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Glass Series (Golden Spruce) – Romula

(25 customer reviews)


1 jar of Romula for $89

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Sold By: Golden Spruce Cannabis
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Product Description

Organic, Small-Batch, Slow and Cold-cured, Never Touched Plastic

When you grow your own, this is as good as it gets. Slow and cold-cured cannabis, that if given the time, will reach its prime.

We wanted to give the connoisseur a real treat with our small batch line of straight to glass cannabis. Hand trimmed, hung in low temps then hermetically sealed in amber glass to cure for a minimum of eight weeks. The bouquet when you crack that lid…itʼs just a thing of beauty.

Contains: 7 grams


Romula is a cross of Romulan x Afghan Kush – one we have been working on for some time. Romulan has an unknown origin. Heavy on the indica side with a possible hint of Sativa. We crossed the Afghan back into the Romulan and the results are a pleasant indica that still allows you to function while your body relaxes. Euphoric, yet retaining great mental clarity. The nose is sweet with a hint of spice and the smoke should complement a relaxing night.

Flavours: Citrus, pine, spicy
Effects: Cerebral, euphoria, happy, hungry, relaxing
Medical: Arthritis, chronic pain, depression, fibromyalgia, insomnia

Q and A: The True Quality of Craft Cannabis

25 reviews for Glass Series (Golden Spruce) – Romula

  1. Best ive ever had. The taste is great. The effect is awesome. The burn is slow and white. Breaking up the bud leaves a fantastic aroma. It’s an all around winner in every category. I shared some with my friends and they all gave it a 9.5 as well. GSC and HD thank you.

  2. I found this product to be superior in freshness , trim , flavour and potency … Comparable to some private HG stash from some really experienced growers !!
    It is really worth that bit more $ …
    Maybe a couple different strains would slow down that “Sold Out” status !!!

  3. Very flavourful, and potent, the price is steep but as a connoisseurs treat it is worth it. Crack that lid and experience a most heavenly smell, sweet with earth tones. Will buy again.

  4. WOW!!! Trimmed to profection and cured just right. Love the glass jar. From start to finish this stuff is top notch. Well worth the money. Buds looked great and busted up nice, very nice to work with when rolling and they burn forever.

  5. Mmmm,, just super,, what a delectable treat ,,, superb. Words can’t describe how good I feel

  6. This stuff is very nice like the one person mentioned once u crack it the aromas just heaven pure bliss very nicely finished stuff awesome smell graat smoke amazing high and nicr taste of a joint

  7. This bud is probably the best stuff I’ve ever bought here. The smell is very strong and the buds are absolutely covered in crystals. It vapes really smoothly and gets me really baked. This is a 10/10. Too bad it goes out of stock so quickly, I wish HD could have this in stock all the time.

  8. Wow the smell and look of the buds when you unsceal this g’ass jar is totally amazing ! Burns perfect realy enjoy this treat. Foos job again GSC ✌??

  9. If i could i would give it 6 stars, very very satisfied with this one!

  10. I ordered this back in June and it was fantastic – the smell was so potent and beautiful and high were great. However Romula is not my preferred strain, I would have rather seen a straight Romulan as IMO afghani ruins the taste here on this one. I have ordered a straight Romulan strain previously from HD that had a superior high to this one. Perhaps they can make more in the future with more classic strains. A Diamond Bubba Jar would be brilliant for that classic taste and smell – I would load up on those if it were available that’s for sure.

  11. This is the nicest bud I have ever tried… started to think I was silly to spend 90$ on a quarter but it is worth every penny. Glass jar helps to keep it sticky and dense. Not a daily smoker but surely a treat! Please re stock

  12. What a treat this was. I’ve been spending a lot of time just sitting with it up to my nose enjoying the amazing smell. Love the packaging and quality. Hope to see more strains like this!

  13. It’s perfect. Please, please, please release more runs with the jars. Thank you, Golden Spruce!

  14. This is some ??? they need to have more flower packaged like this so the trichs in the buds stay intact awesome bud excellent packaging cheers✌️?

  15. Beautiful bud, amazing smell, tons of crystals. Really nice buzz, absolutely love it

  16. I’m going to be honest, I stopped ordering flower from herbal d because I feel like other dispensaries offer more potent and quality product.

    This product is the first time i’ve felt like I bought a “quad” from here. Those nose is insane and the flower is coated in crystal. A little on the wet side but the taste and burn is still very good and clean. If herbal d was able to offer flower of this standard more often then I would could see myself buying from here again.

  17. Wow….the smell was awesome….tastes great…a nice treat…

  18. 5 stars is not enough for this product definitely romulan dominant the smell when you crack that jar is out of this world and she tastes just like she smells very
    smooth burn and the buzz is great

  19. Very nice smoke quality your lungs wont want to exhale lol would be interesting to see if they do this with more strains

  20. What a treat! The smell when you crack the lid is out of this world, super pungent, citrus, with a hint of spice! soooo good! The buds did seem to have a bit moisture left in them, but I believe that is due to the cold dry and cure, and it really preserves the terps for the fullest flavors. This is a super potent indica, heavy hitting, and great for my back pain! Wonderful flavor in a nice clean bong! Price is a little steep, but worth it for the experience. I hope golden spruce puts out a bigger batch of this strain one day, and sells it at regular prices.

  21. Very happy with this product!!! Amazing smell and taste. Joints smoke for ever.

  22. looks great now if i could just get the jar open

  23. Super quality grass. Can’t really say anything bad about this product 6/5 from me! Worth every penny, nice little treat for sure.

  24. I shoulda grabbed 2 r 3 .this stuff is great . and the smell .

  25. – I like the idea of this.
    – bud was still damp a bit
    – lid wasn’t tightly on
    – looks amazing
    – smells amazing
    – going smoke out of my bong hope it’s good it says it’s 19% THCand 1% CBD

    sad I might lose some weight as it dries but still a great experience thanks HD & GS

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