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Sativa Sample Pack

(607 customer reviews)


10 strain Sample Pack for $89

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

Sativa dominant marijuana strains tend to have a more grassy type odor to the buds providing an uplifting, energetic and “cerebral” high that is best suited for daytime smoking. A sativa high is one filled with creativity and energy as being high on sativa can spark new ideas and creations. Many artists take advantage of the creative powers of cannabis sativa (marijuana) to create paintings.

Love your sativa’s but don’t know what to get? Now you can get our Sativa Sample Pack and try them all!

Get 1 gram each of:

Blue Dream
Citrus Skunk
King Tut
Moby Dick
Neville’s Haze
OG Kush
Purple Haze
Wifi OG

* Some of the strains that you receive may change as we regularly rotate strains.

Sativa vs Indica: What’s the Difference?

607 reviews for Sativa Sample Pack

  1. Loved it!

  2. Yeeeaaahhh Buddy! Felt like a kid at Christmas. Highly recommend. 5/5

  3. Having a variety pack is genius! Love this pack

  4. Good bang for your buck, and a great way to sample different strains. Ducth Hawaiian and UK Cheese are my ultimate faves. High quality.

  5. absolutely can’t go wrong with this purchase. It made me appreciate the different strains a bit more and how I should take my time smoking them instead of going balls to the wall every time.

  6. Love.

  7. Love the variety and taste.

  8. Love the sample pack. The variety helps so you can switch it up and not get immunity to one strain and so u get to feel the diff effects and which you like

  9. Don’t know what to choose? This was the 1st bag I ever ordered from herbal dispatch and it got me going through all the strains I could ever find, What a deal and sometimes comes with more than 1G per bag !

  10. Really enjoyed the different types. They were strong but left me able to still be productive. Though I found some of them had a musty smell and taste. Wasnt sure if that was just the way the tasted or if there was a storage issue. No matter what I was still happy.

  11. Love this idea, loved getting to try all different kinds to see what I liked the best! Great value too!

  12. Love this! Highly recommend! Nice to try diff ones daily and having that option makes it that much better. Loved the strawberry milkshake – so easy to smoke 🙂

  13. I really like this idea- I don’t always react well to new strains so I like being able to test them out.

  14. Great sample pack

  15. If you like variety… This is definitely the way to go. Each Gram is also packaged and labelled clearly 🙂

  16. Perfect for trying out some strains I hadn’t tried before.

  17. great product, strongly recommend to people looking to try different things.

  18. First time ordering this sample pack and I enjoyed it. Good selection

  19. Great way to sample!

  20. Love this sample pack. More into the indica but great to balance out and very calming types. Pack has value

  21. get product, quality weed, reasonable price, what more can you ask for?

  22. always a good choice! if youre not sure which strains you like! ill add one sativa or indica sample pack in every order from now on..!! 🙂

  23. Nice sample pack… allowed me to see which strain works best!!!!

  24. Great variety with a good price. Great to try different strains

  25. What a fantastic way to get some variety in life? A premium selection of MJ, different flavor every time. I love it. Will certainly be purchasing again!!

  26. Ordered the sample pack since we are new to ordering from Herbal Dispatch and wanted to try a good variety. All the strains were awesome and we have already ordered another sample pack

  27. Best sample pack. Will purchase again for sure. High quality buds, great selection.

  28. Perfect variety pack. Can’t go wrong with this one. My fav for sure.

  29. Good product,allow you to taste all of the strains! I will clearly buy again!

  30. have only ordered once but will definitely be re-ordering. Thanks HD

  31. Thoroughly enjoy the sample packs! It’s fun trying all the different strains.

  32. the variety was great, but disappointing when I found my favorite (Jolly Rancher) it was never available again.

  33. Have ordered the sample pack twice now and love the assortment and carious strains!!

  34. If you’re new to the site, grab this and the indica pack! Great value,!

  35. Love the assortment, lots to try. I enjoyed every strain. Decent value to be able to get a variety. Will do again maybe with Indica to try some out. I like that this option is offered.

  36. Strains were mostly in my 4/5 range. Nice variety. I found a couple of the strains however, were closer to 50/50 hybrids and as someone who looks for pure “daytime” sativas I was a little disappointed. All of the Hazes, the Panama Red and especially the Lemonberry are spectacular, but personally I wouldn’t include Crystal Coma or Citrus Sap in a sativa pack. I found them to have too many sedative qualities. That being said, the quality of the bud is still fantastic. Shipping time was extremely fast. Packaging was perfectly discreet with no smell at all.

  37. HD has the BEST mutiple strain packs around and the quality is top notch!

  38. I will definitely will order again, great variety, a few were not as potent. Over all the variety is great.

  39. Very nice selection!

  40. An excellent product, the perfect way to try different strains. I would recommend this for first time customers.

  41. Fast shipping with a great pricee. Love the variety. All weighed properly and had great characteristics

  42. It’s always nice to be able to try a variety of different strains and feeling their different effects. Would reccomend to anyone interested.

  43. Excellent product and service! Quick delivery and perfectly sealed and packaged.

  44. I always get the sample pack and I love that you guys switch up the different types of weed in every pack so you can try a variety when you order. I especially love when it is on sale.

  45. Awesome, good bud, good price

  46. Customer service was amazing and order arrived in 2 business days. Ordered on Friday, here on Tuesday. We’re pretty regular smokers and had a lot of fun with the sample pack. Not every baggy was a gram, but some bags has bigger buds to make up the difference. The sample pack is def something we’ll try again when the strains are rotated out. We def found new faves w/ the sample pack though. We have ordered again since though, and same thing, fast and reliable.

  47. Nice selection of some quality buds!

  48. Awesome! Thanks HD!

  49. Great 1st order. All 10 grams were great! Highly recommend

  50. This is my second time buying sativa sample pack and I have no complaints 🙂 A bonus is that it’s now $10 cheaper than the last time I purchased. 10/10 would totally recommend.

  51. Loved it

  52. Awesome variety and value

  53. Very good product, Taste very good !!!

  54. I ordered this, along with the Indica sample pack for my first order through Herbal Dispatch. I’ve personally always preferred Indica strains over Sativa strains, but figured it was such a variety, so I’d give it a shot. I have to say, even though I overall preferred the Indica sample pack and what it had to offer, I did find a couple, quite good, strains hidden within the Sativa sample pack. And again, I appreciate the variety. But hey, what strains I didn’t care for, doesn’t mean they don’t work great for somebody else; to each their own.

  55. I was quite impressed with every sample, even the Polecat (greenhouse). They all had a nice dry and cure, nice bag appeal, I mean some really beautiful buds. Again good job, Golden Spruce and KLR Gold, these guys consistently put out some of the best and exotic buds I have ever seen.( Russian Concorde/ Lemon Jah). If you like trying different flavours and effects, these sample packs are perfect!

  56. Très bon sample pack jadore

  57. im on my sevond time trying this amd again for a second time i am very satisfied! definately would recommend and re-order

  58. Never a let down 10/10

  59. Perfect starter pack and help decided for future order!

  60. Great package! congo was my favorite strong buzz got my gaming nights ??

  61. Very happy with the selection and freshness! Great price and quality!

  62. best sativa sample pack and great price!

  63. The perfect starter! Don’t know if you prefer indica or sativa? Easy choice when there are SO many varieties to choose from!!

  64. Cant go wrong; everyone loves different flavours

  65. Great starter pack to see what kind of punch your goods are packing cheers

  66. I love the variety. Excellent quality as usual.

  67. I order the Sativa sample pack with every order I place. I will continue to get the sample packs because I am not a big smoker, but I love trying the different kinds and finding out which ones I like the most. This is perfect for anyone new to ordering through HD.

  68. Très intéressant pour découvrir les variétés

  69. Great variety for the price u can’t go wrong! Like having different strains to try out through the month too! Great idea

  70. Love this pack. This will be round two of the sample pack. Little bit of everything

  71. So fun.

  72. Definitely would recommend. Was great trying all the stains

  73. This is the first time I’ve ordered from a dispensary. I’ve always been weary, seeing as I was a commercial producer at one point myself.

    I ordered the sativa sample pack and a cpl other things. It came pretty quickly, before the tracking date, to my door. I have to say, I’m glad I ordered this. The quality of the pkg says a lot. It’s very discrete, professionally packed and clearly labelled. No odour at all until it was opened.

    Quality was my next concern. I looked closely, tried the blue dream. I’m very impressed and not easy to please in all honesty. Last night I had a 1.2 g raw hash brownie before bed. This blue dream is the first thing I’ve smoked today and it nailed me even after that brownie. Two bowls. Also, that sample weighed nearly two grams so the count is great for cost too. I’m actually a bit shocked how good it is with my tolerance.

    I can’t wait to try the other strains,
    I’ll def be ordering again.

  74. Love the variety & gives You a chance to sample some great product!

  75. Boyfriend definitely preferred this one over the indica sample pack just due to enjoying the effects of the sativa strains more. He ended up finding ones he really enjoyed and we’ve now made an order for that specified strain. Sample packs are definitely a must so you can try different ones out and find what works for you the best!

  76. Awesome

  77. Love this sample pack!! Love having the variety and the counts are always on point! Great strains.

  78. Awesome deal! Great to find out what you like

  79. Got this my first time with this site and it was an excellent choice. Super fun to have a variety pack, great value for your dollar and I love that the strands change often.

    Would be fun to try a 50/50 indica+sativa pack sometime ?!

  80. Highly recommend the sample pack for first time buyers! Helps you choose which Sativa works best for you.

  81. Great experience. Loved trying out the different flavors. Perfect for new HD customers.

  82. Really great deal! Excellent way to try a large variety of strains. I’m a huge fan of sativa and it definitely met all expectations. Honourable mentions to crystal coma and girl scout cookies

  83. Each strain is amazing, strong as hell and the buds always look and smell so dank like they were just harvested. Its basically the same price as street weed but this is top shelf medical stuff. Takes three days to ship through the whole country and boom the package is at your door, and it feels like Christmas everytime you open it up hahaha I’m never buying from the streets again, thank you herbal dispatch you the real mvp

  84. Un peu cher (comme tout les sites du genre), mais c’est une belle façon de découvrir de nouvelles variétés et l’herbe est de très belle qualité!

  85. Great variety of tastes and smells in this sample pack. Very smooth smoke and perfect for the daytime.

  86. I really enjoyed comparing the various strains to each other. Made me feel like a green version of a wine connoisseur. Tough to pick a favourite, though. 🙂

  87. I love this every time I order it

  88. I’ll get this just for variety sometimes . Always pleased

  89. Great way to try different strains .. Enjoyed the variety and will definitely order again.

  90. Great variety pack, nice to try different strains ** 5 stars

  91. love the variety of the sample packs i prefer this over getting more of a single strain

  92. Good price and a great selection to find what really works for you.

  93. Nice way to try out the strains and see what you like, and gives you a good variety to have on hand. priced well.

  94. Great nugs in the bag. I would def buy again for this price.

  95. I have loved each and every bud that has come each time i have ordered this sample pack – i order a indica one as well to keep it well rounded

  96. Nice Krystalle buds great smell and taste. A great way to test everything out and decide what works best for you. I find after a couple of days of smoking the same stuff the effects aren’t as strong. With a variety like this I get full effect all the time which is more cost-efficient for me.

  97. Awesome pack!! Love the variety.

  98. Great stuff, definitely nice trying out different types of sativas.
    Awesome selection and high quality.

  99. Loving our first order so far and will certainly order again.

  100. Nice sample pack. Really good variety of some wicked strains.

  101. Excellent sample pack. High quality strains that showcase the best that they have to offer. Each one is unique in it’s scent, flavour, and effects. Would recommend this to someone who isn’t sure what they want to get an idea of what is available.

  102. Loved the variety and the effect!!!

  103. i love this item primarily for its diversity in product but mostly for its great strain choices. each more surprising then the other and quite suprisingly very well described in the flavor/effects/medicinal uses section. keep up the great work. OH AND DELIVERY TIME WAS UNBELIEVABLY QUICK!!!! i have and still will be recommending you guys 4SURE!!!!!

  104. Great way to try new strains at Good Value…

  105. Long time lurker and a first time buyer.
    Love the service. Quality is great, weights were all 1 or a little better.
    Package came quickly and very discreet.
    Couldn’t be more happy with going through with it and look forward to my next order.

  106. Awesome idea. Loved the sample pack when I got it. Can’t wait to get another one!

  107. Loved this! Good price. Nice to be able to try all different strains for different moods. Highly recommended ++

  108. Great for first time buyers uncertain what to get. You get a little bit of everything with this and it’s all great!

  109. Can’t go wrong with this !! A little something for everyone .. Nice work HD !

  110. This was my first m.o.m. eight months ago and I still order here when there are sales only(didn’t like I couln’t use points when there was a sale). Back then I was really impressed as first timer ordering cannabis online and always wanted to order this so I order this 8 days ago. I have tried 10 different moms since then and now I am not very impressed with Herbal dispatch. First of all one of my bags was short, not cool, by a point but still short. The other bags were bang on, that it, not over like other moms who are at least 1.1 and sometimes 1.5g on grams and a gram over on oz’s to compensate for drying on the way to your mailbox. Nothing all that great on quality a couple quads at best out of the ten. Would not order ever again. Bundles are becoming the common place and others throw in samples not HD. When things go legal do you think people will want to wait over a week to get your average bud. The other products were I ordered with it were superior, the full spectrum terp sap I would get again, the best I ever had in terms of flavor compared to shatter, budder, wax, live resin, crumble, oil etc.

  111. I love the sample pack because it gives me a variety to try and decide what I like most!

  112. A great way to find what strains you like as a beginner or to just try something different. Never anything bad just a good way to see and taste the variety of the strains. Always good!

  113. I enjoy sampling all the different kinds and have different tastes etc . I find I get too immune to the same strain over time so the variety is great

  114. This was part of my very first order and now that I’ve finished the whole thing I can finally rate it. Simply put, I was not disappointed! I loved every single sample and could tell they were all high quality. The way each gram was put into tiny Ziploc bags with a label on it was so cute 🙂 and helpful. 10/10 would totally recommend.

  115. You get one of everything its great! Never disappointed.

  116. I haven’t tried them all, but I would say it’s a great starter pack for those who like variety or are looking to find particular strains they like.

  117. I have always considered myself an Indica guy but the last two times i have purchased the Sativa sample pack. They are all really good. Not a bum in the lot.

  118. Great value pack, quality is good.

  119. Great sample pack. Great way to try new stuff

  120. A great mix and fantastic first time purchase. Good way to learn what you like.

  121. Always a great mix of strains. Very generous sampler. Try it

  122. Very good quality

  123. a wonderful assortment of flavors and effects. Mix packs are great. was nice to sample so many varieties.

  124. I always get back to sativa pack. It’s just perfect to fit each moment with an unic strain.

  125. A fabulous mix and beautiful qualities. perfect to start.

  126. Always a great selection and nice to switch things up. 10/10

  127. Really good variety and amazing quality. By far the best value for your money!

  128. get this sample pack everytime and it never fails, great quality buds at a great price, will definitely make Christmas a merry one ho ho ho

  129. I love this idea of having a sample pack. You get to try out 10 different kinds and then you know what you like and what you don’t! I keep the stickers off the bags and then rate them on a scale of 1-10 so I know what kind I would like to order more of, and what kinds I dont

  130. Great Produict, High Quality. Fast Shipping

  131. First time using this service and I was thoroughly impressed! Perfectly packaged and quickly delivered. My only complaint is that the product dried out a little quickly, but overall everything was amazing. Going to try the Indica sample pack next!

  132. Good product for first time users. Counts were greater then what was labelled on the bags. Good way to get a taste

  133. Great value for the price, and a great way to sample different strains at a low price.

  134. Love that I can try different strains and narrow down my favorites to order next time. Great price, some were very wet but nothing that would inhibit me from ordering again, comes quickly and each one is individually packaged.

  135. Great value. An excellent way to sample many of their offerings.

  136. It was my third time ordering the stativa pack and I was somewhat disappointed. It seemed like the strains I was sent were all the same kind of bud. The only one that looked and tasted somewhat different was the UK Cheese. Then it seemed like the bud dried out a lot quicker. It could be partly cause I ordered before the weekend as well. The pervious months I’ve order have all been wonderful though.

  137. 10/10 – great product and price!

  138. good price first and foremost, liked the fact that you get to try differnt strains to help you decide what you like. Will buy again

  139. Amazing selection and variety!! Thanks for amazing service!

  140. Love the sample pack. Allows you to find exactly what you like.

  141. Great product to satisfy your curiosity. I have ordered two. Very satisfied. Each individually labeled. Thank You

  142. Love the variety! Tons of good strains. 4 Stars because I believe the quality could go up a little.

  143. love the sample pack because i’m all about trying out different strains. loved a handful of the strains, only a few i did not care for.

  144. Love it. Worth every cent

  145. Used Call of Duty KD-Ratios as my measuring stick. From Amnesia Haze low 1.3 to Space Queen reaching up to 3.5.

    Royal Madre, Blue Dream, and Amnesia Haze made me pretty tired. Other than that, the other strains were great.

    Instead of Jolly Rancher X Haze, I got Atomic Love Potion, and instead of AstroBoy (which I was excited about), I got Space Queen. Still, they did the job.

    Worth the cost to find out which ones I liked more for future ordering.

  146. Worth every cent!

  147. Worth buying. Really enjoyed all the diffrent types. Even help me find ones i wanted to by in bulk

  148. Wonderful example of the best of sativas. impressed, good clean, smooth smoke with ass strains. Recommended for all undecided minds.

  149. I put a pinch of all 10 in one joint and it was awesome! Blue dream is my new favorite!

  150. Geat price for great product and you can taste meany stain!

  151. Anonymous

    Always a great go-to when you can’t wait to try everything!

  152. Great for a first purchase! I love that I can try different strains! Quick delivery and packaged great!

  153. Came so fast with quick and easy instructions, would recommend anyone to buy this sample pack. Still making my way through trying all the different strains but the Royal Madre is my current favorite.

  154. I love having a variety of different strains on hand. That makes this the perfect item for anyone ! Beginners or veterans. High*ly recommended.

  155. Anonymous

    Really good stuff

  156. Great deal, very high quality stuff. Very good for someone who likes variet. Highly recommended

  157. Love everything about the sample pack.Love the fact that you can try different strains so easily and find what suits you best.Keep up the great work HD.4 Stars

  158. Great variety for a first time buy

  159. great variety, great buds, great smoke, i get this everytime and it NEVER dissapoints, cant seem to make up my mind on 1 kind so this is a great deal, buds always arrive on time and is oh so good, try it for yourself

  160. Great quality, fast and easy shipping! Definitely recommend and will buy again. Thank you

  161. You really can’t go wrong with ordering the sample pack. Top quality, great price. Fast shipping! All around the best site online! Tx HD

  162. Undecided? This is great for you..great quality and high

  163. Good product. well worth the 2 week wait for it!

  164. Fast Shipping. Secure. Very satisfied with product and service.

  165. Love getting a sample pack every few months! So nice to try some great buds! If you are new to HD or a regular, I highly recommend trying a sample pack! I’m never disappointed!!

  166. Better than Indica sample pack could be cheaper but overall quality give it 5 stars

  167. First thing I bought from hd. Loved tying all the different types. Helped me find what I like and what I didn’t like. Will prob buy again this way when more strands are out. Highly recommend.

  168. I got a sample pack a in April and it has lasted me till August! Love the variety! I use a vape and smoke everyday. Just reordered this and I can’t wait to get it! So worth it!!!

  169. I love the way the samples occasionally change strains. Great stuff.

  170. The sample pack is the way to go if you can’t make up your mind, such a great variety of good Strains. Even better it’s on sale

  171. Really happy with the sampler pack great variety The Price is Right

  172. Good strains for a good price. I would definitely buy again

  173. Good mix of strains. All buds were good quality, well trimmed. Will definately buy again. Great to be able to test each strain before buying moere

  174. Anonymous

    this is my second order of the sample pack. good stuff and fast delivery ! love being able to try different variety.

  175. I loved every kind!! I was able to pick a couple of new ones to try. Nice!!

  176. Anonymous

    Grade A trees and customer service


  178. Anonymous

    Fast delivery and always dank!

  179. Can’t beat having 10 different kinds. Overall, I liked all of the kinds. Wish they all tasted better, but I understand nugs have to be dry to ship. Some burned lighter in ash than others. I have 2 of these in my cart as we speak and have ordered and smoked 2 of them so far. 420

  180. Anonymous

    Best thing to buy for starters!

  181. Anonymous

    Everything good quality

  182. Anonymous

    Everything good

  183. Anonymous

    A very nice selection Although i have tried only the Cheese and the jolly ranger, this is a great treat for me
    I didn’t however get the Green Crack with mine maybe next time recommended.

  184. ALways good, a favorite of mine.

  185. This is an amazing deal. Ended up getting this on 2 separate occasions and was not disapointed. Was able to figure out my favorite strains from this. great deal!

  186. These sample packs (I call them “variety” packs) are simply a beautiful thing! Not only do you get a decent quality representation of 10 strains,! but the strains are ALL SWEET. So yesterday, my favourite of the 10 was UK White Widow, but as of today my new favourite is UK Cheese! Thanks HD!!

  187. 4 of 10 strains were top notch, all the rest were still great. good value, especially if you dont know what you want.

  188. I love both sample packs, the “sativa sampler” is may favourite because there isn’t a weak strain in the selection. It’s nice to get a tiny taste before deciding what to load up your plate with.

  189. Everything came in weighted or a bit higher. Substituted Durban Poison with Scout Master but I am still happy with the quality and look of the nugs. About to enter space! Thank you HD!!

  190. A great choice makes purchasing your next order informed.

  191. Very nice to try everything!

  192. this sample pack never gets old or goes out of style. I always grab one of these and another strain or two. deffinatly buying again. 5 out of 5 for that reason plus its worth every penny. thx again hd for amazing offers!!

  193. Nice way to know the products and to avoid being piss by a product that wouldn’t fit yours standard . good job hd !

  194. Awesome way to try all the sativa’s herbal offer.

  195. Have got this one a few times. Good price and the different strains are fun to try.

  196. Always gonna get this. Found some of my favorite buddies out of these samples

  197. Great to have different variety to sample. I love this option. Would buy again.

  198. This is an excellent way to try out the various different types of products, I’m through 2 of the 10 and so far I’ve got absolutely nothing to complain about at all…very good quality

  199. Anonymous

    5 stars. Great way to try them all!!

  200. Great daytime sample pack. Same excellent value as the indica sample pack.

  201. Anonymous

    I was more in favour of indica but after trying some sativas the cheese especially was most flavourful and memorable.

  202. Good selection for daytime.

  203. Great strains! everything was cured and manicured well. All enjoyable smoke!

  204. If you don’t want to be couch locked, have day time strains, and want to try a range of buds you can’t go wrong with the sativa sample pack. It’ less than a dollar a gram.

  205. Fantastic way to try the whole current stativa line up! Was very happy with the products I received. They came in individual one gram labels bags so you knew exactly what product you were trying. Will be trying the indica pack next! Thanks HD for the great products!

  206. Really got to know my sativas with this pack. Everything weighed out perfect too!

  207. Sativa’s have always been my favourite, but I didn’t know how different they could be from each other until I ordered this sample pack. Highly recommended to new clients and veterans alike.

  208. Great idea, easy way to find new favourites. Highly Recommend!

  209. Love it

  210. Great way to narrow down your favourite strains.

  211. It was wonderful to be able to try so many different kinds, I was happy to find that there were 10 different kinds and no duplicates! I am glad I went with this choice for this last order, and I have my eye on the Indica sampler next 🙂 I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a little variety

  212. This is an amazing sampler to get started on the best marijuana site on the internet ! Awesome variety of strains with distinct differences strain to strain. A great buy !

  213. love the variety, bought this twice now

  214. Love the sample pack great for new members and for those who like a variety

  215. Best deal on here. All packages labeled and weighed. A good way to compare flavours and quality. Nice deal all around.

  216. Best Bang for your buck! – If your a indecisive “must try everything” connoisseur smoker like myself then these are excellent because you get to try 10 different kinds then pick a few favs and aim for those next order. Its always a tasty grab bag but I’m not a fan of the CBD strain that’s in there (Not that its bad I’m just not a CBD guy). You always get a mix of top quality AAA strains and there’s usually 1 or 2 strains of AAAA. Shipping is on point also as always, pretty sure this showed up a day early actually.

  217. Anonymous

    I get this everytime. With every order. Why wouldn’t you?!?

  218. Very good sativa strains, and they usually scale each gram about .10 extra ;)Very good and small packaging.

  219. Very good sativa strains, and they usually scale each gram about .10 extra 😉

  220. Still enjoying this pack; all good strains and none have disappointed! Would buy again.

  221. Great sampler pack. Nice quality buds, as many others have noted the actual selection may vary but regardless of what you get this is an excellent deal.

  222. The Sativa sample pack is very highly recommended! It allows you to find the exact kind of botanicals that you like, or you may find that you like a variety and just end up getting sample packs all the time. This is a for sure winner!

  223. Anonymous

    Highly recommend

  224. Anonymous

    really enjoyed this sample pack!!!

  225. Sample packs are a great choice to help decide what strain is best for you. highly recommend !!

  226. Absolutely love the sample Packs, both indica and the sativa. I do not build up a tolerance but switching daily! If u can’t decide go with the sample packs, won’t be disappointed

  227. Anonymous

    Super impessed with the quality of buds plus ten different kinds!? What’s not to love? Great choice if you can’t decide or even if you can.

  228. I think the sample packs are a great idea, I just love having such a big variety to choose from and everything weighed from 1 – 1.3 ! Will definitely purchase again. Thanks HD!

  229. This was the first purchase I made. Everything showed up quickly. All very nice looking buds, well trimmed. Have tried them and they’re all great. Fun to see the differences when you have 10 distinct strains in front of you at once.

  230. How can you say no to 10 different kinds? The sample pack is the best way to get a sense of which kind is most preferable. And I was pleasantly surprised to get Lemon Haze instead of one of the kinds listed & so far it is one of my favourites. Get this now….stop reading reviews…Go! 🙂

  231. 10 diff kinds for my meds 🙂 yahhhhhh how can you not . Great for ppl looking to find the right strain that works goood for you! Awesome buy?

  232. LOVE getting 10 different kinds. best. ever.

  233. Good choices ?

  234. Great purchase in every way except for the fact they switched out the OG for Jack and the Northern Haze for Jolly Rancher. Both Subpar the rest was unreal

  235. This one and the indica sample are a must if you’re nes at Hd

  236. Anonymous

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    Great way to try several strains. More than half of the varieties that I was sent were not listed on the website. Some were great and others were okay. Easy to decide which ones you’d like to purchase in larger quantities.

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    HIGHLY recommended.

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  260. Anonymous


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    I like the idea of having a sativa/indica starter pack, id be interested if they could pull it off!
    Herbal dispatch never disappoints!

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  276. you pay for the quality 100% worth it just sayin

  277. Bought two of these! All strains are very high quality, and smell amazing! The Blue Dream smells unlike weed I’ve ever smelled! Great buy, just don’t get caught with this on you if you live in an illegal state/country!

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    I won’t comment on each strain but the stand-outs so far have been Atomic LP, Green Crack and Northern Lights Haze.
    I will definitely be buying an Indica Sample pack based on the results of this purchase.
    This is worth buying.

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    I was feeling hesitant to try this website and this product, but both have been AMAZING. The fine folks at Herbal Dispatch quickly answered all of my questions via email and the product arrived in 2 days exactly as advertised. Every sample was over by at least 0.12g. I am beyond impressed. Do yourself a favour and order today.

  290. I love the selection 5 star .

  291. Northern lights X haze was an amazing sativa strain i got about a week ago… 5/5 for the 7g bud plus the amazing aroma and stickyness.. One of the best i have ordered from HD… DEF WILL BE KEEPING EN EYE OUT FOR THIS STRAIN

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    Just received my sampler pack minutes ago. Order was perfect and all the bud looks amazing! Nice nugs, good trim! The worst thing about it is trying to pick what I want to go smoke first!

  299. It’s a 10 strain sample pack! Keep an eye out for when HD loads a bunch of strains you’ve never tried before into the pack.

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    Ordered this sample pack on Thursday and got it this morning. Very impressed with the discreet packaging (no smell outside of it at all), and great customer service. Just from how fast this delivery was alone, I will be putting in a second order, very, very soon. If you’ve had any doubts about Herbal Dispatch and the services that they offer, I highly recommend their products. In the next few days, I’ll be writing full reviews on each strain and how I felt they helped my conditions and whatnot. Thanks HD!

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    10/10 would recommend.

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  323. The Chronic Hippy Chick Patient
    The Sativa Sample Packages…
    These Packages Can Change,The Varieties are always Exciting.!.
    Often To Find Old Jack Herer,&Love potion,still on Board in these.!.
    The Variety Levels are always a pleasure,You can Have The Privilege of Seeing What Strains Best Suite Your Needs,and Just as You Have Made Friends With all The Gals,It Is Time To Say Good Bye,But The Nice Thing About It Is You Can Always Re-Order.!

  324. the best deal for the money on this site imo. Even when they have to swap a strain, I’ve never been disappointed with the replacement…and its cheaper than my sleeping pills and works better. The buzz is like the cherry on top

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  328. This is a great way to add some variety to your arsenal, trying all of the strain has been a pleasure. There was some serious fire in the sample pack: the Hempstar was very expansive and tasty, the UK Cheese smelled like Parmagiano Regiano and Vagina (super unique), both Love Potions were very lemony and potent, preferred the pure Love Potion over the Atomic cross but both are very nice, the Jack is very potent, clear, long lasting and just happy herb that I can enjoy all day. The Super Lemon Haze is an extremely unique, chemical type musty sour mentholated lemon funk, this is probably the tastiest of the sample pack and one of the better strains I have had in a while, along with the Jack. The sleeper in the pack was the Island Haze (Island Sweet Skunk x Haze), this weed was incredibly dank. Extreme sour citrus pissy skunk with burnt rubber, super aggressive smelling, transitioned into taste really well, super clear, clean high, no burn out. I have vaped these strains exclusively and all are awesome!

  329. Anonymous

    very nice selection……..the atomic love potion goes nice with a baked salmon, steamed asparagus and wild rice and mushrooms …..just saying

  330. I have ordered this a couple times now and am very satisfied. I love the variety and found a few that I love (UK Cheese & Silver Haze are m favs). Best tasting buds I’ve ever had and a very clean burn.

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  334. Perfect for people like me who suck at making decisions, My favorite was the violator lemon haze!

  335. A great way to find what works the best especially if you need to be active and not couch-locked during the day. The Jack Herer hit that sweet spot and may be my new fav. Will certainly be buying again soon.

  336. Just bought it came very quick. Happy with the quality. Well be a buyer from here for sure.
    Totally a good choice when its your first time in here to give you a good idea. Worth the money!

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    Didn’t get a gram of atomic love potion and got 2 grams of violator lemon haze , still all decent stuff 🙂 just wish I had gotten the atomic love potion aswell

  340. This is the 4th time I’ve Ordered the Sativa sample pack and all 4 times it has been amazing ..always 3-4 new strains….. everything cured , trimmed, properly and no bottom of bag Nugs ever !

  341. Anonymous

    Awesome product, gives you a taste of all their current flavors which is the best option if you don’t know which one to choose !

  342. Why have you not ordered it? And if you have, do yourself a favour a slap one of these on every order while the discount is up and enjoy some nice sativas before ending with your favourite indica.
    Every bag was overweight, fluffy tight crisp wonderful smelling nugs; almost as if they want to really impress whoever is sampling.
    5/5 New favourite HD product, Northern Lights being my favourite so far!!!

  343. best thing going are the sample Packs get ten deadly high quailty strains with there own buzz taste look smell it’s great to pick out which ones helps you with your medical condition amazing

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  345. i love all strain from this sativa simple pack ! quality is perfect ! thank you HD!

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  347. Anonymous

    The sample packs are honestly the best because there’s so many choices and you already want to try everything plus it’s a good way to figure out what’s your favorite. Being that I’m a PH I still can’t choice what’s my favorite and I always repeat my orders and get the sample pack lol. Now I feel like a Pro since I’ve tried so many strains so I’ll see MassRoots talk about a strain and I can actually say I tried that!

  348. The sample packs at HD are awesome, the counts are good and the buds are phenomenal. I ordered both the indica and sativa sample packs and while I was unpacking all 20 strains, my eyes lit up like it was Christmas. I’m use to getting cannabis from the streets where I can’t get strain info or find out if chemicals were used during the grow process. I’ve been smoking cannabis for over 15 years and for the first time I can get good quality buds from a reputable dispensary like HD. Thanks to the HD team!!!

  349. Not disappointed in a single strain. Very potent smell and quality nugs, great selection to find out what you like best.

  350. My favorite sample pack! Super Silver Haze gets my vote for top cultivar. Much recommended.

  351. Anonymous

    Amazing! Have smoked pretty much all of these and have not been disappointed with anything. The service is beyond words. I ordered one afternoon and received my order the next day. Fabulous all around!

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  356. Great way to get to sample all the saliva buds. I really enjoyed having the variety to pick between 10 different sativas. I think all of them are good but the white haze was my favourite.

  357. My 3rd sample pack…I always like the variety. But this time 4 of the 10 were disappointing. I don’t enjoy juicy j, jack herer, Hempstar, and lemon haze. I hope there is some more better strains before I order again. That’s just my opinion.

  358. The sativa sample pack is a great way to see which strains you like the most. It’s a great value and a great high.

  359. Tout est parfait !! J’apprécie la variété et la qualité des différentes sortes de cannabis que j’ai reçu. Du très bon service.

  360. Amazing sampler pack. Second time picking this up and honestly best bang for your buck if you wish to try all the Sativas HD has to offer. Best thing is that there are always new strains in rotation. Another great thing about HD is that all strains carried in house, appears to be hand picked as the selection is superior in comparison to other outfits. I absolutely am grateful to you HD. Thank you

  361. I’ll definitely order the sampler packs again. Great way to test out all the strains available. HD is the first place I’ve found that offers a comprehensive sampler pack like this. Very impressed.

  362. Wow! You guys have done it again…Perfectly Packed, Arrived On Time and smells delicious. Can’t wait to dive in…Thank HD

  363. This is a great package to get in the mail ! Very nicely packed, fast shipping. What’s inside is even better ! Great looking buds. I tasted two strains so far and it’s a delight. I will give specific descriptions for each.

  364. Great product. All the different strains where well packaged and manicured. It will be hard to decide on my next order what strains to go with!

  365. The sativa sample pack is the way to go if you’re new to HD and want to see which Sativa on the menu suits you best or if you’re looking for a variety…
    I would suggest quickly sampling each one and following up with an order, because your favourite strain may be sold out if you wait too long.

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  367. Great pack to try out the flavours. Now they just need to have a sample pack of indica and sativa mixed.

  368. My body has never agreed with indica strains for whatever reason and it’s a pleasure to have such a solid business as herbal dispatch at my avail now. This sample pack really helped with choosing which one I enjoyed the most. I’m old school and like the jack hearer the best but honestly they’re all very good quality . Keep it up Sam and thanks

  369. Great sample pack these buds are legit and really do what they say they do felt very energetic when after smoking great for the the daytime

  370. Awesome deal, great way to sample a bunch of deadly dry herb. Personal favorites are the UK Cheese, hempstar, and Hazes.
    Enjoy fellow patients!

  371. Buncha real nice nugs – some are better than others – you just gotta try em for youself

  372. Pretty much all hits and no misses. Makes a guy feel like a kid in a candy store.

  373. great for those who are poor at decision making. I really enjoyed the variety.

  374. Great selection & variety!! Great value for your money! Great way to test out what you like!!

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  377. Got this twice already. Great for someone to find out their preferences. Loved the variety. Great strains!

  378. The product is excellent. Combine that with super quick delivery (Ordered at 12:30 am on Friday May 6th and was in possession of my order on Monday May 9th) and efficient and well marked packaging makes for a winning business model. You can colour me a VERY satisfied customer

  379. a great way to try out their amazing buds. definitely worth it.

  380. Everything in here was great!

  381. This has to be the best idea ive ever seen with this sample`pack here,I myself love the idea/having the options of all the diff kinds of strains 2smoke.I add this to every order i place.KeepUpp The GreatWork HD,Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  382. Shared this awesome sampler – great buds, great quality, kept me coming back for more!

  383. Love having 10 options, its always a hard choice. Girl scout cookies is amazing. Herbal Dispatch has the fastest shipping times and the best quality buds.

  384. WOW!!! I have dealt with a few of dispensaries and I can tell you Herbal Dispatch is the best of them all. Top quality buds, FAST shipping (2 days to Ontario and shipped the same day I ordered), FAST customer support and they offer sample packs! Thank you HD, you are my new favorite.

  385. Anonymous

    Very solid starter. Quick delivery and great value.

  386. Amazing way to try before you commit to a high volume purchase. All bags were right on and looked appealing. Well worth the money at full price or on sale

  387. First order and wow, nicely packaged(stealth), great price….thanks again and quick it was, 3 days from coast to coast..impressive and I havenèt even tried the meds. Kudos to HD and I WILL be back…Arnold


  389. I must say I am very impressed. I live in Ontario. I ordered Tuesday and it was in my mailbox on Thursday. Christmas so early. I haven’t had a chance to try them all yet but I love the taste and feeling from the UK Cheese.

  390. Excellent value, samples are never less than 1g. Great for finding your favorite daytime sativa

  391. Amazing. I’ve ordered the sample pack twice and have no complaints. THIS IS GOOD STUFF!! Thanks HD!!

  392. Was phenomenal, ordered this twice now. never disappoints.

  393. this sativa sample pack is what dreams are made of this cannabis was amazing and the purple space cookies blew me away will definitely be getting more in the future.

  394. Anonymous

    Great sample pack so you can try the different kind of sativa and you can pick the ones you like the most and buy them later.

  395. Quite frankly, I am still pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming. Thank you HD for a quick delivery. Ordered on Wednesday and received it today. Purple Space Cookies is truly amazing. All the counts are over weight. Much obliged HD…Cheers!!!!!

  396. Great way to always have something different to smoke, and every strain is awesome. Favorites first time round = UK Cheese and Purple Space Cookies! Ordering again to have the selection along with a few new strains this week.

  397. Great way to get to know what types of strains you personally enjoy and is definitely the best value for 10 g’s. Be sure that it is sativa that you want though!

  398. Anonymous

    I’m a big believer in preventative medicine and I also love the nootropic effect that sativa strains have on my brain especially since I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. So just having HSE during the day anytime is soo healing for me BC I can feel normal, think clearly, have energy, and not get burnt out and think straight and even more creative. These strains are super awesome including herer and lemon haze. And I really like the Durban poison now. They all are great in their own way. Hands down a great pack.

  399. One of the better decisions I’ve made in my life. Finding this in my mailbox was like Christmas morning. Grams ranged from 0.95-1.42, totalling over 11 grams! It’s like a free gift with purchase. If you’re debating ordering this, do it!

  400. Anonymous

    Great quality very good choice

  401. Great value and top quality product. Would definitely order again

  402. Definitely worth the buy. So many great options

  403. EXCELLENT first buy!!

  404. great batch of sativas this guy around, nicely done HD! all quality buds, especially the blue memory loss wow

  405. Nice for choosing your favorite but all off them are awesome hard choice after lol, Was my first order not disapointed at all

  406. Anonymous

    Order came quick and enjoyed the sample packs! Totally recommended!

  407. Great selection every strain is different…..definately recommend for first time users

  408. You can’t beat a discount on 10 varieties. Easy peazy shipping, weighed up above point, buds are beauty. Which ones going to be your favorite? Thanks HD __

  409. very good selection! came super fast

  410. Great product and it arrived quickly. Every strain was also AT LEAST 1 gram. Sometimes more like 1.3-1.5

  411. Really good sample pack. They always send the best packs they have….

  412. All good counts, really helped me decide which strains to buy more frequently

  413. Sativa strains produced a very nice high suitable for day-time and getting work done. My favorite here was Blue Dream.

  414. Anonymous

    Order this one often, love it, also strains change up every so often to keep it interesting. This pack leads to old favs and new, just love all the flavor combinations that are possible also. It’s a keeper for sure HD! <3

  415. They’re all so good I don’t know which one I liked the best!!

  416. Wicked very pleased with this package fast shipping! Everything was a-1 thanks HD!!!

  417. Amazing !!!! You can not go wrong get pack of this for during the day and the indica same please for night. Buds are done to perfection beatiful smoke. Highly recommended!!

  418. Great sample pack to get you started. It’s a buffet of herbal options! 😉

  419. This was part of my first order. All was great product!

  420. This is something that i have been adding to/on my order everytime i place1,i just love having the option of trying`out all the diff kinds of pot.Cust 4Life Here.KeepUpp the Great/Awsome work HD.

  421. Like 10 days of christmas… Love this sample pack… Nice work HD

  422. Recommended for a first timer for this site. Very impressed with packaging and fast delivery also with quality of cannabis! What a smell when you open that last package!!!!! 🙂

  423. Amazing cant wait for the next order. Yeah. Smoke smoke smoke

  424. Very impressed with the high quality- great deal and services!

  425. Best first order on this site!
    You get to see and try everything!

  426. Tried about half of my ten Sativa samples. Very impressed Awesome deal. Awesome selection. Great buds. Perfect if you want to find the best strain for you.

  427. This sample pack is the best way to go! A different flavor for every day! The east coast does NOT have this! Great burning buds, great buzz, awesome taste… and everything came in even or slightly over weight!
    Thanks again HD!

  428. First of all may I say it’s quite amazing to be able to have 10 different strains to sample, it doesn’t get much better than that. I enjoyed the sativa pack even though I’m indica at heart I still enjoyed sampling all the strains here and enjoyed them all in their own way. The price is reasonable for the purpose and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try it.

  429. A great selection of sativas! Each strain was unique, they all worked well and packing was perfect.

  430. The better of the two sample packs (even though both are great) every nug has a unique smell and look to it

  431. Anonymous

    Was my first try and I wasn’t disappointed . I really enjoyed Juicy J and Space Cookies. Will be ordering again and would recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried this way of getting the best product ever, to hurry up.

  432. Perfect product for the indecisive. Very pleased! And with 10 strains it gives you 3628800 different combinations to try!

  433. What a nice way to start the week end. GREAT product.

  434. What a great way to get an introduction into herbal dispatch. all of the grams were awesome but some stuck out to me more and ive already order a quarter of the blue memory loss.

  435. 5/5 , no question about it.

  436. I really liked the pack was worth it. All 10 strains were good. Herbal dispatch has a new loyal customer

  437. Its like Christmas morning every time I order one of these bad boys.

  438. A perfect choice if your having trouble deciding or if you prefer having selection around. Each strain is very unique and potent and you can really narrow down your favorites with this option. Great price as well!

  439. Ordered again love the types to try 🙂

  440. So happy for this sample pack. I’ve always want to test the effects of different strains but that can be an expensive process. This was definitely a better way to taste test

  441. I love being indecisive ! Thanks HD you’re the best!

  442. Pretty good for the price if you’re being indecisive with the strain you want to get. It gives you a decent opportunity to find your favourites so you can go for those on your next orders…. or just get the sample pack again! I liked all of the strains but a few stood out to me the most, i.e. Blue Dream, Organic Space Cookies and Burmese. Thanks HD!

  443. Thank you Herbal Dispensary for helping someone in need of relief while doing it for a very reasonable (CHEAP) price. The product is the best I have seen, been to many dispensaries and never had this quality of product right across the board whether Sativa, Indica, Oils etc. 2 business day shipping from one side of country to next. You have something special going HD. Stay blessed.

  444. Great way to try 10 different types of bud. All of which were decent. Some a little better then others definitely worth a try. All quality

  445. received the sativa sample pack and all samples are beautifully trimmed look great. This was my first order and am no longer skeptical. Just amazing. I don’t think I received a package this quick before….ordered on a friday, and received it that monday…all the way out east!

    Extremely happy with this service and will certainly continue shopping here.

  446. Every strain tasted good and was super potent, life long costumer forever now!

  447. I’ve always been sick and tired of having to smoke the same thing over and over again, so with the sample packs I get the choice based on how I’m feeling! HD has been the best place I’ve used and the fast delivery and overall customer service I’ve gotten so far makes coming back an enjoyable experience! Especially getting to see what’s new!! Thanks HD!!

  448. High grade. Different flavours every day of the week. Got to try all the buds HD is working with this pack is a great value.

  449. Anonymous

    got both sample packs both wicked I like every single strain sativas are all amazing cant wait to order again top quality

  450. Awesome product, love having choice

  451. I must say that this package is Amazing!! Great prices, Awesome bud!! Most of all, Fast shipping!! Cheers

  452. First time ordering and Herbal Dispatch you guys are amazing . I Placed an order Sunday night and got it Tuesday at lunch fricken amazing. I’M Definitely going to be ordering from you guys again . Sativa sample pack is awesome!!! ☆☆☆☆☆

  453. Bought both sample packs, shipping was fast, quality is mind blowing! Thank you so much.

  454. between this and the indica its hard to tell which sample is my favorite but one thing is for sure. They are ALL amazing strains. Great job HD.

  455. If you want to try a little of everything this is the way to go. The only unfortunate thing is that if you like something you’re out of it after sampling it (I require large samples). All in all its a nice care package

  456. Wow. Very impressed. If this is the future of marijuana, i’m excited!

  457. This is by far the best way to find out what u like. It’s a good problem to have when u have to decide what strain to smoke every day. I will definitely order this again. I like how the strains change constantly so you are always getting something new.

  458. Sample packs are the best deal for sure. Get a nice taste of everything

  459. Ordering this is the best thing I’ve ever done,,, you owe it to yourself as a pot smoker to learn about all the different strains out there well here is you’re chance!

  460. Great product. Many to choose from. The packaging was A-1.

  461. I’ve been ordering from HD for about 2 months now and have never been disappointed! I always tack on a sativa sample pack on every order i get because it is an amazing way to try a bunch of different strains. For anybody new to HD I really recommend going with one of the sampler packs (Sativa, Indica, Hash, Shatter, or wax depending on your preference ).

  462. verry good stuff

  463. The variety is outstanding, and the price is spectacular. Each gram I received looked beautiful, and the aroma and taste of each was different, yet spectacular. Such a variety allows me to understand strains differently, and appropriate each one for my desired high. This has assisted me greatly it knowing which type to use to treat which symptom, or to achieve a desired high. Everything in this pack is very uplifting, I paired it with a smaller quantity of Indica for night time consumption. Great work HD, your product quality and selection is top notch!

  464. This was my first experience with HD. Have to say, I’m super impressed! Top quality bud, priced every well. I haven’t had a chance to make my way through each strain yet, but the Jack Herer is the front-runner at the moment. Not to mention the turnaround time! Shipped quickly and discreetly packaged, order was at my door in the Maritimes within 4 days. HD can expect repeat business from me.

  465. Excellent way to try all the strains. We love you Herbal Dispatch!

  466. Anonymous

    used there 20$ hash oil with the jack herer , It was surprisingly strong, Every strain was great , perfectly dry. Not damp or too dry. such a nice high with the jack herer with little burn out. just high as shit..

  467. the best. my girlfriend rolled a joint last night with blue dream, amnesia haze, love potion and Moroccan hash, if you have these 3 i highly recommend the mix!!

  468. This was my first time ordering from HD and all I can say is WOW! Package was delivered on time and packed ultra professional. The only problem I had was choosing which strain to try first 🙂 I opted for the Blue Dream – the smoke was delightful. Great job! I’ll be ordering again soon.

  469. Once again HD smacks it out of the park. This sample pack is absolutely amazing. I haven’t had a chance to try all but blue dream is my current favourite. I will most definitely be getting this again. Thanks HD!!!!

  470. I HIGHly recommend! Welcome to the world of knowing what you are getting and feeling like a kid again when it arrives.
    Thx HD

  471. This is the absolute best thing that’s ever happened to me. What an awesome package. Professional, delicious, and speedy!, a perfect pick of all the best. Thanks so much! the packaging was even lovely!

  472. Great way to try all the sativa HD has at the moment! Also great price always on sale!

  473. Love the sample packs. Great value, totally recommend

  474. Great way to get familiarized with different flavors and strains and being able to compare and understand the differences in every bud

  475. Amazed at the prices and quality of HD. Was able to figure out some strains that are now my favorites that I never tried before. Awesome product!

  476. Really like the idea of the sample pack, gave my a great idea of what to look for in my strains. Great idea!! Great Strains!!

  477. Great product. By far some of the cleanest burning stuff out there.

  478. Even if you know what you want, I suggest you give this sample pack a go as well. Really good for opening up the palette and an absolute steal at the price. Found some surprise standouts I would have otherwise missed.

  479. Great way to get a taste of a few different strains. Highly recommend this if you aren’t sure on your favourites yet.

  480. love all the different types! cant go wrong with this buy!

  481. Got my order a few days ago and love what I got will definitely order again 🙂

  482. Just received my order. Four days and I’m in the maritimes. You guys are awesome. I bought on the recommendation from Dr Greenthumb. The people in this community are awesome.

  483. Recommended to a friend who was a new customer . The sativa sample pack is awesome both of us were very pleased . Keep it up hd . As said before by the time you find your favourite to order again many strains are gone from the site 🙁

  484. Amazing, just like the other sample packs.

  485. Great sample pack loved all 10 strains would grab it great for finding your favorite stain

  486. Great sample pack loved all 10 strains would grab it again thanks HD

  487. Great service order came in very quick. Each strain looks good will be buying more of the sample packs. Thank you Herbal Dispatch

  488. This pack was really great, I think the stand out samples I got were the OG Shark and the Jack Herer but they were all good, all seem to be at correct weight or above

  489. I love these sample packs.
    great value, only problem is by the time i pick my favorite, menu choices changes. But still keep buy them

  490. Hey nevermind I was smoking digger states with the patch on I think it was just that! Great job! Loved every kind so far !:);)

  491. And u know maybe it’s just me.. Trying the nebula now and the cheese I was really very excited and have loved it all so far actually 4/5 or 5/5 for sure but I will check my sugars to make sure there is nothing funny going on

  492. I have a little bit of a problem with the way you’re weeds are flushed.. The frostie and suger coating is not desirable to diabetics and not wanted.. I will be posting individual reviews on all of you’re wonderful strains and don’t get me wrong they’re all great, but I do think there is something wrong with you’re weeds flushing stage as I don’t like the frost coating on each strain and don’t think it is desirable ..or maybe it’s the curing stage.. I really don’t know much about growing weed tbh but I know frostie stuff on weed and it’s not the best it’s the pesticides

  493. best way to find out what you like! recommend to any first time buyers

  494. So awesome to have so many different kinds to choose from! Sometimes I just look at it all with joy haha highly reccomend! So far uk cheese is my favorite.

  495. Amazing!
    The cost is perfect, and the product was all “A-1” couldn’t be happier!

  496. Excellent way to sample the various strains. All are clean, tasty & potent.
    5 stars all the way.

  497. Very fun to receive and sample!!
    In order from best to worst in my opinion!:

    UK Cheese
    Love Potion
    Blue Memory Loss *Organic*
    Cherry Cookies *Organic*
    Girl Scout Cookies
    Lemon Skunk
    Amnesia Haze
    Texada Timewarp *Outdoor*

  498. Anonymous

    What a great idea.. Try and then buy what works for you. Perfect for me as I am very particular about any sativa i consume. I get a lot of anxiety from certain strains.

  499. Very impressed with herbal dispatch. Greatest find of the year. Always great strains and a pleasure to deal with. They are everything they claim to be.

  500. This was part of my first order, and has been part of my order every time. I LOVE the sample pack because I get variety, I get to know what each strain is like and how it helps me, and because it’s on sale so I save money. 🙂 Customer Service is phenomenal, I get prompt emails about confirmation and shipping from the most cheerful and polite people at HD. I live in a remote Northern location, and I still get my meds days before it is due to come in the mail. The quality is amazing, I have yet to find a strain I do not like. I have a fondness for the Love Potion and Girl Scout Cookies, and Burmese. I live with Fibromyalgia, Bipolar Disorder, IBS, PTSD, insomnia, (to name a few), and HD provides all the right meds I need for my conditions. Love you guys, Blessed Be.

  501. A great variety of high grade Sativas.
    Love Potion UK Cheese and Burmese give the best energetic effects
    Amnesia Haze was great for mornings
    Cherry Cookies is deliscious.
    The Sampler packs are the way to go for novice users for sure.
    All flowers are top quality and well matured and cured.
    Hats off to HD

  502. Good, crystally sativas. Loved it

  503. First purchase from this site and couldn’t be more pleased. Quick and efficient delivery and the quality of the product is seriously incredible. Highly recommend if you’re not sure which strains you prefer. (I prefer all of them)


  505. Beautiful sativa high!!!
    Buds are gorgeous and smells delicious!!!

  506. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to be active and not couch potato.

  507. All over weight . Potent, pungent. Top notch

  508. Love the sample packs! Love feeling the difference between strains! All amazingly high quality trees

  509. can’t go wrong with this combo deal, a MUST try for all new entrants!

  510. A great deal, with great, well packaged and labelled strains. Really valuable package if you know you want sativa but can’t decide what your “Go-To” should be yet. I’m really enjoying Lemon Skunk and UK Cheese so far

  511. This is mind bending on how good it is! No joke!

  512. Love this!

  513. This was my 1st purchase dealing with HD… enjoyed the product and the service is very discreet & professional

  514. All the strains are amazing and for this price you cant go wrong

  515. Can’t go wrong with the Sativa Sample Pack. Very impressed with the service.

  516. all top shelf strains and at a great price, will be buying again

  517. 100/5 stars on this one! perfect buds and so much fun to sample something new every day. variety is the spice of life and this made life awesome 🙂

  518. This was my first order. Very fast delivery from west coast to Toronto. Perfect packaging. Great Pungent smell once you break the vacuum seal. Would order again. The sampler is a great value if you like variety!

  519. Anonymous

    This is epic, life changing convenience, amazing product delivered right to my door in 3 days. Lots of choices so much weed, so little time. Must try all.
    Once I find one or two I like I will be buying the zips.


  520. great high from all the types glad I got the sample pack

  521. If it your time you order from HerbalDispatch, you should try this 🙂 It’s like christmas time!!!

    And when you find your right products, order a 28 gr and receive HUGE buds ! I love this you HerbalDispatch!

    Packaging is amazing, no one can smell in my mailbox. And it’s a fast delivery!

  522. Loved having the selection! I promised myself that I would make an excel document and really journal about each strain…but I got carried away with trying them all and not recording it. I will definitely try again 🙂

    (big fan of neville’s cough)

  523. Whip dank well worth it

  524. Anonymous

    Great value!! Every strain is unique and tasty. Mixing is fun, add some bubble hash and trust me you have a party! Great service and product HD, plus points you’ve got another lifetime customer!!!! HAPPINESS :)))))

  525. Sampled the Green Crack. Citrus is right: both in smell and aftertaste. A few hits and I was on my way to a pleasant Sunday afternoon, not overbearing and totally enjoyable and very social.

  526. Very nice to have a pack with 10 strain to test them right and know wich one you appreciate more . Nice looking nugs everything . thanks HD

  527. Very good pack I’d suggest doubling it because if you enjoy a certain strain you get more than a couple samples I like how it’s always changing some strains you like might not be there next time. I give this a 5 I have reordered multiple times for the variety

  528. Great variety. Still can’t decide which strain I liked most and most of them have changed already so I went with the sample packs again. both the Sativa and indica this time. I can’t wait.

  529. Bought the sativa sample pack. Very happy with everything. Delivery pronto, packaging tight, and the bud is superb. This is how it should be done. Thanks HD you have a customer for life

  530. God I love this place. heh.

  531. ordered friday got it next thursday in ontario very pleased with every single one of the sativas i especially liked the green crack / blueberry cheescake … got me energetic and motivated though also made crowded wal-mart horrifying lol… now it’s time to mix all the sativas together in some kind of super bowl…

  532. Great party pack everything in it was off the charts.. Great job HD 10+

  533. Great sample-pack. Looks like mostly overcounts. One quibble – I ordered both the Sativa and Indica sample-packs, thinking each would be separately packaged (like a bag for all the bags, so to speak). This was not the case….No big deal but it would be helpful for those who don’t have perfect knowledge to know what strain is what….

    In the Sativa, so far dipped into the Burmese. Never tried this strain and it’s stupendous! Great work HD!

  534. Along with our first order we ordered this sativa pack… I’ve finally finished them all and I must say its a great variety of strains. Lots of flavour and quality for sure… This gave me a good idea of what’s on the menu in respects to the sativa strains… I cannot say that I have a favourite out of the mix but I can say you will not be disappointed with this purchase.

  535. Having a choice is always nice, can’t beat the variety. First purchase and I am more than pleased. Everything came packaged nice and neat, ordered on Friday, got it Tuesday! I’ve tried 3 and they are all top quality!

  536. Order came in a very timely matter (2nd business day BC to On). Packaging was excellent and secure. A nice variety with very high quality – will be doing notes on each!
    Had a question by email and it was answered promptly and professionally.
    Also noticed they are always updating their site on what product is available (on tweeter as well).
    Very impressed!

  537. Damn I loved every strain I received in this pack! Well packed and a big variety, you can’t go wrong.

  538. loved the burmese, space monkey, blue memory loss, blue dream.
    the combos are a definite must try!

  539. Fantastic. So many strains I have not tried before. Very tasty, and potent.
    Very recommended.

  540. Loving my sample pack so far. Such a great way to find out what works best for you. Great service and speedy delivery!

  541. Good price! Its so much fun opening this package-I was like a kid at Christmas. Lets you try what you like for a sativa. I cant stress enough how much this helps me out. I can pick a good sativa smoke that’s very hard to find on the street. I love being able to pick out what I want to smoke not what I am forced to buy.

  542. I’m getting this again… so much fun trying the various effects of the variety you get.

  543. Anonymous

    A little early to give a good sound review on each strain. However, Green crack being a past time favourite, I am not disappointed in my experience here with herbal dispatch. I made a sativa sample pack order and received three new extra grams of strains since two strains weren’t available lol. The quality is great. No complaints. This service as a whole has offered a terrifically discreet shipping process and a hastle free alternative that exemplifies convenience. Many thanks herbal dispatch!!!

  544. just got my order,tried the seawarp outdoor not a big fan

  545. The sativa sampler was an excellent purchase. Good quality product, can’t complain about a single strain. Stoked to make another order!

  546. Excellent, there is no down side. Great products and price.

  547. This is another awsome sample pack that i love and makesure is on every order and am always happy with the diff kinds and Great buzz i get from them.there all diff taste’s/smells/buzz’s.KeepUpp The GreatWork HD,Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  548. Sample pack really is the way to go… Top notch product and service. The war on canibis is over and Herbal Dispatch is they only way I plan to buy my weed. You won’t be disappointed.

  549. Great sampler or regular must have!

  550. It’s really a great collection I liked the chance to try different strains, the shipment was really fast within 2 days.

  551. Love this sample pack, and love that I got my order the day before it was supposed to be here. I’m definitely getting another sample pack and I am recommending it to all my friends that toke.

  552. very good sample pack amazing for salad joints already about to order another

  553. Absolutely fantastic product! Only thing I regret is not getting two haha. Just wait a few weeks and the selection rotates its amazing!

  554. I was never a fan of sativas ever
    Good show HD, my head has been turned
    Absolutely love all the different flavours, keep up the good work:)
    Customer for life?

  555. I just got this in the mail today ,ordered it Tuesday morning got here Friday morning, and I live across the country from them. I am so beyond pleased with this product. First of all the idea of a sample pack is top genius! Secondly the product seems to be top shelf quality! I will be recommending and using herbal dispatch as much as I possibly can. On top of everything the packaging it comes in is very professional looking I am loving everything about herbal dispatch especially that they don’t sell to kids! Keep it up Herbal Dispatch you are doing a great thing and you are GREAT at it.

  556. Everything was exactly as shown.
    Super fast arrival.
    This is the way it should be done!

  557. FANTASTIC SAMPLE PACK – COUNTS ARE OBVIOUSLY PROPER AND I WAS A BIG HATER OF SATIVAS and typically a heavy indica toker but recently, i got shit to do so i wanted to switch it up and so i got a sample pack and was not disappointed

  558. Although I have not tried all the new strains added to the Sativa Pack I can attest from what I have tried (Blue memory loss, Cotton candy, Jack Herer, Love Potion, Neville’s couch, OG Kush, as well as Amnesia Haze and White Haze), that the quality always exceeds my expectations. Beautiful trichomed nugs all individually packed to perfection, always weighing up. This package is great for testing to see what works for you. My personal favourite was the Blue Memory Loss as it packed quiet a punch with little to no burnout. Very excited to be trying Blue Dream and Green Crack when they arrive. Great job as always HD.

  559. They are not kidding when they say indiciseveness pays off! I hate trying to pick what kind I want to try next. The sample pack is like a gift from the gods!

  560. buying 2 more!

  561. 5 star for sure!

    I love this pack (and the indica pack), so I bought a few of each, which beats monotony… It’s really great having a variety of choices and selection, depending on what I feel having from the menu at the time. Otherwise, at the least, I think this is great to sample out different strains and types to see what you like best.

    The only down side to this selection though, is that I think I spend too much time trying to make a decision on which one I want to light up. =)

    The products within are great and each package is nicely labelled. No complaints at all, great and fast service too!

    mmmmm, it’s that time again now…

  562. Anonymous

    yeah these guys are cool I guess.. amazing service!!

  563. Beyond impressed. Very excited to find this option.

  564. Wow! Great selection and shipped in two days. Couldn’t be more impressed. Happy I took a chance, Bravo HD

  565. Love these samplers! I got a 2nd Sour OG instead of a OG Kush in the last order…but no big deal. Glad to see so many sativa options.

  566. Just received my first order, took 3 days to get here! I am very impressed so far, enjoying my first jack here !Quite impressed with this service & awesome idea with the sampler packs! Thanks so much!

  567. Just got our sample pack in the mail today! My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased, it was our first time ordering online so of course we were sceptical.
    But after reciving our package within 4 days containing some of the best bud I’ve seen!
    Love having different strains to try definitely recommend!

  568. got this as my first order. really enjoyed all the different kinds of buds would definitely recommend anyone to try this.

  569. too good, going for my 2nds on this now!!!

  570. Loved this pack. It was great to get a feel for all the sativas offered by HD. White Haze was a personal favorite.

  571. A fantastic way to try a bit of everything. It was all very high quality, burns very clean, tastes fantastic, and is strong. My favourite of the bunch was either Amnesia Haze or the Sour OG. Just placed my second order, very impressed with the service.

  572. Really nice variety of ganja……..well worth the price and great to try such a plethora of goodness!

  573. This sample package rocks, it’s nice to be able to have a variety. The HD staff are amazing, and the quality was amazing!

  574. Anonymous

    Awesome deal, with great variety. Loved being able to try out the new strains with every bowl. Some strains were more potent and seemed a little cleaner burning than others, but all were still good quality buds, especially like the organic sour D and lemon sour D. Will definitely order again as its very hard to find a good sativa like this where I’m from. Thanks HD!!!

  575. awsome service great bud

  576. Anonymous

    Can’t go wrong with this! Lots of great strains here. Most stand out was Nevilles cough & jack herer.

  577. Anonymous

    Loved this pack, ordered it and then 3 bags of sativa, perfect for all day then before bed! will deffinitly be ordering this one again and again.

  578. Was very impressed by this purchase. Having a selection to experiment with allows you to find out what works best for what you need. I Found the green crack made me want to work out more often, calmed my anxiety, depression and helped calm headaches. As for the Neville’s Cough i noticed a hint of Pine, the one flavor I’ve been searching for in HD and had a very nice calming effect. I will surely order this samplepack again!

  579. Every strain was phenomenal got it part of my first order and was nothing less then impressed

  580. Loved buying this pack because it has my top picks and they switch it up when they get new strains of bud. Great way to find your go to and try a variety of fabulous sativa’s. Very professional packaging, it’s like christmas all over again every time I receive my order from them. All buds seemed to be very fair for weight and sizing. Will probably purchase this pack every order 🙂

  581. Currently a very utile mix of heavy hitters and mellow strains. Added a little wonder to the holiday season.

  582. I was so glad/happy to see this when it was placed on the site,i myself have been always ordering the indica sample pack on each order and was soo glad when i was able to start adding this1 too the order aswell.Never Disappointed in the products,website or service.KeepUpp the Awsome Work HD.Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  583. 5 stars for sure! Loved the products. Amazing people who run this website, who honestly care about what they are doing. Ordered this to try a bunch of types and LOVED all them. My top three would have to be SOUR OG WHITE HAZE and OG SHARK. But i really loved them all and have this pack again on my next order. Top quality products and very fair bags. All labeled in individual packages. SO thankful for these guys and the site. 🙂

  584. Awesome way to try out sativas, which I always had harder time to find.
    Buds are well cured, pungent and tasty.
    Nice professional shipping too, discrete.

  585. A great way to try out Sativa for someone not use to it. The Amnesia Haze is great

  586. A must buy for the sativa lover! The diversity is worth experiencing and it helps you decide what you like. The sour strains really help with aches and pains. I am quite comfortable this evening 🙂

  587. love the product, great taste smooth on the inhale.

  588. Probably the best and most interactive way of finding the right strain for you. Loved the variety in the sampler! Sour Diesel was unreal!! I’ve tried a few different distributors and HD has the best product, customer service and rates you’ll find in this beautiful country! Keep up the phenomenal work!!!

  589. Got this strain as part of a sample pack. Tastes great, uplifting buzz. Burns really clean, white ash.

  590. Love the variety amazing buds can’t wait to try more sativas!

  591. Fantastic to try all the flavours but the stand out is by far the love potion. Flavour and quality of effects are unmatched!

  592. The sample pack was amazing. It allowed me to sample everything without having to buy large quantities of each. The smells of each strain are so aeromatic that it’s quite nice. I recommend the sample pack for first timers to see what you like before you order a larger amount

  593. Can’t go wrong with the sample packs. Having the indica and sativa packs break the monotony of having just one bag.

    As always, top quality and prompt shipping!

  594. Loved seeing This sample pack on the site! White haze and green crack were my two top favorites, but all strains are awesome. Great deal too!

  595. I’m more of an Indica guy myself but tried the Sativa sample pack and there are some absolutely fantastic little gems in there! The Cotton Candy is superb and is quite a treat. The White Haze is very nice. The Sour Diesel Organic was great and it makes you want to do stuff. Great daytime med.
    The Moby Dick was awesome too and was such a tight, beautiful chunk of bud I almost didn’t want to smoke it. I enjoyed smelling it, playing with it and examining it. I enjoyed some more than others but all are good and price-wise versus quality that OG Shark and Love Potion are winners too .
    Look forward to getting to know that Cotton Candy a little better when she gets back!

  596. I was Soo happy when i seen this on the website here,i duno about other people.but i myself love the option of having the indica sample pack and been getting it prettynear on every order.i just like having the option of choosing what i wana smoke that day,and now to have the option of a sativa sample pack.this will be on every order i get from now on.Keepupp the GreatWork HD,Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  597. Was really looking forward to trying out jack herer and was not dissapointed. If youre new or just looking for variety these sample packs are great.

  598. I really appreciate the sample pack option for researching strains and their effects with quality products. I’ll be testing and noting the effects of each when I can. Really love all the information and pictures on the site. This is a quality experience made affordable.

  599. If this is your first time ordering from this site I highly recommend the sample packs. Great Variety! Only downside is the stuff you want to buy more of could possibly be sold out by the time you get it 🙂 but that is to be expected. Clean ash all the way through!

  600. A very good website, good pictures, good descriptions, was able to find medicine with desired effects. Kept me updated every part of the way. Now just waiting for the package to get here.

  601. great for new customers, great customer service, quick delivery and an amazing variety to choose from with some real quality stuff! Got both the Indica and Sativa sample packs! My favourite from this pack was definitely the green crack

  602. Anonymous

    I bought this for my brothers engagement party and it was a real hit. Everyone was pretty pumped to see the variety and sample a bit of everything. The quality was there without a doubt–before we smoked any just looking at the density of the buds and the smell (not to mention the meticulous trim job) we knew we were in for a treat. Only bad thing is now I want to order more of everything. The Girl Scout Cookies were a highlight for me.

  603. I live with chronic pain,,and have always had problems finding a good day time smoke..
    UNTIL NOW,,,,
    This is a great way to find what you need,,,
    a large selection,, great flavours,,,,
    NO BETTER WAY to find what’s right for you,,,
    And Thank you H/D for offering this type of selection…

  604. Anonymous

    Great product, great service!

  605. Having the variety to choose which new strain to try next was great. The delivery was discreet and quick too. All the strains were very high quality, and I was very impressed.

  606. I find that my body reacts strongly to new strains the first time I use them, so I ordered the sample pack to try something new. I’ve had 3 of the 9 strains so far, and I’ve enjoyed each of them.
    The product is good, as expected, and the price was pretty sweet too, considering the high level of service I received.

    Customer service was professional and discrete. Sam is easy to understand on the phone, does not look shady, and was able to make my delivery within an hour. All of the strains are clearly labelled and packaged neatly in small while cups. I feel like a scientist when I look at them all lined up.


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