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Pink Death Star

(147 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica

1 gram for $10
3.5 grams for $35
7 grams for $65
14 grams for $125
28 grams for $240

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Sold By: KLR GLD
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Product Description

Pink Death Star is a flavourful creation by Riot Seeds. Known for its “spice rack” terpene profile, this strain reeks of cardamom, fennel, ginger, and pepper. This collection of flavours and the strain’s naturally high THC percentage make it a worthwhile addition to any strain collection. Pink Death Star delivers buds with deep purple hues and body-melting sedation, so naturally, this strain is best utilized in the evening.

Flavours: Earthy, diesel, spicy
Medical: Relaxed, sleepy, euphoric, happy, tingly
Used to help with: Depression, insomnia, pain, lack of appetite, stress

Q and A: The Gold Standard of Weed

147 reviews for Pink Death Star

  1. purji.

    Pink strain is awesome especially this hybrid is a killer !

  2. Julz_1

    Nice flavour, felt heavy eyes, perfect after long day, very relaxing.

  3. goldop

    Amazing bud

  4. danny_

    The quality of the flower is amazing. Potent and heavy!!!, but leaves a nice clear minded effect with the body buzz.. one of the best flowers on the site. Never stop making this strain!!!

  5. goldop

    Great bud

  6. Brayle

    Great strain. Very clean burn, good high, nice smell and pink taste with a hint of pine. Heavy fresh nugs. I Definitely would order again.

  7. andhar

    this was a really nice way to end a long day 🙂
    great flavour , pretty smooth smoke , and it had the desired effect.
    I’d order this again.

  8. eddiez

    As good as always ! Thanks KLR

  9. egonbe

    This one’s a real favorite… so many great options for trying new strains but this one I re-order when in.
    Less heavy and smooth feeling than Pink, but a brighter potency, more akin to Pink Bubba. Strong and satisfying, this bud has that distinct kush flavor: delicious.

  10. blindf

    nice pink kush flavor dense nugs

  11. purji.

    Strong strain and very potent, recommend to use when relaxing.

  12. pbirdi

    As always this is a great evening strain. Love it . I will be buying again

  13. chrisk

    Love it! I have four to five different type of top bud on hand and this one will be in the mix for sure. Great for the evening and for the first wake and bake.

  14. justin

    Good choice, great buds, nice taste, some of the better indica I’ve had.

  15. rgagne

    Another good choice. Nice buds and great taste. Good buzz.

  16. daneco

    clean burning, earthy flavour with a nice kick to it

  17. -harveyzz

    Great taste , great looking bud . Nice strain for a relax night or music jam . 5/5 would buy again

  18. megsmi

    Worth the $$ description is accurate although I never got “tingly”. Would purchase again for an evening relaxer.

  19. -H.E.

    Looks really good, smokes very clean. Smells amazing followed by sleep. You’re gonna wanna sleep after…

  20. Dillon

    Its exactly what I was expecting. Gives you a nice high overall and would recommend it for people trying to relax and not so much for getting things done. Would get again.

  21. mrmatt

    Dopest dope you gonna smoke

  22. dane.g

    (high face with 2 thumbs up)

  23. brian.

    As a heavy user I didn’t find this really had the punch i was looking for. I bought it against 2 other strains and ended up using this to mix because it just wasn’t as strong as Shiskaberry

  24. zachsm

    My husband & I both love this strain. A nice, relaxing buzz for the evening and then the best sleep ever. Amazing indica, 5 stars.

  25. andhar

    Sticky Stinky hardhitting goodness 🙂 I ordered 3.5 grams and it’s 1 nice big bud.

  26. stacey

    Very impressed absolutely 10/10 the 28g was beautiful nug’s great for pain relief, a must try

  27. eddiez

    One of my fav Indica’s the 28 was massive beautifull nugs ! 5/5 Again for this one

  28. tosha_

    My second time trying this strain and im just as happy as the first time. Great high and the buds look just like the pic! Keep it up HD!

  29. bhatia

    Long time smoker. Love my zigs. This stuff rocks perfect dense buds. Break up amazing great taste. Heavy hitter. Will order again very inoressed

  30. misske

    Great body and head buzz. Works for everything. Great buds!

  31. armstr

    Very tight, dense buds. The smell is more sweet and floral than pungent. Strong body sedation. A must buy!!!

  32. zachsm

    Wow, Sleep is amazing after smoking this, 5 stars!!

  33. keisha

    Nice, strong hitting indica. Very good quality. Great for relaxing.

  34. heckle

    Excellent product. Nice buds. Nice high

  35. mccrea

    I would not re-order

  36. misske

    You can’t go wrong here!

  37. Kjharj

    This is my new go-to! Super consistent definitely a must try

  38. jarret

    Great weed. Hits hard and lasts. Definitely a re-buy.

  39. justin

    Very nice, great burn, very smooth draws and a great taste. I’m more of a sativa fan but this is top quality. Nice buds, nice buzz, would definitely buy again.

  40. terrye

    I love this stuff so tasty, it will couch you lock n make you sleepy so its perfect nightime puff. Thanks HD keep the high quality coming!!

  41. gilchr

    Lovely tight buds, fragrant, nice effect fairly easy on the throat when vaped. Comes with a humidity control pac which keeps the bud perfectly but not overly moist. A nice touch! Good for total relaxation. I give this excellent product FIVE stars. Highly recommended.

  42. ncalpu

    I love this kind. The buzz is strong and safe. Now this one is my fav! Very good quality for the price 😉

  43. kellyj

    Pink Death Star helped me to learn that I’m a bud lightweight. LOL. I only ever smoke enough for medical relief and never enough to experience the “high” that so many are after. A few bong rips of Pink Death Star totally kicked my ass, I swear. I sank down in to my chair so hard – barely able to move, I might add – that my tailbone painfully fell asleep and I was crocheting in slow motion. This was apparently quite comical for others to watch, all the while, I was none the wiser. I wasn’t only medicated, I was pretty much comatose – and my ass hurt. HAHAHA. I highly recommend it if you need some serious down time! But if you’re a beginner, or like me, a lightweight, LOL, enjoy – just do so with caution the first smoke. 😀 Oh! And the smell is arousing. (Also a first for me as I’ve always found weed to be nothing but stinky. This one is enticing.) (Y) Huge thumbs up!

  44. aviara

    I usually vape everything but this is too delicious not to enjoy in a big fatty: smooth smoke, fantastic effects.

  45. nicole

    Deep rich spicy buds, lots of crystals, high was deep and lasting. Definitely packs a wallop. Will be ordering again and again.

  46. bernat

    Smells great, good flavour, big buds. Can’t complain.

  47. kevinq

    not many heavy hitters on herbal, but always well grown for clean smoke, Death star at 240 is a great buy for anybody looking for that hour before bed smoke

  48. colwel

    Great bedtime night cap. A j or two and my insomnia is gone

  49. krisbd

    Perfect smoke, a friend let me try this strain and i absolutely loved it and had to order! Very dank and sticky heavy hitting indica. 5 STAR!

  50. jazzy_

    Bought it for the name, re-ordered because of the amazing body/mind feel.

  51. hicks.

    Very effective. Mine showed up looking a little squished during packing or something but it ground fine and is vaping very well.

  52. anders

    Great bud! Very tasty

  53. mybell

    Awesome taste! Relaxing

  54. worldl

    A bag full of tight, dense popcorn size nugs. Very nice. Daily user here and mostly prefer sativas but like a nice heavy indica for pain relief. This stuff kicks the camel’s ass! Very potent and smooth and most suitable for evening and night time use. The usual great packaging and delivery of a top quality product. Thanks Herbal Dispatch!

  55. matt.l

    Great taste and very potent! Perfect before sleeping!

  56. -drgreenthumb

    This is a really tasty smoke with a great indica buzz. Love it!

  57. -G.B.

    I find this really harsh on my my throat.
    Strong high but an uneasy one.

  58. jesslj

    pretty potent, definitely leaves you feeling real mellow. Tastes and smells good!!

  59. shane-

    Great batch, nice tight dense buds. I find the pink comes through the most in this strain with a hint of the death high. But def no complainsts. Amazing strain and batch.

  60. eddiez

    Best thing I’ve smoked ! Love it ! Hope the batch last long

  61. pbirdi

    Seems to be getting better every time I order this. One of my favorites from HD


    Death bubba was my favorite strain until they ran out!! This is my new favorite strain to buy!!! Good replacement for the death bubba!! This one will eventually put you to sleep!!

  63. Garret

    My favourite aside from death bubba

  64. ant_13

    Omg ?! This specific batch and strain is so tasty, this is my third order jus got it today, I’ve ordered a Q first then a Half o, finally I said I didn’t wanna miss thisand bought the full O!

    As a long time smoker I really perfer to have super quads flower, in terms of taste and strength, honestly this batch is AAAA! As another guy said this one is definitely up there with the last batch of rockstar! Some of the top two strains to be listed IMO!

  65. goulet

    Really enjoy the flavour and the buzz of this one!

  66. eddiez

    Pink’s are in my fav strains and this one on top of the list ?? Greath product love it ! Taste and smell are incredible and the high is perfect for when you need a big hitter that will couchlock you haha

  67. baker_

    Nice smooth smoke. Great high

  68. oldirt

    The most dense nugs of goodness I’ve had in a long time. Rattles the lungs every bong hoot. Hits fairly hard and lasts a couple of hours.

  69. goldop

    Amazing bud,good work guys.

  70. kriski

    Wow!!! 5/5 for sure.
    My new fav bud on here !
    Thanks hd

  71. trance

    This shit is ridiculous.

  72. stephe

    identical to what is pictured on HD site. definitely competes with pink bubba but fav is rockstar. give this one another 5/5. everything I want in a indica!!!!

  73. toxxic

    Love this! Great taste and very potent!

  74. sguszt

    This strain is super potent, the description again is spot on. Super spicey smell, very interesting and different flavor. I am very impressed with klr gold products so far, would recommend to anyone who loves a numbing, strong indica.

  75. chelse

    Heck yes. Great strain, packs a punch similar to rockstar, definitely a bed time kinda smoke.

  76. mauric

    KLR GLD Pink Death Star AAAA

    This was my first order with Herbal Dispatch and let me first thank this fine establishment for a great forst experience. Received my order 3 days after ordering. The sign up process is very quick and easy as well.

    Now on to the review of KLR GLD Pink Death Star AAAA, upon receiving my order it was packaged in a bubble envelope which contained a double vacuum sealed box which had a very thick ziplock bag with a humidor pack to make sure the contents were still in their perfectly cured form. This bud is stank as soon as I got the vac bags off a heavy diesel kush smell. The buds were on the larger side which is always a plus, and look exactly as depicted above. Nice and crystally dry on the outside and sticky in the middle. Perfect cure and amazing flush with the true quad and its pure white burned ash. I am still amazed by the price piint on these meds as I have paid far more from other online dispensaries for the same or lesser quality. If you are thinking of ordering this get on that I will be getting a oz of this on my next order KLR GLD, and HD please keep up the great work and top notch quality. Oh yes this stuff is a very heavy indica and hits quick heavy behind the eyes and some couch lock is what will happen.

  77. adam_p

    One of my new favourites the taste is unbelievable

  78. doctor

    This one packed a punch for me. Heavy hitting and sedating. Buds were sticky and fresh. 5 stars.

  79. lecki.

    just received an oz of this after getting a quarter earlier to test out. amazing strain, strong indica. bag appeal was great, large dense nugs, pungent smell, overall amazing 5 stars

  80. sueann

    Will buy again. Nice buzz

  81. morgan

    Extremely potent..great for falling asleep..would definitely recommend

  82. -jer_b

    loved this bud so tasty 5 star

  83. IAM9J7

    Great OZ. Pungent diesel smell, fat nugs, sticky as can be. Straight Gasssssssss

  84. heckle

    Oh boy…great buzz…nice treat.

  85. mrmatt

    Frosty tasty.. top notch. Great for end of day laying back ?

  86. twitch

    Talk about potency…wow… like a Mac truck to the face. Ultimate couch-lock great evening smoke

  87. badspi

    This thing hits like a ton of bricks. Good for sleep

  88. darcyh

    Nice buds, nice taste, good head high. Definitely buy again.

  89. lecki.

    would definitely recommend buying this! Looks good, smells great, burns really nice with white ash and the high is strong but not overpowering.


    Huge nice buds! Nice and sticky!! Super good strain, definitely will get again!!

  91. joeyde

    Was alright, I’ve had better stuff on here. Buds looked alright, but it seemed like I was given the bottom of the bag because I got really tiny buds, not a big deal though. Probably wouldn’t buy again though considering I think HD offers better strains then this right now.

  92. jlocki

    Nice strain, good change from your average Pink strain. The Diesel really came through from the Death Star, made the effects for me quite balanced which I liked.

  93. peipoo

    Awesome weed!!!

  94. philip

    Very potent.

  95. drewsz

    Great flavour , and hits heavy . Well worth the buy. Second time getting it .

  96. blindf


  97. nick16

    Quality strain. Potent. Leaves me very relaxed.

  98. gentle

    Good potency, definitely a musky smell but all in all this is top notch stuff.

  99. charle

    best weed ive ever had

  100. cincer

    This was a really good strain
    It was a hard choice to go back to this known goodness or try something new.
    Highly recommended

  101. lilyrw

    5/5 for sure. Dense big buds w/ lots of frosting. Looks dry but very sticky. Rolling can be a challenge. A strong head high and then body stone that lasts about 1 1/2 hrs. All these wonderful strains. Keep up the good work, HD. Thanks, John

  102. chelse

    This is the stuff you smoke and end up staring at the tv watching some weird cartoon show about bears for 25 minutes before even realizing what’s going on. A panda playing a ukulele with a crab on its head…
    Yep this shits good.

  103. adampi

    This stuff was great A+

  104. luaks.

    Pretty good indica for that price. A little bit harsh when I’m vaping but overall good bud with a good look and smell. Not as strong as death bubba but definitely worth ordering

  105. Bradwi

    KLR comes out with good stuff so I thought I would give this a try. Nice full bag of beautiful bud showed up and I got right to it. I found it a great tasting vape weed. Nice high though never found it was too much and it lasts long. Enjoy

  106. jr_kee

    Very potent and a heavy hitter. Definitely a Netflix and chill kinda smoke

  107. jask90

    Top quality strain, Smell pungent, strong kush taste, strong buzz, you can’t ask more. Ty

  108. dtopal

    Great bud for am evening smoke. Burns ok, smells pleasant. Get ready for couch lock!

  109. gusher

    KLR GLD has great product this time I tried the PINK DEATH STAR was on point it burn perfect the taste was great and the ash was nice and white great job guys

  110. tony-f

    Hit you right in the face love this one !

  111. Chris_

    well to start the buds didn’t look like much the stems where insane but the bud when it was rolled up oh man did it ever pack a punch its decent and I haven’t liked much from here honestly but this one brought my faith back thanks HD!

  112. eddiez

    Wow, juste love that sweet taste. Wish I had order more ! Greath quality bud would recomend for sure. Bud was like on the pictures 5/5

  113. sourcr

    This one is just pure intoxicating to my senses. It’s beautiful and smells good and she’s the best. Buy for a real good hit.

  114. camgoe

    This I enjoyed more and it is a nice quality good buzz nice cure I must say this is my favorite between this and purple widow for sure. thanks HD

  115. jessel

    Nice, a bit weird looking, but really nice.

  116. Bradwi

    I love this sweet flavour and beautiful buds. The high hits pretty hard and when I vape the head and body high lasts a couple hours. Enjoy!

  117. scoote

    Fun as heck, great scent. Sticky sticky buds.

  118. megajo

    Love it! Great bag appeal. Vapes great!

  119. lindsa

    Wow – nice turpine flavour with almost ginger-like aroma. This did exactly what I needed it to do – take away my anxiety, lifting my head up into the bliss-like clouds and relaxed my body. Solid sleep after a few tokes of this one.

  120. jasmii

    Amazing! Packs a punch, good high! Would buy again in a heartbeat. Only dislike was its harsh on the lungs other then that its a go to for me.

  121. -Jide

    Definitely worthy of 5 stars. Potent but doesn’t leave you immobile

  122. michae

    So I had to come here to pick up for death Bubba as people are saying this one is better I personally think death Bubba is better this is a very potent and tasty strain as well but the high isn’t as good as death Bubba this one is really nice smoking and tasting to and has a great high also but I don’t think in my opinion it’s better then the death Bubba sorry folks but I’m a 14 year quarter a day smoker and if you want great pot death Bubba has what you want as well as pink Death Star but not as good lol

  123. aamill

    Solid bag! Nice nugs, smooth taste. Great high, thought I might need more but as soon as I laid down I was out. Will buy again!

  124. d-owch

    awesome quality! nice big dense buds and Sticky as heck;) keep up the great work klr gold! perfect night time medicate!

  125. philip

    The smell is really nice. The high is really intense, but pleasant.

  126. -A.S.

    Heavy hitting indica With some real frosty buds and wonderful taste which I found similar to that of Rockstars.

  127. adam_p

    This stuff is exactly like it looks in the picture hard nugs and awesome clean taste

  128. ant_13

    This was really nice and super tasty the terps coming off this are crazy, I thought pink Bubba and rockstar was my favourite from this site but pink Death Star may have just topped it, will def buy this strain again

  129. Bdllcm

    I guess it’s not too bad,, nice tranquilizing effect,, not couch locking for me though,, sedated my mind and body slightly ,, kept going ,,, didn’t like the way she smoked in a joint,, flavour wasn’t all that great,, in my opinion s,, I m not a fan of this strain,,,although she hits heavily , not hard enough to keep me down though,,good enough for me ,,, good tranquiluzing strain

  130. alexlo

    Very nice buds with a beautiful taste and flavor 🙂

  131. meeshe

    Great buzz , lots of frost, taste awesome, will get again?

  132. terrye

    Just got this today and wow very nice!! The smell and taste are exactly what i expected its an easy 5/5 thanks HD!!

  133. jl_rus

    Not for the novice smoker!! This flower packs a punch. Highly recommended for an evening smoke but, it also proves to be great during the day too!

  134. aalukd

    Will be ordering again!

  135. aalukd

    5 *, Thank’s a lot HD

  136. michae

    5 stars period. One of the best strains ive ordered from HD. Sticky and danky, almost looks wet from the large vivid trichomes.

  137. glenda

    Beautiful, dense, sticky, earthy and very potent buds!!

  138. umhebe

    One of the nicest looking buds I’ve ever seen. Smells and tastes amazing. Just what the doctor ordered for my trouble sleeping through the night. Thanks HD!

  139. mailho

    Couldn’t be much happier with this strain , definitively 5⭐️

  140. sendin

    Very impressed with this strain. Bag appeal + smell had me immediately excited and coming from someone who’s always looking for the heaviest indica; the high is absolutely on point! No idea how long this strain will be available so I’m definitely glad I got in on it.
    KLR Gld doesn’t seem to mess around 😉

  141. bigb17

    I’m the pickiest person when it comes to weed…death Bubba, rockstar and Nuken were my favourite until I tried this!!! Usually people say it’s so good and it’s nothing special. Not bad, just nothing that’s wooooow! But I can say, hands down, best indica Strain On here…ordered 3.5 to try, ordered 3oz’s the day after. Lol I was gonna say it wasn’t good, so people wouldn’t want it lol…just kidding. Ty HD and Most of all the grower of that strain congratulations you’re of a man or woman either way LOL

  142. egonbe

    Top tier, this here.
    Strong kushy flavor on these little beauties and the effects are outstanding.
    Premium heavy indica experience that easily ranks amongst the Bubbas’ and the Pinks’.

  143. gentle

    Solid stuff, kinda of a fruity, earthy scent. Burned clean.

  144. tylers

    I cant count how many strains often get overhyped but this one is a name ill be looking for it has to be one of the best strains i ever tried klr gld you never fail to disappoint and this one could most definetly win a cannabis cup award definetly prize winning worthy super impressed

  145. lairdb

    musky pink smell

  146. matchi

    Phenomenal buds, potent smell, beautiful bag appeal and the high put me on the couch for he rest of the night. Definitely competes with death Bubba. Maybe even beats it out…

  147. pbirdi

    This is everything I wanted out of this. Good quality stuff with a punch ?

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