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Pre-rolls (The Quarry) – Pennywise CBD

(120 customer reviews)


1 Quarry Pennywise CBD pre-roll for $6
Special! Buy 4 or more for a 10% discount

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Sold By: The Quarry
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Product Description

The Quarry Pre-Rolls are made from top shelf strains and contain 100% high quality flower. Machine rolled into perfect cones, and hermetically sealed in airtight tubes to lock in freshness.

Each Quarry Pre-Roll contains approximately one gram of lab-tested high quality flower.

Pennywise CBD

Pennywise is a high-CBD indica cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper, a combination that lends this strain its killer clown name. Four phenotypes of this Stephen King-inspired strain exist, some of which have fingerlike buds while others appear more round. Notes of coffee and pepper lift from the purple-fringed flowers with undertones of lemon and bubblegum.

Rich in the therapeutic compound CBD, Pennywise is especially effective in treating arthritis, PTSD, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and cancer symptoms. It contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, so the psychoactive effects are milder and more relaxing. Jack the Ripper’s cerebrally focused effects are detectable in Pennywise’s genes as euphoria and mental clarity take over with an invigorating buzz. Pennywise flowers in 60 to 67 days and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor gardens.

Flavours: Earthy, woody, spicy/herbal
Effects: Relaxed, happy, focused, euphoric, uplifted
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, inflammation, insomnia

120 reviews for Pre-rolls (The Quarry) – Pennywise CBD

  1. ashley

    Great price and excellent for my everyday anxiety. The 1:1 ratio is just the right combination for me.

  2. -Ziggfreed

    Nice and easy high. 1/3 smoked really poorly, tightly rolled and burned badly.

  3. meliss

    The best pre rolls.

  4. valbor

    Decent weed….light mellow high……so-so burn….canoe trip…….good price……4 stars

  5. strece

    The taste and the high was good will buy again

  6. jeremi

    Ce joint pré-roulé a été très agréable à consommer, très pratique.

  7. -TrixyTrixy

    These pre rolls are so great and convenient. Rolled well, burns great and stays super fresh. I love these and so many different varieties.

  8. mattma

    Good quality over all. Ok taste, good burn, well rolled and fair price.

  9. -Whitie_bear

    First PRJs i ever tried, they were awesome..however on my last order i only ordered the Romulan and i found that to taste chemically and really really harsh, tasted like the paper was not good for me at all and i did not enjoy, the effects were ok but i had to push through the joint and i should never have to do that…i do however like 1gram joints so thats a plus i guess

  10. richar

    These Are Awesome, what more can i say… Will order again for sure!

  11. victor

    I bought the pennywise and romulan and both nicely rolled and worth every buck, I would purchase again.

  12. smashf

    Quarries pre rolls are handy, taste great. come in a great little tube for safe keeping and are absolutely the best price for a pre roll and quality compared to the others.

  13. matthe

    perfect for on the go!

  14. -T.H.

    A bit more expensive than rolling yourself, but worth the convenience with the 4 pack sale. I’ve tried a few different strains and enjoyed all, but found the Romulan a bit of a disappointment in comparison.

  15. raztax

    Roll quality was great! Bought the Romulan strain, smoked 1 between the wife and I and hardly caught a buzz. It canoed up the glue joint but was not too bad. Packaging was very nice.

    Was pretty disappointed with the flower, I feel like two people should get a pretty good buzz after smoking a gram. Might consider trying a different one if more strains were available.

  16. eddiez

    Comed handy when you want to go out fast ! The romulan I orther didnt even get me high tasted like leaves.. sorry : (

  17. somena

    They come rolled straight but dont be surprised if it ‘canoes’. Smoked one between 4 people and we all got wrecked.

  18. matthe

    perfect for cruising those mountain roads…

  19. matthe

    Made my roadtrip awesome once again

  20. brenda

    Second time ordering these and I love them. When I know I won’t be able to roll my own joints these are my go-to pre-rolls.

  21. fred.s

    nicely rolled, but some of the weed got out by the cut, they do those m weird cuts, please dont, it loose over the travel passage…….. but good weed, liked
    to share

  22. tysonb

    I’ve tried every strain offered by the quarry never once have I been disappointed great quality rolls great tasting bud they are all great hands down 10/10

  23. tysonb

    Moby dick is the best

  24. ajklak

    Great to have a few of these kicking around

  25. kylelo

    Tried the Pennywise CBD smoked well and tasted good. Can’t go wrong with them.

  26. jessic

    I bought Moby DIck and shared it with 3 other people. A nice size and a really nice high. I’m not a connoisseur in any way but thought it had a great taste and a knowledgeable friend was really impressed with it and said it was great quality. Will order again!

  27. sourcr

    I got a Pennywise thingy maH Bob Saget and it was just perfect. You can do it yourself for cheaper although this is a great alternative. Good Nite.

  28. jonray

    Great products. Bought a 4 pack yo try as they were on sale 4 or more @ $10/pc. These are great on the road or outdoors. I would buy this product again. Thanks HD for a fast service.

  29. jamest

    Great product, would buy again

  30. mosher

    2nd time trying and would definitely order again. Only issue is I find they canoe a lot and sometimes rolled too tight.

  31. shorto

    Loved the death Bubba pre rolls I bought! Great flower and packaging ☠

  32. strece

    Rockstar A++ i like it alot

  33. matthe

    perfect for pulling over and enjoying the scenery on a road trip, especially at the discount for bulk buy

  34. jules.

    Very convenient. Love the packaging, decent price for the size and quality of the pre-roll. I got a 4-pack for $10 ea and got Indicas as I usually buy Sativas. It was great to try some strains that HD didn’t have in stock. Would do this again!

  35. dmbarr

    Ordered these pre rolls a mere 36 hours ago & they just arrived ! Haven’t tried them yet but the easy ordering, extensive product selection & quick shipping have made me a fan. Gonna go sample my product, refer a friend & chill.
    Thanks Herbal Dispatch, bravo !

  36. vc.for

    Great prerolls, great packaging and an all around great high!

  37. -harveyzz

    Perfectly roll , taste really great (rocksrar) , burn really great . I recommand this product for sure

  38. gregc7

    Consistent quality rolls, will continue buying.

  39. katrin

    I had LA Confidential and Romulan. Smooth smoke, perfectly rolled, great taste! Both highs were relaxing and I definitely plan on ordering these again!

  40. solid_

    Always a beautiful roll which makes me never want to spark them lol the only thing is they are packed a bit too tight but the weight is always there. Violator and Rockstar are the best so far

  41. arsena

    Excellent joints! Would recommend!

  42. cassan

    These are amazing. Love getting these for a night on the town. Convienent, smell proof tube, and we’ll rolled. I can’t roll for my life so being able to get it done for me is amazing. I recommend lemon cake and rockstar. Even when rockstar is out of stock in flower getting a couple of these and unrolling them or just smoking them rolled is awesome. If you haven’t tried rockstar you’re missing out. My fav ?

  43. mattjm

    well rolled and well worth the money

  44. jeremy

    Got the rockstar and it was amazing. Burns perfect and tastes awesome. Seemed to go around the table forever. Nice treat for a group

  45. vc.for

    Pennywise is a great mellow high .

  46. vc.for

    Violator is intense A+

  47. vc.for

    Romulan is so smooth!

  48. vc.for

    Death Bubba is awesome!

  49. eileen

    Tried pre rolled death bubba and was happy with the way the joint burnt, but not the product. I have ordered death bubba and it is a knock out, but this gram of it was not nearly as strong. Was it death bubba ???

  50. j_temp

    Not bad. I had LA confidential and pink lady. I enjoyed the taste and high of the LA confidential more. Both were pretty smooth and were perfectly rolled and burned great! I was worried about them being harsh and dry but nope. Packaging is great! Would recommend for a change. Thanks.

  51. Lisall

    Had Death Bubba. Was good & nice to have a fatty without having to roll it yourself. I’d probably get more often if it was 10 bucks. 12 is just a bit too much.

  52. vc.for

    Moby Dick is a supreme strain!

  53. vc.for

    Pink Lady is so-so

  54. vc.for

    Rockstar has a great taste to it!

  55. vc.for


  56. ajklak

    Got the pink. Nice roll tasted and smelled like they at least used flowers no shake. Pricey but really convenient. Tube is almost smell proof

  57. mybell

    Very smooth.

  58. celtic

    Nice slow burn and long lasting effects!

  59. corey.

    Great first time! Tried the death bubba and it was fantastic. Super clear high with tons of creative thoughts. Smoked on a walk down by the river and was pleasantly surprised at the high level of intensity the high brought, but without making my head race. Very easy to organize thoughts and make or set goals. 2 thumbs way up. Also joint was perfectly rolled and burnt great! Tip for new users; when lighting slowly burn in circular motion on end stopping to lightly blow embers. Don’t haul on it right away or it will Canoe. Also slightly dampen with mouth before lighting in dry climates. Happy smoking folks!

  60. -XFlak

    I tried the Rockstar strain and loved it. Roll was very good but a little too tightly packed in my opinion otherwise I would’ve given it a perfect 5. When I personally roll my own joints I roll them a little looser and bigger so that it burns for longer (I could’ve turned 1 gram into two loose joints of the same size). But again this is my preference in terms of rolls so I would definitely recommend this to anyone unless you are very picky with your rolls.

    Really having it prerolled is a novelty, it was fun, new and cool, but was it worth the extra dollar? Hard to say. I can see myself ordering a preroll again just for fun but maybe for 10% of herb I purchase. I’d pay an extra dollar but not an extra 10, for me 90% of the time it makes sense to use a pipe or roll it myself and save a buck, but maybe that’s just because I’m frugal.

  61. stephe


  62. cubana

    I purchased a few. Only one burnt bad

  63. eileen

    beautifully rolled. burnt real nice, no runs, ashes were firm . loved it will certainly purchase again.

  64. meliss

    Ordered 4 of these. Very nicely rolled and burned perfectly even. The reusable tubes they come in are super handy and have cool designs on them depicting the strain which is housed within it. The weed itself is very good quality. Bubba God and Death Bubba are really good indicas and both helped put me to sleep. They’re both also good for appetite stimulation. Lemon Cake and Pink Lady were okay sativas but effects wore off quite quickly. I’ve also tried Rockstar and Space Queen from Quarry in the past and both were really good.

  65. eoman

    Love! Space Queen.

  66. adampi

    Enjoyed every last bit of this stuff, delicious and did exactly what I wanted it to do

  67. strece

    Rockstar is really good, nice taste.

  68. claude

    packaging is excellent and so is product keep up the quality work HD

  69. jasmii

    Ordered 2 of these my last order.
    1. Pink Lady
    2. Lemon Cake
    Both smelled funny upon opening them up, smelled unlike usual joints..
    Pink Lady tasted like burning gas, and chemicals did not enjoy it. Had a hardtime to burn properly and it was very hard to toke on. Did get somewhat high from it though.
    Lemon Cake, smelled insane good, had a very strong lemon taste as if the flavours were added in, though once again it had a disgusting chemical taste.

    Although i did get high from these, i really didnt enjoy the chemical taste to them and wont be ordering these again.

  70. London

    CBD therapy for the first time. I unwrapped the joint and keep the flower in the dube tube to pack a glass pipe. I love the trippy elephant pattern on the tube. Joint was nicely rolled before I took it apart. Earthy smell and a nice smooth smoke with little to no cough. My bowl seemed to burn forever…at least six solid puffs. I was not expecting much with 17.9% CBD and 0.7% THC. Nice tingly bit of a body buzz and a few muscles twitched and relaxed. Good strain for those looking to avoid the cerebral high or to mix with a potent strain. Great quality joints and tubes so I will definitely order again.

  71. adam_p

    Would order again violator was tasty

  72. cubana

    Good bud, cheap but it canoed like a b**ch! Too bad 🙁

  73. scoote

    Lovely, thanks

  74. gusher

    Love these joints, flavourful, smooth and burns white and you get a good buzz. Purchased violator and death bubba.

  75. stephe

    Excellent quality and rolling

  76. kevin8

    Love these. I get a few of these every other order.

  77. rebecc

    These are definitely worth the splurg for a special sesh now and then. Perfectly rolled, smooth even burning. I tried Space Queen and it was out of this world. Great to share with a couple friends.

  78. jamiek

    Perfect roll, every time.

  79. jamiek

    Can’t get enough of these!

  80. patles

    Rock Star Hell yeah

  81. jamiek

    This is my favourite strain packs a punch

  82. ginger

    love the pre rolls!!good value and pennywise is my fave.

  83. duck71

    the best 10 dollar joint i have ever bought, great for a few friends

  84. nynyna

    Very elegant and very nice but i think they are roll too tight i order Larry Og and LA confidential and the Larry Og wow he hit me so hard smoke with 2 friends wow but i think its better to buy a G and roll by myself

  85. umhebe

    These were a great buy. Lemon cake and rockstar were my fav so far. If your gonna be rolling a joint anyways you might as well have it rolled for you and pay the same amount you would have anyways for the bud. Good fat rolls, thanks HD.

  86. mathie

    Jai pris le moby dick et c’est le meilleur joint que jai fumer de ma vie .

  87. krysti

    I got the Ayahuasca Purple pre-roll with my last order and was quite disappointed. I typically smoke sativas, but do indulge in indicas once in a while. Usually the indicas feel much stronger than sativas (probably because of my infrequent use of them) but this particular strain left me feeling nothing at all.

  88. mehof8

    Subtle but you’ll definitely feel it. Great flavour!

  89. blairm

    Love these things. Always get at least one or two every time I make an order. My favs are rockstar and space queen for sure. Very Nicely rolled and even though they say it’s a gram, it really feels like more. Would highly recommend at least giving one of these a try.

  90. cotton

    Great to share with a few friends . Will definitely order another sometime

  91. willia

    A product very elegant, with a dosage perfect.

  92. tylers

    I dont understand why they call it la confidental to be honest why keep such a great strain confidental that being said without a doubt 10/10

  93. cullen

    Well rolled, slow burn, nice selection of strains

  94. tylers

    Received this td beyond happy and the design alone is perfect the lemon cake was beyond a treat if you like the cheese you’ll fall in love with this one lemon skunk and cheese cross quite the winner

  95. Anonymous

    Love the pre roll space queen,

  96. -Jeremy

    Rockstar – nice fat roll that burned smoothly and evenly. Wish they were rolled longer instead. Tastes great and it’s convenient to have it pre-rolled for almost the same price as one gram.

  97. x13x-n

    Have had over 6 of these myself as of this review. Every single one has been consistent the high is very good and the packaging is amazing. I really do not like smoking with paper but these are a really nice treat

  98. matthe

    I wasn’t expecting such a massive pre-roll. The pictures don’t do it justice. Larry OG is great. Ordering the mix and match soon!

  99. greggi

    Ordered one just to try.
    Rolled very well.
    smooth not too strong
    nice little buzz.

  100. tchadt

    Nice product I have space queen. Nice roll and high, but I smoke it in two part!!

  101. perrot

    I have only tried Space Queen, and it was nicely rolled, it canoed a bit but I got pretty ripped

  102. jc.for

    Space Queen : Taste ok , great high
    Rockstar : My favorite
    Pennywise : Very good CBD high
    Pink Kush : Typical Kush high
    Larry Og : Very good
    Overall , 8/10
    very good product when it burn correctly

  103. jetair

    Got Rockstar after reading the reviews, WOW! Amazing roll, lit perfect, burned perfect, hit thick and creamy tokes. Not one “run”(“canoe”) during the whole joint. Full of flavour, super potent and the container can be used as a doob tube once you smoke this one. I have tried two moonrock joints too, and will ONLY buy these from now on. HIGHly recommended

  104. sirsmi

    Great roll, slow burn, these are great pre rolls with nice doob tube! Larry OG, Rockstar! Next time the 4 pack!

  105. lauren

    I realized this was a CBD after I purchased this pre-roll, so I didn’t get that high more of a calm buzz. love how nicely it was rolled though!

  106. Jenlai

    Packaging and roll quality were prefect – very well done. Ordered the pink kush. Excellent quality – would Definitely order again.

  107. sourcr

    I smoked my LARRY and it hit me harder than BARRY BONDS!! Seriously you guys, this stuff makes me feel like a virgin again.

    One pre-roll is probably good for 3 or more people, my brother Jarred and I tackled that beast and almost died.

  108. msobko

    So that is a “perfect cone”, eh? I have to agree with many other reviewers as to the quality of these cones. It burned even, with a small coal that was easily ashed (I got four sessions out of the cone.) It never went out, it smouldered evenly delivering lungful after lungful of rich, redolent Ayahusca smoke.

    So you’re paying a buck to have someone roll for you compared to buying top shelf strains here. That isn’t a big deal to those with the bucks, and who like big joints. For myself, I’ll stick to buds in a bowl — I don’t like relighting joints. That tends to taste harsher than freshly lit bud. 😀

  109. brewst

    Thes were nice on the long weekend, full rolls, burned pretty well. The Acahuyuan was pretty dopppe. Like that you canre-use the tubes

  110. bigb17

    Rockstar 5x pink kush taste amazing, not as strong as rockstar but does the trick, Larry OG gets u stoned, just tastes and burns not the best. Space queen is ok as well…

  111. kaysos

    Love these pre-rolls! Got a OG Larry and Rockstar, preferred the taste of Rockstar which got at least 12 people stoned at the party I was at… definitely a game changer and will buy again.

  112. adamye

    Larry OG was awesome, worked very well for pain from my Ankylosing Spondylitis, effects were almost immediate after sharing with 5 friends.

  113. bigb17

    Rockstar is by far the best…Larry OG was ok for the high, but didn’t have the best burn or taste…space queen…nothing special and just orderd 1x pink kush in my 4 pack. Let u guys know…happy medicating! 5 for rockstar, 4vfor Larry OG just because it does the trick and 3,5 for the others. Haven’t tried the new 1 yet though

  114. willia

    Amazing! Rockstar burned perfectly and ends my night every time!

  115. -Whitie_bear

    ordered all 4…pennywise cbd was surprisingly my favorite of this batch…i ordered the old ones too and the best there was platinum space cookies…dear lord bring that one back…pennywise was hot on this one…other ones were ok – find the bat section runs on some of these

  116. bradly

    Ordered the rockstar 22%, flavour was A+ and the high was intense. will order again for sure.

  117. gentle

    Looks great and rockstar put my on my ass.

  118. grant5

    Very nice machine rolled cone! Quality forsure. For the most part I roll my own, but these are nice to have in the cupboard. Had a few ppl by last night, lit up and passed around, really nice!

    For $12 very proper, also see they have a 4 pack for $40….wouldn’t hesitate to order again!

  119. jakobe

    rockstar was the best joint ive ever smoked in my life

  120. wizop2

    Started with a single of rockstar. I really enjoyed this product and my next purchase will be the 4-pack to save on bulk pricing.

    The packaging and roll quality is 2nd to none. The cone shape blunt burns has an ash similar to a cigar burning evenly never boated once.. The perfect pre made doob for those times you just want burn one and skip the grind and roll. The rockstar taste and buzz was great in this product. The 4 pack price increase over the DIY method is justified for special occasions.

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