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Purple Candy Organic

(79 customer reviews)


Grade: Premium Organic (AAAA)
Type: Indica

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Product Description

Purple Candy is one of those indica-dominant crosses that’s good all around, especially for those who need strong relaxing medication. This British Columbian strain is commonly thought to be a cross of BC Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps, and its large flowers with rich purple coloring and amber hairs support the purple genetics. Purple Candy’s frosty buds will leave your hands sticky, much like normal candy, but instead of a sugar rush it will provide some happy sativa effects. The sensation will settle into a full body buzz that may leave you lazy and ready for bed. Sugary-sweet in scent and taste, Purple Candy will have you thinking of your favorite grape-flavored treat.

Flavors: Sweet, grape, berry
Effects: Happy, relaxed, sleepy, euphoric, hungry
Medical: Stress, insomnia, pain, depression, fatigue

79 reviews for Purple Candy Organic

  1. Very nice quality

  2. It smells like candy and it tastes so very sweet. Had a good buzz after.

  3. Good. Not as tasty as purple grape not as propels as purple purple Kush. Good high. Good taste.

  4. Great flavour on this one.

  5. Not my favorite strain from HD. I did not find the flavour or smell quite right for the reviews I readreait cant be compared to the organic death bubba of my last order. This is still good herb and gave me a nice high and a bit of couch lock, just not the particular strain for me

  6. awesome body buzz with good pain relief. prepare to be locked. 5/5

  7. This an amazing strain to treat depression and to use as a sleep aid. Sweet smell and taste with a pleasant uplifting euphoric boost when first consumed.

  8. So far my fave out of my sample pack. Smells and tastes great. Had a great sleep too !!

  9. Flower was coated in trichomes and lived up to its candy name with its taste and smell!

  10. good taste, i enjoy it

  11. This strains have a amazing taste, really smooth smoke. I have smoke it in a bong and rapidly effect.Really good for someone who want to relax.

  12. Got this one in my sample pack and felt like the buds were a lot smaller then the rest of there was much less in this bad then the others over all still a great smoke! Buds have a decent amount of crystal and not harsh at all.

  13. very impressed with this strain.. death bubba and this strain was the best and most potent outta my indica sample pack. Would definitely order this strain again.. Looks as good as it smokes and smells.. Highly recommend

  14. not as strong as other indica strains on HD but great for relaxation

  15. very tasty strain, def should’ve gotten more!! will buy again!

  16. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ i want more 🙂

  17. Little hints of purple with a spicy hay smell out of the bag and a sweet berry smell when it’s burning, tastes spicy not fruity, clean burning, smooth, soft white ashes and a nice calm indica buzz.

  18. Tasty and potent. Loving it

  19. Nice buds, a little bit of purple once busted up. I didn’t notice the sweet flavor of this as much as other people have seemed to. Had a very nice buzz though, good to hit before bed.

  20. cant beat the price and fantastic taste! a must reorder for me!

  21. I only had a g of this but i’m not gonna lie, HD has made these last couple of days hazy withthere product so I can’t even remember smoking this. Its that good

  22. i really love it!!

  23. This product is amazing taste & nice frosted ??

  24. Pretty heavy indica, great taste and smell. Never gotten a bad Indica from HD!

  25. Very sweet tasting , definitely a new fav , great if looking for a laugh

  26. Great for chillin and watching some Netflix haha very uplifted but comes with a hard pass out haha

  27. This strain is a very nice purpley sweet taste with a strong hit, looks just as good as it taste as well. A very confident 4 out of 5 stars here!! 🙂

  28. 3.75. Seemed just like a regular indica. Had an okay taste and burned fast. Was a little leafy but nothing too major.

  29. Couldn’t complain very amazing sweet taste and smoke

  30. Nice dense nugs. Sweet flavour and so smooth tasting
    Overall 4.5/5 worth buying

  31. good taste, and awesome body buzz

  32. Not really sure what to make of the flavour on this one aside from Generic Sweet, but otherwise good on the nose and tongue, and a good solid high, if not a little short lived compared to God or Romulan, at least from what I could tell.
    If your nose and tongue are a little more sensitive to flavours you might get something beyond sweet from this, and the high is nice enough to warrant trying it more than once 🙂

  33. Not sure if it’s my imagination, but the candy flavour on the bag I got was unmistakable. Visually , wasn’t as appealing as other meds, but very nice flavour and smoke. Will keep an eye out for different candy flavours

  34. Another one of my favourites. The taste is great, and it is a nice relaxing high to end the day with. Loved seeing some purple after it was busted up

  35. I liked the taste and the uplifting high, but lacked on the looks, as in not tight looking bud, but was not disappointed with the smoke. Would recommend.

  36. Anonymous

    Great evening smoke. Relaxes the body quite well. Good night sleeps come along with this smooth and tasty bud. Has some good purple look to it. Not overwhelming head buzz. Very nice.

  37. really tasty and one of my favourites! awesome start to the day!

  38. This is the stuff.

  39. This is my wives, she loves this one, I enjoy a toke of it to, defiantly high grade marijuana.

  40. Some wonderfully sticky stinky nugs. Wish i ordered more.

  41. Beautiful bubs, and very tasty too 🙂

  42. Don’t know what everyone else is talking about. My buds definitely had purple in them, and boy were they tasty.

  43. The candy varieties are great! Can’t wait to try more of them

  44. Anonymous

    First strain i tried from my sample pack. I was expecting more on the smell and taste. I didn’t really get the candy out of it as anticipated but regardless, i’m buckled right now. Burn cleaning, smooth and packs a nice delayed punch. Buds looked incredible. This was my first time ordering, I am beyond blown away

  45. Second time getting this one…. First batch was definitely tastier, this batch some nice nuggs and still quality stuff… Keep it up HD

  46. Anonymous

    Candy makes you dandy!
    Wow the aroma is spectacular, buds so nice, sticky, frosty and full. Made Rosin and had a great return with it.
    You can totally see the purple, especially in the rosin chips
    Keep up the great cultivations!!!
    Much love for HD and there gardeners!!<3 <3 <3

  47. Wasn’t as purple as I was hoping it would be but can’t beat the smoke of an organic

  48. Anonymous

    4.5 for me only got a g was impressed with the high and the appearance most the taste was ok but I was hoping for a sweeter smoke

  49. Really enjoyed getting this in last order think it was my fav IV ordered so far besides the blue memory loss 🙂

  50. Hmm giving this a 3.5 great looks , good high , taste not so much for me lil harsh in my pipe good in volcano.

  51. not as good as I was expecting. not bad though.

  52. Very tasty smoke and heavy high !

  53. Awesome looking buds. Mine were loaded up with great purples and lots of crystal. The purple really comes through after you grind it up. Smells good but I was underwhelmed compared to what most of the other reviews said. The smell isn’t strong. Someone said it smelled like watered purple kush and that nails it. It burns super smooth. What sets this one apart is the amazing taste. It has a nice hint of berry and isn’t harsh at all. Delicious!

    It works great at melting away my arthritis pain in my back, knees, hips and hands. This isn’t a daytime strain unless you have the day to veg. I sleep like a log and usually get a solid 5-6 hours when I smoke. Couple puffs out of the one hitter and life is good again- no more aches or pains and I get some rest.

  54. I got this strand along with many others in my Indica sample back and it was a least favorite of mine but then again that was compared to so many others. Smooth hits though, good taste but nothing special about it center it out is all.

  55. Balanced high, smooth smoke!

  56. The look and taste of this is Amazing!! Cant wait to see what comes up next

  57. A solid-looking bud, with a decent taste, not too harsh. I’d give this a 4.5 if I could

  58. Geeeewwwd! Great all around. Recommended.

  59. Hi all,

    This was my first purchase from Herbal Dispatch. They were out of my original choice, but got back to me right away to recommend the Purple Candy Organic, which I bought. It arrived, with a tracking number, in about 3 days. It was very well packaged, very discreet.

    The bud itself smells very flowery and delicious. It burns well and was fairly easy on the throat. I only use Indicas, at night. I have calcifications in my shoulders that hurt like the dickens and prevent me from sleeping well. About half a bowl does the trick really well. It provides great pain relief and allows me to sleep without waking every 10 minutes due to shoulder pain. I DON’T take any acetaminophen or opiates for this pain anymore, cannabis does the job very, very well.

    Thanks! I’ll be shopping Herbal Dispatch from now on!

  60. Very nice bud, it gets more purple once ground up. Sweet taste, very smooth. Love it

  61. a real treat to smoke on! amazing taste and high even tho I heavily prefer sativas

  62. Purple Candy is a nice clean burning strain! The taste is amazing almost Candy like! Would buy again top quality flower! 🙂

  63. Best product for candy flavor potent product Clean burning very great . The candy shatter is amazing 2

  64. The smell is amazing and the buds are very nice. Has a strong kush smell coated in trichomes. There is no purple like the picture tho. Still does not disappoint

  65. top notch bud here …. you cant go wrong … it smells good ,taste good, looks amazing and hits you like a fright train!!!! will buy again!!!

  66. Anonymous

    I would rate it 3.5 /5. Expected something heavier and potent but found this to be a functional indica, not heavy. Maybe if you r a lightweight lol. Didn’t notice anything special regarding the taste at all like some people found… and the stone/high was moderate for me and lasted about an hour not too long.

  67. Another favourite right here. The taste is amazing and the high is even better. Great to help relax and put you to sleep.

  68. Another awsome strain/kind of pot here,everything about it was great.Never Disappointed with the products.GreatWork HD,Keep it upp guys.Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  69. Its that perfect combination of both worlds. Love the taste, very fresh and sweet.

  70. The purple candy didn’t disappoint. The bud was dense with lots of crystal and smelled sweet and fruity. Its great whether smoked in a joint or vaped, I was high for hours and would recommend this strain when at home playing games or watching TV/movies. The only thing I was missing is that strong purple color to the buds, but no big deal really. Very satisfied with purchase.

  71. Anonymous

    Solid taste and smell. Would definitely buy again. Disclaimer : its not really purple 🙁

  72. I think this bud is perfect. I don’t know what else to say, day time relief at its best

  73. Great indica if your a fan don’t miss it

  74. At first I liked the bud size and bag appeal but the smell was very underwhelming, just reminded me of a watered down purple kush. I didn’t think it was purple candy. Then I smoked it. What sets this stain apart is the flavor. Absolutely delicious candy flavor and the buzz is heavy indica with just the right amount of head high. Very glad I got this

  75. Fav of this order amazing bud deff be ordering agai

  76. My friend ordered some of this stuff and let me try a bit and my word does this taste good. It was nice and smooth and my bong.

  77. good taste and nice looking bud

  78. Anonymous

    Excellent covered in trichs received in sample pack

  79. Another amazing berry tasting bud. Got a G and should of got more forsure . Its like purple Haze and a cotton candy skunky too it. Great strain.
    So many amazing strains. Hope the prices drop a little more 🙂

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