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Pink Kush (Organic)

(142 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica

1 gram for $11
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28 grams for $250

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Sold By: Golden Spruce Cannabis
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Product Description

About this batch

This batch of Pink Kush was grown in the heart of Pemberton, BC using the completely organic Destiny Grow System. This style of growing is 100% organic throughout the entire cycle of the crops that only uses pre-fertilized super soil, microbial teas, liquid kelp, water that is 6.2-6.4 pH, along with predator bugs and neem oil to eliminate pests.

Each batch is flushed for three weeks and hung to cure in low temps for the preservation of glorious terpenes and trichomes. Grown by our friends BC TREES in partnership with Golden Spruce. Bringing back true BC Bud one crop at a time.

Click the video below for an up close of Golden Spruce’s Pink Kush (Organic)…

Pink Kush

Pink Kush, as coveted as its OG Kush relative, is an indica-dominant hybrid with powerful body-focused effects. In its exceptional variations, pink hairs burst from bright green buds barely visible under a blanket of sugar-like trichomes, with traces of a sweet vanilla and candy perfume. Even for veteran consumers, the heaviness of this strain could be considered overpowering, and even small doses eliminate pain, insomnia, and appetite loss. Relaxation runs in Pink Kush’s indica genes, promoting rest and stress relief without total sedation.

Flavours: Sweet, flowery, earthy
Effects: Relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted, hungry
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, insomnia, lack of appetite

Q and A: The True Quality of Craft Cannabis

142 reviews for Pink Kush (Organic)

  1. Love the Pink Kush!! One of my top 3!!!

  2. Golden spruce cannabis is top notch. Definetly a repeat order

  3. Best strain and strong effects, the quality of this strain is amazing.

  4. Love! Tasted fresh, you can tell it’s quality…Light, creeps up then hungry..
    Can’t fight this one, relaxes the mind. Top notch product.

  5. Thanks guys

  6. Good quality. Would repurchase.

  7. Nice looking buds, but not alot of flavor or strength. Not worth the price IMO.

  8. This is probably one of the densest buds. I’m really enjoying this one and I’ll probably buy again.

  9. Nice strong indica, great before bed.

  10. Honestly upon looking at it didn’t look that impressive at all but has a nice strong kush smell but a typical pink kush none the less nice clean high burn was good and clean flushed properly a little high priced but good

  11. Very dense, with a deep kush smell and lots of crystal on the buds!! Potent and unwinding and a must have!! 🙂

  12. Makes me want to say “Whabamm!!!” in a comic book way while throwing a pink of spice onto my diner.

  13. amazing bud. flavour is just what you’d expect from Pink Kush and it’s definitely potent!!

  14. Excellent, un peu cher mais je crois que sa en vaut vraiment la peine. Bon goût, bonne senteur, bon buzz. Je recommande fortement, a essayer à coup sûr!

  15. Pink strains never go wrong , its one of the best strains I have ever smoked.

  16. Great! very nice clear minded smoke. not too heavy

  17. 5 star, more if possible. Smooth, strong, tasty smoke.

  18. Pink makes ya think! Very strong and tasty. great purchase

  19. 5 star weed

  20. By far the best indica ive tried. Was very tasty and pungent.

  21. Not the nicest looking, but the potency is definitely there.

  22. Really nice bud. Love the products and service hd 5/5

  23. No doubt one of my all time favs but top priced.

  24. One of my faves on the site. Great taste and smell. Smokes great and leaves me very relaxed.

  25. this product is top notch I would not hesitate to order again very .good indica strain .would recommend.

  26. Nice dark and full of crystal buds. A friend told me this is the best indica weed on the site and I would say it probably is, at 90% indica and 28% THC you cant go wrong. Definitely a must try!

  27. Ive had this one for 2 or 3 weeks now but realized I hadnt left review for it when I was writing one for GG#4 just now. This bud has top notch buzz, smell and taste but I was surprised at the appearance. One of the uglier strains I’ve bought from HD. Of all the characteristics of a bud, its looks are the very least of my concern. This is a 5 star no doubt with its creeping heavy sedated buzz. I must say though I do slightly prefer the GG#4.

  28. Really nice taste and smell. Was quite wet so I lost weight drying it out, also not very impressed I got 1.5g worth of stems in a quarter, I’ve gotten less stems in ounces from HD before.

  29. Love that it tastes fresh. Light, but creeps up. Made me hungry.. Can’t fight this one, relaxes the mind.

  30. This is an all time favourite. Thanks herbal D !

  31. This pink kush has a good taste and is strong, but I find it a little bit too expensive.

  32. It’s a good strain, but it’s a bit pricey

  33. its expensive, and okay

  34. It a nice batch is very sticky and decently potent. Please bring back the Purple Kush

  35. Great buzz full India relaxation only thing half the bag was small buds.

  36. Nice clean burn and the taste is great.

  37. Smooth, easy hitting high, guaranteed giggles before sleeping like a baby! Will def order again!

  38. Great strain!

  39. Totally worth the price. It got me so high while i was playing fortnite that i couldnt play my best. I love any type of “pink” and this one is on the top of them for now. Great night time weed and i will order again for sure. Watch out for the dry eyes and the munchies tough

  40. I Really enjoy pink anything. Loved pink Death Star and have already ordered the Pink Muerte. This one is real nice tho. A creeper that will knock you out if you’re lacking sleep

  41. Totally worth the higher price. Great product.

  42. I will order again.

  43. top top stuff keep it coming please!!!

  44. Just recieved my order. Very smooth smoke,, no coughing. I will not hesitate to order pink kush again.

  45. Definitely nice buds and great smell and enjoyable smoke. Didn’t seem to hit me as strong being tested at 28% I expected it to be stronger. Only reason for 3 stars is lack of the expected potency.

  46. Wow!! Knocked my socks off!!

  47. Ever get that feeling you smoke so much all stuff ends up doing not as much as it used to. Until one day u get some stuff and boom yer high!!! This is that strain. Had a bowl thinking I’m gonna get shit done….I didn’t get it done. Worth the money.

  48. I would totally recommend this strain. But, is it really 28% THC?

  49. The real thing. Tastes and smells great and a nice relaxing effect. Will be buying again. 5/5

  50. Great stuff1! Love it!! 5 out of 5!!

  51. I am so happy I ordered this pink. I haven’t had a strong thick smoke like this in a while. HIGHLY recommended

  52. Listen buddy ya, this stuff is absolutely insane. It’s sticky and smelly and leaves buu residue on my fingers when I pick it up, so absolutely sticky monsieur. I’ll probably order more if it’s still here

  53. Great smoke, clean burning, well preserved terps and nice and strong

  54. The most potent flower out there! with 28.5% THC its pretty strong!

  55. Golden Spruce’s products are always excellent and Pink Kush is no exception

  56. If I could give over 5 I would ! Awesome product crazy pink kush as good as always

  57. I’ve ordered 7 different varieties since April 1st, all at least an oz. at a time. This time I ordered 2 oz. Once I got my order and tried it I ordered another oz. immediately. This is the most potent herb I have ever smoked. If you want to get high, order this now.

  58. Wonderful top indica, quality, serenity, extended power.

  59. Top tier. Very good flower.

  60. Looks good, smells great and burns and tastes fantastic. The high isn’t as strong as other indicas but still good if you smoke enough. It’s also very smooth as most organics are but in my option smooth herbs dont really do the trick in getting me high but this one changes that it was a very refreshing feeling.. would order again

  61. For me this batch is truly top notch! Great high, especially good for night time, 5/5!!

  62. WOW! A new fav for me, but just another top notch strain from G.S. Love that pink kush smell, kinda tropical, and floral, with the pungent kush kick. And at 28.5% THC(WHAT!), you know it packs a big punch. Good bye back pain, hello relaxation, stress relief, and some munchies!

  63. 4/5 I’m usually not a fan of the organics. This is making me rethink that. Very good.

  64. This batch of pink is supreme by far my favourite strain

  65. Very good go to strain. I find it to be overall well balanced.

  66. What a lovely

  67. Truly impressed with every Golden Spruce product I’ve tried. This level of quality is much appreciated.

  68. Gorgeous nugs. I wasn’t sure based on the visible crystals and aroma (not that many and not that pungent) but holy moly, this weed packs a wollop. Don’t smoke a monster bong rip of this before that big job interview, is my advice. Well done growers, this is a real delight.

  69. Always been one of my favourites, keep up the good work

  70. Love the taste of this one. Very good for sleeping but I also found it to be good for daytime as well.. especially if in pain, no appetite and stressed

  71. Huge dense Nugs!! Burns nice and tastes so sweet!!

  72. Was very satisfied with this strain.Great at night if you need help sleeping. Hard hitting all around and one of my favorites.4/5 stars.

  73. Probably one of the best organics I’ve tried. Smokes really nice with an ok taste. Smells really good too

  74. This Pink Kush smells great and looks wonderful. I would order again. : )

  75. Nice fat nuggets, smells good, burns good, another good strain from golden spruce!

  76. Excellent quality. Smokes nice, very smooth. Great high and taste.

  77. Just as everyone else says, it’s ? AND it’s organic. Thank you Golden Spruce for this awesome medicine!

  78. Always a heavy hitter, this batch is up there at the top. Get ready to sit down. Between this and Death Bubba, it’s the strongest bud on the site right now. Expensive, but will not disappoint. Nugs are dried and cured perfectly. And it was on sale.

  79. One of the top indicas! So dank

  80. I was going to give three stars but I felt that was too generous a review for the bag of disappointment I got.

    When ordering from Herbal Dispatch I have high hopes but a very realistic expectations from their bud. If you’re lucky you get some decently sized buds and a few larger ones. Sometimes you will get a bunch of regular sized nugs and that is understandable. But the product I recieved was entirely tiny little nuggets.

    These miniature nuggets probably amounted to a few extra grams (I assume, I don’t have a scale) because that it is the generous service you expect from Herbal Dispatch. But I am nevertheless very dissappointed with the audacity of selling someone a bag of popcorn my dealer won’t try to sell on principle.

    Next time please just replace the order with something similar requested, because at the point you don’t have bud. There is a reason why ordering from here is nice and it is because of the quality, to charge a premium for a bag of shake will definitely turn away any customers expecting a nice bag of bud.

  81. I love kush strains and pink kush will not disappoint you. yeah the price is high but you get what you paid for quality isn’t cheap 5/5

  82. Most people would be mad about finding a mature seed in their bud, but I’m thrilled, thanks 🙂

  83. This will not disappoint. Grown and cured to absolute perfection. This is my third order of pink and the Mrs and I can’t get enough. Brilliant Cannabis. Thank you so much HD

  84. Tight nugs. Tasty. AWESOME strain grown by Golden Spruce once again. They do NOT disappoint!

  85. first bowl smoking with a lighter, burns super smooth didn’t feel like coughing at all which is surprising especially with smoking vs vaping as i have been vaping mainly for the last year or so. decent taste,i guess earthy does describe it. 2nd toke was smooth also. 🙂 starting to feel relaxed, seems like a bit of a creeper. dry eyes it seems. definitely relaxing more than anything. seems like it will be good for sleep too though which is good. helping pain a little bit. tried in the vape a little later and it was nice too. although i expected this to have more punch/stronger with smaller amounts for the price, but it’s still nice.

  86. bag appeal review : looks and smells amazing. description is accurate to the smell. beautiful with trichomes and some purple bits here and there. can’t wait to try it,it smells like a good one.

  87. Buds are full , lots of frost , lots of red hairs , the punch is very good, the taste is fruity, very good buds ?

  88. This is real kush ! No joke and not for beginners.. this is the real deal.
    ????? tastes amazing!! Thanks H.D family

  89. Wonderful stuff right here,shiny crystals everywhere,nicely cured,only good things to say bout this cannabis,and that is Golden and Spruce hahaha! Keep up the classy growing guys,and please bring back the Romulan Afghani!!

  90. This is my favorite Indica so far. Very relaxing buzz. Great for movie night.

  91. great smoke, taste and buzz, one of my favourites straings on hb being a seasoned customer. highly recommended! You’re looking for top of the line indica? this is it brah

  92. Really smooth thru the vape, and night time option always for me. Can knock out no problem. Pink all the way!

  93. The best on here, both pink kush and pink bubba.

  94. Nice and smooth and very potent. Excellent in the vape.

  95. Really enjoyed. Great bag appeal and smoked really good. Now my top fav indica

  96. Tasty bud and very nice effect!

  97. Can’t go wrong with this kush!!Good quality, buds are big and dense , smell pungent, taste the great kush.Very happy to have this for holidays 🙂

  98. Awesome effects – one or two tokes is all it takes. Top indica!

  99. First time trying a strain grown by Golden Spruce.
    Really enjoyed their Pink Kush. Minimal burnout from this.
    Seems like the smart thing to do at this point is get some of their Organic Death Bubba and more of this Organic Pink before its gone.

  100. The best indica I ever had every thing you could want in a bud

  101. Absolutely destroyed expectations. Tastes amazing and has intense body effects

  102. smoke some in the first period. eat a lot in the second period. sleeping and miss the third period. just so you know.

  103. I’m really happy I was able to re-order this medicine again. TY HD.
    Merry Christmas.

  104. Very nice evening and night time strain….
    This is a very tasty kush !! This is top of the top of indica strains… H.D big up ?????

  105. Lost count on how many times i got this never disappoints legendary status if you ask me a run for the cannabis cup

  106. Hits you hard, wears off nicely, good for a punch after a day of smoking. Great for mornings.

  107. All time favourite strain, only need a few hits and im good!

  108. Again another great heavy indica from Golden Spruce! Tastes just how pink should, with a buzz that is great for unwinding at the end of the night that will make your body all numb and tingly. This strain was super potent and excellent for putting me to bed. Have to say its the best indica on this site right now.

  109. Another nice one from Golden Spruce! Proper tight buds, smells and tastes great! Big pink kush fan here. This is proper!

  110. Enjoyed this more than the Pink Bubba which I thought was quite good. This has a little more potency. Great for helping you relax and get mellow. Again beautiful buds and great aroma. Will be getting this one again. Because I am new to Herbal Dispatch I want to try a few varieties. So far very happy with what I have purchased and service has been great. 5 Star.

  111. nice clean burning good smoke!

  112. Love this strain. Got me messed up

  113. way better then the Death bubba thats for sure ! not the best I’ve had from pink kush but definitely gets the job done.

  114. One of the all time greats!

  115. Definitely one of my favourite kushes. A good kush has to have the flavour and aroma of a fertile skunk, without this; it is as good as anything you can find on the side of the highway. This strain screams potency, or as some might say this kush is loud.

    I have forbidden myself to smoke this in the afternoons due to its potency, I had a small break when doing my household chores and ended laughing and playing with my cat. My cat and I are very happy with this skunk as it enables us to spend more quality time together.

    My friend who is a self-proclaimed marijuana conoisseur, insists that Herbal Dispatch are always top quality with their selection, customer service and delivery. I am hesitant to agree with him but the evidence is apparent and conclusive enough to say that I will be ordering more Organic Pink Kush and Organic Death Bubba.

  116. Majority popcorn buds … buzz amd taste good nothing special won’t pay $70 1/4 again

  117. Great buzz awesome taste

  118. This is some sweet , relaxing , euphoric type of feeling. It is one of my favourite of the Kush family , very smooth yet a heavy hitter. I would say definitely a night time treat for me as your sleep is amazing or don’t plan on going to much further than the fridge on days you’re home. All of this being a good thing as I have troubles sleeping and this relaxes not only my mind but body too. A must try , you will not be disappointed!! Another fantastic product

  119. Very nice bud. clean smoking, nice earthy taste. Potent batch, nicely done GSC

  120. Very potent. The best indica I’ve had from here.

  121. If you know what to expect from Pink Kush then this is a good representation. Kushy flavour with solid body high.

  122. Top notch product. New tokers beware this is a creeper and will obliterate you if overdone. Take a few puffs and wait a bit.

  123. Best one I’ve tried on the site yet ! Awesome indica high helps for pain a bit love it ! Thanks HD

  124. Anonymous

    3.5 stars nothing special. A step above norms. Get sum better weed HD. Straight up

  125. This bud is awesome. I’m an everyday smoker for 20+ years now and this hits as hard and is as relaxing as any indica I’ve ever smoked. Buds are so sticky and dense, and the smell is pure heaven. You can tell it’s strong as soon as you have a sniff. Definitely 5/5

  126. Real dank pink. The flavour is outstanding and the high hits nice and hard.

  127. Anonymous

    My personal favorite of all time. The taste, the smoothness, the buzz

  128. One of my all time favourite with the cheese #1 the smell , the taste , the look and the high wow amazing

  129. This Organic Pink Kush is very potent and the taste is great too.
    Very Happy. TY growers and HD.

  130. Wow everyday user and felt immediate relief intense waves of giggles and a heavy lift of euphoria don’t recommend to light weights zzzz

  131. Anonymous

    This stuff is pure fire. Even for a heavy smoker each bowl hits hard, also smells and tastes incredible. If you havent grabbed any I highly reccomend you do so.

  132. I would cautiously say that this bud is entering the upper echelons of potency. This is a very strong strain, not for beginners. The first hit provides lasting stoned effects. In my experience this is one of the heaviest hitting indica strains sold by HD at ny given time. A must have for experienced smokers whenever this is in stock. Easily stands up to Cannabis cup winning strains. The smell is in your face, and the nugs have been cured perfectly. Spongy and dense, covered in crystal, beautiful white ash. 5 stars, best on the site as of November 2nd.

  133. Burns with nice White ash
    Smell and tastes great
    Definatly would get again

  134. Very tasty, smelly. and potent!!

  135. This is a 5 star strand for what’s available on HD right now. I have no complaints at all on this one. It burns, looks, and tastes great. The effects are hard hitting and its a tad harsh and potent which i like.

  136. Anonymous

    This is a 5 star strand for what’s available on HD right now. I have no complaints at all on this one. It burns, looks, and tastes great. The effects are hard hitting and its a tad harsh and potent which i like.

  137. excellent kush would give 4.5/5 but 5/5 it is

  138. Found this to be a big harsh (joint smoker). High was more cerebral and energetic for me even after a long day at work. Still think the pink bubba is better. 4/5

  139. I’m happy, pressed it and I’m getting 23-24% and terpy as hell. This one leans more to coffee/dank flavour and less flowery than Pinks I’ve had from here before. Dabs from this are a face kicker and settles into a heavy classic Pink high. This is as good as the best batch of Pink I’ve had off here but I still liked the Purple Kush more. Anything with Hindu genetics is my weakness. Definitely the nicest indica on here right now though.

  140. Smaller nugz but definitely quality,would order again

  141. As good as it gets for Kush. Similar to some Purple Kush they had not long ago. Dense buds covered in purple and pink hues with an undeniable danky smell of skunk. The kind of smell that would always get you caught as a youngin’ because it fills up the entire room with kushiness. 5/5 wish I ordered more. The Astroboy batch is quality but not as dank as the previous one. Stick with this if you’re looking to get the best on HD atm.

  142. Best bud out there 5/5

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