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OG Kush

(208 customer reviews)


Grade: AAA
Type: Sativa

1 gram for $7
3.5 grams for $24
7 grams for $45
14 grams for $90
28 grams for $175

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Sold By: The Quarry
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Product Description

OG Kush makes up the genetic backbone of West Coast cannabis varieties, but in spite of its ubiquity, its origins remain a debatable mystery. Popular myth maintains that Chemdawg and an indica Hindu Kush parented OG Kush, passing on the distinct “kush” bud structure we see in many strains today. Other theories throw Lemon Thai genetics into the genetic mix, but no one can say for sure how this iconic strain came into existence.

Whatever its true genetics may be, OG Kush is commonly described as sativa-like in its euphoric and happy effects that combat stress and anxiety. It has an earthy pine scent with woody undertones, an aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush varieties and descendants. With OG Kush, patients most commonly cite improvements in migraines, ADD/ADHD, and stress disorders.

Flavours: Earthy, woody, pine
Effects: Euphoric, lazy, happy, uplifted, sleepy
Medical: Stress, pain, anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite

208 reviews for OG Kush

  1. very good for price value. been ordering it every time since it has arrived

  2. Very good green !!!!

  3. Very happy with this one! Price point where I can justify purchasing. And the product is not sub par to any of the more expensive strains. Great job on this one “Q” and HD. I’ll be back for more.

  4. This is my type of smoke. Certainly felt the sativa vibe and the nugs looked really nice. Affordable strain too, please keep in stock!

  5. Great bud!!! Great price!!!!!!

  6. awesome daytime buzz , the buds were fairly fluffy and had great colour.
    Very nice flavour and smooth to smoke.
    For the price , you can’t beat this one.

  7. Good high for the price. Will definitely buy again

  8. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this bud. My tolerance is quite high and I wasn’t expecting much considering how economical it was, but it delivers a very respectable daytime-appropriate high for me. Quality strains like this at a reasonable price will keep me buying from Herbal Dispatch.

  9. Can’t go wrong with the OG Kush… Great little buds for the price. I like how they come in smaller buds so I can easily bust and roll it up.

  10. Love this one! I find it really versatile, great to smoke with pals, and laugh without going into quiet, passout mode, but will cradle you into a beauty sleep when you’re ready. Just got more!

  11. Well it finally happened. Bud that I’m not impressed with from HD. First time in many orders. Not sure why everyone else is raving about this. It has no nose, loose buds and lost its freshness. Not on par with the other sub 200 oz on this site. Honestly it should be two stars max, based on every other time I’ve gotten 3 stars from here. I’ll just be more careful when trying budget ounces.

  12. Bit of a creeper on this for me… then, Whabam!!! A satisfying heavy high with bright rushes all over it. Maybe not a perfect burn and a tad harsh, but not unbearable. Smallish buds but great smell. More than worth your time here.

  13. Very versatile strain. You can enjoy it in the morning or to end the night. For $7 how could you complain.

  14. All time favorite batch, I always pick up a 3.5 since this one has a crazy price deal ! Gets you high, very mellow and relaxing.

  15. Great price for a great og buzz

  16. Great job with this! Amazing and Cheap! 5 outta 5 easy..

  17. Best bang for your buck. Love it!!!

  18. Different from what I got 2 weeks ago but dam it’s so good . No complaints 5/5 for the price

  19. I have now added this to every order! It is such a good high and even better price! Good solid day smoke!

  20. Amazing as usual

  21. Looks and smells good. After busting was covered in trichomes and very skunky. Best bang for the buck for some who smokes alot.

  22. Listen son and daughters this is OG kush and it should always be in your arsenal of buus. This strain had a wicked pine taste when I hit the bong and tasted absolutely tasty vaping.

  23. Vraiment satisfait, très bon, bonne senteur, bon goût. Un vrai classique, tu peut pas te tromper..!

  24. I’ve purchased this strain multiple times and I’m a big fan, cheap and strong.
    This most recent batch looks very nice, has a strong smell and an odd taste almost like perfume but enjoyable
    High is great for how cheap it is, I’ve found it more potent then some of the AAAA I’ve purchased from here
    Will order again and soon!

  25. I like this bud cause it smoky and brown
    And the taste is great

  26. A classic for sure! Great hybrid strain, nothing offensive at all. May just be the best price to weed on the site.

  27. Fantastic trip A buds for a great price. A classic Kush strain with both Indica and Sativa properties. Good to smoke during the day.

  28. smooth good flavour was abit dry made me cough everybat i smoked-ok high

  29. good for the price I suppose, but my nugs were incredibly small and popcorny and i felt the high was a little underwhelming. Probably not the best cut of this strain you can get but affordable.

  30. Great bang for the buck.

  31. The best for the daytime. My goto giver weed. Gets the job done and keeps you focused. OG baby! Tasty vaper mmmmmmm

  32. Great stuff to smoke during the day and has the right amount of kick for a good night cap as well! Beautiful green at 175

  33. Best on the site for the price, can’t go wrong with OG

  34. Love the taste and love the high. Mellows me out a whole bunch. Very very happy with this one. The price is perfect. 🙂

  35. I bought OG Kush three times and I find always the best rapport between quality/price. The only thing I like so so is the taste a little bit earthy that make me cough. But still always a nice stuff!

  36. This is a great strain for insomnia!! Will order again!! Thanks HD!!

  37. Great price for this smoke. I’m more inclined to say this is an Indica more then a sativa.

  38. Good smoke, I recommend it if you’re looking for a good all-round smoke

  39. Great bud for the price, great taste and high.

  40. Again this strain is awesome ! Trully compared to the other strains way more ecpensive this way does the trick ✌? Thanks The Quarry and HD

  41. I like this product…very tasty….very disappointed in the size of the buds this order….

  42. Great bud

  43. I realy enjoy this strain ! Perfect day time smoke for me, hope theres a lot left ?

  44. For the price this is one of the best buds on here. My buds came in huge with this strain every time I’ve ordered it. Stellar day through night.

  45. Best bang for your buck. Great taste good effect. A little bit weak but for 175 an Oz you can’t go wrong.

  46. Good stuff for the price you’re paying. It works. But I find there is a perfume like aftertaste which is kinda weird. Burns nice and like I said, it works.

  47. Great Bud for the price, smells really nice and has a good high .

  48. Stanky budz. 2nd time ordering. Very pleased.

  49. Great weed for the price Will buy again

  50. My first confirmed kush. Waited days to try this and I am pleased with this strain. A bargain for sure!

  51. Smells good, tastes good, feels good, incredibly good price. Great bang for your buck on this weed.

  52. Super bon rapport qualité prix une belle strain passe partout

  53. Great for daytime and works at night too!

  54. Cant beat the price to quality ratio. I had my doubts when ordering, but once I vaped it my doubts subsided. Will be ordering again.

  55. Buds are fluffy and have quite a few leaves. A classic strain though that still packs a punch for a fair price.

  56. Very good bud for the price smokes and smells amazing another 5 star 🙂

  57. very nice strain will recommend this to anyone very good price 5star

  58. Excellent product and potency for the price. Nice big fluffy buds. Good amount of crystal and great buzz. This batch smokes a bit harsh though.

  59. Got an ounce of this and while the bud is good quality it was definitely under weight.

  60. first time knowingly trying a sativa dominate kush strain. although it doesn’t give me that energy rush like a well grown haze or Congo, its still a strong daytime smoke with very little burn out at a great price

  61. for the price and quality i give it 5 stars

  62. Nice uplifting strain ! Taste good looks good burns well and at a good price . Thank you HD ??

  63. Good daily strain, especially at that price!
    Still missing Astroboy… 🙁

  64. Buds smell and look good but were a little small, It smokes good and for the price its an amazing deal and can’t go wrong with it.

  65. Best budget weed I’ve had on this site looks pretty smells good smokes well. A little harsh but worth it.

  66. Another great budget smoker strain. Love it!!

  67. Great product. Good size. Great smoke. Great high. Will definitely order again

  68. Amazing batch for the price! Nice earthy, thick smell and taste. Beautiful nugs glistening in the sun. And nice and potent!

  69. By far best deal on here and besides that u can’t go wrong it’s og

  70. Excellent price and taste great for daytime.

  71. Awesome strain!! Smokes just as good as the batch I had in Feb! Great taste

  72. Very Potent, loud smell and burns clean, wicked price!!!

  73. nice stuff hope it sticks around like the price good budget smoke thanks hd!

  74. Not really one for sativas. But I highly recommend this strain.

  75. Always a classic! Great high and a fantastic price

  76. nothing crazy a little leafy and not much smell to it seems like it wasnt dried properly

  77. Première fois que je trouve le goût D’une sorte chez herbal dispatch ordinaire . Peut-être parce que je m’attendais à avoir un gôut plus intense de kush. Je ne gout n’y kush n’y OG . Peut-etre aussi le nouveau sachet pour l’humidité qui donne une impression de gout de vert en bouche quand tu en fume toute suite. En tk Belle bud , vraiment bon buzz intéressant . Mais le moins intéressant au gout que j’ai fumer ici si je compare à Fire og , Death booba, bluedream, et plusieurs autre sorte qu’un de mes ami à commandé et m’ont fait fumé et qui étaient Gigantesquement bon! J’ai jamais donner mes commentaire alors sachez que je donne 5 étoile a tous ce que j’ai fumer ici jusqu’a aujourd’hui. Merci HD!

  78. My personnal favorite strain, helps me get off my ass and has a good head buzz.

  79. would be a 4.5 if I received the full 7g… but it came with 6g…

  80. Glad I bought a half ounce of this strain. Great stone from it and looks great. Buds are kinda fluffy but makes the bag look much bigger! Great crystal coverage and not much leaf. Great deal for the price.

  81. Great bud. Awesome pricing.

  82. OG Kush!!!! Can’t ever go wrong with this,it’s one of my favourite buds.

  83. Ummm why is this so cheap? Its so good. Perhaps the better question is: why are there so many strains on this site, and others, not as good as this but selling for 10 and 11 per G? This is one of the best vaping strains Ive ever had. What I mean by that is that it just continuously produced a lot of vapor from a small amount’. It was still producing thick vapor when the 10 minute auto shut off on my vape (Airizer Air) happened. That’s very rare. Usually I turn the unit off before that happens because the vapor has run dry. Impossible not to recommend this one.

  84. You have to have this one in your arsenal if you think you’re cool.

  85. Very nice!

  86. Very happy with this

  87. Good bud for a good price

  88. I’m a old school smoker. 2 joints a day weekebss like 5. I was looking for quality buds at low price considering go through it fast. Tried oh Kush and man I was happy. Very smooth pulls and smooth taste. Buds are looks nice also. Not as potent as others but perfect for the price does the job. Will order again.

  89. It really worth it for at this price, nice stuff

  90. Great green! Great price! Awesome daytime smoke.

  91. Excellent product. Happy they brought it back

  92. The gold standard in bud! Cheaper then i can find on the street. Pungent oder, earthy, a real delight!

  93. Really good bang for your $ its a good high dosent taste the greatest but verry good bud

  94. This just arrived and i’m diving in! Beautiful aroma, buds and had no issues grinding up nicely. Great flavour too!

  95. Excellent Sativa beautifull buds ! As goos as the first batch as far ad I remember ! Perfect in the morning, well for me 🙂

  96. Excellent Sativa beautifull buds ! As goos as the first batch as far ad I remember ! Perfect in the morning, well for me 🙂 thanks HD

  97. Great price, great bud.

  98. My hubby absolutely loves this one! Hands down the best we’ve smoked so far!

  99. Good stuff, awesome price. 🙂

  100. Best bang for your buck – can never go wrong with OG Kush – 5 stars

  101. One of the only sativas ill smoke

  102. Hands down the Best Buy on here for sure
    Nice earthy kushy taste reminds me of when the kush days began:)

  103. Decent bud for a decent price u can’t go wrong and thanks HD.

  104. Great product and at a very good price!

  105. Don’t mind this strain. Will likely try again.

  106. Realy nice flower good taste nice look heavy buzz ! Cant go wrong whit this price its some nice OG

  107. definitely liked this strain…loved the taste and lifted my spirits and kept me eating so all around just what I was looking for at awesome price

  108. great for the price … cant be beat .. great smoke and high

  109. Good price for quality bud

  110. definitely love this stuff and for the price can’t go wrong . Smokes nice and isn’t harsh will be ordering more 😀

  111. cant go wrong with this product

  112. I bought this strain because it was the cheapest sativa, but it is really good pot for the price! Makes me dance and giggle, uplifting, great for creativity.

  113. good bud for the price ordered an o and a q got nice chunks of kush, earthy kushy.. pressed some into rosin 20% leaker was tasty and potent

  114. Oh Yeah…excellent quality…reasonably priced….as i read in another review….gives you COUCHLOCK

  115. I absolutely live this strain , gives me a clear headed feeling , relieves the congestion in my head (only some will understand ) this is by far one of my favs helps with add and anxiety well

  116. I tried the sample pack of Sativa and this is by far my favorite of them all! Gives a good upper high and doesn’t leave you sleepy when the high wears off!

  117. Orderd a half and its excellent smoke and excellent price. Going to order this again for sure.

  118. Really enjoyed this strain,great price, just bought some again.

  119. If you didn’t, you must. Best quality for your buck. Got a 28. Very happy. Thks had.

  120. Great price love this bud

  121. Just what you’d expect for the price.

  122. I like it . another great strain on a budget .got me high thanks herbal dispatch

  123. I would give this more than 5 stars if I could. Best value I’ve found so far. I would easily pay 8 bucks a gram for this as I found it very effective for sleep and couchlock. This weed is a steal at this price. Considering Polecat is 6 bucks a gram and is AWFUL, spend the extra buck a gram.

  124. Awesome quality also for the price ! Taste is good and a bit sweet. Nice sativa high.
    Thanks Hd for the packing this time nothing was crushed buds are intact and beautifull. ✌?

  125. A great quality bud. Nice high especially for the price. Glad it’s back, will definitely be ordering again!

  126. Tried it because of the price. Good product, smooth enough for a casual user.

  127. I trusted you guys so I bought and once and I never been as please with an hybrid. Best priced item, as good as the other AAA

  128. Great weed for the price. Tasty and it isn’t harsh.

  129. Have ordered the OG twice and will be ordering again. For the price I can’t find anything better.

  130. great stuff love the look , smell and taste. quality product once again.

  131. Great taste ! Great price ! 🙂

  132. definitely recommend this bud managed to hustle a bud off my buddy who i recommended to the site. AAAAA+ PLUS quality nice smoke not harsh nice smell great buzz i just ordered a zip of it will let you know how it is when it arrives always consistent with HD

  133. Nice buds. Busts up nice. Tastes good. Doesn’t smell the best burning but overall good bud

  134. Woohoo just got my parcel, and again another amazing strain, clean smoke big buds. You cannot go wrong with the price for an ounce. I will be buying this one again and again. Thanks herbal you guys never disappoint!!!

  135. Excellent deal. Tasted amazing too

  136. Excellent product. Nice flavour, odour, and burns great.

  137. Love this stuff. Would definately buy again!

  138. I LOVE THIS ONE, nice frosted nugs , heavy tatse & what about the price ! A must 5/5

  139. Very good for the price, good for a night tome toke to put you down for bed.

  140. One of the best quality/price deals I’ve gotten so far on this website

  141. You can’t go wrong here. The price leads you to believe it’s a cheap smoke, but it’s the opposite. A clean smoke with a super nice smell and taste and the high was clean. Perfect for daytime use!

  142. great for the price deff get again

  143. Great for doing this in the yard and the price is right on this one. Will order again 🙂

  144. A decent high and longevity but man does it smoke harsh, at least my current batch does.. Bought along with Nirvana and I much more enjoy that. Will likely try agin to make sure it’s not a one off.

  145. Great kush! Gives you great munchies! Feels more like an indica than sativa tho.

  146. Great bud, very productive and creative high

  147. Fav statin on HD right now. Best bang for the buck. This stuff tates and burns perfect. Verry skunky aroma! Mmm

  148. One of my favorite for shure!Hope HD will keep this one low price for a long time!

  149. Great

  150. Very happy with deliver and quality not one single complaint

  151. Great smoke. Great high. Really helped me sleep soundly through the night. Well worth the price.

  152. cant go wrong with this price …. great stuff and quite dank! enjoy!

  153. Good reliable smoke feels more like a hybrid than straight sativa

    Earthy bold smoke

    Strong chest hit

    Wasn’t expecting my socks knocked off and they are still on.
    The deal plus quality smoke and bud appealmake this impossible to pass up

    Thanks HD

  154. Of course this is the best stuff! It’s got a good price, please smoke it with a good Bud or Good Buds K

  155. Ordered 1g to try it out, this is an amazing strain! Excellent high!! The smell after grinding is amazing, for the prize you deffenitly do not want to miss out! Will be ordering again!

  156. OK IVE PRESSED THIS LAST BATCH OF OG KUSH AND ITS SO BAD I DONT WANT TO DAB IT!!!!! the batch before was outstanding AAAA+ grade . Not this one I can taste the chemicals in my dabs .what ever they used to grow this batch in my opinion is awful awful bad news !!!!! HD needs to get with the program soon I won’t need this site as of legalization is right around the corner??can’t wait ??

  157. Excellent buzz herb. Smooth flavour. Definately a must pick

  158. Few things: One, my package came vac-sealed a little too tight, so the buds were almost in brick form. The good news is, letting them sit out, they kind of puffed back up to normal. Second, the bag appeal was terrible, very leafy, 3/10. I did a quick trim on my zip and got probably 3-5 grams of leaf. Third, once I did that, it revealed beautiful purple hued crystal-coated buds. Bag appeal went up to 9/10. Not sure why the grower didn’t put more effort into manicuring this stuff. For the price, this is the best deal you can get on here. I’d classify it as more of an indica than a sativa as well, but overall, great bud!

  159. Great bang for buck cant go wrong Smokes great.

  160. Great value at this price! The buds are nice and have a smooth flavour.

  161. Great buzz. I use this strain at night, if I smoked it during the day it would be a very unproductive rest of the day! Good quality

  162. Another amazing deal. Very tasty and strong. Definitely 5 star .

  163. Very nice strain…great buzz and tastes great too.

  164. Great quality I will order this again

  165. Just picked up an oz and wow some great smoke! Powerful and tasty for being so cheap! Will buy again for sure

  166. Sticky Icky Icky, What can I say… This is reminiscent of back in the day, what I used to love and enjoy before I got into all these different strains, the true definition of weed. I usually stay away from any strain under $9, but after reading reviews on this one I decided to go ahead and order myself a zip. It was like I took a time machine back to 2009 and got myself some high grade from my old dealer. Great true OG, effects, perfectly balanced, it was very smooth and burned very cleanly. Could be a trimmed a little better but either than that, the buds were caked with crystal, some with purple and it is hella sticky. For 175 / oz you do not want to miss out on this. Hopefully this strain stays around as I will be wanting to order more in the future.

  167. Very decent bud for the price – would purchase again

  168. Really nice, I trimmed off the leaf, dried it a bit more, and it turned out really nice, would definitely order again.

  169. More than surprised by the quality of this bud! Already re ordered!

  170. Grabbed 3.5 to try it came in 1 big bud….
    however i ordered 7 gs and its all small Leafy tiny buds…will not order this dirt again…..

  171. I just smoke a joint of this stuff (mix with afghani hash) and man it get me stoooneeeed ! If you’re a kush lover like me you can’t go wrong, and for the price that OG strike hard ! The smell when i grinded it was just a dream …

  172. Great frosty buds for the price. I just ordered my second bag. Buds were nice. Maybe a little harsh but that is probably why the AAA rating. Overall great medicine

  173. Great smoke for a great price. Would consider ordering again.

  174. Ordered a 1/2 O this time around because I loved it so much last time I got it. I’m a bit of light weight because I don’t smoke that often, but I’d imagine even if you weren’t this is still a pretty potent strain that has become one of my favourite sativa’s next to Blue Dream. And the price is phenomenal as well, I hope HD keeps stocking this strain, because I will definitely keep ordering it!!!

  175. A definite 5 star. The price is great and the bud is great.

  176. What a nice strain, burns quickly even when fresh, but has a nice potency. Definitely got me stoned, some of the side effects are it will forsure make you lazy. You just want to chillout on this strain. Not great for people with ADHD.

  177. Quality price ratio is on point. Very potent strain, bud trimming could be better. Taste OK. In conclusion it is worth the money.

  178. Great taste, great high, great price imo

  179. High to price, it’s among the best.

  180. Started to feel relaxed, and after awhile, feeling sleepy and little less pain. for the price this stuff is pretty great. think I may focus on some of these kinds and hope them to be as good as this to help my pain on a budget, thanks HD for great bud at a decent price!! truly helps patients out.

  181. This is the best bang for ur buck love this, herbal always has the fire never disappointed. Nugs were dense and very potent smell almost like a fresh cut grape. Smokes good and taste amazing thanks hd

  182. This is a really well grown strain of marijuana-I am not sure if its a greenhouse hydro…It does seem hydro to me anyway- Not that real outdoorsy soil taste.More that earthy woodsy piney kinda Og Kush taste.Only bong hits so far and only need 3.Good amounts of crystal-This would be ideal for homemade pressed rosin or similar type products.For the price its in a world of its own-its as good as a lot of more expensive strains I have smoked.I like this more than a lot of other strains on here.

  183. Good for the price… little bit leafy but it is what it is….????

  184. holy smokes!, what a deal, what a smoke,, what a buzz for this buzzard.. crystals to the extreme!!! a g of bud will yield about .2-.25 g chunk of crystally dry kief. nice body numbing mind amping effect,, very nice meds.thanks again

  185. bag appeal review: looks wonderful, purple hues through out which i didn’t see in the pictures here as much. smells sweet & earthy, can’t wait to try 🙂 was excited to be able to save a little money so i can afford more medicine, hoping it will help me !

  186. I think im dreaming exoctic kush for 7$ a gram second time buying this and have to say even more dense then the last batch nice to see hebal allowing affordable flower for people on a budget

  187. Smokes good, tastes delicious, and the price is awesome.. will buy again without a doubt

  188. 5/5 always great and best OG by far.

  189. for the price, its a delicious bud. I would recommend it greatly.

  190. Great product. Definitely prefer this one to the $6 strain, much better quality for not much more $.

  191. Awesome

  192. bud looks really good, smokes and taste good aswell

  193. OG Kush is one of my favorite strains, and this one is pretty awesome for the price. Cant go wrong, will buy again if possible.

  194. top notch smoke. Was like Christmas morning waiting for the post man

  195. A nice little treat for the holidays

  196. Very happy with this purchase. Will be returning for this strain

  197. The best of the cheaper 6/7$ strains.

  198. Outstanding bang for your buck. Great deal and quality. Will order again.

  199. Best OG 5/5!!!!!!

  200. I have this, and it’s parent strain, Hindu Kush, but from a LP…this stuff is way better, smoother smoke, and a far better effect overall. Great for pain, and it doesn’t knock me out as bad as the Hindu, maybe the sativa part of this strain helps. Seems to last a lot longer for me too. Thanks again HD, LPs are far too expensive for inferior buds! 5 stars for effect to cost ratio! and for overall potency.

  201. The difference is night and day between this and the $6 strains. Definitely enjoyed this 100x more

  202. Awesome batch of og kush for a killer deal. Smooth and tastes good, enjoyed every puff 5/5

  203. Great bang for your buck for sure

  204. 5/5 Ecellent product this Og kush is a must have and awesome price

  205. Great bag this order. Buds are nice and frosty. Nice taste, a little kushy, a little sativa taste. I’m really happy. A good buy.

  206. Great quality and an amazing price. Kept me going all day as any good sativa should.

  207. Has a nice lasting effect that i enjoy and a good price!

  208. I just received my medicine td and happy as ever some of the best og kush ive ever had an amazing oz thanks so much herbal once again and always for providing the best quality bud at the best prices

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