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PHO (Pacific Gas Co) – Silver Edition

(20 customer reviews)


1 gram of Pacific Gas Co Silver Edition PHO for $45
Special! Buy 3 or more for $40 each
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Sold By: Pacific Gas Co
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Product Description

PHO (Propane Hash Oil)

Concentrate derived from a propane-based extraction is referred to as Propane Hash Oil, or PHO for short. Although others are possible, the consistency of PHO is typically budder. The process of propane extraction is very similar to butane extraction, the primary difference is simply swapping butane for propane.

Propane extractions run at higher pressures, stripping different ratios of plant waxes and oils than butane which, depending on the strain, can deliver less residuals and higher levels of terpene preservation. Propane has a lower boiling point than butane, which allows for a lower purging temperature for PHO and results in the buddery consistency as opposed to shatter. We note that some extraction companies utilize a blend of propane and butane.

Q and A: Awesome Extracts Courtesy of Pacific Gas Co

20 reviews for PHO (Pacific Gas Co) – Silver Edition

  1. king kush almost tastes underpurged and its kind of harsh. wont be buying this again

  2. The white castle is a tricky one to review..very different flavour,the spiciness of the widow really shines through,but at the same time has a different sour type of flavour i can’t quite put my finger on.i would consider this one more to be a a hybrid than an indica.. it does put you to bed pretty good after a while ..but the first and foremost effects are that of a hybrid in my experience.i prefer the tuna kush though myself if we’re talking indicas

  3. Tuna kush is almost one of my new favorite indicas.just like everything else from Pacific Gas..TERPS TERPS TEEERRRRRRPS. Very potent flavour on this one,diesel yet minorly fruity taste.and very nice effect,that didn’t leave me slack jawed and drooling..but when it was time for sleep,i definitely didn’t roll back and forth..i was too busy sleeping immediately. Recommend to anyone looking for a great indica .

  4. Og shark literally tastes like DIRT. I don’t mean that in a bad way whatsoever i should add. The terpenes in this strain are EXTREMELY potent,and the earthiness shines through above all else.just like everything I’ve had from these guys,amazing sugar-wax consistency,that actually clumps together nicely ,for easy dabbing,unlike waxes that have terp-tubes added and won’t stick together for the life of it. A great hybrid for when you want to play video games or watch a movie,but don’t want to pass out right away.calming,but not couchlocked effect.the flavour is INTENSE on this one,you’ve been warned!

  5. Og kush: og has never been my favorite strain,but after trying a couple from these guys,i had to try them all. It’s what i expected from og kush,these guys do it right of course,lots of spicy terpenes in this one,and effect was pretty good. If you like og as a flower or shatter,then i hiiighly recommend this PHO budder.great sugar-wax consistency and very terpy,just not a huge fan of og kush personally.with that being said,for those that DO like a good og..give this a try for legit terpenes and a good og effect.

  6. Wow..these guys deserve a MEDAL. The grapefruit will be a part of EVERY one of my orders that i ever get..until the fateful day it’s out of stock. I’m more of a hybrid and indica guy,but this sativa is PHENOMENAL. The terpene profile is the most pungently citrus flavour i have EVER experienced out of over the 200+ concentrates I’ve tried.the effect was very energizing and productive as well,without causing any anxiety whatsoever,which i frequently encounter with a good sativa.the perfect daytime medicine,and should be part of every sativa lovers daily diet…i don’t often throw around 5 star reviews all “willy-nilly” like!

  7. First trying had og shark and was very tasty impressed will definitely be getting more

  8. Very terpy and no leaky container this time around. Will order again if sale price stick around for awhile. Love this extract.

  9. I’ve tried 7 or 8 of these now and for the price especially on sale I think Pho is my favourite concentrate other than full melt or rosin dipped in blue river terps. Bummed I missed the White Widow. Just got the Grapefruit today, very tasty stuff. Kings Kush, Tuna Kush Green Crack and Shark Og were some of my other favourites. Definitely recommend if you haven’t tried Pho, but since this is high terps make sure you’re low temp dabbing.

  10. Picked up the tuna kush, grapefruit and og shark. All three are tasty and potent. Only reason I gave a three star rating is that the cap on the og shark wasn’t screwed on properly and about a third of the gram leaked out. Made for a sad day…

  11. I got the Blue Dream… Very nice taste. Sweet on the exhale, not harsh on the inhale using a nail.
    Nice high and didn’t burn or knock me out.
    4 1/2 Stars only because I like a syringe dispenser over the glass jar.
    It was all over the lid when arrived

  12. The Tuna Kush is super! It has a surgery wax consistency and dabs very well, it’s very attractive to look at under a scope or in the light. It has a great clean taste. Will be keeping this in my rotation for sure

  13. This Green Crack is great! First time having a true wax and I love it, will be looking at this again, or something like it

  14. The Blue Dream is very effect how the taste isn’t incredibly appealing. It has a great look and texture, might order again because it does work so well.

  15. This stuff is great. I grabbed the tuna kush to try it out and it’s fantastic, golden buddery consistency, highly recommend.

  16. Really liked the Tuna Kush, sappy consistency and really smooth even though it’s Tuna Kush. Hindu being my favourite strain I find Tuna to be very similar if not better. Might have to grab a sample pack next time.

  17. I have had the special kush #4 that was way better than the bubba great stuff for the price though

  18. The grapefruit was definetly amazing like said.. Will be ordering more. Hits like a train and taste is very citrus. Tasty tasty

  19. The Grapefruit is amazing – incredibly flavorful and a really relaxing, pain relieving effect. I’m fairly new to concentrates, but this one is my favourite of what I’ve tried thus far.

  20. My speciale kush # 1 is a shatter , is not buddery concistence

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