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Refill Cartridges (Pacific Gas Co) – Distillate

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1 Pacific Gas refill cartridge for $40
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Sold By: Pacific Gas Co
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Product Description

100% THC distillate

The Pacific Gas Vaping Cartridge is a 100% solvent-free cannabis concentrate, unmatched in potency, purity, and flavor. Made from “the Clear”, and using PHO as the starting material, it is then extracted using fractional distillation methods to make it potent and effective in oral, trans-dermal, and smokeable applications.

Fractional Distillation

Fractional distillation of the oil requires that the oil be heated to a high temperature under a reduced pressure created by a vacuum pump. This causes the THC and related cannabinoid substances to vaporize. The vapors are condensed back into an oil on contact with a cooled surface.

Using a pharmaceutical grade steam-pressure extraction method, they scrub all residuals from a solvent-extracted base material (with no trace material in the final product above parts-per-billion).

Ingredients: 100% THC distillate

* Each 510-threaded cartridge contains 0.5 ml of the Clear.

** Compatible with Shhhhhhh, Toko Gold, Oil Vape Pen Kit, and the Puma Mini-Kit.

Q and A: Awesome Extracts Courtesy of Pacific Gas Co

16 reviews for Refill Cartridges (Pacific Gas Co) – Distillate

  1. The cart screws on, but whistles with almost like two chokes around the base where its screwed on.. Regardless of covering them both or one or none it doesn’t pull the distill is too think and wont heat from pulling air. I heated it up and poured into my toko cart and the distill is burning fine now. Id avoid their carts, maybe stick to the syringes.

  2. Great Bang for Your Buck however I must say…it is unfortunately, not compatible with the newest Erba Vape Pen and one of the refills arrived broken. Other than that, I highly recommend it!

  3. I was not impressed with the tank and atomizer used for this product. The oil seems to be high grade, but the coil shorted out soon after opening and I was not able to utilize. I will now have to disassemble and attempt to recover the oil from the atomizer. Would be better if higher quality atomizer and tank used for this product.

  4. Good stuff for the price. Doesnt have much of a taste but I enjoyed it.

  5. Great product. Great for day medicating without having to worry about smell. Hits pretty hard. I will however say it’s hard to get a good toke without kinda blocking the airways on the battery. The older style worked better, but the mouth peice on these new ones are better. Will buy again. It works and for the price is worth it.

  6. This oil is really nice, clean and proper forsure! Good price point too, but if you want to vape this, way too thick!

    Check below reviews for stories. Put mine on a Toko Gold battery at high setting plus preheat, zero hit. Dropped it on a Pico battery, had to to jack it up to 12 watts to get a hit (way too high heat for this cartridge)

    Of course eventually started leaking, scooped the remaining oil out and coated on paper. Enjoyed it more that way!

    This is fantastic oil, for vaping go for CO2 though, alot more ‘runny’ save yourself some money!

  7. so this is my second review – the effects are ok, the price for what you get is really good, but the darn tank keeps leaking on me – i see the pictures now show a new tank so that was probably a common issue (i think hot to cold really affects it, always leaks from the air holes) – i will say oil 710 tank has great customer service. yes the oil is thick – i like to use the preheat function on my istick pico and after about 2-3 vapes it warms up and the vape gets alot better, but these will burn out alot quicker because of it. Anyways, the product is a great value, but if you have the oil 710 cart it will leak. If i wasnt such a high tolerance these would be alot better – really descreet though, does not smell of weed but does have an odor just not a weed one per say

  8. Wont be buying this product again. The price is decent and they are fairly potent ill give it that.

    Im not sure if i just got a bad batch, but the oil is so thick that it wouldnt vaporize at all. I even tried taking the oil out and using my mini puma thinking my pen was faulty. Thats how i realized how thick it was. I had to heat up the cartridge in hot water to get the oil a consistancy that would actually vaporize.

  9. THis product is awsome! It taste good and it is potent, I had a very good and strong high! Thanks the cartridge is refilable, I’m buying a syringe of the clear to fill it up!

  10. Great product! First time having distillate and it’s amazing! One problem though, cartridge leaked during travel. It wasn’t too bad considering when I first got it, my cartridge was filled to almost 0.6ml of distillate and that was after it leaked during travel, so I still got my money’s worth. I’m thinking the air pressure changes have a lot to do withleaking cartridges. I live in Calgary and when the cartridge gets flown over the mountains I’m pretty sure they leak.

  11. Loved this. The product itself is great and the cartridge works awesome. It looks refillable as well so the price is decent as you can refill for 30$… if the cartridge last… too bad it had leaked a bit during travel, otherwise this deserved 5 stars!

  12. Good Product, works well with the Toko Gold Battery but you need to take a stronger hit it seems,

  13. Careful if you toss this on your mod.
    This is a good carterage, but you will ruin it quickly if you throw too much power at it
    6-8 watts is what I vape it at and it works pretty good

  14. Anonymous

    I should mention that about 3 days into using this, it started leaking from the bottom 510 port…not a big deal but just a heads up – oh and i find it quite nice on the toko pen battery, also run it on my eleaf pico mod

  15. Anonymous

    I found it ok, i actually initially marked this at 3 stars! but if it was the distillate alone i wouldve, the tank is really nice and i think high quality (and i believe ceramic coil! – the two offered on the site are silica wick style, still ok but can burn and a bit of taste on the first use). Because it came in this nice tank it gets a 4 but really for a product (in raw form, not in the tank) that is about $10 cheaper then Quarry, it really cant compete; i would say the hash oil is about the same or better and cheaper. Basically i felt high, nice and relaxed and calm, but no euphoria or headyness, just a calming stone almost CBD like if that makes sense. When i hit the quantum kush by the quarry its very euphoric and i get talky and the terps in those are amazing….the taste on this is different, not bad but not terpy…smells citrusy delicious though. the stuff made me cough good too so i thought i was going to be fried, but i just felt mild body stone which was ok but i was expecting something better then Quantum Kush…no burnout though

  16. After testing this for the majority of the day
    i can say this stuff is pretty awesome for the price. I’m not sure how long it will last maybe a week judging by the amount. Compared to the toko vapes the high on this last longer and feels better But the Toko feels stronger at first if that makes sense. I tried it with the Toko vape pen but found it worked better with the 20 dollar twist vape pen

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