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Pre-rolls (Yubnubs)

(14 customer reviews)


1 pack of Yubnub Pre-rolls for $33
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Sold By: Baked Edibles
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Product Description

Certified Yubnub fresh

Yub Nub means “freedom” or “hooray” in the language of the Ewoks.

Smooth and delicious Cannabis. Quads only.

Available in Indica, Sativa or Hybrid.

Each pack contains 5 x 0.5 gram pre-rolls.

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14 reviews for Pre-rolls (Yubnubs)

  1. The packaging is cute and like that there is a moisture pack in them. I have bought a couple of the sativa packs and the taste is not the best but the high is good. My friend bought the hybrid and the indica and the same thing. .. not the best taste but a great high.

  2. Not bad. Not the best tasting joints out there but def gets me high. I have tried the indica and Sativa. Have yet to try the hybrid. 4/5 stars. Fast shipping. Thanks herbal!

  3. Decent, but large filters on the joints. Will buy if on sale

  4. Sativa was good ?? Indica was my fav. Opening the hybrid soon ???

  5. These are cute. I’ve tried the indica and the hybrid and I thought the indica joints were bigger and tasted better. You’re paying a premium for the box but you’re also getting 5 cute little joints (big filters) that burn well and do the job. Good novelty gift for a cannabis loving Star Wars nerd.

  6. The Sativa ones were great. Taste and smell was very fruity. Stone was a very energetic one. Plus the package is freakin sweet. Planning on trying the other two kinds next.

  7. Definitely more of a novelty. Decent all around but nothing really worth paying $33 repeatedly.

  8. Great quality bud and super convenient, the quallity of the joint rolls are a little lacking, not very uniform size and lacking the tight perfection of the quarry prerolls.

  9. I bought the hybrid’s to try as that is my usual go to for strain types. The box would garner a 3 star review just ’cause. I mean, an Ewok smoking a bat, how can you go wrong? The taste is good, smoke is good, high is good. No real complaints on the product. I would however like to see the stats of the preroll listed on the box; strain, percentage, etc. The price is a little steep, but nothing too outrageous. Overall, I would buy these again for the novelty if I was having a Star Wars themed party or something foolish like that, but they’re not going in my regular arsenal.

  10. And sorry, I meant the hybrid was the best! Not sativa

  11. I bought each pack and the only one that had a white ash and didn’t taste that bad was the sativa…the other ones give you a buzz but you can tell it wasn’t cured properly the ash was black kept going out and it didn’t have a good taste evenwith the sativa with the white ash is not the best tasting but it’s the best burning out of all of them so far they’re OK to try I guess especially since I got them for cheaper some reason I don’t know why but I definitely wouldn’t spend $100 for three packs… Great idea the only thing is people would like to know what they’re smoking and the THC levels other than that it’s not a bad product except like I said if they cured it properly and it had a good taste without the black Ash and we knew what we were smoking I’d probably give it 4 stars as of right now it’s like the regular weed I find around here but almost a little bit worse just because it burns like that I did get a buzz from each 1 though I’m not saying that but it was nothing crazy… Nice idea especially for Star Wars fans which I’m not but the execution needs to be stepped up LOL better cured name of strains and levels of THC and maybe charged 20 bucks a pack it’s definitely not worth 33 I’d rather buy a half bag of good weed of herbal dispatch and a pack of these for $33 but thank you HD again and they even sent me a little present of papers filters and matches from the quarry so thank you for that also…??

  12. Loved em’. Got a pack of hybrid.

  13. I just got a box lol no pre roll so that’s a little sad but I’m pretty sure the issue will get worked out and I’m excited for when they do come in. I mean I guess for now I have a sweet r2d2 box hahahaha

  14. Realy happy with the product! Eay better then the Quarry I got ! As a huge StarWars fan I was verry pleased tonsee this out just before my Bday and its pretty good ! Think I’ll be buying the two others!

    I would like to know the strains used ! I guess the one I smoked was pink or some kind of cross gen with a good sweet taste !

    Realy nice pre roll try hem out

    Thanks HD

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