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Pinewarp (Outdoor)

(27 customer reviews)


Grade: Outdoor
Type: Indica

1 gram for $6
3.5 grams for $20
7 grams for $40
14 grams for $80
28 grams for $150

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

Pinewarp is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Texada Timewarp X Purple Pineberry. The result is one gorgeous bud with a classic pine smell and time-bending effects. As each frosty nug is broken apart, sweet earthy pine aromas are released with a touch of floral earthiness. The flavour takes on a sweet dank effect with hints of berry on each smooth exhale. The high comes soon after you first toke, filling you with a lifted sense of happiness that permeates mind and body. As your mood soars to new heights, your body will drop into a tingly state that’s both relaxing and energizing, leaving you ready to get up and moving and completely pain free from top to bottom.

Flavours: Berry, pine, sweet
Effects: Relaxed, uplifting, happy
Medical: Anxiety, chronic pain, depression, stress

27 reviews for Pinewarp (Outdoor)

  1. Okay for the price. Well grown outdoor

  2. I found this outdoor strain to be mild in flavour and smoke, yet still satisfying. Both appearance and odour were above what I expected. Don’t be fooled by the low price, this is a very decent buy.

  3. You get what ya pay for. Not a very good high. Won’t be buying again.

  4. Taste pretty good. Doesn’t take much and you feel a good uplifting buzz. Shoulda got more! Great for an outdoor bud.

  5. wicked wicked love the buzz perfect spring time old school feel

  6. Another great cheap indica. Thank you for always having one! This stuff looks, smells and tastes great. Been eating a lot though ^-^

  7. First impressions: Product, like others said, looks like the photo’s. Has a pretty decent flavor and affect for the price. Doesn’t burn white, but surprisingly not all too harsh. Over all, good for the price,helps stretch the medicine out on a budget!

  8. decent buds

  9. product is identical to that of the pictures. nice large buds that are little tacky which I like that burns slower. very reasonable priced as other types should be cheaper. will order again if available

  10. Very nice high, and nice tasting smoke. Well priced and the pictures are identical to what you reciceve

  11. Wonderful value for the price point. Smokes great, taste is delicious. Will buy more.

  12. It had a great smell and flavour, it burned clean, and it was really mellow and relaxing. Also, what a GREAT PRICE!

  13. Good stuff for the price, it get me high. Buds are nice for outdoor. Smell is earthy and reminds me good old outdoor stuff. Taste is really smooth, for outdoor. Smoke and burn well, not too fast.

  14. For the price, well worth it! Will be picking up some more!

  15. really nice weed. Price makes it affordable, I only bought a half ounce but will get the full ounce next time. You can smell the pine when it is ground up. All in all a nice daily weed…

  16. Picked up a half and find it to have a nice body high, perfect for the price

  17. Great for a good nights sleep.

  18. 1 g atleast for quality and price

  19. Good mild high and smell is decent. Can’t go wrong for the price and would recommend to anyone starting out (like I am) or if you don’t enjoy the heavy hitting stuff this is perfect.

  20. For the price it’s good weed. The big problem is you will get a headache if you smoke too much.

  21. For the same price, the Purple papaya was really better.
    Really smooth buzz, the taste is ok but i had to let it dry a bit more before i put it into my vape.

  22. i always pick upatleast a g for the price and quality!!

  23. Tops ratings cause I wish to see more nugs this price and quality. Kinda dry and dull high, but my wallet loves it and still keeps me stoned

  24. I like it . Great if you’re on a budget. I’ll probably pick up some every order if possible. thanks herbal dispatch

  25. Not a bad budget bud. Can’t really go wrong. Delicious smell, nice buds, smokes well

  26. Good product. Very reasonably priced. Will purchase again.

  27. Just got a gram too try out didn’t see any reviews looks like the picture and is spot on in the description for 6 bucks a g well worth the spend

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