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Phoenix Tears (Purely) – THC (MCT Oil)

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Sold By: Purely Medicinals
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Product Description

Decarboxylated cannabis oil extracted with triple distilled medical grade isopropyl alcohol, MCT oil.

1 oral syringe contains 3 ml of Phoenix Tears in MCT Oil.

Start with a drop half the size of a grain of rice, two or three times a day. Gradually increase dosage at a rate no higher then 0.5 mg of main active ingredient (THC or CBD) per pound of body weight in order to avoid experiencing side effects (drowsiness, impaired motor skills, euphoria and/or anxiety). High dose regiments typically used for instances involving serious pain, sleep disorders, cancer and/or epilepsy tend to be within 1 to 2 mg of main active ingredient per pound of body weight per day.

* It is not recommended to use any Purely Medicinal products for rectal application. Anyone using them in this way does so at their own risk.

** Products that contain MCT should not be vaped or smoked.

Phoenix Tears: The Cancer Cure the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About

35 reviews for Phoenix Tears (Purely) – THC (MCT Oil)

  1. Would have given it 5 stars if it wasn’t so runny. Very potent RSO nonetheless though!

  2. I liked the last batch better compared too this batch!! This batch isn’t as sharpe as the last batch !! This batch actually tastes like chocolate mint!! Which isn’t bad but doesn’t have that THC taste!! Hard too explain!! Still good!! Iam gonna try the ethanol next time!!!

  3. Ya I like this stuff!!??I don’t mind the taste!! It’s strong got a decent buzz!! i would recommend trying if this is what your into or if like me want too try something new and different of wanna give your lungs a break!! This will work!!!

  4. Bought the MCT version of this when the ethanol (my usual) was OOS. I actually prefer this. It is thinner than the Ethanol one but it makes dosing a bit easier. The taste isn’t as bad and the effects are just as good (chronic pain & insomnia are primary). I also find it lasts longer because it’s thinner and easier to dispense. My only issue is because it is thinner it tends to leak a bit from the cap. Not too much product loss but still makes a mess

  5. I actually like the consistency of the product taste ok by it self and is nice in small size dosages, also for people who might find it to harsh or nasty to taste try a few drops in some honey or try it the same with the purely medicinal honeys on the site taste good like that’s and is a nice medicated treat, 3 small drops gave me a slight body high and head high and when I mixed it with the thc honey a few hours later got me really medicated and relaxed helped with pain will purchase this again

  6. I bought some locally, identical packaging but much thicker. I’m hoping this has the same results. So far I’m happy with it.

  7. Great for pain relief, lasts a good while. I only wish it was a bit thicker.

  8. A good body buzz for pain relief ….could be a touch thicker though which keeps it from 5 stars

  9. Excellent product. Works well and gives you a long lasting emphoric high that trumps your pain in a desirable way. Really takes th edge off if you know what I mean.

  10. Oil is thick and comes out ok. Just not sure about what dosage to take, seems like one day it doesn’t do much and another day it hits me like a ton of bricks and more than i can handle. Little scared to use it when I still possibly have to leave the house. Lasts for about 4 hours or so when it does hit, and takes about an hour to feel the effects.

  11. Gives me one of the best and cleanest feeling highs. Lasts hours once the high takes effect which is great. The only thing I don’t like about this product is that I can’t take if I have anything planned. It takes about 5+ hours for it to kick in so is kinda unpredictable. I took it last night around 10pm and didnt feel its effects at all but i woke up today high.

  12. On days that I have a lot of pain or I need to up my appetite this is a wonderful way to do so it lasts all day in waves of comfort and takes your mind off of what bothers you leaving you feeling all truly relaxed

  13. Well worth the money. Does the job and last a while

  14. Hahaha it’s MCT oil. It’s not supposed to burn it’s supposed to be taken sublingualy (oral under the tounge) Do your homework cause this stuff is verrrry good.

  15. DONT EVER BUY THIS! its shit its not even oil its like water and it doesn’t burn waste of money

  16. Daily smoker for pain and first time trying this product and I did not feel any difference. Started with a drop waited 2 hrs and then did 2 more…waited again then gave a shot and then it started to work a bit but i must have a high tolerance as it did not last. They say it affects people different. Maybe next ill try RSO his way with a very high strain.

  17. Do not try to smoke this as you will probably waste your money. Ingested it has great potency for pain relief. Hard to take directly, got it all over my teeth and took a while to get ride of the taste. It was also very harsh on my throat. Mixed with food it was great. I tried to mix it in coffee and i ruined my dose as it stuck on the cup and i got almost nothing out of it. I highly recommend this for people that can afford and need to take a lot of medicine.

  18. Not the strongest RSO I’ve tried but the price is right, bought this a few weeks ago and I’m just finishing up the tube. Have another one in the mail right now 🙂

  19. I have chronic lyme disease and endometriosis, which make falling and staying asleep next to impossible. This product has been my saving grace. Within 30 minutes of taking this I have an incredibly hard time keeping my eyes open. I’d say that this helps 4 or 5 nights a week!!! (Which is HUGE for me)

  20. Not as good as the one made with alcohol but still good stuff.

  21. **Update**

    After contacting Herbal Dispatch with my concerns regarding the potency, (550mg to 500mg) HD swiftly responded to my email and let me know the THC levels have been changed by purely medicinal and apologized for not having changed the picture representing the product. They offered me a small portion of a credit on the product and I accepted !

    Since then the correct image has been posted

    Thanks HD for making it right !

  22. Anonymous

    Great product, I have been ordering this oil for over 5 months. Today I have received my order only to find out the THC content has been LOWERED to 500mg THC . I am very upset. The strength was borderline to begin with , I have emailed Herbal Dispatch so we may come to a resolution .

  23. Nice body buzz making you happy and uplift. Too liquid however. I prefer the isopropyl extract.

  24. Anonymous

    We have found this to be a very good product especially for those of us who have very little experience with marijuana. Going whole hog on 95% + TCH Rick Simpson oil would be a bit impossible for us so a slow start is what we need. If you keep it in the fridge in the butter keeper it comes out in a very manageable grease like substance and dosing is quite easy. Will be buying more!

  25. First impression when I tried this stuff, really runny, not what was expected. The high I found was really subtle. Nice body buzz, makes you happy. Nothing to crazy at all. But nice. You will probly get a nice sleep when you take some of this. I read in someone’s review to refrigerate it because it was so runny, this did not help. So I went one step further and put it in the freezer, and it worked perfectly, came out of the syringe nice and hard.

  26. I’ve kept mine in the fridge and been dosing for a week or so now. Have used less than half a ml and have been using these 1-2 times daily. Still get super high after just a couple of drops. Very worthwhile purchase. Very good for helping with sleep in the evening. Will definitely buy these again when I run out.

  27. Anonymous

    Definitely my favourite. This is my only medicine. My blood pressure is under control and I feel healthy.

    Simply the best

  28. One of my fav Thank you HD

  29. Not the best, but worth trying forsure!!

  30. Have to agree with you in a way there adim but for some people that really really need this kind of Meds probably don’t think so these people do wonders for some people with serious issues I’m sure of it may not get you out of your tree high or anything but I’m sure it has some medicinal use I’ve had before and I found it was good for dipping dabs of other things in jus for an extra kick makes for a good nights rest ! Keep up the good shit guys

  31. Anonymous

    Junk flushed mine down the toilet not worth the money don’t even know what’s in it not pure thc

  32. Found this to be quite liquid, and.i think it made me nauseous ….not my favorite , has anyone experienced this?

  33. We just got this product this week. Very runny but strong. We find it hard to control the dose because it is so runny, wish they had stuck to the original Phoenix Tears consistency of axle grease as it is easier to dose properly. Too early to judge the overall effects on health conditions but I will re-post after a couple of weeks experimenting . I will be buying more.

  34. Amazing “Purely MEDICINAL” tested product, each batch tripple tested. 3 ml of decarboxylated (activated) for the price….. Almost Giving it away…….
    Big thank you to the people who syrive to cure. Sincerely

  35. Keep this one in the fridge, I found that the consistency was runny (not anything near the LP RSO that was before ) So for easier dosing the consistency is a bit thicker than warm, which means less unintended dosing occurs.

    but other than that since using the RSO I went from a full relapse of my MS, which included almost 70% of total vision and reduced to dragging my leg after only a short distance. Since I used it However I, firstly regained total vision in my eyes with in a matter of 2 weeks. and my leg and energy levels returned in less than a month after. meaning I used to work out 5 days a week (two days on, one day off), and running over 8km 3 times a week. and reduced to crawling almost cause of my MS and Phoenix tears gave me “wings”, with every day feeling a little more like my old self, and now am back to running and working out 4 days a week ( every other day) . it also gave great mental boost during the day I found, helping with anxiety and more aware of impulse control, and body movements.

    long and the short of it, with out the RSO I was lost and doomed to a way of life that wasn’t of my choice, and now I can say with out too much fear ” I am free of medication”. even if you find half the amount of relief I did it works wonders. Thanks again 🙂

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