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Vape (Puma) – Oil Atomizer

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1 Oil Atomizer for $15

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

  • 2.3 ml aperture for thicker oil atomization
  • Top filling, top airflow
  • 100% leak-proof
  • Glass tank
  • 510 thread compatible
  • 1 ml capacity

* The Oil Atomizer should be good for at least 5 refills and will be compatible with both the Twist Battery 320 MAH and the Puma Mini-Vape Kit. This atomizer will not work with the Alair, Toko Gold or Oil Vape Pen Kit.

31 reviews for Vape (Puma) – Oil Atomizer

  1. Easy to fill, great product

  2. easy to fill. Price is ok.

  3. Great tank for co2 oil and the distalites use it properly and it will last don’t burn out the atomizers when there’s a tiny bit of product in it that’s what ruins them trying to get every last drop in the tank. I also clean mine out every 5-6 refills a little rubbing alcohol cleans it right out.

  4. This atomizer seems to be hit-or-miss, you either love it and it works great or you get a mouthful of hot oil… I tried filling it 1/5th full until I was confident using it. It worked OK but burned through the oil in 3 pulls. So I filled the tank halfway, went to take a pull and just ended up with hot oil in my mouth and no vapor. Was I not supposed to fill it up to halfway? I emptied it and added oil 1/5th up the atomizer like the first time and am still only getting oil in my mouth. So I have an atomizer I can’t use and half a bottle of cherry oil I can’t cape 🙁

  5. Just havnt had any luck with these, the dual quartz coils with concentrates are wicked though!!!!!

  6. I got this atomizer and it works great. i use it with my shatter liquid that i made with HOLY TERPS PURE. Going to order a few more so i can different strains and flavors on the go. Good job on this.

  7. A little tricky to fill best bang for the buck monster halls love it

  8. Some are good some are BAD. IF IT WONT SMOKE RIGJT AWAY AND PUMPS OIL OUT SWND THE ATOMIZER BACK. my one brand new one wasted oil twice. Fill a diff atomizer and it works fine. I have thrown the shit one away. Be sure to only put in a little oil until you k ow the atomizer works properly then I only fill half way cuz one did leak once while on vacation.

  9. I was hopeful but this is a garbage product for oil. Stay away. I have likely lost a 1/4 of my oil to waste so far. Very temperamental. When it works it works well but not worth the cost of oil lost. Regularly clogged when I want to use it. I really wish I bought just one of these.

  10. Draws are amazing and works well with co2 honey. Also you can use this tank on ecig batteries.

  11. Bought a tank filled it up with quarry oil. Just kept shooting oil in my mouth. Wrote to HD they said it was my fault. Tried again and same thing. Sometimes doesn’t even pull. You can hear the restriction. Will never buy again! I’m convinced these tanks are not meant for c02 oil. It needs to be something runnier. What a waste of money on the oil and the tank. Really really disappointed. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

  12. Love these! But has anyone ever figured out a way to clean one? Inevitably oil will get into the tube and clog it up and cause splatter. But so hard to clean; even more so without wasting product if it happens when full. I have purchased many; more so for clogging up than actually burning out.

  13. Love this thing, already bought 3, but sadly they leak if not upright. I keep mine up and they are fine, even in a pair of jeans, just keep it upright, also it really sucks when you lose the cap, as it does prevent any dirt or product from leaking out. Would love to see a better one on here =/

  14. Anonymous

    I had two of these and they both have the same issue: they heat up, but don’t cook any of the oil, so it just ends up spitting hot oil onto my tongue. That’s with a full tank, after preheating it, Maybe I’m using them wrong?

  15. Nice units. Work very well however they don’t all seal properly or something. 1 of the 3 tanks I bought leaks oil. (Very expensive oil). Very disappointed with quality control on these

  16. Anonymous

    Best tank on HD period.

  17. Fantastic product, fantastic price. Doesn’t leak like others, well built, a little tough to fill but as others have said, heat it up and warm your oil and it will run right in. I use a piece of tissue in the hole while filling to make sure none goes down the spout. You’re going to lose a little during the process no matter what you do. Anyways, well done yet again HD!

  18. Very very impressed with is atomizer, great price and product quality. Got mine couple of days ago with the mod battery perfect combination.

  19. Anonymous

    I was skeptical about the hit I would get off this with pure platinum (violator). It is amazing. The tank is a bit hard to fill at first. I think I wasted a bit the first time but just gently warm the tank before filling and don’t pull the tip all the way out. Heat the metal tip up as well so when you inject oil out into the tank it touches the hot steel and warm tanks and then drips into the tank and not down the mouthpiece tip where I presume I just lost some oil the first time .::::AMAZING PRODUCT OVERALL

  20. Once again, Herbal Dispatch pulls through. These things are beyond amazing. Easy to fill, reliable, and leak-proof. Who’s got two thumbs and doesn’t need EJ mix anymore? This guy! Bought two of these bad boys; one for Heratio Delbert’s LHO THC distillate and one for the $40 hash oil. Coupled with the little $20 battery they sell here and boom. Done.

  21. Just got 2 of these along with the mod pen and charger. Way easier to fill and a lot less messy than refilling the Toko gold pen. Goes thru the oil a little faster than Id like, even on the lowest batt setting. But so far looks like the way to go for stealth out in public.

  22. Top notch quality. Easy to fill. No leaks. Durable. In combination with the CO2 oils, the future is here!

  23. I use these with the IVOD TWIST 2 1650 ohm variable voltage with distillate straight up (no pv or vg) do not burn above the second setting ! Blow out a lung excellent product !

  24. Great product work good with $20 vape pen

  25. These are the bomb for CO2 hash oil. No more diluting with PG.. Wicked big hits so run it on low or you’ll use your oil too quick.. JUst wish there were smaller tips for the syringes the CO2 oil comes in, that would make load a lot easier

  26. Perfect for thick oils. Not something I’d recommend for the less viscous hash oil strains or it will get used much faster

  27. Excellent Re-Fillable Tanks – I ordered 2 of these to test them out and I’m very impressed. The came nicely packaged and the tube stoppers from the package work amazing for holding your tank upright while you working with it so hold onto those. It has a top air flow so it has minimal to no leakage and great draw. The tank is a little tight for filling so make sure to use a syringe needle or similar filling tip. I haven’t had any issues with wicking and no clogging or bubbling yet either. It does work on the Toko Gold Mod but because its a top air draw tank the Mod doesn’t sense the air flow and wont Auto-Fire so you have to use the pre-heat function every draw. If you absolutely have to use the Toko Gold Mod it works but your 100% better off forking out $20 for a standard push-button fire Pen Mod for this to save you the hassle and head aches. I hope these stay in the HD Store as they are my new go to tank 🙂

  28. Great product, much better than the glass ones HD sells (they leak) this one is much better but would be nice if it cost $10.

  29. ok so these are freaking amazing!!! I find that toko you need to physically warm the tank before using as the holes arent big enough to let cold oil flow…these however have a HUGE hole and i use them on my box mod battery and ego battery (THESE DO NOT WORK WTIH THE TOKO PEN AS AIRFLOW IS FROM THE TOP, THE TOKO DOESNT SENSE YOUR DRAW AND THEREFORE DOESNT HEAT…BUT PREHEAT WILL WORK ) holy crap one haul of these is like 5 off of a toko, it also uses oil ALOT faster but i took some advice from another review and run these at the lowest voltage/wattage possible to conserve oil – Frigging amazing, i would just buy this and quarry oil FTW – I repeat if you want to use this on your toko get the other cartridge style that draws air from the bottom, because this will fit on the toko but wont work

  30. much more suited to the Quarry oils than other atomizers I have tried. That being said it might not be as efficient. The draws are a lot bigger even on the lowest setting. The taste was better/stronger as well. Hopefully they are made fairly well and will last a while. Overall id say much better than the other atomizer HD sells. Same goes for the battery.

  31. Way easier to fill then the kit. Warm up the atomizer and oil and it goes smooth. Hauls with the top air flow. So far so good. Ill let you know how the next couple days are.

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