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Shatter (91 Supreme) – Multiple Strains

(22 customer reviews)


1 gram of 91 Supreme shatter for $45
Special! Buy 4 or more for $40 each

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Sold By: 91 Supreme
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Product Description

Shatter is that stable and glasslike concentrate that has gained great popularity within the cannabis lifestyle today. For the most part, high quality shatter should be able to be handled under room temperature without melting. In fact, it should maintain itʼs glasslike consistency. We purge our BHO nug-ran shatter for over 105 Hours, while flipping the slabs multiple times. We pride ourselves on our transparent, stable, golden, and flavour-filled shatters.

Contains: 1 gram

Q and A: The High Octane Experience of 91 Supreme

22 reviews for Shatter (91 Supreme) – Multiple Strains

  1. loved any of 91 s shatter….all stains I tried were tasty!

  2. This was my first time trying a product from 91 Supreme and I was not disappointed. Flavour was robust and packed a nice punch even for this high tolerance user. Arrived in perfect condition, no distortion, melting or breakage. Looking forward to trying their other strains.

  3. I’m VERY surprised by all these good reviews..maybe i just got the wrong strain?i tried the headband ,and from the moment i opened my package and saw a cardboard sleeve..i wasn’t feeling too optimistic(that’s a VERY cheap and foolish way to package concentrates) . as for the shatter was VERY weak .the effects were not NEAR that of headband flower even,and the gram was gone within hours because i had to take MASSIVE dabs just to feel anything .the terpene profile was also very bland,and i could barely taste was pretty smooth…but i imagine that’s solely because it was so weak of a product. I would liken this shatter to phyto before they add their terpe-tubes…and it’s nice that 91 doesn’t add terpe-tubes….but with all the lacking potency,it’s really a moot point I’ll go for the cleaner,tastier,more potent pacific gas PHO for the same price,and that’s a no-brainer for anyone that appreciates terpenes,potency,and bang for your buck .who knows..maybe their other strains are better,or i got a bad batch..but after finding pacific gas,I’m definitely not looking back

  4. Lsd strain is amazing… Quite tasty and love the potency. Maybe the tastiest strain of shatter i have ever tried. Whoever said the Lsd strain is lacking flavor is very mis informed IMO.
    The Lemon Bubble strain was lacking in Lemon flavour but effects made up for it. Very potent too.
    Both strains are potent and have lovely effects. But lsd is in a league of its own when it comes to taste.
    5/5 stars for LSD strain
    4.5/5 stars for Lemon bubble.

  5. I tried some strains and they were all excellent. It’s worth a try.

  6. Forgot where we were today, will definately be ordering it again !

  7. Only 2 words, 91 times…..Supreme……

  8. My favourite shatter so far. The only problem I have with it is sometimes the layers will stick together making it really thick but that’s pretty minor

  9. High quality dabs, girlfriend and i knew after the first exhale this stuff is BOMB

  10. Wasnt sure if the reviews for the 91 supreme were all legit SO I decided to Grab 2 g’s of the pennywise cbd strain & i cant say even good things about 91 supreme. Extremely potent, tasty & smooth. Got both g’s for only 40 bones each thanks to Herbaldispatch promo code.
    Cant wait to try 91 supreme other strains. Gonna grab a g of the LSD and blue cheese today.
    91 supreme is a Top shelf concentrate/shatter for sure boys and girls.
    A must try with the puma dual coil atomizer and spark twist battery HD sells. The dual coil atomizer and twist battery work great together for dabbing concentrates discreetly on the G.O

  11. Best shatter around, if you enjoy taking smooth huge rips then buy this shatter

  12. recently tried 4 strains from 91 supreme, lemon bubble, blue cheese, lsd and dutch treat… not one of them is a stand out in terms of flavour but they all get the job done and are relatively smooth. i usually get TCC but got this brand this time cause of the recent promo code… i think i still prefer TCC and Phant products over 91 but 1 purchase can’t really determine where it falls with its competition. wish i ordered 91 when the hog was available…. thats my favourite indica flower…

  13. I’ve been ordering shatter from HD for years, and 91 Supreme is currently one of my favourites. The quality is always top notch, almost as good a BB but for a more appealing price. Always great consistency and super tasty with absolutely no weird after taste (which is key for me anyway). My daily ‘go to’ right here. BTW the packaging is 10/10!

  14. Can’t say enough about the quality and flavor, I’ve tried the majority of the selection and my favorite at the moment had to be hands down the ?

  15. I ordered the diablo strain. Was very nice tasting, easy to work with and had a very nice buzz to it. Definitely loving this brand

  16. Bought 2 orders and 6 out of 8 grams was not good at all all hade a weird look and feel (feels like sticky brown sugar) and the taste of all 6 grams tasted the same nastyness taste even worh all difrent strains really disappointed with the qyality

  17. Good Qualty , Good Taste

  18. Very nice stuff!!! Very flavourful and potent and clean!! My new go too company for shatter!! I’ve tryed a lot and 91 Surperme is the shiznay!!

  19. Got this to test the waters and I’m quite impressed. I got OG Kush specifically to help with Insomnia and wow once that crash creeps in on you I didn’t stand a chance. I was out like a light, slept like a baby. Smooth transaction and good product from 91 Supreme, no complaints.

  20. Very impressed got a few new brands this time beard bros was fresh out. Got to say the black diamond some of the best I have had in a while for solvent based extracts! Good flavour great consistency and a excellent colour! Gonna be adding a 4 pack to the next cart that’s forsure.
    Only comment is the packaging not the best wish it wasn’t open to atmosphere a cardboard packet isn’t sealed in my opinion. Not sure it the best way to ship or store. But 5 outa 5 on the product

  21. New go to, lams bread was smooth and had a nice sweet flavour

    Enjoyed by all who dabbed and vaped this 5star product!
    Fast delivery time – HerbalDispatch is an AMAZING HONEST 5star Company!
    Buy your online orders here !!

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