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Phoenix Tears (Purely) – THC (Ethanol)

(138 customer reviews)


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Sold By: Purely Medicinals
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Product Description

Decarboxylated cannabis oil extracted with triple distilled medical grade ethanol. Contains 500 mg of THC per syringe.

1 oral syringe contains 1 ml. Start with a drop half the size of a grain of rice, two or three times a day. Gradually increase dosage at a rate no higher then 0.5 mg of main active ingredient (THC or CBD) per pound of body weight in order to avoid experiencing side effects (drowsiness, impaired motor skills, euphoria and/or anxiety). High dose regiments typically used for instances involving serious pain, sleep disorders, cancer and/or epilepsy tend to be within 1 to 2 mg of main active ingredient per pound of body weight per day.

With testimony from terminal cancer survivors using the Rick Simpson Oil, it’s no surprise that Cannabis is truly a medicinal plant. Harvard University scientists reported that cannabis slows tumor growth and “significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread.”

Ethanol is used as an extraction method and it is fully purged out and tested to meet with Health Canada’s Guidelines for acceptable trace amounts. (Parts per million).

* It is not recommended to use any Purely Medicinal products for rectal application. Anyone using them in this way does so at their own risk.

Phoenix Tears: The Cancer Cure the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About

138 reviews for Phoenix Tears (Purely) – THC (Ethanol)

  1. tl.sym

    Very potent, great taste and smell but very thin. So thin in fact I have to put it in the fridge for a while if I plan to do hotknives or bong it. Also due to thin nature of the oil you can easily use to much, so be careful not to push to hard.
    would smoke again and again

  2. Harvko

    I would recommend the only thing is that you have too be very careful when dispensing I pushed out about half because it is thin and it just shot out like crazy!!! Very disappointing and frustrating!!!!

  3. cindyh

    I had never had any experience previously with anything like this product. Being a ‘virgin’ at trying the product due to so much pain I had after a organ transplant had me a wee bit nervous. To my surprise, the product has done exactly what the product information says and even better! For the past few months, I now use this daily; usually 3 times per day. By keeping up on the amount of time I allow between doses, I am handling my pain level much much better. I just ordered another 4 syringes! It is an excellent product and I will continue to take it for the rest of my life!!!!

    I have a friend that referred me to the site and she said she started both her elderly parents on it and they both are doing exceptionally well! Prior to them trying the product, nothing would aliviate their pains and now this helps them immensely!

    I’m interested in trying some of the other oils. When I do, I will try to remember to write a review as I believe everyone is using the product for different reasons and reviews help people decide which product to choose.

    The THC Phoenix Tears Oil is an excellent product to manage pain and a chronic illness like mine; severe pain in my ankles and legs due to bad breaks and also the s at tissue that comes with a transplant. I recommend this product and also the customer service the company provides is beyond exceptional, order shipped in a very timely fashion and the website and information that is provided is excellent!

    Thank you personally Herbal Disbatch for your support and excellent service; I tell everyone about your products and customer service! I’ll keep on sending my friends your way!!! Excellent job!!!!!

  4. jinxgo

    Start out by saying that Herbal Dispatch , you all are awesome! Thank you for your service. Please take note that Purely Medicinals is failing at this product. They used to offer potent , thick dark green cannabis oil. Their product has degenerated into what I presume to be oil made from multiple washes. Ive had potent first wash cannabis oils that were golden colour yet also thick consistency and strong in cannabis flavour. These latest Purely Medicinals oils are a thin yellow slurry that taste of ethanol. I didnt get a strong taste of cannabis and didn’t get any potent cannabis effects. My peer ordered Purely Medicinal phoenix tears through other avenues and was similarly disappointed. There are much better cannabis oils being offered through different brands. The shame is knowing that Purely Medicinals used to offer a quality product.

  5. explor

    If you have used this oil for more than a year, you will notice a definite difference,. So many of the commenents said the same thing. The old PT-THC oil was a full extraction product, very thick and BLACK. The new oil is red and has a print-out of whats in the oil, very thin and runny, and all are the same label, even though the contents vary (one had some CBN, which is sleep-aide) whike another batch kept me awake, as it was only THC, no other cannibinoids. Still have some but not using now, and switch brands to high CBN for night, and full spectrum terps for day. Still use the Cherry Oils and infused Honey.

  6. calvin

    Awsome product, jus picked up 3 more. Would recommend.

  7. carla-

    this product works great for my friend who is recovering from cancer. instant effects that are LONG lasting

  8. calvin

    This is a great product for the price..i buy some every order.

  9. Johnda

    Little bit thin but great effects all the same will be buying more

  10. barrio

    Taste horrible Ethanol over did it wasn’t enjoyable didn’t really help that much either gave me an upset stomach won’t buy this again

  11. beeswa

    This is different oil. It’s way lighter in colour and much more viscous then previous batches. However, I did still find it to be effective medicine. It loses a star because I squirted damn near half the syringe out on accident because of how viscous it is. Very easy to overdose because of the crappy syringe.

  12. alexst

    yes it is definently different oil been using this for 3 years its been a few months since Ive orderd it.Completely lighter it looks like honey oil and tastes like it.The old oil was thicker and black.Still on the fence with this stuff would like an explanation on this .

  13. dvakg1

    Loving this product and what it does. Great way to have a good night’s sleep for those with insomnia problems. Love it! They changed something tho, used to be a thicker black oil now it’s pretty clear and doesn’t taste the best but does the trick that’s for sure!

  14. cnjans

    Awesome product! Helps me sleeps through the night even when my minds running circles. If you’re having consistency issues with the oil just keep it in the fridge.

  15. marian

    I won’t let myself run out of this stuff. It’s a true Godsend for my pain. Thankyou.

  16. Gwailo

    Not a bad oil for the price. Good for morning starters. A bit on the thin side.

  17. j_temp

    I finally tried one of these and was blown away. It is amazing for when I have trouble sleeping and excellent for pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. I have a severe case. I have been on methotrexate for 8 yrs. I have heard so many horror stories about that drug and suffered from side effects such as nausea and sores in my mouth from it. But when you are bedridden and have fluid on your joints and literally can’t move to even dress yourself, you’ll take anything to get out of that state. I am sorry that I have not discovered medical cannabis until recently. But now I know of its benefits and for 4 months now I have been completely free of methotrexate and I am still doing well. Managing my random pain with cannabis infused products from herbal dispatch and I have just recently switched from lower doses of THC and CBD to higher doses with these phenix tears which I find even better than what I was taking before!! I also treat my chronic nausea with it that I have because of an anxiety disorder and I can say that I have not suffered from any nausea or vomiting since I have been ingesting cannabis oils as of March of this year.

    Cannot even begin to recommend this product enough!!! Truly amazing and the price is decent as well considering on other sites it’s like $40. This time I ordered like 5. Lol. Thanks for the great products and excellent service!

  18. Anonymous

    First time trying Purely Medicinal – Phoenix Tears, quite the surprise! Awesome price for the quality and potency. Worth it to add to your cart for sure, if your looking for a decent edible. Alleviates pain right away and a strong body high remained for 8hrs or so. HD you never disappoint with your products and pricing, love this site! Keep up the good work!

  19. patric

    This stuff knocked me on my ass a little bit. Lasts along time as well, usually took a drop before bed(maybe 1/10th of syringe) and I swear effects would still be there in the morning. By morning it would just be a nice light head buzz. Much nicer to wake up to then a hangover. I would recommend although I do like there thc caps better(better bang for buck as well).

  20. geezun

    Love this oil in a”mini rollo bomb”= 1mini rolo hollowed out and one cut in half,fill the hollow 1 with the oil and melt the cut in half 1 on to the top………let er melt a bit in your mouth and down with water……quite the good buzz

  21. dutchu

    I’ve been using this about an hour before I go to bed. It’s potent, and a little goes a long way. It has really improved the quality of my sleep.

  22. brian_

    Great value, lots of THC.

  23. Anonymous

    Notnsure what people are raving about? This did Absolutely Nothing… Even in Large amounts Smoked in a joint or Rubbed a tone on gums…. Absolutely Nothing came of this stuff.

  24. Adamdu

    This stuff is the real deal! Better than any edible product I’ve had in awhile. I have a moderate tolerance so I ignored the dosage and took probably 4 drops followed by another 5-6 drops a hour later, I kept getting higher and started there for 7-8 hours, smoking on top of it just clouded the experience, but I tried dabbing it and that worked well, didn’t taste great but you can dab this stuff! The only problem I had was its hard to control the amount being dispensed, it’s hard to get a smaller amount. I can see this being a very effective medication for pain and probBly a lot of other medical problems as well, it seems to give a very healing sleep.

  25. amcalo

    Wow … this oil is amazing for 30$ … great product. .

  26. kylefi

    Works for elimination of anxiety! Great product delivered as promised !!

  27. bcrigh

    1 drop on chewable vitamin c , I let it absorb for a day orso then quarter the vitamin c =1/4 drop perfect thru the day for pain

  28. chilly

    Works like a charm to treat my multiple sclerosis, and literally is the ONLY thing that helps with the side effects of the K***ra I am currently taking, and I’m impressed with the formulation, literally wipes clean off the finger to the gums and acts quickly to also help with neurogenic pain, and if you’re looking for something you need accurate dosing with this is it, i just want to say a big THANK-YOU for providing what is certainly MORE medical grade than almost anything else, for me at least 🙂

  29. Anonymous

    good oil I USE IT IN HONEY GREAT AT BED TIME 2\3 OF A SMALL MASON JAR OF LIQUID HONEY , 1 1\2 -2 SYRINGES OF THE OIL (ETHANOL)60$ seems expensive but compared to the tiny 50 mg jars with 125 -250 thc or cbd .1 good tablespoon for this cronic pain user shes a sweet sleep.

  30. wonga0

    This is an extremely potent product for recreational users and fantastic for relieving pain. This was my first time trying an edible concentrate and I have to say I was very pleased!

  31. jvglt

    I was hopeful in the beginning . So tried and bought 4 packages and try them on myself before asking my mother to try.
    Unfortunately as soon as I tried the product I notice immediately that the product advertised and the product at hand were not the same at all. Completely different consistencies, in the video it shows a clear thick slow product coming from the syringe, and when I pushed slightly on mine it poured out like water , I was very disappointed.
    That being said I used all the packages on myself and if I took enough 2 or 3 units I was sleepy but didn’t help with my pain issues.
    So for me I give it a 1 star only, because it make me tired.
    I would like to know who does sell the more authentic potions or creams.
    I have family members I love and I would like to try the oil Rick Simpson says he makes in the video Not a watered down version.

  32. bradpu

    Way more potent than I thought it was going to be first time ever trying this and very pleased thanks hd

  33. matt.t

    10/10 amazing. Would recommend to anyone. Just don’t take too much, I usually make one tube last about 7 nights. Taste isn’t great so i usually put some on a cracker and then smother nutella over it! Excellent effects!

  34. jnfull

    I love this product. It’s consistent in both potency and quality from batch to batch. I can take a syringe out of the freezer and squeeze a line onto melba toasts and then take a ruler and knife and do quick calculations to figure out an exact dosage for each time I need to take my medication. With this product alone I’ve gone from a complete shut-in to getting my life back. Yeah, it does have an adverse effect of getting you high due to the low CBD but for what it can do for helping with sensory overload getting blazed is worth the trade.

  35. lindad

    i will buy this again awesome

  36. brianm

    This stuff is awesome! I be never smoked it, but i do put on my favourite snacks around the house when I want a good buzz. A little goes a long way it’s pretty potent stuff in my opinion.

  37. morozo

    Wasn’t impressed. The cap doesn’t stay on. I had to leave it in a zip lock to make sure it wouldn’t leak everywhere and prop it up so if it did pop off hopefully none would leak out. A few times it would be off when I came back to it. Also you can read the numbers on it. I didnt find it stong enough either. I had to take way more then some of the oher oils on this site. I ended up making edibles with it. Even then I would have to eat way more then my normal dosage to feel any effects. I won’t be ordering this one again.

  38. alexst

    been getting this for 3 years now 2 with med pot and the last year here at HD amazing stuff it does wonders for alot of things shan has it right uplifting.On a side note applied for my new ACPNHL perscription tday and checked the goverment approved sites .The oil they have is a joke no pheonix tears just absurd the products we quote HAVE TO BUY THERE

  39. Chochk

    My favourite method of medicating orally, great bang for your buck too!

  40. shan_h

    This has become a staple in my orders. I drop it into a capsule and an hour later am feeling absolutely pain free and uplifted. Awesome product for giving my throat a break 🙂

  41. dubeau

    It’s hard to complain about this product with its current price, it gets the job done. However, it’s sooooooo damn messy and inconvienient to get everything ready and put away properly. The cap will not stay on whatsoever, so I just resorted to taping it closed every time. The oil itself is very runny and doesn’t like to stay on your dabber unless you keep it perfectly level. I like the product itself so I’m going to keep getting it and experimenting with different methods to try to stop it from being a complete mess.

  42. blindf

    Awesome for discreet medicating ,, over if you want an over kill before bed

  43. drocta

    Disappointed in both HD and Purely Medicinal. Have brought forth concerns over PM’s use of the hard to read syringes (black lettering/increments against the dark oil make precision dosing very difficult) and the *terrible* blue caps that won’t stay on the syringe (either you lose some of your oil because the cap won’t stay affixed, or you can jimmy a tape solution to the end to keep the cap on, which will see the plunger invariably move over time while it sits and make it even harder to discern how much oil is in your syringe!!). The oil product itself is fine; I find it to be a more effective medible option as compared to what else is on the menu…helps with my GI problems, pain issues, and getting a good night’s sleep. Problem is it’s hard to properly dose, or keep track of… Pretty bummed to see that this issue still hasn’t been resolved, and that I just blew hard earned money away on more medicine that I can’t use effectively or will go to waste outright…again…

  44. Anonymous

    Great stuff a little goes a long ways. Will be getting this again.

  45. intheh

    Definetly good stuff but I find that it’s kinda spicy

  46. jenn-g

    Make sure you read the dosage on this one. I took way to much the first time and it was very intense. The next time I took the recommended dosage and was very pleased. Really helps my insomnia.

  47. marty_

    Great alternative to buying edibles. Tolerance builds fast but awesome stuff ??

  48. logani

    very good bang for your buck! amazing body buzz without any cloudy head high. Great product, will be buying again!

  49. gkelem

    This stuff works well. It’s my first few times using edibles at all…Recommened first dose wasn’t enough but after doing the math for my body weight and dosing properly it was very strong even with a high tolerance. 1.8 ml out of the dispenser was plenty for this 180 pounder…

    The taste is very pungent I just squirted it onto the bread of a sandwich.

    The effects were energizing and made me a bit jittery as it wore off.

  50. mr.cho

    I never took enough of this product to get “high”. If you have medical issues you should be taking this. At lower doses you should get more of a body high than anything else but this is not a cannabis product. This is medicine. I highly recommend this or may the MCT one if you have inflammatory issues such as Cronh’s.

  51. geomet

    Not bad not bad, I think I’ll try the CBD/THC stuff next. This RSO wasn’t as strong as I was expecting, but a little extra went a long way 🙂 Very sticky, horrible taste, took about 1.5 hours until the onset of effects.

  52. brian_

    A lot better since they switched from using ISO to Ethanol. The consistency is smoother now compared to the ISO which was very sticky. Well worth the $$$.

  53. chico6

    Ive ordered this a few times, comes in handy when you dont want to smoke out anyone. I loved it just before i got on a flight.Nice body buzz,A+ pain med

  54. Jordan

    Very helpful for managing pain. Can also get you very relaxed with the right amounts. Definatly recommend

  55. colbym

    definitely worth trying this out for the price, it comes in a syringe, consistency is sort of creamy, not overly sticky, very easy to work with, has a clean oil flavor, a strong clean uplifting high, I will say that a dab of this on top of your bowl or with your joint seems to create a very powerful combination. For $30 I think you will be pleased.

  56. Weasle

    Great stuff for the money

  57. Daniel

    Not sure if I got mct instead of this but this was what I ordered. An Overall great product. I would limit how much you decided take at one time.

  58. xuerou

    will be buying again for sure!

  59. Anonymous

    This stuff is potent and TASTY. It’s a real stoney buzz and it can last for quite a while. It can be easy to build a tolerance so follow the directions on the package. It’s great for people who need to discreetly and quickly ingest medicine. The effects turn on more quickly than edibles imo. Smoking it is a waste because the effects don’t last as long; you’d be better off smoking or vaping bud than this stuff. Again, it tastes amazing! It tastes like weed!


  60. discus

    I found this to be better in a bowl than my vape pen. Fire made it better, lol. Syringe makes it easy to use and consistency is good when kept at a cooler temp.

  61. intheh

    Deffinetly worth it thank u HD ur the shit

  62. brian-

    Great product, will continue to put a couple syringes in every order I make.

  63. Anonymous

    Great to smoke or eat, clean strong buzz

  64. Jennif

    I find the texutre constancy of this product a bit off as I have ordered it many times. Have probably used about 15 ML now sometimes its runny, sometimes it thick and sticky almost with little pieces in it. The product for what it can do is amazing I just wish that the texture was constant. Happy over all.

  65. aroy21

    Great product, not too liquid, great buzz (happy and uplifting, will buy again for sure)

  66. alexis

    I always add this product to every one of my order but this timme they oil was very very runny and liquidy and taste a lot more like alcool and they were buble in mt serynge but overall normally it a pretty good product! 4/5

  67. brian-

    Great price and works very well! Defiantly happy that I ordered it. I will be adding this to my next order again. Excellent

  68. zao75

    best bang for your buck for sure. mine was a runny texture which made it hard to smoke but great for oral ingestion.
    preferred to just shoot it directly in my mouth and chase with something. Great effects, helps me sleep which is very hard for me although one syringe was about 2-3 doses for me. will be buying again for sure.

  69. mikey_

    Its alright smoke.

  70. mdguth

    I emailed HD and asked them what they would recommend for sleeping issues and anxiety and they sent me the link for this. They were really helpful, and most importantly, really right! My intolerance is higher that some people so the recommended dose i had to triple it but once i did that, damn..nuff said. thanks HD

  71. beeswa

    The Buckley’s of isopropyl extractions. “It tastes awful and it works!” Seriously though, great medicinal value.

  72. wigwam

    This stuff is essential in every order, Great price for the Quality. The taste is robust, but just consume with a glass of water afterwards..
    Love taking a blob of it in the evening, just melts the aches and pains away from a long day at work then lets you ease into a restful sleep. 5 star!!

  73. ramsay

    This stuff tasted great & helped me get a good nights sleep. Not sure if it has much recreational value but definitely a beneficial medicine.

  74. cindyk

    if you are wondering, a must try.
    loved the high. will be buying this product again!

  75. Alexjo

    This is something I’m adding to my order everytime. Great high and if you put it on something you won’t even taste it. I used .2ml and was good for the day

  76. brian_

    The best bang for the buck is right here. Well worth it.

  77. wpbatt

    I make lots of oil on a regular basis. I’ve become quite good at making it. I wasn’t expecting much from this product but it surprised me. Its not as strong as mine or is it as thick. Its rated at 550mg’s of THC per ml of oil. I believe this to be accurate and the reason its a little thinner than mine. I’m assuming because its thinner the batch is diluted down a little to get to the 550mg per ml mark. This does not mean its a bad product. Actually, its a great product and I highly recommend it if your not going to make your own. I use straight bud to make my oil and cannot make it for this price. Well Done Herbal Dispatch.

  78. gunitf

    good stuff will buy again

  79. Anonymous

    This is amazing,very pure.

  80. cindyk

    loved this product, it was thick and mushy, a nice body high – a definite must buy !

  81. boppin

    The taste is really the only thing I can see detering someone from this product. It has a very mild weed taste but therrs also a spicy peppery aftertaste that will stick around for about 10 or so minutes unless you eat or drink something to help over power it. I think anyone could quickly get over the flavor with regulag use. Will buy again

  82. bigton

    very nice quality of pot oil good price for medical quality i recommend if you are looking for a low price concentrate

  83. joshpe

    cant go wrong for the price nice dabs and smokes good on bowls

  84. mistre

    Great stuff. Knocks me out at night. The taste is rather unpleasant but if you have something flavoured to wash it down with its not too bad. Only real negative for me is that the syringe is not good for portion control, you have to push to hard down and a lot ends up coming out.

  85. Jennif

    Using this stuff to cure a mole and a tumour. Must look into this stuff over radiation and any harsh treatment like that. This stuff has so many great uses thank you. Please don’t continue to raise the price on it though as when I first started buying it, for a different reason, back in beginning of December it was 5-10$ cheaper!

  86. marcus

    I think this stuff is amazing! Taste great deff expected it to be a lil lighter in colour but not disappointed in any way. Only thing is it’s very runny if dabbing I find its hard to not get a massive dab. I out it in a vile to make easier to work with. Very satisfied by any means though.

  87. Anonymous

    Tastes like fan leaves were soaked in ISO for a few hours, lightly filtered and cooked off. Subpar in my opinion.

  88. earthr

    I thought I would take my time to review this product and I must say it has help so much with sleeping. A couple dabs right before I lay down and I am out. Great product at a great price.

  89. kataja

    Wow… just pure fuckin wow lol I ordered two of these bad boys and have been smoking through a dab pen, potency is outrageous and I love that cause for the last few months I’ve been struggling to get stoned of off previous source. This stuff hits great and lasts forever. Highly recommend to any seasoned smoker! Not to mention the price I mean come on ppl 30 bucks!?

  90. Tnewho

    Love this stuff, been taking it a few hours before bed. Great sleep, and feel awesome the next day. Huge fan.

  91. I’ve been taking this for what…almost a year now? I bought a ton of stuff from HD and this is my go to product.

    1) Cost effective. Even though it used to be $25…good thing I stocked up on these I’m still down to a syringe….One small squirt of this is comparable to taking one of those THC pills.

    2) Euphoria can be reached by ignoring the recommended dosage (thug life yo)

    3) Medicinal. Supposed to be good for yo health.

    4) Taste. This is controversial but the taste is alright if you wash it down with coffee or candy.

    I always find eating a meal after rubbing this in my mouth reall hits me hard for some reason.

  92. amber-

    A favorite for sure. A little dab on top of your bowl.. perfection!

  93. komodo

    Always a fan, perfect for insomnia

  94. r.woro

    Smooth smoke and good effects. Worth the money. Will be purchasing more in the future

  95. fulawk

    This is a great product if you suffer from any kind of pain, eating disorder, or anxiety. Worth every penny. 5 Stars

  96. drewri

    Great product, helps with my back pain actually so much, will be buying again!

  97. Tyler_

    This is the gift for all my pains! Helps with my stomach cramps! and other pains. 🙂

  98. jayjer

    God send. Amazing for pain and stress surrounding It. Cat

  99. wigwam

    Wow! This product is amazing. I like to put a dab of this on an evening snack, as I found the flavour overwhelming. once it kicks in it just sets you on such a cool,mellow buzz perfect way to end an evening. melts away the pain and contributes to an amazing well rested night. woke up feeling re-energized with no groggy hangover effect. 5/5 stars. Thanks HD

  100. Anonymous

    Perfect Lil order topper

  101. Anonymous

    Great oil, smooth smoke, all good

  102. hogie1

    LOVE THEM! very very thin, but very potent! eat or dab! love putting on joints, totally recommend a++++

  103. alexst

    Herbal Dispatch put a trace on my parcel low and behold at my door this morning,This oil is fantastic for depression and anger issues.

  104. alexst

    put a bit on cheerio and bobs your uncle to bad we have to get it turtle express still waiting for canada post to bring my meds one week on.

  105. Jennif

    Ive been applying this for the last three weeks, to a larger mole, Ive have on my back my whole life. Since starting the mole has reduced in size at least one third and the discolour is going away and it becoming flat to my back. This stuff has so many amazing uses! Thank you for the product 🙂

  106. -Jay

    So if you like to dab this product is basically just a runny oil. In terms of potency it’s okay, it’s not as strong as the cherry or honey oil, but it’s cheaper. It reminds me of runny version of the “green oil” you can get from PM. Anyways I don’t eat the stuff, don’t think i will, so from from an edible point of view I don’t really know the effects. For dabbing it’s just alright, i would stick with the cherry or honey.

  107. mschat

    Value for money..

  108. fadi_l

    Amazing “Purely MEDICINAL” tested product, each batch tripple tested! Perfect

  109. Sponge

    5 stars hands down!!!

  110. drewlo

    Very runny consistency, potent, Good bang for book. Green oil.

  111. Anonymous

    First day giving it to my mom,who has cancer, and happy with the results. She was able to stay conscious and alert helped with her pain. More runny then the previous stuff we had, but my mom actually prefers it and says its easier to eat. A better price too! All around really happy with this purchase, will buy again!

  112. daneco

    dark & very thin, careful when you push some out. A little of this stuff goes a long way, even if you have a tolerance. I tried both smoking and eating, each with successful effects. I found it was quick acting both ways as well. pound for pound, this is one of HD’s best products.

  113. jimbre

    You can’t argue a good oil. This stuff needs to be tried by everybody! It’s very runny, so take heed when pressing the plunger. I pushed out one third of the tube in no time. Luckily I contained it all in the concentrate container.

  114. drocta

    The batch I received was quite runny and thin. Don’t really get much of a body buzz as I was hoping for, but works wonders for sleep. Might pick up more for that reason alone, as it really is effective in helping get a good nights rest.

  115. davida

    I’ve been medicating with edible, hash/cannabis-infused baked goods for over 10 years. I suffer from Cystic Fibrosis so smoking was never an option for me. Cannabinoids essentially alleviate every CF symptom, but I mainly take it for anti-inflammatory effects, mood stabilizing, back pain, sleep aid and appetite stimulation. I do vape on occasion, but edibles is and always will be my go-to method for medicating. This is my first experience with Phoenix Tears, and I must say I’m very, very happy with this stuff. The effects felt are certainly different from straight-up edibles baked with flowers or hash. It’s more of a one note kind of high, but don’t let that turn you off. It’s so so so medicating, clean and relaxing. This melts away my pervasive anxiety that can break through, or even be augmented, with regular edibles. As others have noted, you will have the best sleep of your life and wake up not feeling burnt out or “hungover”. Being very accustomed to edibles, I can safely take .5ml and be perfectly medicated (and quite stony, too) all day.

    I’ll be topping my orders off with Phoenix Tears from now on. I’d love see an organic Phoenix Tears product in the future! Thanks HD.

  116. gracie

    Amazing amazing stuff super smoothe and relaxing buzz

  117. ronwoo

    Have purchased multiple orders and always pleased with this oil. Its great to have a source for quality Simpson oil at a good price! Thanks so much

  118. dandan

    This stuff saves lives!

  119. this is all I buy now because it’s the best bang for your buck. The wonderful medicinal benefits aside I feel a good buzz. Lately, the new batch has improved and is back to the original phoenix tear grade where it’s sticky. Previously it was extremely runny but easy to spread. This time it’s nice and sticky and doesn’t like to accidently splurt out. I only needed even far less product as a result.

  120. Anonymous

    Yay Pheonix Tears!!!

    1 drop is all you need. You can taste the iso-propyl a tinyyy bit with a vapourizer. All around a great product!

  121. busy_b

    Took some as Sam suggested before bed. If you have problems sleeping this is what you want. Made me feel very very relaxed. Thanks again Sam and HD.

  122. Anonymous

    Got this to help with a bad stomach condition. Worked wonders. I let a bit too much come out on my first use, i was putting the oil on a candy to eat and it came out a bit faster then expected. Well i wasnt going to waste it so down it went anyway. Glad i did, it was a perfect dose for me. I couldnt stop smiling and was pain free for most of the day. the high is one of the best ive had, Very clean feeling, and strong body stone. Ive heard people smoking this but id rather eat this and smoke the oils made for smoking from this same vendor.

  123. dserti

    Just as advertised! Rick Simpson’s techniques are clearly had in this ISO Pheonix Tears. This product can be used orally, or topically to help heal lesions, dry skin, etc. It is VERY sticky so be aware of that. Most importantly if you suffer from any issues with cancer, chronic pain, depression or sleep, this is a MUST purchase. Your life is too valuable to not give it a try. Very satisfied and will order again. Thank you again Herbal Dispatch!

  124. Need I say more? This instantly relaxes you. With enough dosage you will feel high, euphoria in larger dosages but it’s main purpose is to be medicinal.

    Absolute must have for when you are not smoking or feel like you need to heal.

  125. praugh

    Very medicinal stuff, doesn’t get you that “high” but thats not the reason were taking it. Very quality RSO at the best price I’ve seen yet. Def gonna stock up on this stuff. Keep up the good work. Changing lives

  126. dandan

    Okay! Here we go! Best sleep I’ve had in years. Best price for RSO I have found so far. Hands down, best sleep ever. Like taking Zzzquil or something. I wake up well rested, with no kind of hangover. Like the kind you’d get from OTC sleep medications. This stuff is definitely going to be in my medicinal quiver for the rest of my life.

  127. ihavea

    At first I wasn’t a big fan. The green colour threw me of. As soon as I got over the fact that it was green oil. I was hooked. I spreads really nice, tastes great, and the high really does pack a punch. Not the best for dabing though. Leaves a lot of residue on the nail. Other than that I was really impressed. Hands down best green oil I have ever smoked.

  128. Conner

    Ive had this in the past it was amazing. Cant wait to try !

  129. jake_r

    After dropping a couple drops in my bowl at my cousin’s it was mandatory for me to order one, highly recommended for pain relief, insomia or just a good buzz. 5/5

  130. lambev

    I wanted to try this after hearing so many people having success. This is the only thing that gets me to sleep at night without the groggy effects the next morning. Just a tiny bit and I get a good 8 hours. Really has changed my life as now I can work 5 days a week consistently. I would suggest this to anyone, even those who don’t use cannabis regularly (though you would want to use very little). Whatever is stopping you from a good nights sleep, whether it be illness, stress, anxiety, pain, this could be the answer. I am a regular cannabis user for many medical reasons and I am starting to think that this is all I need to medicate at night. Very excited about this product, I finally found a medicine that works. This website has given me access to this medicine and I cannot thank them enough,

  131. wynsto

    Works good for sleep, hard to tell if it is doing much else.

  132. geevme

    Love this product.. This Cannabis Oil is the real deal … and cant beat the price…I ingest some daily, i also use it for smoking and i have treated a burn with it,,,

  133. Anonymous

    I bought this product to use recreationally.
    I was unsure whether this could be smoked or dabbed.
    It’s not perfect in that it leaves a residue when dabbed.
    Other than that the high is strong and very noticeable.
    Great product, for the price.
    It’s nice to use with shatter or was to stretch out the more expensive concentrates.
    Will buy again.

  134. chilly

    I’ve been taking this in hopes of helping with a recent relapse in my M.S. and in two days I’ve went from being hardly able to walk a city block and not able to see with my right eye, to being able to not only walk that block but my vision is greatly improving. Sleep quality has improved so much I’ve began to wake up earlier than I would usually. I’d like to add I am not and have not being taking medication for 2 years now, there’s a science behind this, and it might be a solution. thanks for throwing this in with my order. will more than likely ill be order a couple next time.

  135. Anonymous

    I can not even begin to tell you how very pleased I am with the Phoenix Tears oil. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis & the last 3 years have been hell. Since taking the oil I feel like a fog is lifting & I am able to function instead of barely existing. Most days my pain level was 12 -14 on a scale of 10, now, I am pain free, sleeping very soundly – if I do have to get up I fall back to sleep immediately & am waking up feeling great. After only 4 days on it a very painful ganglion on my leg disappeared. I had a pin removed & the Dr. WAS going to remove the ganglion. When he checked me before surgery he looked puzzled & said it seemed to have dissolved quite a bit, then when I asked him about it after, he told me it was all gone, that he removed the sheath it was encased in. I could go on & on with all the positives I am experiencing. Thank you HerbalDispatch, Phoenix Tears Oil has given me my life back!

  136. ted067

    well if it is sleep you seek ,,This is for you,,
    easy , no mess .
    got rid of my pain and I woke with an appetite,,,

  137. shiraz

    Yes definitely both medicinal and therapeutic. But this is extremely strong so make sure you start with tiny tiny amounts. Heals your mind, body, and heart.

  138. julesm

    This stuff is amazing! I’m not into smoking but am very fascinated with the healing qualities of marajuana. After watching Rick Simpson’s documentary on pheonix tears and how it’s cured people from severe cancer, glucoma, and other diseases, I was really curious. Rick says it can also be used as a preventative medicine. I was sold. I bought it from Herbal Dispatch and put a small dot on my finger. After about an hour I felt super relaxed and woke up the next morning after the best sleep of my life! I woke up feeling refreshed (and not heavy, like I sometimes do after eating edibles). I’m so excited to try it again tonight because I felt felt like my body was healing while I slept. Thanks Herbal Dispatch!

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