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Rosin (Silk Rosin) – Multiple Strains

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1 gram of Silk Rosin for $45
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Sold By: Silk Rosin
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Product Description

Silk Rosin is a 100% pure extract from the buds of BC sun grown cannabis. The Rosin’s process uses heat and immense pressure to produce a solvent-less hash oil (SHO) via a rosin press. Unlike other extracts such as shatter (Butane Hash Oil – BHO), Rosin requires no chemicals in the extraction process and is produced using only pure plant material. The result is a sticky sap like substance which ranges between 50% and 80% THC. We enhance our rosin from terpenes from an organically grown plant base.

This product is temperature effected, being more liquid at higher temperature and solid at lower ones. It’s easier to use when frozen or cold. It can lose its freshness over time, but the terpenes will last considerably longer when the product is sealed and cold, wrapped in the paper provided in the package.

Contains: 1 gram

Q and A: Cannabis Luxurious – A Road Paved in Gold & Silk

10 reviews for Rosin (Silk Rosin) – Multiple Strains

  1. Very good

  2. i see a few bad reviews on here, nut overall iv ordered all the strains now to see what they were like.. overall im more then impressed with the product. it is a little water logged on the consistency but makes it easy to collect on your tool. The flavor was on point of all no use of chemicals what so ever iv sampled other products from other companies and just cant find anything similar to this product…. 5 stars happy 4/20

  3. this is the worst rosin ive ever smoked. i got og kush and pineapple express. they both had a gross lemon weird smell and taste . they both smell exactly the same and comes in sealed packaging.. this makes me wonder if the plant was sprayed while growing and im tasting gross pesticides or some shit. real weird consistency too. and comes in waxy parchment i wouldnt buy this ever again and would give 0 stars if i could.. i dont even smoke it thats how much i hate it

  4. i give a five star on this one ! price is amazing , the rosin is amazing … i am new in the rosin so i canot tell if this is low grade or not but i realy liked this one and i will buy again , the paper plastic is perfect and the rosin has a super green color ! very beautifull ! thank you silk rosin! also very good on vaping with liqui-pads !

  5. Got the 4 main strains: pineapple express, jack herer, super and lemon haze. Did not try the candy jack because I never heard of that strain but the four I got came packaged good, I dont mind the plastic it comes wrapped in because its easy for scraping with the blade. Overall the smoke was easy. Enjoyed it just as much as shatter.

  6. Silk well at first it taste amazing I was like wow this taste great but after a day or 2 taste not there plus it didn’t help at all with my pains not saying it won’t work for you just being honest, Thanks

  7. I dont mind the packaging, my first rosin experience, not bad!!!

  8. I had to type another review,,,; being my first order of rosin,, I was more than satisfied with the look, smell, taste, and effect of it,,, I found it to be packed with flavour,, along with the outstanding effect followed shortly after Inhalation ,I sampled the Jack Herer,,, and found it hit the body effectively,after the initial hit, as well as a nice heady , uppy buzzing effect,,this is superb medicine.. I am very thankful, thanks

  9. It should be in waxed paper

  10. I don’t know if maybe it’s the strain I got (Candy Jack) but this stuff is definitely low-grade “rosin” (if you can call it rosin).
    For starters, it’s very, VERY wet. The product description says it has terpenes added back in and you can definitely tell – this stuff looks like warm, green-greeyish colored peanut butter.

    It’s a greenish-grey colored (and I emphasize greenish-grey), greasy, goopy, glossy looking mess of goo nicely tucked inside a plastic parchment square. Looks more like some off-brand generic strain of rosin to which someone added an over-abundant amount of terps.

    Dabbing this stuff was unpleasant; as I said before, you can tell they’ve added a lot of a few specific terps to this and it’s pretty much to the point where it becomes overwhelming. It’s more like that cheap, water-extracted black oil that comes in syringes; it bubbles and pops a lot and quickly leaves a black mess on your nail.
    The effects were pretty bland too and the taste was not all that pleasant.

    I think the added terps alone disqualify this as being labelled true rosin, let alone the low product quality.
    All in all, pretty disappointed with this purchase. Zero out of five stars.

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