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Shatter (Green Gold) – Multiple Strains

(159 customer reviews)


1 gram of Green Gold shatter for $35
Special! Buy 3 or more for $32 each

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Sold By: Green Gold Extracts
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Product Description

Green Gold Extracts produces premium concentrates that are pharmaceutical-grade and lab-tested from their hometown of Vancouver, BC.

159 reviews for Shatter (Green Gold) – Multiple Strains

  1. First impressions: tangerine dream/pink kush/mimosa ,shatter has good form, not melted into the plastic,easy to deal with,and not underweight like some other brands have been. Color looks good for the tangerine dream and pink kush,the mimosa looks darker but not bad? Not as experienced judging appearance of shatter, mainly the effects as i’ve used cannabis along time for medical purposes,and thus far trying it out a day or two, I don’t notice anything too special, but granted the price, I think it may still be more worth it than others I have tried. Tangerine dream seemed the weakest of the three, but will review again once I try more, as well as the other strains. Wish the effect were stronger, for that it looses 1-2 stars.

  2. Love the Mimosa. So yummy!

  3. Grabbed 5 grams of this cause the reviews were all good and I wasn’t disappointed I’ve tried the lemon walker and the pink kush so far and both are excellent best price you’ll find too

  4. Wicked awesome. Grabbed the girl scout cookies. Full of flavor and digging the way they are packaged. Looking forward to trying more.

  5. Really enjoyed Grandaddy Purple & Hellfire this past order – would def recommend for a good indica & hybrid!

  6. Good stuff, nice taste, worth the money.

  7. Not as great this time, i tried it a while back and was impressed, im still impressed but after trying shatter master, that one i think is worth the extra and is better. Ya the containers arent the best, throw it in a freezer and chip 97% of your product out, dont be a baby about that lost 3% the price reflects it. Shatter was always good, never a budder consistancy or runny like some seven stars have been, i tried Gorilla glue, lemon walker og, tangerine dream and rainbow (still havent tried my grandaddy purple, purple kush or white rhino) the tangerine dream was my favorite, very motivating, very euphoric, giggly high i would buy again and was the best…rainbow was weak, tasted good but the bottom of those, gorilla glue was also good, got me ripped and heady but nothing out of this world and the lemon walker og was also good, just doesnt stand out and was middle of the road

    you get what you pay for, i think its a decent price, i didnt find it hard on the lungs, but it also didnt knock my socks off either (I think Shatter master did for the price for me)

  8. First time ordering shatter. Love it. Will order again.

  9. THIS IS TRULY AMAZING!!!!! I LOVE IT Great prices too…

  10. Love this shatter its my go to for price and quality. I’ve tried ever strain and the granddaddy purple is awesome . only thing is the snap containers are a pain usually get a few pieces layered on top of each other , I personally prefer wax paper

  11. Tried Mimosa..tangerine dream and rainbow. All were nice and tasty. Would have to say Mimosa was my favorite. Nice uplifting high. Love the packaging. My new go to when it comes to shatter. Can’t wait to try all the flavors. Use to get Phyto but found the taste much better with Green Gold.

  12. This brand puts the others to shame in terms of quality and price. It’s high grade stuff. Every strain I’ve tried has been excellent. After sampling all the other (more expensive) brands, Green Gold is now the only shatter I buy.

  13. Best value. I’ve tried all the other brands and dont see where that extra $ goes. Never been disappointed. Lemon Walker and Tangerine Dream are super tasty, cant go wrong with any flavor.

  14. Death Star is amazing and taste great you get a great high from it on love it.

  15. Excellent product

  16. Really grwat product , love the little box instead of wax paper . Gonna biy again

  17. Best bang for your buck with no lowering of standards. My go to supply

  18. Love these dabs. Rockstar , and pink kush are most excellent.

  19. I absolutely love Mimosa! the taste is awesome overall it is definitely one of the best

  20. Lemon walker OG was the last one I tried.
    Good but I could taste the solvent and for that only reason I give a 4/5
    The high was there nice burns clean in the bagner no sparks

  21. very nice product tried gorrila glue , lemon walker og , and granddaddy purple , very good quality 5 star great price

  22. Got Blueberry, Rainbow and Tangarine Dream. This stuff is amazing, price cannot be beat and vapourized perfectly. Can’t ask for much more than that

  23. Like that they got new strains since the last time I ordered – don’t like that they now don’t include the THC & CBD content per batch…. that was part of the reason they were my favs!

  24. I keep ordering again and again. Switched from phyto. Loving this stuff.

  25. This is good shit! We usually purchase Phyto Extractions but This stuff is just as good if not better. It comes in little snap container which is so much better than the folded wax paper we are used to. Lemon Walker was amazing!! We are fans of Sativas and it was on point.

  26. I got the tangerine dream , and blueberry ,,, I currently tried the tangerine dream ,, its has a grate taste and look, getting that citrus flavor on the exhale is just so nice ,, its my first time trying the green gold shatter and got to say I was impressed !! cheers !!

  27. We usually buy Phyto and decided to try these guys this time. We got Rainbow, Juice Fruit, Hellfire and Blue Magoo. The only one we have yet to try is the Juicy Fruit, but the other three are awesome! Smooth, great high and they taste great. I love the price point and you can’t go wrong when the quality is there. I’ll definitely order from these guys again

  28. Never been disappointed. Great product for the price. Granddaddy purple made for some smooth dabs.

  29. So this is my first order from HD. Ordered on Monday, delivered on Friday in Ontario (took a little longer as Monday was the Canada Day holiday). Yesterday was by far the hottest day of the year and my poor shatter was probably just roasting with the heat. However, today after accepting delivery, I’ve opened up two of my 8 packages and the consistency is damn near perfect. I’m thoroughly impressed.

    Definite shout out to Kronic from Youtube in thanks for the $25 first time purchase code. Without his videos, I may never have even tried your company out.

  30. I’ve tried many strains of Green Gold. And a few other brands too. I keep coming back to Green. I’ve enjoyed the flavor and results of most, and have a few favorites for different situations. Great price point. Opening package took some getting used to without crumbs popping out, but still so much better than having to scrape off paper. Love this stuff

  31. Not sure what improvements green gold made but they need to keep it up. 1st time ordering tangerine dream in over a year and i must say im impressed with the g i received.
    Very light amber/orange looking, very smooth and potent.
    Had myself thinking i wasted 35 bucks on a g of the tangerine dream since the last few g’s i ordered from green gold were terrible and had mild effects and tasted like crap and after smoking a few g’s it felt like my lungs ur so tight and uncomfortable.
    Overall very impressed with green gold this time around.
    Would really like to try the 10 new strains green gold has plus my favs from the original 10 strains.
    Not sure why some shatters are 50 bones a g when green gold is only 35 with impressive look, taste and effects.

  32. I have always ordered Tangerine Dream as it is my true before work vape. Decided to get the Gorilla Glue and Pink Kush. The quality of Green Gold is comparable to the more expensive brands. Don’t have a problem with packaging as I put them in the fridge, then transferred to parchment. Easy peasy. Thank you HD

  33. Pink Kush hits hard but is nice before bed. Juicy Fruit is on everyone one of my orders now. That’s the best one so far but I’m making my way through some of the other strains. White Rhino is always fun. I giggle my face off.

  34. I have tried many more expensive concentrates from this site, and time and time again I always come back to this brand. They are consistent, good packaging and good price point for what you get. Gorrila glue is my goto for all day dabs.

  35. Tried the lemon walker of that is the best one in my opinion so far out of the green gold collection was really impressed from the flavor profile my first dab was small and it packed a decent punch would also recommend death star and granddaddy purp gorilla glue

  36. Nice flavour and kick to each of the handful of flavours I’ve tried. Works for me and I like the packaging ?

  37. Want what they want…lol not Walmart…. sometimes I make 3 to 4 orders a week on this site I love this site just because it is grown and cured and manicured so perfectly with the best taste and smell that you can get by growing the flowers the only thing is there are sites out there with the same quality for $125 per ounce I’ve seen quarter pounds for 400 bucks of the same strains we have on here just different and better I’ve tried A few but I stick with this one because it’s been my go to for the last couple years I feel like a traitor LOL… it only cost about a few hundred bucks for each plant not even probably when you have that much going on a time they could give us way better deals that would be the only my complaint about the site it’s pretty much point for point all the time you make it 20 $30 off here and there I can get my own trees down here that are just as good for $130 per ounce and a half other sites but don’t give me wrong I love HD you guys are the best just think about trying to bring these Prices down and I’m sure you’ll get so much more business the price shop won’t even make a difference you’ll probably make more money actually by selling it for cheaper but either way I love you HD you guys have never done me wrong

  38. I don’t know why people always complain about the packaging they’re the easiest thing in the world to open I’ve never lost anything unless I dropped it on my own you put your thumb at the bottom and then you open it at the little lip with your other thumb as you hold in your hand it’s very simple and I’d rather pay $95 for 3x shatter than any other shatlter that’s on the site… I’ve tried all them I don’t notice a difference other than price and I like this one even if it wasn’t about price… but don’t give me wrong some do have a little bit better taste but as for the high I don’t find a different enough to pay more money and of green and gold does it properly and purges the batches properly it’s still just like the other ones… but people Walmart they want and like what they like LOL happy smokin

  39. Best bang for your buck! This product is a go to forsure!

  40. love the white widow

  41. Had death star granddaddy purp and gorilla glue all amazing strains well done on the flavor and a nice dab for each of them

  42. Great shatter will buy again

  43. Love it great citrus flavour , tangerine dream does result in end headache, great high over all

  44. Rainbow was the only one I havent tryed. Not realy impressed taste was deceving comparing to all the other strains and didnt had the thc cbd level as usual

  45. great shatter i had the juicy fruit this time and its great!!!

  46. I tried tangerine dream, rainbow and white rhino, all excellent product. The only thing I hated was the packaging, the container was hard to open, had to use my teeth, ended up losing some product because it was all broken up, and what wasn’t broken up and loose was stuck together in a huge chunk, which made it difficult to use. So sticky! lol

  47. Great product for the price. I usually go with phyto but was happy to see some different strain options with these guys. Would recommend and will order again 🙂

  48. I told myself to stop at two hits but noooo, I just had to push it. 4 hits and it knocked me on my ass. Bought the Juicy Fruit. It tastes good and I do like it. I’ll go easy next time.

  49. Loved the bubba kush this time around!

  50. Great taste, good quality and good price , always burns well with my rig and has a nice smooth aftertaste.

  51. my only complaint is the plastic jar

  52. SImilar to Phyto – it’s a great budget brand

  53. Not my favorite but can’t go wrong for $40

  54. Pink is the top strain IMO. Realy tasty and gets high real fast. You’ll get a good night of sleep thats for sure

  55. Tangerine Dream is by far the BEST. All shatter has a really good taste, and give you a good high, good purchase for the price

  56. Purple kush was the best of the 3

  57. Was now too bad at all

  58. I got the blueberry. Great quality. Clean and tasty. Good for the price.

  59. Pink is my favorite strain ! 5/5 on this one

  60. Great high-quality shatter with excellent packaging. Tried Rainbow and Juicy Fruit. Rainbow is AMAZING. Huge boost of creativity, desire for social interaction, artistic ability, and reduction in anxiety. Highly recommend, will order again.

  61. great stuff for the price have tried multiple strains and haven’t tried one I didn’t like

  62. Absolutely loved the flavors and high from the pink kush would highly recommend

  63. rock star and pink kush where amazing

  64. I ordered the 3 pack
    white rhino, ultramaster where
    amazing. rock star and pink kush where incredible especially for the price I hope it comes back into stock

  65. Went for a Mix-and-Match pack this time, having only gotten single grams in the past. The variety is great! I went with Tangerine Dream, a sativa, the Rainbow which is a hybrid and the Ultra Master, an Indica. Love nothing more than the selection. Out of the three strains, the Tang has the best look, taste and smell. The Ultra unquestionably has the best night time high. The Rainbow is just what I wanted – something right down the middle to get through a normal day. Will be back as soon as it’s back in stock!

  66. Never got to try the White Rhino but the Bubba made up for it and the other strains were not disappointing in the least.

    Gonna step the shatter game up and try some of the offerings in the Phant line up. Excellent service and products at HD

  67. Nice flavours, potent effects, what more could you want! Best bang for your buck. Comes packed up in its own plastic snap case aswell.

  68. you really cant beat the Pk very consistent last time i ordered the PK and now i cant tell the difference its nice to know the batch you get never switches up on you so you can expect the same quality eveerytime

  69. Ive never ordered shatter before, so i thought id try it out after going through some of the reviews. I got tangerine dream. It hit smooth and was fruity and tasty stuff. I’m not disappointed. I will probably get more in the future!

  70. Easiest way to explain it is as follows
    Juicy Fruit – it’s gonna move ya
    It’s got a taste that gets right through ya
    Juicy Fruit – the taste is gonna move ya

  71. Très bon produit un gout superbe 10/10

  72. Ordered the White Rhino – good product. Another happy purchase

  73. Have ordered a few times now without any issues. The containers are a bit inconvenient but other then that, all is good!

  74. Great product for the price!

  75. The shatter does its job. The price is right on the 3 pack. My only complaint is the plastic container it comes in, 3 sheets of shatter melted together into a big clump. Wax paper doesn’t seem to do this to the shatter.

  76. Not the best, would prefer phyto over this

  77. Tangerine Dream is by far my favourite as far as the high and the taste of the shatter. I’ve also tried rainbow and purple kush and loved them both as well!
    I wish they’d bring back more sativa and hybrid strains again. 🙁

  78. decently priced. the product it self could be better, not overly tasty or smooth and the high was pretty mild. id buy it again for the price but not because its anything special.

  79. I got this with the Bubba Kush option. I put a bit in my oil pen and took a few hits. Extremely heavy body, and ready for a good nights sleep. A must have for insomnia sufferers.

  80. Great flavor
    Hits nicely
    With a great price

  81. Good bang for the buck! Tried the tangerine dream and love it

  82. Excellent product I specialy loved the white Rino and the pink for the high and the Juicy fruit was helpfull for my pain with a little more cbd in it !
    Tasted most of hem yet and gotta say i love them all yet .
    I wont waste time buying other prods this one got me for sure thanks bros amd HD

  83. Very nice stuff. Potent high had me ready for bed after two little dabs. Taste just like the flower imo. I enjoyed it along with the containers… idk why some have their panties in a bunch over the containers like it’s that hard to slap them in the freezer for 10 seconds… had NO problems with packaging and actually love the little containers the shatter comes in.

  84. Anonymous

    Other then the plastic container, which you can easily just take the shatter out and store in parchment paper; it was lovely. Tangerine Dream, was a nice sativa and a little goes a long way. I usually smoke on weekends and it does the trick every time. I can still function and do my studies which is what folk look for in a good sativa. For the price, its a bargain for weekend dabbers!

  85. tried a gram maybe a month back out of curiosity. the quality actually wasn’t bad. the taste was good and it looked great and clear. but I won’t order again until they change the packaging and start using parchment or glass. it came in and there was a layer of shatter stuck to the plastic like glue.

  86. For the price not bad purple kush , juicy fruit and white rhino by far the purple kush was the better of the three

  87. 5 star because of the price. The Purple Kush is good, really good high, the Bubba Kush melts my brain and makes me stupid and relaxed, the Tangerine Dream is awesome, great daytime shatter with little burn out and great taste.

  88. Great stuff, tried the Rockstar and Tangerine Dream!! Also super fast shipping, very happy customer here!! Haha

  89. Nice deal for low budget smokers who wants some nice shatter for a good price

  90. First time using this strain daily smoker for pain. Smokes great. Taste good too.

  91. Great product overall dont let the price fool you, i had tangerine dream and purple kush both are awesome 2 dabs is all ya need lol

  92. good quality as any other brand, I enjoy that I get a run down of cbd and thc with each strain. Price and packaging is the best out there!

  93. Anonymous

    I have tried a number of other brands and was sceptical at the $40 price tag.
    I have tried the ultra master and it is amazing!! The color, texture and flavour are right on point.

    Time to order some other strains!!

  94. I tried the tangerine dream it was soo good very citrus tasting definatly a favourite?

  95. I had the juicy fruit strain and it was gorgeous! clear and yellow, perfect like glass and melts like oil. Awesome daytime shatter strain!

  96. Tastes like garbage and the high leaves much to be desired. It’s very harsh to dab. Got the Rainbow strain, and don’t plan to get it again. Waste of cash.

  97. I will pay an extra $5 every time for PHYTO.
    Container makes it risky for medicine loss.
    I’m not an expert on shatter but it doesn’t dab as well as most other shatters.
    Had a black spec and two white specs IN the concentrate upon initial opening, not a huge issue, but first time for me.

  98. Purple Kush is booommbb. Watch out for that 84.31% THC content. Will drop you like a left hook outta right field! Only thing I would change is the container it comes in. Just hard to open with big fingers. Otherwise good stuff.

  99. Anonymous

    Juicy Fruit is my go to when I’m working really hard and have bad inflammation in my spine. Great for the body with 2+% cbd but not much heady effect. Would recommend as a daytime med for anyone in general labor or construction.

  100. Anonymous

    Ultra Master was really potent and hard hitting in the head for sure. Tasted good no solvent no crackling or popping but had a buzz that didn’t help me medically it made me feel more anxious as MK Ultra crosses usually do. This was a good strain from Green Gold. I wish I could teach them to properly purge their other strains

  101. Anonymous

    Pink kush was a hit and a miss, I had 4 or 5 grams of it because the last batch was amazing and in this batch 2 grams snapped and crackled on my nail and sounded terrible in my source orb TI nail…..tasted like some solvent and one of the 4+ grams had a white thread stuck in a small sheet of shatter….was going to buy a ton more but went with Thompson Caribu and Phyto

  102. Good shatter, very nice effects. But I had to give it a 3 star for the taste, it really tasted off to me had a bad earthy taste to it. Really didn’t want to finish the whole gram, but $40 is still a decent price for it.

  103. Anonymous

    Excellent product, especially for the price! The quality is superb and the selection of different strains is awesome.

  104. Tangerine Dream is the shit!! I’ve grown this strain out a few times and can actually taste that it’s barney’s farm tangerine dream. Many strains maintain a citrus profile that is similar but as a connoisseur of extracts this was distinct to me. No solvent tastes, properly purged, mid range thc for an extract but over 1% CBD so its ideal for me after running all day at work to relax my muscles and dissipate the pain! Highly recommended! Better then Diamond and Phyto and right up there with Beard!

  105. I will review each strain as I try each one and give a detailed profile on what I experienced with these extracts
    My first review is the Purple Kush……No solvent taste from this batch, burns nice and clean, very little residue on my nail, tastes just like any purple kush extract that even I have made, this was a very well made extract and very heady high, low CBD and high THC , very good for depression and anxiety!!!

  106. Anonymous

    The high is there, but it takes something awful like butane..I guess I just won’t be getting the ultra master again, or I’ll just go back to diamond or phyto

  107. Anonymous

    Real impressed with the 3 out of 5 kinds I got today, Purple Kush, Rockstar and Rainbow, Blueberry and Ultra Master will remain sealed for the time being, you guys make an excellent product., hats off to ya!

  108. tangerine dream is my fav. very terpy.
    blueberry is the least enjoyable strain out of the 10 but still iight.
    all strains well worth the price!

  109. As David mentioned in hid review a few people received a bad batch of Ultra Master but Green Gold replaced all the bad shatter with good stuff so it’s not a big deal. For $40 a gram this stuff is pretty damn good. There’s a lot less CBD than what the listing says it contains though. The package of Ultra Master I received has “THC: 78.43% and CBD: 0.38%” on the sticker instead of the advertised 2.63%. Tastes a little bit weak on the terps as well, but it’s hard to find terpy concentrates for cheap. Green Gold will be my go-to for the time being.

  110. Anonymous

    Pretty decent for the price. If they can keep up this quality Ill keep buying from them.

  111. I recently posted a bad review for the ultra master I received that tasted like butane, along with a number of other customers. I guess Green Gold caught wind of this and took measures to correct the problem. They confirmed there was a contaminated batch resulting from an inexperienced extraction operator and visited their vendors to replace all the bad stock with a fresh batch. Green Gold was also kind enough to send me a couple free grams to try out so they could win me back as a customer. In my honest opinion the new batch is pretty good. Nice smooth hit and no bad butane taste; not super high on terps but still nice tasting. Definitely good for the price. As long as they can keep up on quality control I’d give them another shot.

  112. Awesome! My favourite is the blueberry. Heavy hitter.

  113. nice and clear but tatse a bit like butane but for the price cant complain too much next time ill try the pink or ultra

  114. Anonymous

    nice and clear but tatse a bit like butane but for the price cant complain too much next time ill try the pink or ultra

  115. very good hit nice off the titanium nail. Nice buzz

  116. Anonymous

    I completely agree with the last few guys. I’ve ordered this brand over 10 times it’s been good up till the last batch. blueberry and purple Kush used to taste so good so smooth and it was a light colour you could just see through the last batch tasted awful was a dark amber colour and you were spot on with your comments. Rockstar was still great though and tangerine dream pink Kush wasn’t as bad but it was better before this batch came out the only thing I thought that was the same was the rockstar and that’s my favourite as of right now 2 stars for this batch other 1s 4/5

  117. This stuff was crap. Tasted like butane and hurt the lungs. The little plastic container it came in was super annoying and difficult to open and close. I would not order this again nor would I recommend it to anyone

  118. Anonymous

    Very harsh tasting and all three strains tasted the same. And a very odd taste at that. First and last order.

  119. I’d like to start off by saying that I’ve tried a couple other types of Green Gold previously that were alright. I had their purple kush and rainbow that were ok, not much taste and good high for the price. This time I ordered the ultra master and there is something wrong with this batch where it wasn’t properly purged of contaminants or something like that so it had a really bad petroleum kind of taste and was very harsh. This one was so bad I’m not sure I’ll risk ordering any Green Gold again when other brands that cost slightly more have never let me down.

  120. Decent shatter for the price. Shatter consistancy. Hate the plastic container it comes in though.

  121. the products are great but I have to warn of the blueberry from this batch. Tastes contaminated, I wouldn’t risk buying that strain until the issue is addressed. Every other strain is fire though, even the blueberry was but this batch I can confirm has a gross sulpher taste.

  122. Anonymous

    The blueberry had a odd taste to it . Still have 2 more to try .

  123. Just finished my blueberry pack, tasted great and got me baked. Still not as strong as phyto, but good for the price.

  124. Anonymous

    Love this stuff tried the pink kush blueberry and ultra master all are amazing would recommend and the price speaks for itself ordering again..

  125. As a seasoned cannabis enthusiast, I figured I had to try this new brand of shatter since I have tried almost all the other concentrates on this site. My expectations weren’t high because one thing I’ve learned from buying cannabis extracts is that lower price usually means lower quality.

    I was right.

    After sampling a couple of dabs of the Juicy Fruit & Pink Kush, I developed a strange headache that I’ve never felt before. That right there tells me the stuff is dirty. Also, there was a total lack of flavour to both shatters, as though the terps were removed during processing. Another thing I noticed is the large amount of residue left on my e-nail. What is this crap they are cutting it with & selling by the gram?

    In my opinion, this stuff is garbage. It may get some folks “high” but it is in no way a medicine.

  126. love the selection! even better taste!

  127. I’ve tried the white rhino and rainbow and both were beautiful, translucent and hit deliciously. For the price and the quality you get, it’s an awesome deal!

  128. I’ve tried both the purple kush and the rockstar. For the price and potency these are good value.
    The taste does not compare to beard Bros though. I found both of these strains to be very “bland”.
    I would say they are a better value than the Honey oil but I almost prefer the honey oil taste.

  129. Price, quality, packaging…all top notch.
    Even though the containers are a bit cheap, at least there is a container! I was tired of the parchment paper, it made it feel like it was some other kind of drug…overall, thumbs up!
    Other companies should look, learn and drop their prices.

  130. I have to say the containers were kind of lame. but otherwise the Blueberry was definitely a great experience.

  131. Got the tangerine dream. Liked the texture, nice flavor, medium to decent effects… not too powerful.

  132. Anonymous

    Very clean high quality Shatter

  133. Very pleased by the quilty of shatter, the containers suck.

  134. Awesome priced shatter, smokes well and has a nice taste to it. Have tried all but one strain, Tangerine dream, blueberry, pink & purple kush would be my top choices.

  135. Very nice shatter. I use it in my vape pen. Excellent price!

  136. Keep this product around !! Wow. Satisfied

  137. Amazing quality and taste

  138. Nice clear shatter, smooth hits with nice effects. Tastes is bang on as well.

  139. Bubba_kush was excellent !

  140. The high of the rockstar is great, but the taste not so good, it kinda has a petroleum oil tastse, wont be buying again, i will stick with beard bros.

  141. I ordered a gram of the Purple Kush shatter to compare to the effectiveness of Purple Kush buds for my migraines. Over the years, Purple Kush has served me very well when I could get it. It isn’t as harsh as landrace Kush, and almost as effective at migraine cessation (5 minutes. Gone. Zero symptoms remain.)

    I’m happy to report that the Purple Kush shatter retains its effectiveness against migraines. But beware — this is one *pungeant* puff! Very flavourful, too. But there is no hiding with this stuff.

    Potency is mind-boggling with fingernail-clipping sized shards on four screens in a metal pipe, gently flared into vapourizing by inhaled heat rather than actual flaming. It takes practice to puff shatter in a pipe properly. The biggest mistake is not to use some sort of bed to catch it when it melts.


  142. sweeeeet perfect 🙂

  143. excellent keep the price everything is perfect

  144. Anonymous

    It doesnt taste right, and all three kinds had the exact same odd taste? Im shocked so many many people like this stuff, It is fairly potent for the price, but not something im going to order again.

  145. Rockstar is Very good stuff for the price. I will certainly try the other strains.

  146. Super high quality shatter with an amazing price! I didnt know what to expect with it being cheaper than my usual brands but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually liked this brand way better. I can’t find one thing wrong with it.

  147. Good product good price I definitely order again

  148. The rockstar is amazing

  149. Ultra Master was potent and tasty. Definitely a strong contender for my go too concentrate brand. I just ordered three more grams to try out some of their different strains. They come in a plastic container which requires a bit of care to open but other then that, a solid choice if your into concentrates

  150. Definitely some good shatter for the price. I’ve only the rockstar out of my 3 pack. It’s not as smooth as phyto, but it gets the job done.

  151. Anonymous

    Tried the purple kush. Very pleased with flavour and appearance. Pretty good bake

  152. Absolutely the best bang for your buck, love love love purple Kush!

  153. Most bang for your buck. those dishes suck though.

  154. Anonymous

    Extremely surprised and satisfied with This shatter. Amazing for the price, I never sacrifice quality so I was a little hesitant, but man am I glad I went with it! Better then some of the more pricy brands of shatter on the site. I had tangerine dream, effects where perfect and taste and smell was outstanding! Will be buying again. Only complaint is the packaging. 5/5

  155. Got the Pink Kush. Nice light flakes. .2 overweight. 🙂
    …and heavy indica tokes. Will buy again. Thanks!

  156. excellent product at $40 a gram you can’t go wrong with this product.

  157. Anonymous

    I’m truly amazed by this product. 5 stars for sure. At first you’re kinda like “mm $40…ah well let’s try it” I love testing new brands. I thought it was going to be some dark shatter but to my surprise, it was a nice light amber colour, the shatter was there, the taste (very kushy) potent ass high & dabbed nicely. I got the rainbow strain. I highly recommend scooping some up for yourself! I’m sure each strain was just as amazing as this one.

  158. Anonymous

    I got the sample pack Tryed rainbow purple Kush and pink Kush all are good quality products worth every cent 🙂

  159. Bradwh

    Well I’m not surprised it’s sold out. Great stuff, fantastic purchase and price!

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