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Purple Widow

(62 customer reviews)


Grade: AAA
Type: Indica

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Sold By: Golden Spruce Cannabis
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Product Description

Purple Widow, a 55% Indica/45% Sativa hybrid, is a cross between Purple Power and the now infamous White Widow.

Purple Widow from De Sjamaan Seeds crosses White Widow with the renowned Dutch outdoor strain Purple Power, resulting in a large, sturdy plant that produces fat, resin-covered purple flowers. The aroma ranges from incense to fruit with floral overtones, and the taste from light berry to citrusy. Effects are generally described as combining a strong indica body high with a racy, cerebral sativa feel.

Medicinal uses of Purple Widow include mitigating anxiety, depression, migraines, stress, and increasing appetite. It is offered by medical dispensaries throughout the west coast for insomnia, nausea, pain relief, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, and stress. Adverse effects may include dry mouth and dry eyes.

Flavours: Sweet, earthy, woody
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, hungry, happy, creative
Medical: Fatigue, depression, pain, stress, headaches

62 reviews for Purple Widow

  1. What a smell and strong high, Would recommend to have this strain atleast once and when will I see White Widow its one of the best strains

  2. One of my favorites because of White Widow, this strain looks beautiful and also good on tokes. Once you try it ,you won’t regret buying this again.

  3. Very earthy stuff. I really enjoyed it

  4. Super chill, easy going, def get snacky. Really reminds me of Rockstar ?

  5. Very good stuff at good price, good taste and burn well.

  6. 1 big bud in an eighth with a nice purple color and decent cure. Good smoke

  7. Love it

  8. It is very nice. Tastes great. Feels great. The high is plenty strong enough and i smoke daily

  9. This indica puts you indacouch

  10. Loved this strain! loved the high and it smelled good. Actually found it better for day time use than night time

  11. Good stuff

  12. Great look, great smell and taste. The High is very chill and relaxed, great for nighttime use. Took me a little longer to fall asleep but I woke up feeling really rested and rejuvenated. Would buy again!

  13. It looks really good, what I look for. Tastes good but fairly weak Buzz

  14. Great taste.

  15. Nice dense nugs,taste great

  16. Good smoke just picked up a half ounce smoked my first joint and didn’t need to smoke a second.

  17. Sorry for my bad english. This one feels great, for a night with friends, very social and talkative.

  18. Good all around indica. Little weak for a veteran smoke. But for a novice it’s great. Nice to have as variety.

  19. Decent stuff, its not purple, but has a grape smell, with the “Widow” look and high

  20. decent high, nice taste

  21. Great tasting, nice effects

  22. Good buzz, decent tasting

  23. Looks awesome under the light, some budz do have the purple tinge, lots of thc and tasted awesome

  24. Good smell, flavour, smooth inhale. Insanely crystal coated. Very enjoyable hybrid high

  25. Very nice smoke, smell and flavor were bang on with description. Not as potent as other top strains, but still packed a punch.
    Another hit from golden spruce cannabis.

  26. Not bad but have had better from HD

  27. I vaped this one, it was good and smooth. So have a sweet mellow time then and have some of this which is recommended.

  28. I won’t be purchasing this again. Smells and tastes horrible. And the high is not even close to being worth the price. This should be priced similar to the greenhouse strains.

  29. Very smooth and sweet. Hits hard, but tokes smooth.


  31. Relaxing body effects and smells like a purple widow would

  32. Super beau buds, bien compact, bon gout mais je m’attendais a un buzz un peu plus fort (genre GSC) mais vraiment bon stuff, super doux fait pas tousser (même quand ta la grippe LOL) 😀

  33. lovely looking bud. nicely trimmed . great tase and great effect would love to see white widow come around. but not complaining on this strain for sure.

  34. Not as good as I was expecting. Huge buds…a bit leafy. Not much smell or taste. Not very hard hitting.
    Would not purchase again.

  35. everything is bomb except the taste, too spicy for an indica

  36. Nice body buzz, great for evening use ** 5 stars

  37. this was a creeper but once it hits damn it hits hard reminds me of purple lightning strong strong body buzz but definitely has some heady high. glad I picked up an ounce of it as i am pretty sure it will go quick

  38. Great for the vape and give it a 5/5

  39. Hi received my order very good smoke very smooth but now i have been shorted by 1 gram twice!!

  40. Should have been a AAA not AAAA

  41. And I meant comment not car man LOL!!

  42. It looks amazing but I agree with the last car man it’s like you’re waiting for something else to happen to give you another little bit of a buzz but it never does it looks and sounds better than it actually is not terrible but it’s not the best I’ve tried I probably won’t order again but for people trying their first time you might like yet I’m not saying it’s bad by any means I’ve just been smoking for 20 years every day and I need something really strong like death Bubba, pink Bubba, rockstar, pink Death Star…etc

  43. Sweet taste, nice buds, good value, good smoke. Does the job…?

  44. Not quite what I was expecting but really good none the less. Would recommend for sure!

  45. Got my second 1/8 oz. Wow all in one big dark purple crystalizes nug. Beautifull herb and high is strong and good for me even after 20 years of smoking. Thank YOU HD

  46. I’d say 4.5. It’s good, smells pleasant, good day smoke for an indica, just missing that last little effect.

  47. Don’t know what others expected but it’s worth it. Does what it’s advertised to do.

  48. Kinda disappointed with this one… taste isnt great and the high isnt really good either. Thats just my opinion.

  49. it didn’t taste too good to me,,, potency waS decent,, although I found the flavour ,,,, terrible to be blunt about it. . 1 nice bud was alright, the other buds weren’t too great,,, terrible terrible flavour,,,,,,,,

  50. Would have to agree with harvkoreinc on this one. Not the best bud I’ve ever had that’s for sure but certainly not the worst either. It seems to be lacking something. I mean it’s nice and dense and smooth. Burns nice too. But it’s not a heavy hitter to me.

  51. Looks, smell and taste are all very good. Smooth vape and great high. Bought a half and will be getting more .

  52. Nice bud , taste and smell very good ! Get me high af

  53. Definitely feel the body buzz! Potent shit.

  54. Nice big buds, almost 1 bud for 7 g , lots of frost, great smell not much taste
    , great buzz ✌

  55. This is the chillest of the chill. I’ve always found its parent White WIdow to be extremely relaxing and calm but not overly sedating. This is very much in line with that. Its the kinda strain that you could sleep beautifully on but also have no problem staying awake and getting something down on.. Just becuase im saying the buzz is chill it doesn’t mean its not potent. Its a very potent chill.

    Also want to add that the humidity packs in the bags is a very nice touch HD. Nice work,

  56. one of my favorite high body buzz!! perfect feeling taste good

  57. This is some proper stuff. A+

  58. Was lucky to have a big perfect purple bud in there. The taste was as insane as the smell. Remind me of the purple lightning. The high is perfect for me.
    Happy with my 3.5

  59. Ok it was not quite as pretty as I thought it would be but its alright and there is some hints of purple in there and its light nice smoke but not a very strong buzz

  60. Well not as happy with this as I thought I’d be with purple widow! It looks great smells good burns good taste is on the weak side and not as sticky as it looks! If you like soft buzz then I’d recommend!! But I will only rate it at a 3!!

  61. Potent, no complains from me.

  62. Great smoke would recommend for night time use

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