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Olive Oil (Miss Envy)

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1 100 ml bottle for $25

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Sold By: Miss Envy
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Product Description

100% Organic, Cold Pressed, and Single Sourced Origin Olives

Miss Envy’s infused olive oil will add a culinary kick to any of your favorite recipes. This THC infused olive oil is perfect for making salad dressings, dips and everyday creations! Miss Envy organic olive oil offers 15 mg of THC per teaspoon for the perfect tickle to your taste buds.

Contains: 300 mg of THC in a 100 ml bottle. 15 mg of THC per teaspoon.

Directions: Intended for adult medical marijuana patients. Begin with 1-2 tsp and increase dosage as needed to ease symptoms. Stay hydrated and only use medicine in a controlled setting.

Q and A: A Calling to Cannabis, an interview with Miss Envy

10 reviews for Olive Oil (Miss Envy)

  1. I wasn’t too sure buying into this product but I am confounded! This oil is pure and I’ve used it on salad, drizzled some on me hamburgers and drizzled some on me roasted asparagus. Safety cap is a great idea to keep grandma out.

  2. So easy to cook with and tastes great. Priced really great especially for how much it helps with pain relief. I will be placing another order for this…. defiantly loved and enjoyed having it to cook with ? pairs really well with the CBD coconut oil.

  3. tried this with almost everything from frying eggs to tossing it in every recipe I made.

  4. great product-i have ordered it three times-seems like miss envy has the recipe right

  5. I must have got a bad batch because I felt little to no effects after 15 mL, taken on untoasted bread.

  6. This oil is GREAT! It’s almost too easy to add some to my pasta in the evening, or really to anything that doesnt mind a little olive oil. Taste is either a bit too olive-y, or mixed with the cannabis it gives a bit of a different flavour, but still not terrible or weed-tasting. I will be trying Miss Envy’s coconut oil next to see which to keep stocked in my pantry.

  7. Love using this olive oil, great on salads and super easy to cook with. ?

  8. Great for adding to food as a micro-dosing measure. Be careful if you decide to cook with it, low temperatures only.

  9. The other olive oil on HD has a better taste but you get more from this one, dose seems pretty dead on what they claim.

  10. Very good! Pretty potent but I may have put more than advised. Great on sandwiches, I add it to my pastas as well but only when I’ve taken it off the stove. Salads are great, bread with olive and and vinegar, the list goes on. Love it!

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