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Shatter (Beard Bros) – Multiple Strains

(44 customer reviews)


0.5 grams of Beard Bros shatter for $25
Special! Buy 6 or more for $22 each

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Sold By: Beard Bros Concentrates
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Product Description

Beard Bros Concentrates produces premium concentrates that are pharmaceutical-grade and lab-tested from their hometown of Victoria, BC. 2014 Karma Cup winners for best Solvent, 2015 Karma Cup 1st and 2nd place winners for best Shatter, 2015 Karma Cup 1st and 2nd place winners for best Budder.

44 reviews for Shatter (Beard Bros) – Multiple Strains

  1. guy this is beauty ! 5 stars

  2. good stuff BUT you only get .5 grams per pack, prob won’t order again because of the price.

  3. Product looked good, smoked well, a bit pricy. Solid product overall

  4. I think that the shatter I received was pretty average considering it was almost twice the price of anywhere else. Good stuff but I don’t get where this 60$ a gram price point comes from, even the packaging is cheap. I simultaneously ordered shatter from other companies so that I had something to compare to, feeling like my $$ was better spent elsewhere.

  5. Had a variety pack a little while back with pink kush purple white lightning super lemon haze and white widow . they were all amazing and tasty in their own way . very nice shatter and worth the price!

  6. wasn’t really a fan of this stuff and its kinda pricey too

  7. Had the Bubba Kush and of Kush and blue dream all tasted real bad almost like trim run and wasn’t purged proper either hurt the throat worst stuff ever wasted 150 ? on this spend a bit more to get good stuff like supernova way better my 2 cents…. zero stars if it would let me

  8. finally tried this stuff – i must admit you can tell the difference from a bargain shatter, no harshness (white widow and romulan) the effects are definitely a bit stronger almost more euphoria but it doesnt last any longer. Taste is amazing, effects are great but personally the harsh bargain stuff gives me almost as good of an effect, but has a bit more for less so thats why it loses a star

  9. I had the Lemon Berry and the Sour Grapes and really enjoyed both of them. BB’s makes a really clear stable consistent product. I just wish the price would come down a hair. They were some of the first BHO I tried years ago and I’ve never seen their product decrease in quality which seems harder to come by. If you are looking for classic shatter this is it.

  10. Ordered the love potion, everything about it was awesome, taste, smell, the high.. only thing wrong with it was that it wasnt like shatter at all, more like budder. Was very hard to work with. Overall good product though if you can look past that flaw.

  11. Love Beard Bros shatter, you get what you pay for. Their shatter is always as expected from the names strain. The Romulan was phenomenal!

  12. Bradwh

    Sour jack and strawberry puff are very well rounded. I do recommend strawberry.

  13. Bradwh

    Love potion is fantastic!
    Texture is very tough to work with. It’s soft and smells unbelievable

  14. Sour Jack is a nice pick overall. It has a fruity taste.

  15. i received the white widow connesieur line this time very nice texture great high looks and feels the way shatter should.not taste of butane whatsoever beard bros know what they are doing 10 on 10

  16. Very average shatter. With all the hype over Beard Bros I was quite let down with the pink lemonade shatter.

    Taste was quite bland and the effect left me wanting more and not in a good way. Not worth the money IMO.

    I’ve had products from Green Gold that I enjoyed more and for a better price.

  17. Great company, shiskaberry was awesome. Tasted great and felt great

  18. Awesome great stuff by far some of the best concentrate product I have the pleasure of smoking big thumbs up

  19. The shiskaberry was nice and spicey and the high was very heavy indica couch lock stuff. Shatter from BB is always top shelf in quality. No chemical aftertaste. Nice clean product.

  20. I ordered the Super Lemon Haze shatter, and heated my nail up to try some when it came in. The flavour of this oil is amazing, super sweet and yes, it has a citrus zing to it. The terpene profile was amazingly pungent for shatter. The effects were fast acting, with an extremely energetic buzz. I could feel it right in my head behind my forehead, and it left me with a smile on my face that couldn’t be wiped away. Definitely good for depression and fatigue. Perfect for daytime use, as there was absolutely no burn out after the come down. Will order again.

  21. Great product some of the best shatter ive had

  22. Blue dream was tasty. Wish they sold gs.

  23. got the grape god this time, it was as good as i imagined. beard bros with another great product!

  24. Anonymous

    Really good shatter seems like a reliable company, Would be nice to be able to buy more than .5 and packaging is not the best for the price but whatevs.

  25. Love BB products?

  26. Very reliable company

  27. Good product, if you have been consuming lots of oil it will diminish the effects of the shatter as in my case, but my spouse really likes it.

  28. I dunno what that guy below me is saying but I’ve gotten bear bros plenty of times, never ever been short. Check your scale before making claims.. I got Blue Guava & Sour Grapes (Sour diesel x Grape God) & all I can say is wow! Cannot go wrong with beard Bros, it’s always worth paying that extra few bucks over the cheap guys. This batch was super super tasty, smooth & STRONG! Good job guys keep your game up. Thanks HD! 5/5

  29. Got the OG Kush this time around. Classic. THAT being said . . . I am NOT impressed, beard bros, that my package was .09 gram short. A tenth-of-a-gram may not sound like a lot, and it’s not, but the fact that this is not the first time is particularly bothersome. Pick up your game, BB.

  30. Anonymous

    Had grape ape and sour Diesel and taste was good and high hit quick. Enjoyed it very much. Think I’ll order sample pack next time. Hats off to beard bros

  31. I can’t really taste much, could be because I feel the flu coming on or the way I smoke it. I had the blueberry x sour skunk. Really good high! Knocked me right off me feet and I’m a long time smoker! This is only my second order from beard bros but they seem to know what’s up! Extremely happy w those guys! I will be sure to stick w them and definitely placing another order. Thanks HD!

  32. Lemon Blueberry tastes real good! I do wish they sold full grams of Bead Bros on here though. The quality is top notch!

  33. Anonymous

    The recent jack herer blew my face off, amazing energy with that strain and the shatter makes it so much better with a outstanding taste. Always the best shatter with these guys, always a guarantee of serious strong medication!

  34. Super excited about all the strains available!! Best product on the site

  35. Anonymous

    Good gear, nice taste and high is spot on.. sample pack is dog diggety. TY HD

  36. Always the best Shatter, every flavour is unique to itself, all other brands here mostly taste the same between their different flavours with subtle taste changes, not Beard Bros. They have an ability above all others.

  37. The flavour of the strain is very noticeable compared to other shatters. That being said I wish they would offer 1g for $55 as it is very costly by the 1/2. If you do not mind paying extra, you get what you pay for.

  38. I got the baycut gsc again, i love this shatter its def one of my favorites. The flavor is amazing it tastes like watermelon! Nice sativa effects

  39. Love BB but I’m disappointed in the removal of the gram option as well my half G of infinity mix was basically budder.. other than that I would reccomend

  40. Not bad, I think some of the other flavours in the sample pack I ordered are a bit nicer though.

  41. The same strains have been there for a month now. There use to be alot more variety. It’s BB or nothing

  42. Tried the Pink Kush. Was a little bummed that there is only a .5 option but that’s neither here nor there. Liked the mellow feeling and felt very relaxed. A good early evening vape. Didn’t get much of a “high” with this one. Still enjoyed

  43. Yea, I gotta agree with Johntario8 on this one. BB has always had my respect as an amazing company. Consistent batches, superior quality and great strains have made me understand just how far BB goes to produce an exceptional product each and every time. That being said, I dislike this current layout, even though I can understand HD’s choice to do so. It costs a lot of money to maintain a good, high-bandwidth connection and every page added takes bandwidth from the overall server, slowing it down. That being said, Beard Bro’s or nothin’.

  44. Although BBs has provided me some of the best quality shatter I’ve seen to date.. I’m upset with the new layout that doesn’t allow for individual ratings. As well as this, they took away the 55$ gram option, allowing for only .5s at 30$. Nevertheless, I love this company wholeheartedly and respect their ability to put out quality product. Cheers

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