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Pink Bubba

(328 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica

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28 grams for $240

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Sold By: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Product Description

This Pink Bubba was lovingly grown in Squamish, BC by longtime hippie growers. This batch was cured using a 3-week cold cure technique in sub-10 degree celsius temperatures. The results are your flower containing significantly more terpenes. Due to the high amount of terpenes, this strain may give the appearance of being “wet”.

Pink Kush

Descended from the legendary OG Kush, Reeferman received a specific cut that he would name Pink Kush. That strain later fell into the hands of Dr. Underground Seeds who then inbred the strain to create what they call U Pink Kush. Originally named for the pink hairs it can display on mature green buds, Dr. Underground chose the ten best examples of Pink Kush from a larger selection and left them out for open pollination between them. Their goal was to keep some of the variance of the strain without losing any quality.

Being almost entirely indica, U Pink Kush grants users a body numbing experience that can relax the mind. Great for pain relief, this strain can cause users to feel tired, lazy and hungry meaning it should be used later in the day.

Parents: OG Kush
Similar to: Diamond OG, Afgooey, Sour Grape, Jean Guy, God Bud

Flavors: Sweet, flowery, earthy
Effects: An active stone at first toke, but results in couch-lock after a few more
Medical: Pain, insomnia, anxiety, appetite, nausea, depression, sex drive, epilepsy.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a sweet, earthy indica strain with genetics traced back to the Hindu Kush landrace strains. Since finding its way to U.S. shores, the lineage of this nearly pure indica strain becomes more foggy. While some insist Bubba Kush was first bred on the West Coast from OG Kush and landrace genetics, its origins are poorly documented and uncertain.

Its effects may begin focused in the head, but it isn’t long before the buzz reaches the rest of the body. Some might consider couchlock an inevitable consequence of Bubba Kush, making this powerhouse indica a perfect go-to strain for evening relaxation, restful sleep, or a lazy weekend at home.

Parents: Hindu Kush
Similar to: Strawberry Cough, Cotton Candy Kush, OG Kush, Green Crack, Grandaddy Purple

Flavors: Earthy, sweet, pine
Effects: Creative, euphoric, happy, relaxed, uplifted
Medical: Stress, pain, insomnia, lack of appetite

Q and A: What Does Quality Sound Like? Shhhhhhh!

328 reviews for Pink Bubba

  1. Great all around bud!! The high is good,the smell is amazing and it burns and smokes fantastic. The only reason why it got a 4 is because this batch came a little more dried out then the others I received but besides that perfect herb!!

  2. 4/5 Not the best not the worst. But worth the price and very enjoyable.

  3. Good stuff,,; nice smoke,, burns superb,,, decent flavour,,, ,,, elevating effect,,, supreme sedation………………………………………………

  4. U can’t go wrong with this strain ever

  5. nice smell and clean smoke and good high but horrible bag appeal and at 240 an oz i expect nothing but perfect. i got all popcorn sized nugs and loads of huge stems with a quarter or less of nug attached to it. very disappointed with herbaldispatch on this one.

  6. jonray

    What a great strain. One of my favourite AAAA bud from HD. Very tasty and is grown by Shhhhhhh.. I would recommend this strain to any you kush smokers

  7. Delicious as always thanks HD!!!

  8. Cant go wrong with this one ! My fav on HD

  9. Amazing bud

  10. Everything you need from a strong indica. Goes straight to your head and will put you to sleep.

  11. This is straight fire! I’ve probably bought a half a pound of this stuff in the last a year. This is just a really great Kush strain for night time. I wouldn’t recommend for daytime obviously because this will knock you on your ass LOL

  12. Excellent product my fav along with rockstar

  13. I have ordered this a few times now and it’s just as good as the first time 5/5 without a doubt

  14. Definately a 5/5. Grown perfectly and is always a good go to ! Always on here also lol

  15. This was good. I only give it 4 stars compared to some of the others. Though i would order again.

  16. burned clean, tastes like it should and has a nice kick to it

  17. This is one of the best indica in my opinion . The bud were perfect looking and the high was simply perfect . Not too strong not too soft . 5/5!

  18. can’t go wrong with this one

  19. Awesome! two of my favourite kush’s combined! great price too, I love HD. Will definitely be grabbing this again.

  20. It’s alright. Nice bud. I find doesn’t have much taste.

  21. A solid kush strain, nice clean smoke, potent high, not the most flavorfull weed, but still a K.O.

  22. Outstanding as always but can you guys at hd do an interview with the fam over at ssshhh and ask them for whats next for a new line of strains I so miss the Rockstar , maybe something new be nice this honestly has to be my favourite vendor along aside with hd themselves some of the best cold cured flower in the game

  23. Enjoyed this particular strain, helped about 50% with chronic pain and 75-80% with insomnia (combined with Phoenix Tears). Not my favorite “pink” but in the top 5. However it was a bear to grind up. It was very sticky and hard to work with. Made a bit of a mess but once was ground it was more manageable. All in all, another good HD buy

  24. Great strain for my RLS.

  25. Best strain to date!! For a fire kush like this to be 10/g is heavenly

  26. lots of terps and looks like the picture.

  27. Really good stuff. Too pricey for me to buy regularly, but a really decent high. Alittle went a long way. Great for sleeping.

  28. does the trick , but you can tell the smoke is not as clean as the organic pink kush

  29. Potent smell and the classic “pink” taste. Not the heaviest hitter I’ve have off this site but being an AVID consumer of plant from this site I can say I was happy with my 14g

  30. Made me very relaxed and helped me sleep soundly later. Nice bag appeal and nice tight nugs. 4 star

  31. Tight dense buds, well trimmed and looking/smelling good.

  32. Nice

  33. Definitive one of my favorite indica on HD , hard time hitter with a pretty smell of gasoline and earthy and nice clean taste and burn very well !

  34. One of the first kind that I bought. The relaxing effect has pleased but at the same time this give a nice trip in your head. Very nice product!

  35. very good, nice dense buds, smell and taste were on point I’ll be ordering again

  36. Definitely one of my favorite indicas on here. Potent bedtime snack!

  37. Excellent stuff!

  38. Bought 1/2 oz. to try. Wow, a great strain. Nice taste (I use vaporizer) and the euphoric effects are awesome. Will definitely buy again. I recommend this one to everyone.

  39. The taste is absolutely delicious. It’s a smooth smoke in a bong or joint, perfect for streaming and chill.

  40. this strain is one of my fav besides pink kush. keep it coming. nice sticky buds with excellent aroma and potent taste. it is great for nighttime and will be ordering for fifth time now!!!

  41. Really fresh buds that smell and taste amazing. The buzz is as you’d expect… nice and stoney! Great batch of Pink Bubba!

  42. Great strain, especially for kush fans. Really smooth smoke. Strong high. Good quality buds.

  43. I really enjoyed the Pink Bubba.
    Great high ? All around quality product.

  44. Beautiful aroma and flavour, with a nice trim. I rolled a fatty, and I hadn’t been that baked from flower in years! This is how bud should be.

  45. This bud is very nice from the quad groomed buds to the stank you get from it. Sort of has that pink taste , nice and sticky, not as strong as I thought it would be but very top notch for the day time. Thanks HD & Shhhhhhhhhh for some great meds

  46. Very good

  47. Awesome bud ! 5 stars for sure. Love the appearance, the taste and how great this bud can burn. Smooth and gives you a Hell of a buzz! Try it!

  48. Awesome taste and buzz. I loved it so much the 1st time I ordered it, got it again. A real great buzz to finish a hard day of work.

  49. I love this one!! Such a good strain!! One of the best on the site. It really hits you hard

  50. i prefer my O.G but this bud does the trick everytime….i enjoy it before bed

  51. Perfect for bedtime.

  52. this strain is one of my favorites. it is up there with pink kush and my all time fav rockstar. THE BUDS ARE DANK but not too wet which burns excellent. . def will be ordering again . 5/5 star

  53. Love love love this bud! Relaxing and tastes so good.

  54. I love this product. Relaxing and the fact it is so dense makes this product goes along way.

  55. Awesome smell and taste.

  56. The taste is absolutely delicious. It’s a smooth smoke in a bong or joint, with a quick hard hitting high. I smoke it when I want to get a good head buzz and crash hard to sleep.

  57. good for late evening relaxing.

  58. Excellent, 5/5 stars

  59. This bud is amazing. Burns clean and is very sticky. Made some nice rosin with it.

  60. Excellent

  61. Tasty and fresh

  62. Insanly good tasting buds ! True pink gen in there. Happy to have been able to get my hands on some ! Hope it will last long enogh for my next order.

  63. Good stuff

  64. One of the best buds to come across this site, always a go to

  65. Great for evening use, nice taste ** 5 stars

  66. I really liked this herb, I got some of this and some regular bubba within 2 orders and this strain I definitely favoured.
    Great taste, sticky, dense buds. Smells absolutely amazing. Strong high that lasts a little while.
    Would definitely order again.

  67. First time trying this site and product. Ordered tuesday morning and arrived friday lunch time. Excellent buds, great high and would highly recommend to above average smokers.

  68. Great for nighttime! Very tasty and sticky buds. Think I enjoy the Rockstar more but this is definitely a top notch product.

  69. Always a good buy. Definitely remains one o f my go to indicas.

  70. The taste on this flower really packs a punch

  71. Really Nice dense flowers, with powerful effects.

  72. one of my favs thats for sure keep up the good work

  73. Excellent! I just finished my first order of 6 different items, and ALL items were wonderful. Will be ordering from Herbal Dispatch again, asap. As for this product, it was excellent quality, very very mellow, and a new favourite for me. I will definitely order this product again and again and again. Relaxing and aphrodisiac indeed. Tastes great too 🙂

  74. WOW <3 I love this one to bits!
    It does just what it says, makes me pretty sleepy.
    Made my bong burps taste very sweet 😀 ! I loved it lol xD
    I have ptsd, so i'm really hoping for some pleasant sleep tonight! It's definitely making me feel very relaxed and calm..
    Thank you!!!

  75. Beautiful bud and great relaxing high

  76. One of my favorites for the evening use. A great knock out and pain re-leaver. Good in a vap or a joint love love this Strain.

  77. My new favourite strain.

  78. One of my all time favourites from HD! This is my go to for night time chill bud! If you love indicas, this is a must try

  79. Such a smooth smoke, tastes amazing and is great for the night time insomnia!!

  80. Wow. This is the good stuff.

  81. Absolutely wonderful. Great flavour and awesome buzz!

  82. Burns well, taste good and packs a punch, happy I read the reviews. Did someone say Shhhhhhhhh …

  83. Great stuff !! Get your discount to !!

  84. Lots of giggles and bursts of creative energy!

  85. GORGEOUS BUDS! Came in huge clumps with lots of colours and textures. Smoking was good, but be careful too big of a hit would result in an instant headache that takes away from the high.

  86. This was good Strain, dense buds. Very potent smell, nice clean burn.

  87. Nice buds, dense and sticky.
    Great taste and great effects, I would have said 5 star but the pink Organic is better for the extra few bucks, and that’s a 5 star imo.
    This Pink bubba is worth the purchase but I’ll stick to the pink for next time around.
    Great quality like everything I’ve ordered thus far.
    Thanks HD.

  88. Hi there I must say this wasn’t one of the better ones I got off the site it’s not that it’s bad just compared to what else they have on this site I found a lot of brown hair in it and not to much of a nose and a mild high I am a daily smoker though smoke a quarter a day this one just don’t do it for me maybe for less chronic smokers it will do fine but I like a heavy hitter would totally recommend rock star or Purple Urkle Over this one

  89. Big buds nice and tight, lots of frost , great smell , good and strong buzz ?

  90. It’s not as heavy-hitting so I like it more for the evening and not sleep-time. Tastes great.

  91. Great smoking and tasting bud, It’s a top strand that gets you top shelf stoned. Very hard and tight buds. I got a half zip and only got 4 buds which were very nice but it makes it hard to limit your session.

  92. A favorite! I love this one and get some every time I order.

  93. I purchased this together with Death Bubba to help me sleep. Death Bubba was a little better for that but once I ran out, Pink Bubba was almost just as effective with the zzzzzzzzz. ?

  94. Does me pretty good for sleep, not as heavy as other indicas, but i find my sleep is worse than others due to my fibromyalgia and such so it takes a strong indica to really help me sleep.. but it’s great for relaxing and seems to help pain 🙂 having scoliosis,degenerative spine disease and arthritis also makes it hard to sleep, so a strong pain reliever AND sleep aid is a must for me,so sometimes strains like this just don’t cut it as i end up using more than i should.

  95. One of the best i have tried. Definitely recommend this to everyone. Really nice buzz.

  96. 5 star, love smoking pink bubba! ,great taste

  97. Pink Bubba I love you

  98. great smell great taste . loaded with red hairs very dense buds sweet and kushy.strong hitter would get again forsure.

  99. Tastes great, will put you right to sleep!

  100. Order arrived 2 days earlier than anticipated this week, such a great treat after work. Fat, sticky, dense, sweet smelling buds. Busts up into this fluffy cloud of moist, piney-pungent gold. Tastes just as good as it smells. Feeling euphoric and my body is super relaxed, much better than I usually do with any old strain at the end of the day.

    I’m picky with purchasing ounces of indica without getting a strain of sativa for the daytime — but I do not regret whatsoever! In moderation it’s very uplifting, and I feel like it would be extremely efficient for stress and anxiety. Sooo excited to share this great bud with some great buds.

  101. Very good strain. I suffer from back pain while sleeping from a former sports injury. This has allowed me to have a quality sleep and eases my pain prior to bed. Worth it for sure.

  102. Smooth intake, buzz is as described … chilled me right out

  103. Awesome strain

  104. The real deal

  105. Got this strain again because it had a great taste and helped me sleep.
    Bag appeal review until I try some more in a few days…
    Nice nugs, tight, but some quite small and a little bit of stems I think more than last time..
    Nice color & hairs though! 4/5 cause of small nugs/little bit of stems, but this is simply bag appeal.

  106. Excellent bud quality and taste, I honestly found that I smoked this quite a bit slower than most indicas from HD.
    Perfect for a late afternoon or evening sesh my girlfriend and I throughly enjoyed this one!

  107. One of my all-time favourite strains, great for keeping a clear head with increased creativity and focus.

  108. My husband and I both ended up woth headaches after smoking this one. It does do what the description states, and it was a nice high, but not impressed with the headache. And I don’t think it would be a coincidence that we both ended up with one.

  109. Really enjoyed. Sticky Buds and Cured well. Smokes nice.

  110. This could be my favorite off this site. Buds are exactly like the picture.

  111. Fast acting, very satisfying potency is relatively short lived. I find this leans more towards the OG hybrid side of the spectrum. Dense hairy buds of yummy kush for rainy days and evenings well suited for stress, pain and sleep more so than a hike… if you do consume on a hike prepare to find a log or rock/lookout to sit on and ponder the intricate workings of nature for an hour straight. enjoy~

  112. My first purchase and I was not disappointed. Opened the bag to some beautiful buds that looked and smelled beautiful. Enjoyed the high, nice and even but since then have purchased the Pink Kush and find it to be a little stronger and more to my liking. Would have no problem buying this again though. I give it 4Stars.

  113. Super relaxing and enjoyable!

  114. Really enjoyed this! Nice and relaxing!

  115. This is one of my go to strains for a great nights sleep.

  116. Kudos for this kush! We were very pleased with our Pink Bubba and found that it was almost exactly as described. Just the right creep and lots of punch when it finally brings it all home too. It’s now one of our new favourites and we will definitely be ordering more soon!!

  117. wow like the picture and the description !! aaaa??

  118. What more can one ask for??

  119. One of my favorite Indicas. Nice earthy taste, easy to roll and smokes very well. its a heavy one you can feel it on the first puff. Wonderful strain, just exqusite

  120. This could be my all-day choice, all the time. I’m always glad to see it available again. Good steady buzz, though not too potent.

  121. Love pink Bubba. It has a nice high. It’s also very smooth!

  122. This is a high quality smoke. Wish I ordered more.

    Taste: Great (sweet)
    Ash: Good clean burn
    High: Relaxed, happy
    potency: Strong (relaxing high)

    Smoked this with my girlfriend and we had some good laughs after a few hits. This Pink Bubba is very well grown. I’m impressed. Cant wait to get some more in my next order !

  123. Great bud, with a lovely taste!!

  124. Awesome tasting buds looking good amd gets the job done. 5/5

  125. PINK BUBBA IS AWESOME! This is a perfect high – great price – beautiful smell.
    Makes me happy and bubbly.

  126. I loved everything about it ,look smell taste awesome and very potent

  127. Everyone has their favourite, Pink Bubba is mine.

  128. Good strain i would definitely order again!

  129. Perfect weed for night time… absoulty beautiful trees….tastes amazing, smells amazing & gets you baked lol cheers H.D ?????

  130. Really like this bud?

  131. Great strain
    Loved the flavor
    And burnt nicely

  132. Always great bang for the buck with pink bubba. love it.

  133. Anonymous

    A very dense and beautiful looking and smoking, indica with massive buds.
    I will Definitely be reordering this!

  134. Very good strain, first time trying product from this grower. They definitely take pride in their product.. Trimmed with care, clean burn. Very strong flavor and smell. Exactly as described.

  135. This is my go to strain from HD. Always heavy, always worth it at 10. Sometimes the cure is off and it’s insanely sticky, but it is consistently one of the most potent indica’s on the site.

  136. Fav. from the sample pack

  137. Nicely grown, Very nice round sticky buds. Very tasty as well with a little bit of that kushy harshness of a strong indica. One of my go to indicas on HD. Does a great job, great body buzz and sleepy head.

  138. Anonymous

    Good stuff ?

  139. Doesn’t seem like the pink Bubba I usually receive but is my favorite

  140. Wow my new fav strain on the site I will sure get me some more of this perfect buds

  141. Another great strain. Highly recommend this product.

  142. good night time strain. does the job, very happy with my order.

  143. Taste good ? nice ? high

  144. The best indica strains! , Great for hot knifing! , 5 star

  145. Anonymous

    taste good but not amazing, the high is nice tho

  146. It’s decent, definitely not what I was expecting, but still gets you pretty stoned. Bag appeal is confusing, this batch didn’t look AAAA (at least not what I’m used to seeing) but it had that deep pungent kush spice smell, albeit faint. Tastes like it smells, okay but a little faint. Effects are pretty decent, if you’re used to really heavy hitting indicas you might be a little underwhelmed at the effects, it gets you stoned but it didn’t bring me to my desired “stone”ness that i feel off of other AAAAs or even AAAs. I’d give it 2.5 out of 5 but I can’t so 3 works, seasoned tokers might be able to find better elsewhere,

  147. A solid indica. Impressive pain relief. Strong munchie symptoms and relaxing body high make it a great smoke for special lunches or dinners.

  148. Not my fav indica but def a good hit!!

  149. Loved this stuff. Good taste and effective with pain and sleep. Seems to last longer as well. Curious how the pink star compares to this.

  150. This stuff is awesome and potent!
    Beautiful looking strain.
    Semi dense nugs.
    Not the heaviest hitter, but still very nice.
    A big bowl will grab you in the throat.
    Relaxing indica effects

  151. Good strong smoke for bed time. Nice taste and it does keep creeping after you are done smoking.

  152. Love this product got awesome, results took away my pains and kept me relax.

  153. Sucked smoked a half quarter in a day didn’t get high!!!

  154. Great bud, awsome to smoke at the end of your day

  155. Very good smoke; I’ve had stronger pink strains from herbal dispatch

  156. I find the pink bubba keeps getting better everytime i get it. I recently switched to another kush to try and now that ive got some more of this i now know what ive been missing. This is a 5 star strand for what HD has to offer !

  157. Absolutely love this bud!! Had it in the India sample pack which was well worth it!! This was my favourite kind ❤☺

  158. Anonymous

    Great stuff. Found it was hard hitting and the effects stated is what I got. Buds aren’t as dense as I like but nine the less you can’t go wrong with this strain

  159. Shhhhhhh I love your flowers. They are by far one of the best producers of wonderful strains. When ordering shhhhhhh I will just say you have no worries. It will be the best of the best. Cheers guys both he and shhhhhhh you rock

  160. Definitely mighty stuff, a real couch locker that has you mellow for quite some time. Has a really thick smell to it, you’ll love it

  161. Got this strain from a sample pack, although there are many good reviews it didnt make an impact compared to other Indicas I tasted from HB. Probably a lower-grade batch currently. That being said, it does have a nice “pinky” flavour and the buds looked beautiful, round and compact.

  162. I want to give this a 5 as it’s one of my all-time favorites, but as others have mentioned, recent batches aren’t quite as potent as they used to be. That being said, I still love Pink Bubba and it’s a top notch smoke. Super smooth!

  163. Nice stuff 5/5 ?

  164. Really loved the nice tight buds. Great night time high.

  165. This always gets good reactions from my regular smoking friends, never had a bad batch of P.B yet

  166. Tastes like a mouthful of beautiful flowers

  167. i love this stuff. i felt the death bubba was much stronger but this stuff is a heavy hitter

  168. One of my favourite Indica strains! Very good bedtime buzz.

  169. Recommend this Bud for sure 5 stars

  170. Super tight dank af buds, great smell and amazing shut me off couch lock high… The mix of 2 of my favorites. Great taste too

  171. I love this strain! Very relaxing couch lock. Takes away pain. I’ll be ordering this one again!

  172. Anonymous


  173. This is a really good Indica, could have a stronger kush smell though…

  174. I got a g of this a month ago or so to try and boy i wasn’t disappointed cant go wrong with the cold cured method amazing high would like to try to rockstar next although would like to see another strain or two added from ssssh because they have pure fire

  175. Love this strain!! It taste’s so good. My favorite on HD!!5 stars for sure

  176. Great Stuff.
    I like this one. I’d offer it to my Bubba’s and they’d tell me that this one is Great Stuff, seriously.

  177. was not impressed at all with the batch I received, first time I can say I was dissappointed with HD package

  178. super dense buds! wicked smoke

  179. I liked this breed.Its great-smells good, taste’s good but Im not sure about the cure? I did not find it any more tastier or more flavour just more wet and harder for me to rip up joints.I have bought this breed in the past and found it much stronger with better bag appeal.

  180. classic dank pink bubba! smells skunky and beautiful. gives you that perfect couch lock and munchies for a friday night in at home.

  181. very satisfied with this one! would purchase again!

  182. This is probaly the best stuff HD has to offer. Almost a year ago this stuff was absolutely amazing but i think they may have switched suppliers and its a little less potent and looks a little different. But this stuff is as close as it gets to the old stuff none the less, its great ! 4 – 4.25 stars !

  183. got sample pack again, all tastey bubba this bubba that, but this surprised me a little, liked it better than all of them, made me happier sitting on , bubbubbutt.

  184. Anonymous

    Very nice looking bud. The high is nice and definitely helps with aches and pains. You do get that couch lock feeling so works nice at night before bed. Would buy again. Thanks HD

  185. Anonymous

    One of the best indica strains! Great taste and a total body high.

  186. Beautiful hairs and very nice color, shades of light and dark green. Earthy with a little bit of a pine flavor and a sweet aftertaste. Also very dense buds!

  187. Amazing flavour profile! The way they cold cure their buds really preserve the most terpenes. Really potent strain, you can really taste the pink kush in it. Would reorder it again for sure!

  188. Always my goto when Gorilla Glue #4 is out of stock. Great stuff for my pain.

  189. If you want a great kush, this one is for you!!Top quality strain

  190. Very smooth clean smoke. i taste a hint of berry. Hits you hard for a good night sleep. Highly recommended for indica lovers and weed connoisseurs. Props to the growers blessing us with this!

  191. Anonymous

    damn, now this one was potent and i liked it a bunch…not my top 5 though but still hella great

  192. This has got to be one of my top 3 indica strains on HD. It has the most delicious flavour and aroma. It’s hard to put your finger on it but it’s just smells like pink deliciousness! It relaxes my body so effectively, I only smoke it before bed or a day where I don’t have to do much. Every time I’ve gotten this bud it’s looked the same and smelled the same. So kudos to you Shhhhhh people, you make some beautiful consistent buds!

  193. Very nice. Got a sweet body buzz from this, Its worth picking up ounce.

  194. Enjoyed it thoroughly didn’t get me super stoned but was very pleased with the effects will be ordering again.

  195. Excellent product, good taste and nice burning

  196. This has been a great strain every time I’ve ordered it. Great taste and awesome calming, happy high

  197. Anonymous

    Simply… spectacular!

  198. This is the one. Extraordinarily floral with pungent notes of citrus and clove, hops and muskeg. This what you think of when you think DANK these are some oily greasy buds. Best suited for when you want to get good ol fashion stonnnned. It’s a facemelter 5/5.

  199. After ordering enough Pink Bubba over enough time to know it wasn’t from the same batch, I can safely say this must be my favourite strain. Smooth, thick flavour for vaping, a good texture for rolling and the hit you expect from proper indica. Deserves more than 4 stars, not 5 because nothing’s perfect but this is close. 4 3/4 stars.

  200. This is a great night time strain… ????

  201. This strain is great for anytime, Definitely a nice taste & a clean burn. Worth the money for a zip was not disappointed & will get again when it’s around, Thanks HD.

  202. Nice buzz!

  203. Came in my sample pack, will definitely be reordering.

  204. I quite enjoy this strain, it has a good taste & seems to be pretty effective, nice buds too. sweet taste,orange hairs, dense nugs, calm & relaxing,good for the muscles & for before bed time. definitely a new favorite.

  205. Buds were dense and very dark green. Fairly earthy smelling, lots of pistols. Buds were visibly old though and were beginning to mold in some places. Effective nonetheless. Would not re purchase due to the negative impact from the age of the flower..

  206. Effective and good for the price. Buds look solid.

  207. Decent nugs for the price.

  208. 5 stars great quality great taste and smell love it and it burns perfect an has great medical affect I fell asleep last night after just one bowl and had a bunch of stuff I was supposed to do that i gotta do today now lol was a super mellow hard hitting strain big smoke clouds loved it 🙂

  209. Had this awhile back. Definitely in my top 3 Indicas.

  210. Dense and covered in hairs this Pink x Bubba cross is done perfectly. Decent bag appeal but once smoked you see the true qualities in this strain with an incredibly heavy stone that is never suitable for daytime. Preferred the Pink over this but price point and quality is on point nonetheless, Earthy, piney dense buds make this an HD favourite. 4.5 overall

  211. Great taste, great smell, perfect burn and great high. Good for relaxing and pain relief.

  212. One of the best if not the best HD has to offer

  213. sticky/crystally buds. had the pink strain taste.
    exactly what i look for in a nice indica bud.

  214. Super sticky stuff…
    One of the best Indicas I had

  215. I wish I could give this bud 10 stars! By far the greatest bud for that $10/g value! Thanks HD ??

  216. Pretty good buzz, only a 4 star because not much bag appeal but when you bust it up and vape it its good naptime meds, would order again if there was nothing better

  217. Quite tasty and smelly for sure. Great buzz. Nugs were nice and tacky. Opinion based only on a gram in a sample pack.

  218. Amazing bud, very dense, very fragrant, awesome taste. Usual HD gold standard!
    This one is def going on the favourites list. Going to get this as frequent as possible!!

  219. Next to Gorilla Glue #4 this is my go to. @ thumbs up.

  220. Absolutely beautiful trees ???

  221. Best Indica I’ve smoked from HD, and I’ve smoked plenty! Amazing smell. Nice, dense, sticky buds that give a great relaxing nighttime buzz. Awesome stuff.

  222. Wow, really enjoying vaping this bud. Nice taste, burns clean one of my favorites.

  223. Highly recommend!

  224. Anonymous

    Great stuff not death bubba strong but up there 4 star on all levels for sure

  225. Hi Darren, I’d like to add to your blog. I have the perfect analogy for this great strain! I like to call it, “nectar of the gods” I didn’t order this but my buddy had some and yum, yum, yum! Dabs is where it’s at for me but I do enjoy a fat J every now n then too! Cheers my friends!

  226. A little disappointed. Not as good as the first batch I’d seen a few months back. Smell was off, but the taste was good.

  227. Love the pink , as long as it’s available I’m buying it every time ….
    Gotta say it again , love the pink 🙂

  228. Anonymous

    Pretty good, not appealing too look at. But i like it more than delahaze and grape krush. Gets u more stoned thats for fure

  229. Pink Bubba is one of my favorite indicas. This batch, although not bad, just doesn’t compare in taste, smell, and killer indica high that I’m used to from previous batches. 3.5/5

  230. Anonymous

    I really find it hard to see what the fuss is about, bought a half O it is WEAK , never reordering this stuff thats for sure. If you are a novice smoker listen to these noobs. but if you are anything near a daily smoker stay away

  231. I got this in my indica sample pack absolutely love it. Takes my pain away and puts me to sleep. Will definitely be ordering more.

  232. This puts me to sleep fast!!!

  233. Amazing stuff here !!
    I’ve grabbed at least 5 zips of this stuff…???

  234. Nice dense buds. Great taste. Good for pain relief and relaxingbefore bed.

  235. Amazing kush… my favorite from HD ???

  236. Anonymous

    Wonderful. This is some lf the best bud I’ve smoked in a long time…….smell and tastes awesome, came to me super fresh, with the lil humidity control thing in the bag. Couldn’t get any fresher or nicer tasting. Well done!

  237. Anonymous

    Excellent bag appeal. Great aroma. Unfortunately all of this is backed by a significantly weak indica high. Not my kind of bubba!

  238. Nice stuff – classic pink kush taste & smell. A little stickier than I would have liked – sort of caked up my grinder, but definitely got the job done before bed!

  239. This review is based on vaping using a Volcano set at 6.5 heat setting. I based my review on 4 criteria: appearance, smell, taste, and effect and I rated each out of 10. Appearance: Medium bright green, dense buds, light red hair, lots of crystals, minimal leaf 7/10. Smell: Skunky citrus 8/10. Taste: Sweet, spicy, earthy, not very smooth 7.5/10. Effect: Medium body buzz, minimal head stone, relaxing daytime smoker, lasts 1-2 hrs 7.5/10. Overall rating: 7.6/10

  240. Ordered this strain three times and won’t be the last. Very potent and does exactly what’s expected of a heavy indica. 5 stars.

  241. Anonymous

    Another great batch. Solid solid bud. This is herbal dispatch most consistent bud time in time out.

  242. Love this strain, find it to be a very balanced high,great for all day


  244. One of the best indicas they have offered.

  245. Jp sorry but your a looser dude
    Hd has top quality stuff here

  246. Seems to be pretty good stuff. After just one bowl in my arizer air,my back is a bit relaxed (fibromyalgia,scoliosis,degenerative spine disease and arthritis),and in general muscles much more relaxed.. besides the pain part, i’m usually really tight and can’t relax them especially in my legs & feet. No anxiety or heart racing which is really nice as some seem to do that to me, very calm and feel like I could sleep.. I didn’t sleep much the past days so we shall see how it does from day to day. 🙂 Over all,seems pretty potent and good stuff!

  247. Wow, again I love this strain. Excellent body high and some head high as well. Taste isn’t the greatest, but 1/2 way through your session you won’t care. Very calming strain. Excellent for anxiety.

  248. Always a good pic.

  249. This is my second batch of pink bubba. Pretty much the same as before . great taste and high but the texture and look is yet to be desired.had to let air dry for a couple hours to use the hand grinder. Very little leaf on the product . so don’t judge a book by its cover on This one its one of the better ones.

  250. How is there any of this still around? Grabbed another batch, I’m even more impressed two months later, Well done Shhhh!! and ty HD

  251. Anonymous

    Packs a punch and is really good for sleeping. I was definitely satisfied with this bud. Just don’t smoke it if you have things to do super sleepy stoned couch suffering buzz.

  252. best indica available. very hard hitting.

  253. Anonymous

    So many amatuer smokers! Thats why all this low grade crap is all hd sells. This bud isnt worth 5 a gram. Its border line outdoor quality. I wouldn’t even smoke if this is all i could get. Only decent bud ive ordered was madonna and gg4. Still not nearly as potent as other sites though. But as long as HD keep up with the stupid fast shipping times and puralator option, ill keep buying my concentrates from you. But you desperatly need a new grower.

  254. Got this twice in 30 days. Glad I did.
    It has been helping me sleep.
    Hits hard. Stays with you for a bit.

  255. Great NIGHT time trees!!!!! Amazing product H.D. ????

  256. Just got a next half o… this batch is a tiny bit different from the last 4 times i grabbed. Still very very good bud.. but a tiny bit different…

  257. One of my absolute favourites. I would love to know more about this 3 week cold cure process for my small medical grow.

  258. my friend had an outstanding bud with his order. the trim around the bud was done all professional and was one of the best over all buds I have laid my eyes on. buying again next time! 5/5

  259. Gets ya nicely toasted, lol. Smoke responsibly everyone!!

  260. This bud is top notch! A step above the death bubba…

  261. amazing strain 🙂

  262. damn, pretty darn good indy, wouldve been one of my fav’s but purple space cookies lit me up!

  263. Love it …. need more death bubba …

  264. Anonymous

    Ordered this a while back and i loved it. Just ordered again and nothing changed. Heavy kush taste with a great relaxing high to follow

  265. Strong and nice smell but rough on throat.

  266. Ordered the other day. Smells great, sweet aroma.

  267. A very nice, dense bud, good smoke with a good buzz.

  268. Very good product ! ?

  269. best bang for your buck in my opinion. cant go wrong with this. my buddy says its a bit expensive for the high but it hits me like a brick all. id buy this again in at least a half oz. maybe more.

  270. Got another order of this and it looks like a newer batch because it’s a bit different. Same weed, I can tell by the looks, but not NEARLY as dense as it was through March. These are noticeably lighter and fluffier, and not the super dense sticky to the touch buds we got last time.

    Potency seems a little less, but still damn good weed.

  271. Great stain , would not be shy to buy an once .good buzz , ultra-tight buds lots of red hence the name .

  272. Best indica out right now. The way its cured must be the reason its soo loud, such a strong buzz with a crazy flavor!

  273. This is my second favourite indica of 2017 (the favourite being Comatose OG thus far)
    The description is very accurate.
    Heavy terps give the bud the feeling of being wet.
    Also produces a tremendous smell when opening the bag for the first time.
    About to order this again.

  274. The cold cure tech this grower is using is bomb. The flavour on this flower is some of the best I’ve ever had, I also got the rockstar cured the same way and it’s also extremely flavourful. Glad to hear this is going to be a regular on the site.

  275. Anonymous

    Currently I have a ounce of this stuff and a ounce of #4 gorilla glue…this stuff is better than gorilla glue in my opinion, hardest hitting stuff so far second or almost comparable to pink kush

    Thx again hd for supplying us with top shelf herbs!

  276. Best product you can find 😉

  277. big buds hard as rocks. very very sticky and strong smoke. Just a great amazing bud

  278. What a beautiful strain this was. Thick, densely packed nugs that deliver a great taste when smoked. Also potent as hell. 9/10

  279. Solid. Sticky and Stinky, I feel like I couldn’t crush this beauty… but. I am well planted… I ordered a few different players from here and Pink Bubba is a solid 5. I may have given the others 5. But this is a S O L I D 5….

  280. Very nice H.D 🙂

  281. Anonymous

    This is hands down THE BEST strain I’ve had from HD along side to the pure pink kush and bubba kush themselves. It’s hard hitting, and packs a good punch. This is probably my third or fourth time or so that I’ve ordered this strain and it’s never changed any of its charictaristics. Get this one while you can folks !

  282. great strain, excellent cough lock, and HUNGER!!! definitely a good one, i would say equal if not better to comatose og; for the price it gets a 5 star from me

  283. Anonymous

    Always my favourite. potent stuff.

  284. Oh yes my favourite out of a few! The dankest dank smell and this beautiful will wash away pains you didn’t even realize you had. This beauty shall make you hungry and zoned into a movie like never before. So pull up a chair and let Pink Bubba wisk you away with a strong, long lasting, happy time!

  285. Hits hard and works great to make you sleep.

  286. Dense well groomed buds with a sank smell. Heavy hitter.

  287. Dense, heavy, Kush smelling buds. Very relaxing.

  288. Dense bugs that have decent bag appeal and a sedative effect that leaves you on your couch watching the new Rick and Morty. I was expecting a bit more from it given the reviews, nonetheless for the price and quality it’s well worth buying. Earthy, piney scent that really comes through when you grind it. Great for rolling up a fat one without having all the kush fall out.

  289. Now *this* is some nice bud, right up there with Nuken for potency and effectiveness on general pains and cramps. This is better than the Nuken for migraines. One small pea-sized nug in a metal pipe smouldered slowly sent my migraine packing again.

    I’ve been very lucky with this order. So far everything I’ve received is a solid hit for migraine cessation. That should give me a few options to watch out for when I’m placing my next order.


  290. This stuff kills! Very relaxing high, strong as hell also, ripped the bong and got extremely stoned for the length of the movie I was watching, love pink kush always but this is a very nice Indica hybrid, only got 2 g but should have been more!!

  291. Anonymous

    Nice smoke. Not as tasty as the advertising and some review might lead you to believe. Mellows one out quite nicely. Would rate it a 3.8/5

  292. One of HD’s best strains forsure, heavy hitter and has that straight pink feeling in your throat, you face will melt, and you will tear from coughing so much, have this before bed and you will sleep nice.

  293. Apparent similarities to other pink strains, so that means a great smell and flavor. Just an all around great indica smoke with white ash. Great buzz to boot.

  294. A nice indica for sure, however, I have to agree with an earlier review that it needs just a little more time drying/curing. A very intense, beautiful taste and buzz, but it could be so much more. 4 out of 5 rating because it could be cured a little longer. I understand that perhaps business is booming and the time does not allow for it.

  295. Great aroma and tastes great! Could have def been dried better as the buds are hard to bust in a hand grinder, with saying that it smoked fine in a joint.

  296. Excellent indica to knock you out at night.

  297. Anonymous

    This batch is top notch. Don’t let the appearance fool you..It packs a punch. Nice kush taste and smell..Not to strong but you know what it is when you walk in a room. Gets me nice and baked..Burnout is up there and expect munchies.

  298. These are sleeper nugs and I mean that in every sense of the word. They don’t have the best bag appeal, but once you smoke it, you will feel it creep on you. The result of course is great sleeps. In general, any strain with the word Pink in it means evening smoke followed by a deep sleep. I would rate it on par with Pink Kush by itself. Great job HD!

  299. Very Terpy strain. Its very potent along with a great taste and smell. Very clean burn. Great strain definitely impressed with this batch.

  300. Great ?

  301. Very nice! I recommend to any indica lovers.

  302. Anonymous

    If you want a good night’s sleep this is what you want, I found it a little on the harsh side on the exhale, seemed really fresh and could have been a quick dry/cure, didnt have full terp potential. but a very deep lazy stone. Recommend for any Indica smoker.

  303. This stuff is the bomb, exactly the kind of weed I want. Potent, low eyed, couch locked high. obviously best for later in the day. Not overly sold on the taste but the high makes me forget all about the taste so its worth it.

  304. This stuff is very potent. A very good Indica that will make you lazy and sleepy and heavy eyed. It also very strong and makes you want to cough. 5/5

  305. 5 star heavy hitter. Great for pain. Awesome taste in my Mighty vape.

  306. Anonymous

    1. Lay in bed or on couch
    2. Inhale PINK BUBBA once or twice
    3. Sweet dreams

  307. Fantastic bud , great smoke ….. will definitely buy again

  308. Anonymous

    Amazing, don’t smoke if you have anything to do. Made me feel very relaxed, high lasted long. Very smooth, tasty and slow burning. Top notch bud 5/5, one of the best for HD!

  309. Anonymous

    Best I’ve ordered on multiple occasions. If looking for a strong indica with an amazing taste look no further.

  310. Easy 5/5 for the pink bubba. buds are incredibly dense with ample red hairs and a sugary layer of trichomes. great bag appeal. the smell is so dank and pungent it almost stings your nostrils. The high is very strong and long lasting. starts out very dreamy and euphoric then settles into a heavy couch lock body stone that lasts for hours. Perfect for late nights and sleeping in on a lazy Sunday. Easily one of the top strains I have tried, thank you HD for the amazing service and outstanding product! will definitely order this strain again.

  311. Not as outstanding as all these reviews are claiming, I got lots of weed for sale for all you amateurs that never had the bomb before and think this is it; you can buy the bunk that I don’t wanna smoke. I just think this (like a lot of the weed these days) is rushed for quick sale. This weed would be so much better if you just put more care into the drying and curing of the weed properly and who can argue that?. It’s like taking in a wounded animal, take it out of the plastic and get it into a glass jar asap and fix what you can with this strain. The effects are satisfying and the smoke is nice and heavy and gets much better after a few days in the jar. To add, there are too many people on this site now and to supply the demand we are losing out on the top tier strains and accepting the lower grade. Being Bubba Kush and Pink Kush (my two favourite strains of all time) this should be some of the finest green money can buy and until people ask for the heir tier they will just keep giving you this. Accept it if you must but there is better weed out there by far and I would even be willing it pay the extra 10-20 dollars just to have the option. It gets 4 stars because of the rushed dry/cure job.

  312. Fantastic Indica!!! After just one hit a very ‘heavy’ body sedation takes hold. Very strong medicine!!!
    Great bag appeal! Big dense sticky nugs, smells amazing!1!Terpenes are spot on! Burns clean and smokes smooth, great taste!
    Thanks for consistently providing great medicine HD team!!! <3
    Easy Five Star 😉

  313. Anonymous

    Can’t go wrong with this batch. Gets the job done

  314. Straight up dank! DId not have the bag appeal of God’s Gift but it kicks like a mule. Nasty good bud.

  315. Great batch of bud . Keep the selection up HD !

  316. I was very surprised , kicked nice

  317. Anonymous

    Its like dragging chains around your feet all day! Amost like an anesthetic and will for sure knock you out! Kushy smell and taste. Lock the fridge, you’ll be hungry lol.

  318. Top notch strain. My kind of indica!

  319. Got a G….Very impressed. Heavy kush hits..I’d grab more for crashing after a nightshift.

  320. Anonymous

    The greatest Indica-Kush Variety I’ve tried.

    Gorilla Glue #4 Was great too, but if you’re looking for Kush with an Indica buzz this is the one. Stellar bud, it’s so dense even for an indica and it’s manicured with care.

  321. Anonymous

    I remember one of the last batches of Pink Bubba I found pretty disappointing, and I think it was $11/g at the time. This new stuff is incredible. Got some super dense nugs and it’s very tasty in a bowl. Burns white ash and I tasted a bit of sweetness on the exhale, reminiscent of Rockstar Master Kush. Great kush flavour on the inhale too. Effects are on-point, instant heaviness. Recommend this in a pipe/bong if you want to melt your brain. Gonna get to know my couch very well this weekend.

  322. Nice sticky dense marble size buds, thick potent smoke, relaxing couch lock. Best Indica on the site this year in my opinion

  323. Anonymous

    This is absolutely… AMAZING!!! I CANNOT stress that enough here!

  324. Holy. Shit.

    Been smokin’ fine grown herb for 14 years and this is one of the best indica strains I’ve had.

    Bag appeal – Thick, tight nugs of dark green with orange hairs. Looks like it was dipped in sugar there’s so many crystals.
    Smoke – Very thick, made me cough like a bitch. That doesn’t happen often.
    The high – Straight dreamy euphoria followed by a complete body stone that took away my neck pain and knocked me out. Incredible.

    Absolutely incredible strain. BRB, ordering an OZ.

  325. This is the type of kush that I wait for on this site. Similar to the Pink Star that was on here earlier. I especially love the texture and taste of these specific types of strains (I am a joint smoker btw). Are there any more articulate weed connoisseurs on here that can enlighten me on what specific word(s) I can use in the future to describe this type of weed? Is “dank” the right word? Please help.4.5/5

  326. Incredibly potent aroma on this sticky batch, nice big green buds and great crystal!!!

  327. great to have it back on the menu…
    This one’s yummy….

  328. Anonymous

    Wow so glad to see this one back had in my sample pack marked as 5*
    Off to order

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