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Refill Cartridges (Zen Medical) – Multiple Strains

(26 customer reviews)


1 Zen Medical refill cartridge for $55
Special! Buy 3 or more for $50 each

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Sold By: Zen Medical
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Product Description

This oil is produced using an organic and solventless, supercritical CO2 extraction process. Ideal for the cannabis connoisseurs seeking a higher purity, greater quality and terpene rich cannabis oil for vaporizing. Free from residual solvents, contaminants. CO2 is clean, safe, non toxic, non flammable, environmentally friendly and non polluting.

For best results, use a 350 MAH / 3.5V / 6w batteries.

  • Quality assured
  • Lab-tested
  • 100% Co2 cannabis oil
  • 510-threaded

Contains: 500 mg of pure cannabis oil

Q and A: Finding Your Zen With Fabulous Cannabis

26 reviews for Refill Cartridges (Zen Medical) – Multiple Strains

  1. Excellent products. Bought 3 types to try. Enjoy them all with different effects.

  2. Love the Zen Tanks, silly thing, why dont they have black mouthpieces on the replacement tanks, the pen look better with a black tip vs white, and a little more discreet in my opinion , i keep moving the mouthpiece to the current tank lol

  3. This product produces an excellent high and the flavors are delicious.

  4. Love the Zen I got Cherry Ak-47-Smooth The taste is super nice. The high is nice & relaxing makes me talk more & makes me feel happy!. I can’t wait to try them all!.

  5. Lemon Haze, the taste of this one makes me gag and doesn’t have much effectiveness with me. To each their own I suppose.

  6. NYC Diesel is an almost perfect fit for me. Just wish the oil lasted longer. Highly recommend this one!

  7. A++ ive tried pretty much every diffrent company 0n this site when it comes to vaping and TOKO was always the way to go by far..However after trying these guys theres a new king in town. Flavour is great and also very potent with nice thick smoke. Great variety in flavours I look forward to trying them all. Only complaint about this product is that they dont last as long as the TOKO I use it daily and after 2 days max your cartridge is done

  8. A+++ ive tried pretty much every diffrent company 0n this site when it comes to vaping and TOKO was always the way to go by far..However after trying these guys theres a new king in town. Flavour is great and also very potent with nice thick smoke. Great variety in flavours I look forward to trying them all

  9. I ordered a couple of Harlequin (high cbd) tanks. Even at 5:2 CBD to THC a couple puffs and you’re on the moon for a few hours. Very potent!

  10. I’ve switched over to Zen Tanks because of the CO2 extraction vs solvents. Husband likes True OG for sleep, says it knocks him out pretty good. He actually prefers it over Blueberry. As for me, the jury’s out on Harlequin’s purported ability to stifle pain without much head high, which is what I need for daytime use. The high is indeed slight and manageable, but relief from sciatic pain lasts no more than an hour at a time. That being said, I am a lightweight and don’t normally take more than 2 draws while I’m working.

  11. I’ve tried the “Jet Fuel” and “Headband” cartridges. Both very good! Looking forward to trying the other strains. Very tasty and provides a great euphoric effect after only a couple puffs.

  12. Tasted awful, but were potent and lasted a while

  13. I really enjoyed the 3 types I tried. Worth the price! Nice product!

  14. I order the Harlequin zen tank and i must say the 1 i received has a burnt taste to it. First time ever tasting a burnt co2 strain. But the swiss tsunami G i ordered never tasted burnt, a complete opposite actually. So not really sure what to think about the tatse since the prefilled harlequin tank tasted burnt while the swiss tsuname G syringe tasted amazing.
    Both are Very potent and leaves ya in europhia for awhile. Hit or 2 from vape pen is all thats needed.
    Another top shelf concentrate here folks. Would have gave 5 stars if it wasnt for the foul burnt tasting zen tank.

  15. I typically go with toko, but wanted to try something different with my Toko gold pen to see if it would work. It worked, and it delivered on the high. Starting with lemon OG which does the trick. I look forward to seeing how long one cartridge will last.

  16. Ordered the 3x due to it’s apparent use for “a variety of severe symptoms, some of which include pain, spasms, tension, and insomnia.”

    First off I noticed that it’s a much darker oil than I am used to, I usually purchase the ErbaTip refills which have a much more golden tone, however it is MUCH stronger. Vaping this oil was painful and have me choking immediately. My throat feels like it’s the sahara dessert and my lungs hate me BUT it definitely does live up to it’s claims…I feel like I am floating in a giant cloud… The high lasts a while but the effects can go on for quite some time. Before bed is enough to last me a night.
    Oh and the flavor….when they say earthy, what they mean is “it will taste like you had a mouth full of dirty” for a while

    I LOVE the effect it has on me, 5 stars for that, but -2 stars for the lung hacking up and flavor

  17. I ordered Zen refill White Death and find it very good. Have tried most of the other brands and like this one the very best. Will definitely be ordering more

  18. just got my tanks. I can only compare this product to Toko, because that’s all that I’ve tried on wait I did try the pure oil co stuff but that was honestly horrible so I don’t count it.

    ok so toko is amazing if you like to vape weed I mean its probably the best company for vaping in my opinion taste wise and effect. So Zen tanks I mean the high is there just like the toko ones so perfect the taste is garbage it taste burnt it shouldn’t maybe I have the level up to high but that’s how I like to vape. the toko ones you can vape on high and the taste is amazing. the zen not so much but the price and the high are both amazing if your willing to sacrifice taste for 10 bucks cheaper do it.

  19. Great high, expected a nicer flavor and doesn’t last long but all in all a pretty good product!!

  20. Good quality tanks-very easy draw. Works well in the Puma Vape. Tried the Jilly Bean and Swiss Tsunami. The Swiss Tsunami was originally labelled as a high CBD variant, but the package only listed THC content. Both strains were okay, effects-wise, but I’ll stick to bulk syringes and refill myself.

  21. Effects are great, my only complaint is the taste isn’t as good for the 3 ive tried compared to competitor products…definitely does not taste as described. But for the price , I’ll just sacrafice the taste as I still prefer dry bud as my primary methid.

  22. Just as good as toko

  23. Great taste. Good smoke. Nice style. But doesn’t last long. Pay the extra for the Toko.

  24. I just recieved my zen tanks . I ordered the Purple Urkle and Jilly Bean. Im not too sure if i have the wattage correctly or not on my ecig vape as i just bought tanks not a pen specifically for thc , but the two flavors taste very similar , almost on the burnt side .

    All in all its exactly what i expected , its a nice on the go , discrete way to have a quick puff . Definitely is more potent then i anticipated being a daily smoker , lol and first time buyer of thc vaping products, im surprised on the strength .

    In the mean time im going to keep playing with the wattage, but id order it again , as long as the product lasts as advertised.

    Thanks HD !

  25. I have tryed toko, flyte and by far the Best one I have tryed. I got the Blue Mataro to try it out. It is now my Fav and will be ordering more, want to try them all. Three little puffs does me for a few hours. I find this one has more smoke so trying this start slow or you will choke. Very Happy with this a Big Thumbs up?……………….

  26. Still no reviews on this product!?
    I have tried the TOKO, I have tried the disposables… The Zen Medical(Swiss tsunami) sold me after 2 small tokes, nice vapy flavor that you would taste while vaping actual bud, good smoke and potent.
    Five stars: Better price, good selection and higher THC count.

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