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Pre-rolls (Flowerpwr)

(33 customer reviews)


1 Flowerpwr pre-roll from $7 to $28
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Product Description

Canada’s most trusted pre-rolls; straight outta Vancouver

All your favourite dankness, broken down and twisted up into the best damn doobie you’ve ever smoked. Made with BC craft cannabis, they’ve harnessed the power of 100% pure, premium flowers and pre-rolled them for you to light up anytime you need. Why roll when you could just grab and go?


Made from premium AAA+ grade flower, affordable, yet a step above the norm. These joints offer great quality since all of our joints are made with premium flowers; all buds and no shake.


The Gold Label Subscription keeps cannabis connoisseurs in mind with top-shelf AAAA grade flower. For those desiring boutique strains without the hassle of tracking them down, the Gold Label Subscription will be your answer.

24k Gold

Contains the highest premium grade AAAA+ flower in BC and rolled in 24K Gold Leaf Rolling Paper. These joints are the cream de la creme flower, aka boujee of them all.

33 reviews for Pre-rolls (Flowerpwr)

  1. These joints are great!! Have tried them all and all are top notch. My favs would be white shark and canelope haze. The taste is worth the money when wanting to splurge. Will continue to buy.

  2. 24k cotton candy star tasted so amazing

  3. Well Rolled !! Good stuff

  4. First time buying these pre-rolled and I have to say I’m not that impressed. They seems kind of small to me, at least compared to other pre-rolled, and they were so harsh that I coughed after every hit and that is all of them as I ordered five and all different strains. It seemed to me that these sat around and got pretty dry. I did not enjoy these and I will not purchase again.

  5. Ordered 5 of these ranging from price… all the weeds were great but some of the roll jobs weren’t… my hash bud mix one wasn’t a half gram for sure but it smoked great. Haven’t tried the 24k gold yet but I highly recommend splurging on one… if only for IG pics. All in all definitely worth it.

  6. Tried a few different strains and they’re just okay. Not great but they get the job done.

  7. I ordered the 1g romulan gold, it burned very nice and It tasted really good aswell. Very potent pre roll, I’d definitely purchase again.

  8. I ordered the 24k cotton candy star. Arrived perfectly rolled, the gold paper is spectacular, smoked beautiful with clean white ash and easily one of the best and most potent strains I’ve ever tried. Would definitely order again, well worth the price.

  9. I love these, I’ve tried a few different ones. I lean towards sativa strains typically but when I was having trouble sleeping and eating the indica dominant strains were great for helping my appetite and ability to fall asleep. The high lasted a while with each and they were super convenient and bonus is the cute little cork-top tubes you can reuse for your own joints after.

  10. The taste was good and the high too will buy again

  11. Strawberry Banana is great! The packaging is also great. All and all very good!?

  12. Where to begin, some were good some were so so and some were kind of harsh (not as bad as my romulan from quarry though) i got red congo + afgan hash, amazing results, good burn but i found it harsh and hard to smoke …. black uk cheese was good, but just a meh (but its a black 1 gram so to be expected). … black red congo was good but just again meh, i think that will be the same for most black labels …. gold 91 chemdawg was good, wasnt harsh, but nothing to write home about, but the reason it gets 4 stars (because price is a touch high) is that uk cheese and afgan hash, HOLY CRAP it smoked so smooth and was not harsh at all, i can definitely say it was one of the most enjoyable joints i have ever smoked, so they get 4 stars in my books because of the gold uk cheese and afghan hash

  13. This makes for a nice treat. Love the hash with the love potion, Such a nice and relaxing buzz, Well rolled and burns great.Def order Again!!

  14. Love the selection and the high. Buy again for sure

  15. Bought these on a whim because I liked the retro vibe and wanted a change from my pipe and vape. LOVED them and ordered more! I’ve tried 6 different strains and been happy with all of them. The UK Cheese is my fave and worked great on my chronic pain and insomnia. Will definitely keep this on my wishlist

  16. I got the gold – UK cheese with hash. Was a bit hesitant about the 1/2g being enough, but it’s worth every penny. Beautiful burn. Great taste. Fantastic high. This might even replace moonrock as my new favorite treat.

  17. Decent rolls, well packed. Didn’t measure but pretty hefty, got on sale.

  18. I ordered the witchcraft. Burnt well. Nice smooth smoke. Enjoyed it when I woke up this morning with a nice cup of tea. It made me feel quite good and got me ready for the day! Very nice balanced hybrid. Would order again.

  19. I got the moby and it got 3 of us stoned 2 of which are bong smokers and indica smokers it was the best burning joint i ever smoked………the ash was pure grey and the stone was amazing!!!! 5 star!

  20. I ordered blackberry kush- the joint itself was well rolled and smoked easily. The weed however was a different story; very harsh smoke, and I found myself feeling extremely anxious coupled with an uncomfortable body stone. Would not recommend to anybody who uses to treat insomnia or anxiety!

  21. Strains are amazing! I got one red congo as I’ve only gotten the more indica dominant strain of it, another one I got was love potion with hash for my boyfriend. I was hoping the reviews about it being super tight was just a once in a while kind of thing. Neither of us could get a good haul on either of the joints we got unless we loosened them up but they’re only .5 so then it just canoed and it was terrible. I recommend them if you want to take the stuff out and keep the container but sadly both our joints were basically not smokable. We’d haul so hard and barely get a hit. Also with the love potion + hash I thought it was .5 of each. It’s only a .5 joint. They do seem pretty full for .5 though!

  22. Good product I ordered the 24k romulan and it was good and tasty decent roll job etc only reason I’m giving a 4 star rating is the price in my opinion $28 for a 1g joint wrapped in 24k gold edible paper is alot specially when the 24k gold papers aren’t even all that expensive like I could completely understand charging $20 cause the premium flower they use is more then likely $15g and $5 for the paper and that’s being generous with my estimates but definitely worth a try just brag to everyone you smoked a gold joint lmao

  23. I bought the 24K flowerpwr preroll for my birthday! I was stoked to smoke it with my homies before we headed out. The joint was the TIGHTEST mother fuckers I’ve ever smoked. You could barely get anything out of it, and there was NO high. PREMIUM BUD MY ASS! Don’t waste your money!!!!!!

  24. I tried Black – Chronic Haze and Gold – Romulan. Romulan was very tasteful and potent and Chronic Haze was good.

  25. Great roll, smoked well. Got the blueberry blast, would recommend to everyone

  26. Awesome ?

  27. Tried many kinds from both the Black and Gold label. Fav. black label was Bubba Kush. Fav. gold label was by far Sensai Star, literally ordered 40-50 of those, sensai star was one of the best flower I’ve ever smoked – period (I am a daily quad smoker)
    4 star rating only because of the high price and inconsistent quality with the Gold label types flowers.

  28. I ordered one of each. Last night I smoked the conga and hash .5 gram. Thought is.t was a little small compared to what I’m use to. But after smoking half I had to put it out, cause that was enough for me. Very pleased with the first one I smoked cant wait to try the others.. Another great product will be ordering more for Sure.

  29. Well rolled

  30. Bought the 24k chemdawg 91 juat to say I smoked a gold joint and it’s the Worst product I’ve bought off of herbal ive never had a complaint in quality except this did not even get me high after smoking the entire joint I just finished smoking a pinner of the og they got for 7 a g and am way more satisfied would not recommend you waste your money

  31. Got a 24K romulan. The bud was quite high quality and it was interesting to smoke something wrapped in gold. Burned well without any runs. All in all, I’m satisfied.

  32. The weed is wonderful and well wrapped but, I ordered a gold one and recieved a normal one. Pretty disappointed, it was the whole reason I ordered it.

  33. I ordered the Strawberry Cough and it was excellent! It smells and tastes so so good, like strawberries and it gave me a nice relaxed buzz that lasted quite a while. I’m more of an indica girl myself but this was some damn good sativa. I tired to order another but it was sold out. Will definitely buy again!

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