel more alert
    Happy High
    That shyt is amazing!

  157. Unique smell and look to this strain, you won’t be disappointed when you open your bag of this shiskaberry. Nice trichome coverage and large dense sticky buds. Can’t taste the strong smell when smoked, has a pleasant inhale and exhale, smokes perfectly in a joint. Effects are mild indica stone with spacey high for a medium length of time. Good strain for day and night!

  158. Beautiful buds!!! The smell is amazing. I had ordered this strain about 14 months ago but I don’t remember it being as potent as this ! Wow. It hits much harder than nuken or the god bud I have. Would order again

  159. very fuity and sweet, but can’t go wrong with the Gold stamps!

  160. Right away I was blown away with the bag appeal. The buds look like no other bud I have seen before. Nice green and orange color. Smell was a little LP to me but once busted the lp smell was gone and a whole new smell emerged. I gave a 3/5 rating due to the lack of kick on the buzz. I was expecting a but more then what I got. Would I buy it again, yes, will it be my first choice on my next order, no.

  161. I really enjoyed the sweet and fruity taste of this strain. It was also very potent. Good stuff!!

  162. Afghani and blueberry genetics can only add to the satisfying high that this bud produces. Only had sample gram and very hard to judge the smell when you have such an isolated small nug. Found bud very hybrid like with lots of energy to start and then it sinks in and body stone kicks in.
    burns well, nice and slow, lovely bud from HD as usual.

  163. Anonymous

    Fantastic strain, loved how this really came alive once vaped. Smell and taste remind me so much of Sweet Island Skunk with that citrus flavor; euphoric feeling wasn’t too intense and found myself being able to engage in conversation throughout the night. One thing to note from personal experience now having gone through about 2g’s, is that I find this bud vapes really nice on a lower setting, as opposed to the usual 185 for me on the Mighty. I found the experience at the higher setting to turn harsh very quick, whereas on 170 the taste and vape quality was so much better. No difference in the high for me on either setting to add.

  164. Personally I enjoy this strain. My first order and I’ve smoked it for a few days during the evening both with a pipe and vape.
    Was initially unimpressed with the smell in the bag. Kinda like dog shit. But immediately on the grind the smell is released.
    Bag appeal is good and the bud looks great. I’m sure there are bigger buds out there but I only ordered a small amount to try.
    Effects with a pipe were much heavier and faster stone onset. With the vape the euphoric feeling lasts longer and you could get away with daytime smoking but their is some stone.
    Made me think differently than normal and at some points I’m pretty wigged out. I think the potency is on point and very happy. Haven’t smoked enough to judge tolerance but I will be ordering more and keeping shishkaberry in the rotation

  165. Taste great hit hard thanks again

  166. Enjoyed the shishkaberry for sure! 5 stars.

  167. Very unique strain. Reminds me of a long time ago. Littered with orange hairs. Tight popcorn buds very good bust. Tasty and smooth. Nice variety. Thanks HD |–|

  168. Again, always good quality from HD!

  169. A classic! Very sweet-citrus smelling bud with a chill high. Not the most potent on HD but quite a treat for this daily smoker. Definitely a must try for anyone who smokes flower!

  170. Anonymous

    A must try strain, almost has hybrid qualities as it can feel like a sativa sometimes.

  171. Great looking and smelling bud great indica had one bong and was sleepy and was very smoothe and tasted like berries. Great strain.

  172. Anonymous

    Thia is among the worst bud I’ve ever seen. Looks excactly like the pictures unfortunately, it has a terrible smell like no other and has little to no cyrstals, i wouldn’t order this again for even 3$ a gram. I also received Mk uktra and GG4 im confused how those two were so incredibly potent and tasty, then this for the same price? But I do have to commened HD for the amazing service and quick response times! Will definitely be ordering again but not this strain.

  173. upon opening it sweet piney smell, nice buds, good clean smoke with not much head high, and a good lasting high with a little burn out, more of a sativa then an indica

  174. One of my favorite indicas for sure. Very potent, smooth and tastes great

  175. Great taste awesome strain

  176. Really intense high good taste worth every buck

  177. This is a very nice laid back strain. I like the taste of this very earthy for sure. Didn’t find it helped to much with my pain but a great giggle high

  178. Anonymous

    great strain has it all. Helps me see the world in a better way and puts me to sleep before I’m finished my prayers. Thanks for the Boveda 2 way moisture packs with each bag and for connecting me with the supplier so I can order some.

  179. Best thing is definitely the taste. On top of that it has a great buzz, but makes me eat half of the kitchen cupboard. I give it a 5/5

  180. nice taste, great for an everyday smoke.

  181. The Hippie Chick Patient C.L.Q.
    ~ ShiskaBerry ~
    This Strain is Not A Favorite.
    -maybe do to the way it gets Cured…Uncertain.~
    – This strain actually caused a couple Headaches to Occur,
    -However when mixed with Blue Dream,or White Haze ,it was fine.
    – Actually ShiskaBerry can bring on a few giggles,with a Sociable uplifting,,,
    yet ready to call it A night type deal goin on..
    -So I would Not recommend this to headache suffers,
    -would have to say it is A Lower Grade Strain.-For My Needs.

  182. Wow, looks and smells exactly like the Delahaze I had a while back. Nice vaping, smooth.

  183. Very relaxing body buzz. Definitely a night time chilling strain while listening to music. Happy and euphoric!

  184. Anonymous

    Great taste, smell, and effects… really great.

  185. Good body stone but initially the smell when busted up is pretty overwhelming.

  186. Best indica I have ever tasted! The taste is amazing!!!Like a sweet jar of fresh berries. Very smooth too!!
    10/10 will order again.

  187. Smells great, tastes great, feels great.

  188. One of my favorites, tastes amazing!!

  189. Looks really great! Tons of crystals and orange strains

  190. Wasn’t that great but it wasn’t too bad either.

  191. One of the best strains in my opinion. A wonderful aroma and taste, a very euphoric and a nice body high that lasts hours for about 2 hours. I would recommend this strain to everyone!

  192. Really nice strain. Really like this for its great effects.

  193. Really, this is my type of nug. Small dank and crystalize. Definitly loved it!

  194. WOW. I knew nothing about this strain at all. I have been getting high a lot lately and for the past two days, all day. My tolerance is very high and this stuff blew right through it. Very tasty (berries) and head and body high. Love it.

  195. The best indica in my opinion!!!

  196. high was nice but the didn’t like the flavour, it was a bit harsh for the throat by itself so i mixed it with some sativa.

  197. Nice hard nugs just like pictures. I liked it.

  198. taste was bad, the high was decent but didnt last long

  199. It was a nice spicy smoke will get it again !!

  200. ??? i really liked this one nice stone great high amazing relief from pain and stress!

  201. Tried this stuff coming off a tolerance break and oh my lawwd it got me wrecked. Very stony and powerful high, I could barely finish a bowl with a fresh tolerance. Not for beginner’s and definitely more of a night time smoke.

  202. Anonymous

    Great product a bit harsh at times but the THC content is up there for sure.

  203. very nice looking buds and good taste, not as strong of a high as i was expecting.

  204. Amazing smoke, has a earthy kushy taste. Smells great too.

  205. Friend just got this in from HD… its smells so berry… or citrus I can’t put my finger on it…. BUT either way it’s tastes as delicious as it smells!

  206. Love everything about this strain: look, smell, taste. . . . It has the whole package.

  207. Super strong, can never go wrong with the Gold Seal! Will order more again

  208. Absolutely delicious, and knocks you on your ass.

  209. Nice nuggets covered with red hairs, a sweet earthy aroma, tasted slightly like sweet berries. Burned well and had a decent happy buzz.

  210. Great smooth berry taste nice high !!

  211. first time trying… Really enjoyed the smoothness and taste with a very nice high out come

  212. For effect alone I reserve my remaining flowers of Shiskaberry for the most truly special occasions.

  213. Loved this the first time I tried it. Love it even more this time. So tasty. Breaks up beautifully.

  214. This batch is better than the last one to me. Found this one to be more flavorful.

  215. great taste. great results. what more could you ask for. best strain I’ve tried in a long time.

  216. Anonymous

    Never disappoints, as good or slightly better than the last time I ordered it, smell wasn’t as strong but close and the high is on point, great to just have this around to smell and taste. This is the ultimate night weed

  217. First time getting this strain from HD and I have to say it was much better from HD. Nice berry taste.

  218. Enjoyed this alot. I found it nice and smooth and a real nice high.

  219. nice taste , berry alittle piney smell…. but all around nice uplifting high that creeps about couple mins after

  220. what can I say, the smell is different for me, but in a good way. Smells very much of berries. Looks great with loads of red hairs. Taste is smooth and to me tastes a bit like berries and a hint of hash. The stone was really great for headaches and stress as well as sleep!! Another great bud from HD. Thanks guys

  221. Nice tight dark green buds covered in orange hairs. Signature Afghani smell mixed with berries. Smokes smoothly and has a long lasting effect.

  222. Really nice looking buds, small with alot of orange hair. Amazing earthy berry taste, uplifting high at first then pure lazy couch lock!
    Mostly a Sativa fan here, but when I go Indica…nothing is perfect but this is close.

  223. Look:???
    Comments: very inviting buds, smell is sweet and fruity! Effects are delightfully soothing. The taste however was dreadful! It sat on my tongue long after I finished medicating. Not for me!

  224. Very tasty and smooth indica,. Lives up to everything in the description

  225. Unreal strain , taste profile 5/5 , bud profile 5/5 potency 5/5 nothing bad at all to say about this strain a couple bong loads and you’re on the couch !!!! ??

  226. Good shish, fresh sticky buds with that STANK! Flavour sticks through till the filter of a joint which is great. Worth the buy for a nice tasty joint.

  227. A great night time smoke. It is a very relaxing high that slowly puts you to sleep. It is a indica that gives you a more calm high then one that hits you in the face and makes you pass out. I really enjoy this but I prefer other strains on here more.

  228. This is great. It’s relaxing without that heavy, burnt out feeling a lot of indica strains can leave you with. The high is pleasant and subtle, making it a good choice for unwinding after work or before bed.

  229. Great Indica bud . Little tiny nugs and gets you relaxed . Nice bud

  230. Shiskaberry, let me start of by saying don’t be thrown off by the name smells nothing like berry which was slightly disappointing. Smells and tastes sort of sour. Reminded me of moby dick. The bag appeal was fantastic with TONS of red hairs covering smallish nuggets that looked like they were on fire. The potency was 3/5 which at the price was also disappointing, you’re better off ordering the HD White widow at a discount which was better in every category. I’m starting to loose my faith in KLR Gold products as this is not the first strain from KLD to leave me wanting more.

  231. Fantastic batch of a wonderful cultivar!
    Wonderful aroma and flavor, with powerful effects, great for Friday and Saturday nights with friends. Highly recommended!

  232. My 4th came as a bunch of beautiful marble sized buds: smaller than the previous batch this year but top shelf none the less. An excellent choice for a high quality mellow smoke to smooth out the nerves.

  233. i was disapointed with this one, im the type that wants to get “ripped” off my weed, romulan was my favorite so far, qaulity of buds are great, hope to see more strains that really knock you off your feet in the future

  234. Beautiful little buds. Smell and taste fruity, like berries. Calm, mellow stone. One of my new favourite strains.

  235. I love the unique smell of this strain. The buds look great and nice effects.

    This is one of my top strains overall.

  236. Relaxing herb with a unique flavour and smell. I find it a pleasure to smoke, very clean burning and good for joints. Potency is mild and the buds are well manicured but small. This is their most relaxing weed that I’ve tried, great for stress and depression and also if you are prone to anxiety while high it’s a good choice.

  237. The best indica strain!

  238. Beautiful sweet taste and smell, buds are quality

  239. Amazing smell and taste but isnt the strongest

  240. The taste an smell of this is absolutely beautiful. Hands down one of the best buds I’ve ever smoked. Thank you herbal remedies

  241. Tase like Berry’s very colourful bud lots of crystals and nice high one of my favorite

  242. Anonymous

    May as well call this strain the GOAT. (greatest of all time) lol… Looks, tastes and smells beautiful. 5/5 forsure and probably my favorite strain of all time. Theres a reason shiskaberry is always sold out.. Good shit HD!

  243. Wow. I can’t get over the taste and smell, AMAZING. Nice relaxation without couchlock. Will do ya right for almost anything and that taste!

  244. Very nice bud, great berry smell and tight buds with lots of red hairs. Taste is very nice too . Wasn’t so much of a couch lock and felt more like a 50/50 ind/sat to me and not too over powering but enjoyable high. Overall great bud i would rate it 4.5

  245. Very dense buds. Original taste/smell just not very strong. Worth trying though.

  246. Great strain. Relaxed yet conversational. Talked all night but also chilled.

  247. KLR GLD at its finest. Quantity looks small but the buds have some serious mass. Almost candy-like aroma. Wonderful high. Top 5

  248. Deep Cranberry flavour!

  249. Wow, am I ever impressed with this bus. This has got to be the best weed I’ve smoked yet, hands down. It smells phenomenal, very fruity. The bud is very tight and packed with gorgeous red pistils and covered in trichomes. The flavour is a very intense fruity/berry and the high is awesome! Very energetic and fun.

  250. Very good strain. Nice fruity fruity flavor, smooth and mellow. Nice to see it is now offered as a klrgold. One of favorite indica so far. Wasn’t too hard and didn’t turn into a couch lock but definitely one to use to watch a movie..very good for insomnia and got me ride of my pain fast. Recommended.

  251. It has a woody, herbal, berry flavour – berry, as in juniper berry, mixing earthiness and bitterness in a delightful way with a touch of effervescence. The high is very pleasant and relaxing. The unique flavour really makes the experience. Most of our favourite strains are sativas, but this is right up there in our top 5.

  252. By far my favorite indica. Tastes amazing looks amazing. Glad to see a new batch!

  253. Anonymous

    My opinion is that shishkaberry has the best taste of all! Such a sweet aroma 🙂

  254. Well i wasnt sure what tothibk at first. Looks way better than the pics give credit for though. The feeling was pretty cpear headed no couch lock to speak of. Eased stress and 100% actually got rid of my nausea. Wasnt expecting that lol. Bonus? Good stuff though i would recomend it.

  255. I liked it was different than what im used to but still bomb

  256. Has a nice sweet aroma and even a sweet berry taste. Nice burn and nice buds. It’s a really enjoyable buzz. A great late night desert! As always…slightly overweight is always a nice bonus!

  257. One of my favorites, great night time smoke. puts me right to sleep, pretty potent

  258. Wasnt sure if I would like this strain but i was very satisfied

  259. Great buzz, light taste, burned great with the cherry oil and a fair count. I wish it had a little more flavour to it, but overall, that’s some good bud!!!

  260. very visually pleasing smells and taste great

  261. smokes well through the vaporizer , has a nice smooth fresh taste , looking forward to getting some more

  262. nugs a bit on the small side but nice fruitiness for an indica.

  263. This has become on of my favourites, nice looking buds and it smells kinda like sweet tarts and let’s us not forget perfect smoke before bed!

  264. I only got 2 grams of this stuff, kinda disappointed I didn’t get a half ounce, instead I got a half ounce of rockstar master which I don’t agree is worth the price. The smell
    Of the shishkaberry threw me off and I had to try it right away, this is the type you gotta roll
    Up in a joint and really appreciate the flavour and smoke, really surprised by this straight, good stuff !:)

  265. This bud threw me off a bit, was the last one i smoked in the sample pack but after a couple bowls i was feeling a nice relaxed high! Great smell too!

  266. Best indica currently. Blueberry euphoria with a hash plant stone. Awespmr

  267. Anonymous

    very fruity berry smell, and very potent.

  268. So much red on this bud. Great looking bud. I am more of a sativa smoker but I will definitely keep this on hand for the lazy nights and before I go to bed.

  269. One of my all time favorite strains, I love the sweet floral flavors that come out so strong in a vaporizer. Strong, long-lasting effects. This is one I will order over and over again.

  270. Highly recommend. Really strong and beautiful fruity smell, kinda smells like a mixture of berries. Good potency. Nice change from kush strains, unique taste and smell.

  271. This was my first indica after many sativas from HD.I would rate this one 4.5/5 but I rounded down to 4 since I would expect more for a $250 strain. The buds were just a little small, and also too dry for my tastes. Otherwise, it’s a great smoke. Strange flavour, but it does seem like a combo of blueberry and an afghan hash.
    Don’t expect it to taste or smell like blueberry, but it has it’s own interesting thing going on. The smell is pretty dank, but did not fill up the room or anything. Ok, I have just been told otherwise that it did in fact fill up the room. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this weed but it doesn’t really compare to the insane sativas I’ve been getting here for the same price. Still really interesting to try, the effects have been very relaxing and mellow. Not a heavy hitter but good herb doesn’t have to be.

  272. Anonymous

    very stunning in the bag. strong haze presence in the vape. which is a little disheartening as I am not a huge huge haze guy, was hoping for a sweeter berry vape, nonetheless it absolutely delivers on the buzz and bag appeal and smell, the only thing stopping it from being a 5 in my books comes to personal preference.

  273. Anonymous

    The best so far! Thanks a lot herbal!

  274. One of my favorite non-kush indicas in a very long time. This bud is absolutely gorgeous- dense, lime green with orange hairs covering it (almost no leaf). Very unique smell, especially for an indica- it honestly reminds me intensely of Sweet Island Skunk, but a bit different- like an indica version. It is just super spicy with nice sweet hints of berry, but mainly overwhelming awesome spiciness that I have only saw in strains like Sweet Island Skunk and Congo. Flavor is the same as the taste and leaves a great smell in the air after consumer. The high is heady to start but quickly turns into a full on body high with some nice potency to it. Definitely a re-order for indica lovers looking for something outside of the kush family that won’t disappoint!!!

  275. This has been one of the best flowers ive ordered from herbal. This flower was so potent and did the trick after a hard days work. 5/5

  276. Love this strain, very relaxing meds with a taste and bag appeal second to none.i will defineatly be ordering more of this next time

  277. This bud is amazing. Smells sweet and burns even sweeter. High is indica but I found it very mental as well. Clean burn. Thanks HD

  278. Had a nice Berry taste. Buds were packed and looked just like the picture. Little weak for an indica.

  279. Great strain one of the best HD has to offer. Potent high but not overwhelming, perfect for when you need to get KO’ed after a hectic day.

  280. Lovely product. Been awhile since I’ve seen this… Thanks, HD.

  281. It is an amazing strain and is the best strain on the web site

  282. Anonymous

    Unusual but amazing. Smelled very potent and berry and will most likely rebuy it. i found it to be very smoothe

  283. 5 stars. Very tasty in a joint. Great tasting and perfect huge clouds. Great buzz that creeps up after a few hits.

  284. A nice uplifting high, doesn’t seem like your average indica body buzz. Good smoke.

  285. Nice citrus smell out the bag. Smoke is a bit harsh though. And the high isnt that solid. I’d say 6/10 potency.

  286. buds look different. smelled nice. great buzz.

  287. This has a great sweet taste. The smell stood out in this one out of the sampler. Love the look of it.

  288. This was the best one!

  289. Anonymous

    Third time i order this strain and i love it more every time

  290. I ordered an indica sampler and this bud stands out visually from the others, with it`s orange hairs and lime green color contrast.

    I also find that it stands out with it`s smell. It`s intense and distinctive.
    It smells almost foul, like cheese, a strong pungeant smell. You know this is some funky herb when you smell it. This is when you open the bag. When you start to break it apart, you get that fruity smell, pretty vivid and close to blueberries. If I am not mistaken this is a blueberry cross, so that would explain it.

    The taste is pleasant, similar to smell, tastes like it smells in the vape, the ash burns white, burns reasonnably well in a spliff.

    Would go on my order again list.

    As far as the effects, pleasant euphoric relaxing, not much of a get things done straight butI would say is more of a do nothing and enjoy strain 🙂

  291. Nice dense buds very visually appealing .. little harsh out of the bong but all in all good strain. Would say it smells/ taste more lemony if anything.

  292. This stuff was fantastic! Great body high, smoked for a long time in my vape and the taste was fantastic. Very potent

  293. Great bud, has a fantastic smell. Worth purchasing

  294. Great bud. A good mix of body and mind high. Wonderful smell and not too potent. Smoke is very smooth. Highly recommended

  295. Amazing strain, very tropical fruity smell and taste. This is perfect weed for a hot day, the smell is very pungent and appealing

  296. I bought a quarter of this bud and this is exactly what I expected for a AAAA grade bud. I want more. Smells like pine and grapefruit, has a nice smooth flavour, could have been flushed better though. Maybe not quite exactly what id expect but its nice. Its worth buying again

  297. Anonymous

    Beautiful bud. I’ve tried close to 100 strains in the past year and this must be the most potent or close to it. Body and mind high. A little goes a long way.

  298. Nice bright orange hairs. Fantastic daytime weed. Harsh pull. Short head buzz followed by heavy Indica stone. Floral smell akin to Orange Crush soda.

  299. Great bud and great smoke, thanks HD

  300. Love this one ?? great pain numbing effect with positive mind. Tastes great too

  301. this is a must buy strain forsure !! 5/5

  302. Anonymous

    Looks exactly like the pictures. A wonderful smell i have never smelled before. The high was great absolutely great. Definition of couch lock. Smooth smoke. A+++++++++ excellent strain

  303. Looks exactly like the picture , smells great and tastes like a mouthful of berries. was great for treating my stress and depression

  304. Anonymous

    Looks just like the pics. Buds smell VERY citrus like. Almost grapefruit if not orange. Smoke is very smooth and tasty. The high is not over whelming like a Kush, but not too light. Just right !

  305. i’m buying on HD it’s been a while and this is the best strain I’ve had so far. my only regret is that I didn’t buy enough.

  306. This strain is over-priced in my opinion. Not a huge fan, but it is still nice. The berry smell is kind of strawberry-ish… I don’t know, it just wasn’t my favorite. If you like berry strains, wait for grape god to come back 🙂

  307. Looks exactly like the pictures. Sweet smelling nuggets of pure chron hairs. Orange city. Tastes great uplifting energetic buzz -^^-

  308. The presentation of this strain is fantastic; bright orange and light green buds that smoke smoothly with a hint of berry. Completely relaxes the body and works well for insomnia. Certainly one of my preferred, most effect indicas I have had, possibly only second to Romulan .

  309. Nice tight nugs covered in bright orange hairs. Smells delicious!

  310. Wow tight little nugs loaded with frosty crystal through the whole thing

  311. This was awsome. Will order again.

  312. Anonymous

    Clean burning, white ash. Had a mild pine smell with something sweet. Great heavy high. Amazing!!

  313. Anonymous

    Very good taste. Number 4 and 5

  314. Really leafy and stem filled buds but an amazing smell and taste. Nice and clean.

  315. Was a little bit underwhelmed for an $11 strain but its still rly nice. Just as frosty as in the pic, bright orange hairs all around and mostly nice looking buds. Taste is good but the effects r not rly what i was looking for. Thanks doe HD! Pce

  316. Best smelling bud ever. Burned so nicely and the flavour was nuts. In my top 3 favourite indicas for sure.

  317. This was good stuff, really enjoyed it but with the colour of the buds I kept thinking it was supposed to be a Sativa with the light orange coloured buds.

  318. Superb on all levels. Looks great! Smells fantastic! Tastes so smooth and fruity! And the buzz is off the charts!! My top 5 list keeps growing.

  319. Great bud, great aroma, smooth (=

  320. This strain I found was really interesting, was a really good and strong high, stronger then I thought, has a berry after taste which is really good! Nice 4 on 5

  321. The flavor and smell like blueberry!!! Very nice buzz, you wont be disapointed!!

  322. Awesome flavor and potency a must

  323. Really REALLY nice indica. Love the flavour.

  324. STRONG and tasty…a strain which was saved until last from the variety pack.

  325. Love this one, taste like aslaska if you are familiar with MR 🙂 definitely one of my favorites

  326. nice stuff and the buds look exactly like the picture.

  327. I find this strain to smell like a heavy sativa. That grassy barn yard type of sativa. The high is a bit too mellow for me but not weak by any means.

  328. Great bud, nice look smooth taste mellow stone

  329. Bright Vibrant buds, love the berry smell. Very relaxing.

  330. Top 3 for sure. Hashy taste with blueberry on the exhale. Great combo

  331. 4.5 It’s not my thing but I can see why everyone else likes it. The buds are beautiful bright and vibrant and it’s not berry scented or flavored it’s citrus/sour in my experience.

  332. Beautiful bud, amazing look

  333. Awesome strain. I love the nuken and god bud. This is the missing piece

  334. Anonymous

    Awesome!! nice berry/fruity smell and subtle tastes. Looks absolutely beautiful and 3 puffs in and all is good with the world. Nice for anytime you need to just relax for awhile but not fall asleep. Relaxes the body and mind. Really a very nice strain!!! 4.75

  335. Nicely coated in crystal and dark orange hairs .The high was happy and calming.My only gripe is that it tasted and smelled more like citrus than blueberry ,which wasn’t what I was expecting but still not a huge deal as this is still excellent medication regardless.

  336. Really love the shishkaberry. Now I see where the nuken gets its good genes, this bud has a very good unique flavour ( citrice,berry,pungent ) clean smooth smoke with nice ash.
    Caution: may cause major cotton mouth.

    Good for my sciatic nerve pain. Appetite, and stress. 4.87/ 5

  337. Really good strain !! The smell and the taste is awesome I recommend to everyone !

  338. One of my favourite Indica’s! Haven’t had this for 5 years so I had to order some. Right away an excellent and familiar aroma as I opened the bag. Smells very pungent, sweet and berry/fruity. Beautiful nugs grown and cured to absolute perfection. 5/5 all around for smell/taste/look. So happy to be able to sample this again. Thanks HD!

  339. Anonymous

    The nugs ,the smell and the burning are perfect! I just find the taste a bit dissapointing compare to the really fruity smell

  340. Anonymous

    Wow, absolutely amazing smoke. Love the aroma of DJS blueberry, noticed it right away. Great head high and body stone. Found my hip pain going away after about 5 mins.
    5/5 , thank you HD!

  341. Ahh, the aroma of this shishkaberry takes me back many years when I first smelled bud of this nature. Beautiful flowers with a sweet tasting smoke. Pleasantly delicious medicine.

  342. Smells so sweet, a great taste when you smoke it definitely a must buy. It gives you a nice light buzz right at the start then you go into a nice relaxed couch lock. Pick it up!

  343. Anonymous

    So when I saw this bud I had to pick it up. When I received it I opened the bag and the smell that came out reminded me of grapefruit. The buds were exactly like the picture. Light green with lots of orange hairs and caked in crystals. Now I vaporize my herb so the flavor was really different than I expected but very yummy. On the inhale you get a really spicy earthy taste but the exhale tastes sweet and berry. Completely different from any strain I ever tasted and just ask HD. There’s a lot. Lol I also have fybromyalga and this knocks out quite a bit of pain. Definitely more comfortable and quite relaxing. Thanks to everyone at HD for providing me with the best medicine out there. First company I’ve come across that helps and cares about my health and well being.

  344. one of my favorites! I have to get more, it has the taste, smell, look! very nice indica stone! what more could you want!

  345. Deff must try wow im in love with this strain got a one of a kinda sweet tany smell smokes so so clean and the taste is admazing im glad i gambled and order hafe cause illl be getting more next go haah i belive this starin deff helps more medical conditions then what is listed cause i feel like a million bucks on it !!!!!!!! many thanks

  346. Super fruity taste great up lifting buzz

  347. Nice fruity aroma as soon as I opened the bag and I only bought a gram to try ! DAMNIT! Tastes delicious ! Smoked a joint between 3 of us an hour ago and it helped ease my back pain tremendously and am now ready for bed . Another 5 star flower from HD!

  348. This is some great stuff, Real nice buds colourful and the taste reminds me of Fruity Pebbles, Yabba Dabba Dooby Ya’ll 4.8!

  349. This bud was both smooth and sweet!!
    If you want to relax and be lazy this is your bud!

  350. Anonymous

    Nice strain. Really nice weird aroma, almost citrus/soap like which carries over to the flavor nicely. Vibrant looking buds, light green, bright orange hairs. Decent crystallization. Definitely an indica! Good night time smoke. Would order more.

  351. not the smell or taste i was expecting but it is amazing bud. smells really funky. only way to describe it is it smells like carrots. buzz is awesome. will not dissapoint

  352. While I am a sativa guy most days. I like to dabble in this section from time to time

    When I seen this I had tried it before from other means and wanted to compare this to the old stuff from before..

    I will say that this is a great product and the other reviews hit the nail on the head.

    The buzz is a great body relaxer and did not disappoint me on the second round of this.

    Would order again.

  353. Anonymous

    Nice little nugs, fluffy, covered with orange hairs. Really nice taste- I expected more on the berry side but personally felt it tasted more /lemon citrusy. Same goes for the smell. Stone was ok, hoped for it to be more potent than it was, yet it’s still calming and nice. 3.5

  354. It smells absolutely fucking amazing and looks fantastic. Smoke was very clean, smooth, and tasty(the taste didn’t come out as much as the smell). The high was oh so relaxing and mellow. It does give you some minor couch lock which is nice, but not too heavy. Nice head high along to go body stone to go with it and slightly narcotic. Perfect for stress, minor aches/pains, headaches and general feelings of depression … 4.95 star 🙂
    Thanks again HD for the wonderful product and unmatched customer service.

    *Thank You to only the members who have put some actual thought into their reviews and provided helpful feedback which really helps medicinal users out. Enough with these reviews that only state “looks great and smells great” basically and end of review! This doesn’t help anything or anyone and IMO doesn’t even warrant points!

  355. Anonymous

    look, smell taste., buzz.. Everything about this bud is perfect.

  356. Beautiful, well manicured and bright green nuggets, covered with trichomes and light orange hairs. The smell is very unique and pungent, mixed berry aroma. Very potent indica nice relaxing body stone….This strain did not disappoint

  357. Anonymous

    More like 4.5/5 than 4 but you don’t get that option. Smells funky as fuck! Great bag appeal nice colour lots of crystal only thing that could have been better is the taste when smoking it, not sure how it tastes in the vap but can’t wait to try! Nice bud always worth trying something different! Thanks again HD!!

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