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Vape (Puma) – Mini Kit

(35 customer reviews)


1 Puma Mini-Vape Kit for $50

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

The Puma Mini brings a compact, discrete design to the vape world.  This device is the perfect combination of comfort, fashion and vapour quality. The Puma Mini tank can be used for CBD, THC or CO2 oil and is compatible with 510 or 808 thread atomizer tanks; please note this model comes with a magnetic ring fixable to your atomizer tank for easy swapability.

Puma Mini Kit Features:

  • Three heat settings
  • Lighted power level indication
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • 15 seconds auto-off
  • Low resistance protection
  • Circuit board high temperature protection
  • 5V USB micro-charging
  • Magnetic ring for easy tank removal


  • Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Atomizer resistance: 1.2 – 5 ohm
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Battery charging voltage & current 5V ± 5% below 500 mAh
  • Battery type: 16400 battery
  • Three heat settings: 3V, 3.5V, 4.2V

Package Contents:

  • (1) Puma Mini Kit
  • (1) 1ml oil atomizer tank with magnetic ring

* The atomizer should be good for at least 5 refills.

35 reviews for Vape (Puma) – Mini Kit

  1. Holy crap it’s tiny. Dissapears in your closed palm. If you’re looking for diacretion look no further. I’ll be buying more tanks. Put your distillates in these.

  2. Just got the Puma Mini today. Also picked up the atomizer for wax/shatter,etc. Filled the oil atomizer that came with the unit with some Oro honey oil, 3/4 full. Put some 91 Supreme shatter in the wax atomizer, (yes in the bottom, ON the coils). This unit is awesome and worked flawlessly with the oil and shatter. WOW, Really WOW. The unit also works with my Flyte oil atomizers. Cant say enough great things, we will see how it lasts. Well done HTC and Herbal Dispatch ! 5 Stars.

  3. Excellent little workhorse and super discreet. Good battery life, nice clouds. I don’t know why so many have trouble with the cartridge. I loaded mine completely wrong (loaded the oil into the metal tube instead of side loading) After eating some warm oil, I just shoved a cylindrical toothpick down the shaft and cleared it out. Worked fine after that. I even got to smoke the oil I took out by dripping it onto a napkin for future use. If you want to load correctly I found that putting the oil syringe in a plastic bag and submerging it in nearly boiling water warms it up enough to reduce viscosity to the point where it drops into the tank easily with no mess.

  4. I’m not too familiar with vape pens, having only ever used disposable ones. But in my opinion this thing is awesome. Easy to use, easy to charge, and having different temperature settings can really make a difference..

  5. Really impressed with this little device. Charge lasts a long time and vapor quality is good and thick. Because of its size it can be easily carried around. The magnetic rings are a great idea. I ordered two and got the concentrate chamber as well. Would highly recommend to anyone starting out with cannabis oil vaping.

  6. Absolutely love this machine! Battery life is amazingly long. Dual coil shatter tip and oil atomizer tanks work great on this. Cant understand why anyone has problems with this product or the atomizer tanks. Quick tips: don’t overfill (to top), keep upright and if tube becomes plugged, unscrew it, heat it with a lighter and let oil drip onto a paper for later. I will take the puma over any oilpen on here.

  7. Love this mini vape no problems recommended it to family they love it too no issues

  8. It gets the job done and decent price & convenient

  9. this thing is not I repeat not worth the money ! for the same price you buy a yocan evolve plus and they work amazing

  10. Very nice unit. Crazy long battery life. Super discrete. Even works with my old Toko Gold cartridge.

  11. Best fifty bucks I spent. Bit of a pain in the ass to fill with oil but you just need to be paitent. Hits like a beast, will be getting the wax coil on my next order

  12. love this unit – but highly recommend the wax coil atomizer to go with it – great for shatter and budder

  13. Great little vape! Works fantastic so far!

  14. Works great!!!! Sexy little unit!! There are instructions in the case, just remove the foam insert and there they are!!

  15. Overall this is an outstanding little device. Small & discrete, portable and I like the fact it can stand upright unlike the twist battery model.

  16. I have tried multiple vape’s from HD and this is by far my favourite. It’s insane how long the battery lasts before you have the recharge.

  17. After months of using twist and puma batteries I have noticed a few differences … twist I used to fill up all the way. Never an issue other than a leaky tank from a seal during travel. So 1. Don’t completely fill them. I put half in at a time which lasts days on end. 2. Try to keep them upright because sometimes he seal leaks. 3. Tiny puffs I find work best. Take 20 tiny puffs off a lot 1. Button press. I find pretty well all oils work in these things. I even shove long strips of shatter in there with the co2 oil and it seems to work great still. When u hit the spots with shatter u can taste it right away. So good. FINALLY I. ELIEVE THE OIL SEEPING OUT THE TOP IS FROM IT BEING TOO WARM. DONT HIT IT RIGHT AFTER FILLING IT. REFRIGERATE 5 mins With the thinner co2 oils. Hope this helps some people with their frustrations.

  18. Works great for any vape juice. Little bit of oil in the mouthpiece like others mentioned but c’mon its new and needs to be broken in. After a few days I didn’t have that issue. Works like a charm!

  19. Hey y’all I’m seeing many people complaining about the cartridge I did have that happen to me then I actually learned how to use the vape cartridge.
    So first off I’ll say this if your heating up your co2 oil and it spitting out some oil your on to high of a heat setting and your pulling too damn hard on the mouth piece. Yes the inner tube of the cartridge will fill up with oil there’s a simple fix to that so I’ll give you an example if you notice there’s the top hole where you take your time from unscrew the top all the way so that you can blow into both of the holes on top don’t press the button when you do this just get a torch lighter and heat up the center piece for a couple seconds it will smoke if your to direct with the heat once you have the oil heated place the mouthpiece loslely into its hole while you have your mouth over the top part that comes out now blow hard back into it all the oil that you sucked into the center tube will actually return to the glass portion of the atomizer.
    So that’s the fix for your issues there is one more thing don’t fill it all the way up and if you can get a little glass jar and a proper syringe with metal tip put your oil into that heat it up the suck up .5ml or so and squeeze it into the cartridge that’s the only way your going to fill it without spilling your co2 oil. If your a caper you should have those 2 thing the jar and the syringe!
    Then the other tip I can give you is use the twist battery on the lowest voltage setting I suspect you had it cranked up and are pulling way to hard on it and if oil gets hit what does it do people it gets thinner so that’s why everywhere you buy from for vaping will have a side not of take your puff and wait a little before hitting it again you should only need 5-7 pulls so take your time your not going to get any higher rushing the process I say 5-10 seconds between hits on it I’ve smoked my fair share of vapes be it co2 or distillate even made my own outta shatter I think most people are use to the old garbage shatter pens they don’t have the return system like this cartridge.
    So a recap low setting take it easy hold button for 2 seconds make sure you blow into the hole before use it will be clogged after first use the oil is thick again and if you heat it you will suck it through the mouth piece, then if your inner tube is full of oil just heat it up be careful nut to torch the crap outta it place the mouthpiece just slightly into its hole as you gently and slowly insert while your mouth is covering both holes and start blowing as you enter the center tube. I have a few more tips but that’s the basics of using co2 and this atomizer witch I would go on record as saying it’s one of the best I’ve used besides the glass being brittle. HD IF YOU WANT ME TO SO A FULL proper right up on using this system with a video I would be happy to do so for a small incentive wink wink.
    Fellow vapers take it slow and easy you will get your buzz just chill out on trying to puff as much as you can as fast as you can if you do that your going to get hot oil into your mouth witch isn’t pleasant.
    Cheers. I hope I helped some of you understand the proper usage.

  20. Anonymous

    I have had this for about a month and love it. Hits great and lasts too awsome product.

  21. Anonymous

    Just got in the mail :)) had to come on here and read comments about how to turn it on and off but other then that it works like a charm and creams very well :)) glad I didn’t get any down the mouth tube when filling it up

  22. Best vape pen for oil.

  23. Horrible horrible product. For some reason the oil bubbles out the top. I thought my atomizer went at first. Swapped atomizer. Lost half my quarry oil and it worked only being half full…. grabbed another tank and new flavour. Same god dang effing thing. The $20 pen battery works 9000 times. Better than this POS. I will be returning the 2 I purchased today.

  24. Cool little unit. Really like the size. Battery lasts too. Hate the cartridges this thing comes with. It’s the second time I waste a whole syringe of quarry c02 oil. It just keeps coming up the mouthpiece. Really really annoyed. This happened the first time I bought one of those 15$ cartridges and HD said it was my fault that I didn’t know how to fill them up!!! Wtf!!! Gave them the benefit of the doubt. Bought this vape and again same thing!! I was extra careful filling up this time so I know I didn’t get any oil in the tube while filling. I think these cartridges are not meant for c02 oil. Love the vape, hate the cartridges!

  25. Just got it from the mail, put some cherry vape oil in it, spit up a little bit the first few pulls but after that works like a charm.

  26. First vape I’ve actually continued to use. Like it a lot. Highly recommend.

  27. Anonymous

    The atomizer doesn’t lock with the chamber.. that little circle thing has to be out ??
    Like its working but seems lose.

  28. Red 3V,Blue 3.5V,White 4.2V. Quarry oil is lasting forever in this thing. Love it!

  29. Anonymous

    Turn it on or off by hitting the main button 5x. Change temp settings by hitting the main button 3x. Color will cycle red blue and white for different settings. I believe blue is lowest red is highest.

  30. Anonymous

    Anyone know how to change the heat setting? Mine did not come with the manual

  31. LOVE!!!!! IT! best way to smoke oils. Once you try this you will not want to smoke it any other way again. Clean, smooth & simple to use. A must buy for oil smokers

  32. just received mine, love it look rly nice quality

  33. i got this the day it came out not too bad at all i put heratio’s platinum in it cbn with a lil bb clear and wham thick ass clouds even on low. this vape is the cats ass for the oils quarry included like buddy up top said i got the extra atomizer too and filled it with girl scout cookies from heratio as well and it works awesome on lo just take your time pullin and you get a nice haul . thumbs up hd now just get some good weed

  34. Another winner HD. This is a slick little unit. Even smaller than I thought from the pictures. Price point might even be low I think it’s that good a value. The magnetic ring is the cats pajamas but it would be really nice if HD sold the ring by itself as well. This battery is over 3 times the capacity of the twist battery that HD sells. 3 heat settings. I’m using all the quarry oils in this unit. Big hits on even lowest setting. It stands up on a table by itself. Fits in pocket easily. I keep the red rubber on the atomizer so nothing gets inside from my pocket.. I think this vape pen is almost worthy of the quarry oil. Great job again HD.

  35. Anonymous

    Just got mine in today just loved the size of it nice little unit.i used the bc honey oil to try it out read people had a hard time filling it with this oil what I do is warm it up and add a pg mix called licks not much just enough to thin it then put it in a syringe fill it easy for vapour qualities nice smoth hits impressive soul highly recondmend im going to do the same with shatter heat it up in some licks to barrack it down and see how that works

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