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PHO (Pacific Gas Co) – Limited Edition

(8 customer reviews)


1 gram of Pacific Gas Co Limited Edition PHO for $60
Special! Buy 3 or more for $55 each
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Sold By: Pacific Gas Co
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Product Description

PHO (Propane Hash Oil)

Concentrate derived from a propane-based extraction is referred to as Propane Hash Oil, or PHO for short. Although others are possible, the consistency of PHO is typically budder. The process of propane extraction is very similar to butane extraction, the primary difference is simply swapping butane for propane.

Propane extractions run at higher pressures, stripping different ratios of plant waxes and oils than butane which, depending on the strain, can deliver less residuals and higher levels of terpene preservation. Propane has a lower boiling point than butane, which allows for a lower purging temperature for PHO and results in the buddery consistency as opposed to shatter. We note that some extraction companies utilize a blend of propane and butane.

Q and A: Awesome Extracts Courtesy of Pacific Gas Co

8 reviews for PHO (Pacific Gas Co) – Limited Edition

  1. OG KUSh sauce- sappy, but the container it comes in is good, so its no problem to work with. Got me chooched asf.

    I got great flavour from the PHO, it was also extremely smooth and clean, also got Chemo and Black Diamond. The PHO is excellent, it is very similar to HCFSE terp sap.

    This stuff was actually so fire, with the terps so strong, it was very noticeable when I opened the vacuum seal for the first time and all those smells being locked in there filled the room with a wonderful aroma upon opening which was a nice bonus.

  2. They are very expensive but definately worth the money . ive tried 4 so far and all are very good ! Lemon kush sauce and og kush caviar are my favs so far ! Thanks hd

  3. Gorilla Glue is amazing. Upon opening the jar I realized I was blasted with an aroma so strong it instantly filled the house. Had a bit of a mix up in the order but HD made it right! Happy again

  4. Good quality, 80$ a gram is too much.

  5. First time trying this. Got the gorilla glue #4 and all I can say is wow!! Absolutely amazing! A must try.

  6. got the gorilla glue #4 sauce and WOW!!!! first time I have had a PHO FSE and the flavour profile is outta this world!!!!!

  7. Lemon Kush sauce is so so good. Effects and flavour off the charts. Extremely clean and smooth and zero residue on the nail. Just so people know this one isn’t really a sap it’s more like a really wet sugar. Pho is just not the best extraction method for all terpene combinations. But the really diesely and the lemony kush strains are great. Been looking for Lemon Kush for awhile and this was the best first experience I could imagine. Also for a lemon strain it’s got lots of body to it but it also has that really heady burn that’ll make your eyes red and smile like the Cheshire cat.

  8. Afghan cookie was not for me it did nothing to me at all did help with pain at all but it might work for you everyone body is different thanks

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