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Shatter (Phyto) – Multiple Strains

(91 customer reviews)


1 gram of Phyto shatter for $35-40
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Sold By: Phyto Extractions
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Product Description

Karma Cup 2015 Top Vaped Extract Champions

Phyto Extractions is a high grade Canadian cannabis concentrate producer and 1st Place winner of the 2015 Karma Cup for best concentrates.

91 reviews for Shatter (Phyto) – Multiple Strains

  1. This stuff is awesome only 4 stars tho, I ordered 4g and the two sativa strains I got were really soft closer to budder even after being in the fridge. the other two were indica and were perfect shatter I got a nice high from all and will definitely buy again when on sale.

  2. PHYTO 2.0 is amazing… Extremely potent & and terpy.. Hits fast and hard.. The 2.0 means its 70% butane & 30% propane. Taste very similar to the high end propane concentrates on HD.

    I grabbed red dragon, professor chaos & violator kush.
    **Red ddragn is simply amazing, a couple hits from vape pen and europhia city.. Knock me out.
    **Violotor kush which is a strong indica buzz.,not much is needed to get ya super high.
    Havent got around to trying the professor choas which is suppose to be the best out of the 3.
    2 out of 3 grams were more like shatter the violator was like budder but i guess each strain will habe different texture due to the butane and propane wash.

    I will be sticking with 2.0 for a while and its the same price as regular phyto which lacks flavor profile at times.

  3. Phyto is my go to Shatter. I always enjoy the flavours and scents. The ease of getting this to me was so amazing. it was a great price with the discount after you get 3 packs. Herbal Dispatch is just the best to deal with, so professional and real people send you emails. 5 stars all around!

  4. Poor consistency in the last oreder

  5. Phyto has to be one of the most trusted brands, it comes professionally packaged and its flovors are superb. Also when it comes down to price you can’t lose. Highly recommend 5 stars

  6. Ordered Flo, got Omega instead. Very dark, almost no aroma, inconsistent for shatter, sugar waxy. Not a fan,’would not fuck with Phyto again after this. Too many weird strain names with no provenance, I remember when Phyto produced very nice shatter, tried their live resin as well and really liked it. Disappointed…

  7. Tried Firewalker OG and it was amazing! It was a sativa and really worth the price.

  8. Got cookie monster indica . Was kind of like sugar but woked just fine in the nail

  9. my go to for affordable quality dabs

  10. Very consistent in my experience. I have had a couple turn to a sticky mess but that was due to high shipping temperature and storing at higher than normal temperatures. The effects are very nice for an older gentleman like myself. Not too intense but perfect after a hard day’s work. I have had about 13-15 different flavors and have not had a bad one yet. Best thing about this is that it seems to always be on sale – BONUS

  11. Love Phyto Shatter. They’re always premium quality and are always consistent quality. Made use of the buy 3 or more for some savings and loved the three we chose. We will definitely be buying more Phyto and there’s never any shortage of strains to try!

  12. Phyto is consistent in quality and offered so many fun strains. Just tried Blueberry Lambsbread, what a great high!

  13. Awesome

  14. Excellent value and selection

  15. Love this brand. Never disappoints. I liked it better than Green Gold…just had a better taste! Would definitely recommend.

  16. I got the Cookie Monster strain. Good strong nighttime smoke but not daytime. Will get you extremely hungry. You’ll eat everything!

  17. Consistent quality and a good price. Helps to keep it in the fridge though

  18. Always enjoy the phyto brand good prices too tried uk cheese and silver surfer uk cheese is a nice shatter silver surfer hits nice just really sticky and can be a mess even if u leave it in the freezer none the less a 5 star

  19. Decent shatter, unfortunately it came during 30 degree temp so it turned to budder. But not too bad based on the price point.

  20. Definetly happy with my purchase

  21. Phyto is the best. i had the distiliant and shatter, both are amazing products

  22. got starawberry cheesecaje and ive had it 4 days and my shatter is pretty much budder. disapointed much….. but however , does do the trick and has a great taste

  23. very good shatter , and will purchase again.

  24. Love Pyto! Try the Pink Panther, not there often, but when it is I stock up!!

  25. Can’t say enough good things about this shatter. It’s a great price, great taste, great hit, great selection of strains, great results. Buy it!!!

  26. phyto is always great … always shatter never buddered up

  27. Great way to spend on a budget and get decent product

  28. It came pretty waxy but overall good concentrate.

  29. Had the 50 cent one , forgot to leave a review for that one , super potent , works perfectly through the rig , and gets you super high. This brand of shatter doesn’t hit my throat the wrong way , so I’m so glad for that. Highly recommend , dab at ur own risk 😉 enjoy the trip

  30. I pity the fool who doesn’t get himself some Mr T, love this strain. Blazed and pain free off a few tokes

  31. Best brand of shatter. Jet fuel is by far my favourite.

  32. I saw the Mr. Nice come up and had to grab one, been watching for Hash Plant for awhile and this was maybe even better than a plain Hash Plant. I love that flavour and the lazy high that ensues. Super creeper. Definitely not a flavour or buzz for everyone, but I find all strains have a time and a place. If you like Afghani hash give this one a try it’s yummy.

  33. Platinum GSC is good tasting, smooth as well. and has a great effect. again keep up thr great service HD.

  34. I didn’t mind this brand of shatter, I tried 4 different kinds offered. Jet Fuel was nice for night time. I would say overall it was all average stuff though. Didn’t seem to be as potent as other brands for the same/around the same price. I may still order some in the future to try new strains.

  35. Ordered some “frostbite” with my last order. Nice tasting stuff, creeper buzz, I liked it a lot, sort of reminded me of the blue dream I ordered a while ago, but with a stronger effect. Thanks HD!

  36. Decided to give Phyto a try after enjoying their Supernova brand. I chose Hammer town & Grand Hustle. Truthfully not as impressed. The positives: variety! I loved having a wide selection and being able to order to suit my needs (anxiety, insomnia & chronic pain). The quality of the Shatter, not too thick or thin and the packaging were all on my plus list.
    On the so-so side I did not find either strain particularly effective. Hammertown leAves me with a dry sore throat and needs to be used in a higher dosage to get relief and the sleepy effect, even though it lists insomnia at #2. I like Grand Hustle, it has good flavor, but again I find I’m using more than usual to get the optimum effect.
    Overall not bad for the value but may go back to Supernova as I found it outperformed with less product.

  37. good stuff definitely will order again

  38. Love this stuff highly recommended my go to shatter 5 star

  39. Blue Dream work well for controlling Blood sugar levels and wiped away my stress leaving me relaxed. Glad to see this in Shatter format on HD. Would order this again when HD is out of the flower version.

  40. Ordered the sasquatch sap and i wad overly impressed with the effects. Still lacking flavor in my opinion though. Would order again

  41. Big fan of phyto. I really like the super wide variety of high quality shatter. Really good value

  42. Got a few strains each is very nice

  43. I mixed 24k gold and Gandalf= headrush+sleep…that high

  44. absolutely loved the gandalf og

  45. Ordered the Cherry Pie strain. Very strong and potent product. One of the nicer varieties for the price point.

  46. Blue dream has been, and still is, one of my favorite cannabis strains from HD, and I was pumped as a newbie to the shatter game to see a strain I knew was awesome. This Blue Dream certainly does not disappoint, I put a huge chunk in my shatter pen, hit the button a dozen or eighty times, and go to pain free outer space. I love this stuff, only reason i use so much is because of how much I love it, not because of lack of potency. I use 4-5 grams per day of cannabis, and this stuff really takes me to where i need to be, without having to smoke my lungs out. Will be ordering this strain again, likely in multiples if the budget allows 🙂

  47. Phyto never fails. I find that the flavors are pretty weak. They pretty much all taste the same, but that’s ok. I get a sample pack with every order.

  48. i love how there are so many flavors and all distinct, only found one i didn’t care for which was blueberry lambs-bread haha and my two favorites so far are death star and gorilla glue. prices are great compared to me buying it in town. 5 stars for price, taste,variety:)

  49. Better than green told, favourite one. I love the afghani kush strain

  50. Was hesitant to order after trying the phyto shat locally purchased… but this stuff is pretty decent! Good deal since my usual green gold promo is unavailable, but really like the 4g vs 3 as I find I usually run out before reordering. Misty morning is a great buzz, and Gandalf OG knocks me out for bed – solid sleep. Would order again, but think I personally like the taste of green gold slightly better…

  51. I recently purchased Cinex and Sasquatch Sap. The taste of the Sasquatch sap isn’t my favourite, it does remind me of a Sasquatch it’s very pungent. Cinex is absolutely amazing, I love it and the high is out of this world!

  52. i buy phyto all the time great high but its not the tastiest shatter on the market the taste is kind of “plain“

  53. Perfect woody taste. Not always a fan a of the sweeter concentrates. Will buy again.

  54. One of my favs! Glad phyto carries it!

  55. First time trying this strain. Will buy again.

  56. Great taste and great high for a good price.

  57. Lucky charms strand tastes great. Will be ordering more

  58. Product tasted great, very smooth

  59. good stuff but almost all brand taste bad like too fruity…….buy strains like og alien and afgani and diablo! great shatter and great price

  60. Thanos OG was amazing, instant high with a full flavour! Will definitely try more from Phyto Extractions!

  61. My go to shatter. I’ve tried lots of different brands of shatter on this site, and some have impressed me but I always return to Phyto. I like Phyto because you always get a consistent good quality product and there are crazy amounts of strains to pick from. Never been disappointed.

  62. Thanos OG is bomb!! I felt the power of infinite stones!! XD

  63. Outstanding Shatter well worth the price

  64. Anonymous

    not as great as the supernova but for the price it’s a pretty decent product to add up to any order. On the other hand I would like to have the same variety of strains for the supernova as it is nice to try a good number of strains to find the phenotype that suit us the e most 🙂 anyways pretty good overall phyto!

  65. The only dab high that compares to an edible

  66. Alright i believe you there in a tropical flavor with the maui waui Phyto. I had the try it to make sure it would be okay for everyone else ! keep on making on phyto, i haven’t yet been dissipated with a product i’v purchased of yours.

  67. I have a spinal injury and have found the Alien OG works well for pain and a few hours of uninterrupted sleep during an otherwise restless night. Works great in my small vape pen. A five star rating is the least I can do for a product that offers relief.

  68. Ragnarok OG was very Nice, extremely potent INDICA type OG Kush variety.

    Possibly the most gorgeous looking shatter I’ve seen, though looks aren’t everything as the GHOST TRAIN HAZE from Phyto’s SuperNova packs looks more like honey that has sugared up but was still really amazing but more on that in that review!

    The Ragnarok OG is killer, I hope they get more.

    The Red Congolese is exactly as you’d expect from Red Congo. A great, high-high-tier sativa. Great focus, great buzz with out the fuzziness in the mind. Just great morning and day-time medicine. Maybe the Red Congolese didn’t have as much flavour as I expect from Red Congolese but that is typical for me with Shatters.. I tend to find that flower tastes much nicer (through a vaporizer)

  69. Phyto is pretty terrible.
    Supernova by Phyto on the other hand….
    Get that instead.
    A bit more expensive.
    Worth it.

  70. One of my personal favourites. Good clean shatter and well priced. Can’t go wrong

  71. I love Phyto! I order their products regularly and have never been let down. Nuken is one of my favourite bed time dabs!

  72. Phyto’s products have always been a favorite of mine and with the latest 4 (Ragnarok, Odin, Thor & Thanos) I’m impressed as usual. Great flavors and even better effects.

  73. My favorite brand of all here every strains as its own distinctive taste!

  74. Phyto is a really nice company and you can’t go wrong by adding their products to your cart. I highly recommend the Fire OG and the Super Lemon Haze even if every strains are pretty good !

  75. People just get upset because sometimes they save up their hard-earned dollars for a special treat and what they get gives them a headache or makes their ;lungs hurt. It bothers them either further when companies like this (or Green Gold) claim their products are safe and lab-tested, yet clearly have control control/contamination issues (Green Gold is an excellent example, as I’m sure we all know). A large amount of trust is instilled into us by these companies, and when that trust is broken we, well, we all take our own path in that regard. But still . . . I purchased from phyto in the past and I must say I personally wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t surprised either, tho. I had a few orders with them, and I must say the last one . made my lungs hurt and left a black, bubbly residue on my temperature-controlled e-nail and dab dig (not a pen).. But still, I hear their standards are on the up and up so we’ll see. . .

  76. I was very skeptical on ordering phyto for the first time from all the bad reviews and negative feedback lately.( i think thats why you cant leave reviews under the phyto sample pack anymore. Too many ppl shitting on em…IMO)
    But since i have tried all the different shatter sample packs on here except for phyto. So I figured what to hell and ordered it with the hopes of it being not a total waste of cash.
    Some reviews mentioned the gs to be under weight. My sampler weighed 4.4 gs in total. The 4 strains were Tmgsc, fire og, cloud 9 and cherry pie. For the reviews with phyto lacking flavor and all taste the same. I would have to agree with the lacking of flavor but the 4 strains i had all tasted different but the thin mint gs cookies had absolutely no flavor at all.. Maybe with this strain someone picked the name out if a hat. Who really knows how phyto comes up with such funky names for straind with no taste.
    My sampler had all the same texture. Nice light amber color except the tmgsc it was a alittle darker. This looks alot alike phytos more expensive shatter on here the supernova extracts. Except this stuff is alil more harsher. But far not the harshess on the lungs, that award goes to green gold and diamond extracts.
    Ppl shitten on the potency of phyto. I dont see where they are coming from, i think phyto is right up there with the rest of the shatter companys for the potency.
    Im glad i didnt listen to the nasty reviews and try it for myself.
    Cant wait to try all the new different strains from phyto. I think both phyto and green gold are workimg together since both have very similiar strains, a huge selection and both are lacking in flavor but not potency.. I Would def. Recommend phyto to everyone.
    *****there are some real haters out there leaving nasty reviews on concentrate companys products.. Those ppl need to Chill the fuck out alil and cut ppl some slack. Everyone makes mistakes.NO ONE IS PERFECT.
    We all have to remeber thst we live in the best country on the planet.
    Where else can you order amazing concentrate products at reasonable pricing, fast free shipping and get to deal with the great staff at HD. Keep up the amazing work hd.

  77. PHYTO is an amazing company for the cost. Just got a “Canada 150 Edition” packaging in my recent order instead of the usual pictures for the strain (space cookies). Very nice touch. Never a let down from PHYTO. HIGHly recommended.

  78. Ordered amnesia haze but I got candyland instead. This shatter is perfectly fine. I don’t know what was wrong with what the last guy had but this stuff doesn’t crackle and it vapes like a dream. Tastes great and has an amazing sativa buzz

  79. All crap. Take a small dab and hold a lighter next to it, boom sparkle city. Way to much left over butane in the product. I dont feel it is safe to consume this

  80. misty mornings tasted nice and had a perfect consistency!
    thanks phyto.
    you guys have definitely been making better dabs lately 🙂

  81. Anonymous

    Seems to me that they are using the same thing and naming it different names… If you look they all have similar effects and are all pungent in taste…. lol very tricky

  82. great selection for the price! me and a friend of mine always split on this and have a ball of a time everythime! outstanding HD!

  83. Anonymous

    I can agree with both reviews, in the beginning phyto was top notch, but it seems to me that their shatter has gone down hill. All brands taste the same to me now and the high is hot and miss, almost seems like they mix a crappy batch with a good batch to save costs! I’ve tried beaded bros, green gold and the diamond brand! My choices goes as followed neared bros, green gold, phyto and then diamond. Save the 10 bucks cause ur just paying for phyto over done packaging!

  84. Can it even get better than phyto? Ive never been let down with any strain or purchase. They made a life long customer out of me.

  85. Anonymous

    I just got misty morning , and it has a wonderful pine taste. More piney than Alien Og. Phyto always good there the best

  86. Not worth…

  87. Phyto started off as a fantastic company, now they be going the cheap why with unfinished product bad taste. No smell. Will never rebuy

  88. Good high. Smell is meh taste is meh.. still sweet tho..

  89. Anonymous

    Taste like buring rubber. Fuck phyto!

  90. Anonymous

    I VERY much disagree with the previous review. I use to smoke beard bros and was constantly let down with the consistency and quality and switched to phyto. Ive since gone through 100 grams of phyto or more and only can recall being let down one time by a strain that didnt agree with me. Its far from garbage, and very smooth easy vaping shatter. My advice has always been to go with Phyto, and avoid beard bros constant inconsistency. The newest batch of strains is great, ive got them all right now and all are fire 🙂

  91. Phyto started off as a fantastic company putting out fire. I remember the original gsc shatter, the pink mk cross, purple candy and tons of other fire strains. Nowadays it’s low grade, lung busting garbage that leaves you with a mild high at best. I’ve converted to beard bros for my daily shatter intake and it’s made the world of difference. For the extra money Besrds is 100% worth it. Always glassy, terpy, delicious shatter (sometimes even wax) that does the job. Why waste your money when 1 Beard Dab = 2 Phyto Dabs. Love HD but in no way a fan of phyto, espedically in recent times, so I always advise to spend the extra cash and enjoy connoiseur level concentrates and at least give other premium companies such as Beard and Maple Leaf a try. Cheers – Happy Toking

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