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Pre-rolls (Shhhhhhh)

(18 customer reviews)


1 Shhhhhhh pre-roll for $12
Special! Buy 4 or more for $10 each

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Sold By: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Product Description

The Shhhhhhh Pre-Rolls are manufactured using Shhhhhhh’s homegrown strains. They are machine rolled into perfect cones, and hermetically sealed in airtight tubes to lock in freshness.

Each Shhhhhhh Pre-Roll contains approximately one gram of lab-tested high quality flower.

Q and A: What Does Quality Sound Like? Shhhhhhh!

18 reviews for Pre-rolls (Shhhhhhh)

  1. Very good pre rolls but some were harsh on the throat.

  2. Love the flavour! Love the high! Definitely would recommend!

  3. The taste and the high was good will buy again

  4. Love.

  5. I love buying these pre rolls. You can decide which type to have whenever you need and it’s ready to go. Rolled great, smooth burn and great taste. Great for a nice treat and super convienent. Little tubes are great and keep it nice and fresh.

  6. Love the rockstar ones. Great, convient.

  7. Burned terrible . Packed way to tight . . For a $12 joint . Would have expected something way better

  8. I had the lindsay og because it was one of the only ones left at the time, it was ok, it was a bit harsh, but nothing crazy, the effects really weren’t that amazing but i could tell i had smoked a joint. wont buy it again, i would rather roll my own AAAA bud and be on the moon but its convenient, just nothing amazing

  9. The rockstar is the Best!! Great for party’s!! 5/5

  10. Smoked the death bubba, great high and burned slow. Comes in a cool container that you can re use.

  11. Not overly impressed by the strength, some burned badly, the heater falling out when tapped. Better than I can roll, but short-lived effects.

  12. Fun item..slow-burning and smooth.

  13. Pretty good J! Burned good n slow

  14. Got the Mango Haze CBD, quality was really good. Love how easy the pre-rolls are. 1 of them lasted me for a very long time!


  16. Very nicely rolled and burned well. Dube tube is nice and can keep for future use. I ordered mango haze CBD. This had a very smoky taste and travelled throughout the entire house in under a minute, Quite pungent so don’t spark this one if you are trying to be low key. Very mild to no buzz. Go ahead if you are looking for a tasty entry smoke but steer clear if you are looking for more. I tried a bit in my glass pipe and it burned nicely.

  17. A greatly rolled J with some grade A weed ??

  18. Pretty much similar to the other ones, watch how it burns and correct it to keep it going evenly. Quality of the weed seems great.

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