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Cereal Bar (LoveBuds) – Risky Krispy

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1 bag of Risky Krispy for $14

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Sold By: Love Buds
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Product Description

Your favourite breakfast cereal, all grown up!

Just as you used to enjoy them as a child, but with an adult kick, these edible rice crispy bars are sweet and satisfying to the taste buds. A delightful twist on a delicious classic.

Contains: 100 mg of THC per package.

Ingredients: Cannabis, rice krispies, marshmallow, butter, flavour.

7 reviews for Cereal Bar (LoveBuds) – Risky Krispy

  1. Not really a heavy smoker so this gave me a pretty good body buzz. Liked it enough to order 3 more a week after getting the first one

  2. Not much of a heavy smoker but I felt a good body buzz.

  3. these squares are my absolute favourite. great for a stressful day when you need to kick back and mellow out. mild but its still a good stone

  4. Again, didn’t feel much effect in regards to high. But I ingest on a daily basis mostly to keep my arthritis under control so my tolerance is pretty high but I will say that this edible was tasty. Chewy. Yum. I had it gone in no time. This one is even better than the love buds cookie which was pretty good as well taste wise. Def some of the better tasting edibles that I’ve had for sure. Thanks.

  5. I would have to say I agree that the price is pretty high on this edible but it does taste good and feels like the dose is on.

  6. I ripped byte size pieces off and it was really good taste and nice buzz ??. I wanted to eat the whole thing ?

  7. So tasty. Decent buzz but I think the price should be lower.

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