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Shatter (Shatter Master) – Multiple Strains

(61 customer reviews)


1 gram of Shatter Master for $40
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Sold By: Shatter Master
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Product Description

In its flower form, Shatter Master is grown from cannabis strains that use no chemicals or pesticides. The organic flowers are collected by hand and transferred to our lab.

Using cutting-edge technology, scientists begin processing the flowers into concentrate form. Our secret recipe is to keep the process natural.

Once complete, the specific strain has been transformed into shatter to maximize the THC yield and enable the end user to consume cannabis through premium shatter by Shatter Master.

Contains: 1 gram

61 reviews for Shatter (Shatter Master) – Multiple Strains

  1. Sadly, almost all the shatter I got this time was crystalized. A good portion of what I got, out of 6 g of shatter. The one rock bud seemed okay,not too crystalized and not too much loss, but the other was complete opposite. ๐Ÿ™ The purple candy,as I said previously,was really bad. the sensei star is okay,but not the best either. Wanting to get some more as I won’t be able to for awhile,but i’m very hesitant as it’s quite costly to loose so much into the paper and such. I like to form a ball and drop it into the banger, but you def can’t do that with this shatter.

  2. love this shatter…โ€ฆ.in every order 4 me!

  3. very disappointed. when i ordered, there wasn’t as many options… they must have added right after i ordered, as no one else had left a review in awhile,leading me to think my product i solder… and i got 2 purple candy and see it is no longer an option. regret 100% getting purple candy, i got 2 of them since there wasn’t much option and wanted 6g total… i had ordered it awhile back and it was great, but every time after it’s crystallized and melted into the paper, this time it was REALLY BAD!!!! and i got 2 of them!!! the one g was almost all melted into the paper… and last time i mentioned it they seemed sorry,but nothing was done in exchange for it i wish they would offer points or SOMETHING to reimburse as it is expensive to loose so much into the paper. i understand it’s probably not HD fault though, but rather shatter master.. so i hope they will consider reviews and better their products or packaging,as i am sure that has a huge factor. putting my shatter into silicone containers makes a difference, the plastic containers phant uses are just as bad. so much waste for such an expensive product., ๐Ÿ™ there are little silicone containers they sell on here for not much, i would almost suggest giving an option to allow users to purchase them into the containers, but i guess that would slow production down as much of it is probably done in factory,but if they want to go more for speed production like fast food,rather than quality,they should be even cheaper cause i see shatter cheaper else where than shatter master… common shatter master!!! you can do better ! >,<

  4. This stuff is amazing, God bud and Grand Daddy Purple were fantastic. Hands down my favorite is the Death Bubba. Gotta be careful with that stuff though, if you smoke it too early in the day you will turn into a potato. By far the best strain for a good nights sleep. Only complaint is how its packaged. It comes in parchment paper, not a huge deal as I just used an old green gold container to put it in. I found the parchment paper made it kinda hard to break apart into small pieces. Still getting 5 stars in spite of that

  5. review on the purple candy : flavor was no where near as good.. last time it was sweet and candy like,this time,it was kind of gross.. and very very crystalized ๐Ÿ™ was hoping that would not be the case as last time it was fine. -.-‘ in fact, really good. i question how old the products are, how long they sit around before being sent out to a user, because if the purple candy i got last time was good,so either the new batch isn’t good,or it’s the same batch and just old product.. :/ shatter is not cheap,so i wish they would be more picky and care about their products they send out

  6. forgot to come back and review the other shatter i got… the bc sweet tooth had turned to wax/leaked into paper quite a bit, and sadly the grand daddy purple did too ๐Ÿ™ quite crystalized.. made it very hard to deal with. the best way to use it i have found,is to form a ball if you can, sadly you loose a lot on your hands etc.. and then put in silicone container ,put in freezer for a few minutes.. this will help it form more of a harder texture and will be easier to dab with. i am a bit disappointed in quality,considering how much stronger shatter should be than bud. the kings kush was the best one so far, wasn’t leaked into paper etc and has good form, and probably the strongest among the ones i got, not out of the ball park or anything though.. wish it did more for the price.

  7. ordered BC Sweettooth,KingKush and GranddaddyPurple.Bc was just about all wax and week. KingKush was all right but week, Grandaddy purple was week and runny, most socked into paper. will not buy again. will stick with Phyto for good shatter

  8. BC sweet tooth, seems to have a great taste, but unfortunately,quite a bit of the product ran into the wax paper.. probably due to it taking a week to get here :/ the kings kush was fine though.. Doesn’t seem as effective, and very crystalized,hard to deal with, kind of like brown sugar in texture… so not sure if it’s just from the heat/travel,or the quality.

  9. Kings kush seems to be awesome! I ordered on a wednesday ,and because of the long weekend it didn’t get here till the next… so I was very nervous about products being ruined. Thankfully, at least one of the kings kush I got seems fine! No run into the paper at all, looks pretty good stuff from the eye (still learning) and way more effective than some others I had! Seems kings kush is one of the top choices.

  10. Nice treat for sure ,,a little runny

  11. God bud , granddaddy purple very tasty and stable , MK ultra was crstalized and all the oils soaked into wax paper, not happy ?with that part and delivery took 6 days, that was the worst experience I’ve had with herbal dispatch, never had a problem before I think the blame is in the delivery service. To this is why only two stars Clear packaging would eliminate sending out poor quality product.

  12. For the price, you’d think the quality would be a bit compromised but it’s not. It comes off the wax paper perfectly and no wastage. I do put mine into a silicone container so that I can put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes when it arrives. It’s plus 40.C here so the freezer helps to make it perfect and easy to break bits off and use it in my shatter pen. I love this stuff.

  13. The purple candy seems pretty good. Good flavor. ๐Ÿ™‚ tried 3 tokes instead of 2 ,decent amounts. Probably need a higher dose like this.

  14. Just sampled a little bit of death bubba. The Mandarin OG is definitely better in flavor and all. A little disappointing that the death bubba isn’t stronger, I would hope with two decent size hits it would do more. I only ever had dabs a few times at a friends before I just recently got myself a rig and started doing it myself,so I am new to it, but have a high tolerance. Maybe I need to take bigger sizes… but I try to conserve and start off small.

  15. First time with shatter masters.. got 3 different kinds, this review will be for the mandarin OG one I just tried. Great flavor!! Great packaging!! Way better than phant.. .lots of product with phant was lost on the plastic container :/ or when trying to get it off, lost a little. The wax paper and bag is way better,and easier to deal with and dose myself. I am a heavy user due to length of use and lots of pain and sleep problems,so the potency isn’t way up there but I think the first time I tried shatter was years ago,so it doesn’t give me that punch it once did either way. Compared to the phant, I like this better both for packaging and flavor. The product/potency itself seems to be just as good, some say it’s a bit weaker but so far it’s hard to tell,as the phant stuff seemed pretty weak. Haven’t tried any of the other shatter though,just phant and shatter master!
    Thank you HD for fast shipping,as always. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Snapping through a pouch of LA Confidential and Tuna… very nice flavor with both, however the LA was smoother. The Tuna tastes just like honey oil (bet you’ve never said that before!) Ultra mellow creeper on these ones with a low anxiety smoothness. These two are satisfying for the price but ‘designed to pack a punch’ doesn’t quite fit the effects: I assumed something stronger from a shatter, not to downplay the quality.

  17. my 1st try with shatter, much like smoking oil

  18. slightly less potent than other brands, but a nice taste and kick ass packaging

  19. blue dream is amazing

  20. I’ve been smoking for almost 2 decades but this was my first time buying shatter and only the 3rd time smoking. Found myself needing to use more than I expected. Good instant high with a strong creeping high, great for everything but was surprised at much I had to dab each time to get a decent hit.

  21. A really nice and very clean shatter that tastes great. Can’t ask for anything more. Well worth the price. Bought Blue Dream and I love it. Nice relaxing feel and it didn’t hit me in the face like a lot of shatters do. This one crept up slow and easy which is great for ultimate relaxation. You guys always pick the very best and high quality products. Love it!!
    ***** 5 stars *****

  22. G-13 / MK Ultra / OG Kush / Orange Haze / Mandarine Haze / Purple Haze All tasted great.
    Some have been Very Slightly harsh on the inhale. But not enough to be a complaint.
    Jack the Ripper and Blue Deisel didn’t taste very nice but seemed a better high (could be wishful)
    All and All I’m loving Shatter Master
    Great Taste
    Great Consistency of product (not to hard not to soft)
    I’ve not been weighing it (hope that’s not necessary but watching others reviews)
    Best price per weight I believe (I’m Old and I don’t do that New Math so could be wrong)
    I will continue to buy and enjoy this companies product

  23. Good hits that tasted great. This was definitely with the money. I would buy again.

  24. hit me like a brick shit house

  25. Oh ya!!??nice stuff!! I like the taste mostly!! Everything else is good too!!

  26. Great stuff and price the LA Confidential hits nice really heavy indica for me puts me to sleep nicely and just locks me in a cozy position. I recommend shatter masters. No dissapointment here. Cheers.

  27. Love this stuff, i use it with wax liquidizer to put into my vape and its a great fast acting high and really helps with my pain and insomnia

  28. Looked at pretty much all the reviews and this is the brand to go with. I ordered 2 strains, Jack the ripper and Purple Candy. Jack the Rippper was an awesome wake up and get the day going as the Purple Candy was a great way to finish the day. Booth smooth, great tasting, and of course a good buzz. My gf tols me that they both tasted like forest. And that I know is great product and at a good price

  29. Was pleasantly surprised with this one. Good flavour and decent high.

  30. GG #4 is just like the herb
    What a product
    I could switch to shatter it works so well

  31. Mandarin OG is great . the only one i tries so far but will not be the last for sure.

  32. best shatter hands down

  33. So far I have ordered the 4 sample packs 3x and have tried most strains offered. LOVE this stuff. Mandarin OG has been my favourite so far. It has an amazing tangy taste, smooth smoke and dabs nicely. I also tried Phyto brand shatter off here and I would much rather buy Shatter Master.

  34. i think its best shatter ive tasted so far from Shatter Master.. you can really taste that diesel aroma typical from Blue Diesel when you dab it in quartz nail.. Wow!

  35. Rockstar was great. All pressed out in a wax paper and ready to go. Gorilla glue is on the way, can’t wait to try it!

  36. Very tasty tangerine dream. Wasn’t as potent as others for the same price but I would still buy again

  37. so happy with Blue diesal, grand daddy purple, jack the ripper and violater where really terpy and smooth I will buy agian

  38. Just got my package today great shatter for the price very smooth aswell. Shipping was on time and I could track my package the whole time. Will definitely order from here again. Keep up the good work. Cheers!!!

  39. gorilla glue #4 was amazing for pain and insomnia

  40. very potent and sweet taste, dont need to smoke alot to be high even after a full day of smoking

  41. Burns clean but have to dab quite a bit to feel the effects

  42. The Gorilla Glue can certainly glue you to the couch if you have too much, very effective.

  43. receive it in one big piece of glass .. very nice quality and great product! 5/5

  44. really good shatter! citrus taste and packs a little punch

  45. orange haze had a great buzz but was lacking that sweet flavour i expect from a fruit flavoured shatter all and all I wpuld order agian

  46. Added the GG#4 option of Shatter Master as a filler to complete my order, and Iโ€™m so glad I did! The gram came in the parchment paper as 1 solid, flat piece, where as phyto, green gold, and beard bros came in smaller broken up pieces (which isnโ€™t a bad thing, I was just impressed with this). The colour is a beautiful amber, and it has a very pungent smell for shatter, the terpene content is extraordinary! The effects are almost exactly the same as the bud, starting out as a heady buzz that you feel right behind the eyes. After half hour or so, it settles in to an amazing body buzz that completely took away arthritis pain that I feel in my hip joint. I think Iโ€™ll be using this as a go to shatter, specially for the price. Very impressed with this!

  47. Got myself the Orange Haze – first time trying this vendor after Green Gold, then Phyto. The quality is on point for the price and has a noticeably great flavour…I’d say more than other strains I’ve gotten from other vendors

  48. GG#4 Wow I am very impressed by shatter master. I was hesitant to try this due to its off brand looking packing. This is now one of my top 3 favourite brands of shatter on HD. Good constancy, great smooth taste, and very enjoyable effects. Will be ordering this brand again, just goes to show never judge a book by its cover.

  49. Had the GG#4, great effect, nice smell and taste. Potent strain for sure. My only issue was it was more of a budder consistency, and was a bit hard to work with, but a half hour in the freezer fixed that right up and I got ‘er done! Thanks HD!

  50. for the price, this product is hard to beat … its a bit harsh when compared to Thompson but i went with Shatter Master for the available strians – bought gorilla glue #4 which is awesome, nice sativa with a bit of relax, Grandaddy purple, initally makes me feel great then a bit sleepy (but too crazy, couch lock for sure), sunshine haze was a bit weak but very flavorfull, orange haze tasted delicious and again a bit weak but thats common on sativas. I have to say every strain tasted AMAZING, and they all worked i would say this is one of the better lower priced shatters but i think its a bit harsh sometimes which is why only a 4 – i will definitely be buying again!

  51. My new favorite shatter company. Nice packaging and never turns to wax.

  52. I tried the gorilla glue and it was amazing, good smoke, and even better buzz. And not to mention the wicked packaging it come in. Just the cherry on top haha?

  53. Excellent flavors. Long lasting buzz. Very clean product. Easy to collect from the wax paper. Rock star was on point. Very much enjoyed the skywalker to help with stress and anxiety for a more uppity buzz. Orange was more mellow.

  54. The pineapple express is the best! I haven’t tasted that flavor in years! I wanted to get more but it went out of stock.

  55. I got Tuna Kush. I think this is the best under-$60/g shatter that I’ve ever had on this site. So terpy, so smooth, texture is easy to work with, I didn’t even cough. This is the first review I’ve written and I only did it because this stuff is that good and I wanted to tell everyone. Right after you dab it, it hits you like a freight train, and then mellows out into a nice mind and body high. Very relaxing and invigorating, even for a daily user like me. I’m definitely going to try one of Shatter Master’s other strains next time.

  56. Got lots of product, amazing quality and taste!

  57. I like the packaging! Definitely better than the jar format as it’s harder to collect all your valuable shatter. The taste is on point, buzz is long lasting and the price is even better! Will buy more

  58. I tried the GG#4 and let me tell you so much flavour Iโ€™m going to try all the flavours now keep up the great work HD

  59. Best product ever thats soo tasty its unreal, a total recommentation onto anyones wishlists.

  60. Meh, pretty much what I expected given the price. I got Cherry Bomb.
    Pretty nice flavor to it, nice body high too but not anything I’d go crazy over. Pretty much right down the middle as far as effects go (not too strong not too weak).
    As far as the product quality goes, I’d say that this company could use a little improvement. The shatter wasn’t a dark color but it wasn’t a nice golden amber color either (which might be attributed to the strain, I don’t know) and was for the most part of the pull-n-snap variety. A small amount, about a tenth, was greased (wet and gooey) which is no loss but still.

    All in all . . . I’d choose this over Gold Dreams if I was on a budget for smoke.

  61. Anonymous

    So terpy. Was absolutely delicious. Nice snap to it. Would definitely recommend.

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