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Northern Lights x Haze

(96 customer reviews)


Type: Sativa

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Sold By: Golden Spruce Cannabis
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Product Description

A sativa from Sensi Seeds, Northern Lights #5 x Haze is a vigorous strain bred to improve upon Haze’s flowering time and bud structure. With zesty flavors of pungent spice, this 70% sativa delivers an invigorating cerebral buzz that seems to boost sensory awareness. Though the indica in her shines through in density and growth stature, this strain carefully preserves an uplifting high that’s perfect for daytime use.

Flavours: Spicy, earthy, pine
Effects: Sleepy, relaxed, uplifted, euphoric, tingly
Medical: Stress, depression, inflammation, pain, cramps

96 reviews for Northern Lights x Haze

  1. Smooth yummy back taste. Cerebral high. Productive, relaxed, happy. Would order again.

  2. Big chunky pungent buds. Glorious.

  3. I’m happy that I ordered this one it Nice choice and smooth taste

  4. Definitely a very good looking bud

  5. I really enjoyed this!

  6. Good burn, yo. Lol burn in this font looks like bum. Anyways, worth the money, makes you feel goooood man.

  7. Absolutely amazing and delicious!! The high is fantastic! thanks Herbal dispatch for lifting my spirit and eating my pain all in one

  8. Burns and taste great had it before and will be definitely ordering it again
    Keep up the great work

  9. Frosty chunky buds filled with crystals, excellent taste and smooth in take, Would purchase again for its superb quality.

  10. This is amazing stuff!! Nuff said……..

  11. Very nice. Great flavour , large buds. Burns smooth with white ash.

  12. Great day time strain!! Will order again for sure!!!!!

  13. Big frosty hazy chunks of delicious mind numbing beauty. This batch is worth the price imo. These buds are so sexy. Yes sexy!! The high is stellar, long lasting and smokes very smooth with a white ash. This was very well cared for and it shows immensely!!

  14. loved this bud-i keep a diary of all the bud i order-this one got top rating-wasnt available last order-glad it back

  15. other bud has been wow, this bud is WHOA! one of the strongest herb i’ve purchased in a very long time. 5/5

  16. I’ll be ordering this again. Best bud I’ve had in a long time.

  17. Best product I’ve received from here. 5 out of 5.

  18. Really enjoy the northern lights x haze! So smooth. Very enjoyable. Still feel I can accomplish things through out the day.

  19. Very happy with this….will for sure order again, great job!

  20. Good strong long lasting high.

  21. Decent. Easy smoking, seemed not very potent.

  22. Tasty and the high is right on point wish I had got more definitely order again

  23. This Northern Lights is a very nice strain! 🙂 this is the wife’s favorite Northern Lights and atomic love potion. When I have these Stranger in My House it’s a very happy house lol 🙂 cheers HD thank you

  24. Wow, beautiful frosty buds, interesting smell, almost a little sweet. Excellent dry and cure as usual, Really heavy sativa, super buzzy, and creative high.

  25. Had high hopes for this and it delivered. Really nice all day smoke.

  26. This is my new favourite of all time.

  27. this has got to be one of the best strains ive tried out there. bit pricier then my regular choices but definately not disapointed. was a good treat!!!!

  28. Ive ordered this strain before and happy you got it back! Great Price and out of the bag its one huge nugget! Kind of like U.K Cheese but you rarely see frosted buds like this other than maybe Love Potion or U.K Cheese. This strain smells amazing and burns beautifully. So excited to have this again!

  29. one of my favourite strains. Ordered 14g and it came in two phat nugs covered in crystals with lots of hairs Smells and tastes great and busts up nicely. I was definetly in a haze on the couch after smoking this.

  30. 5 star no doubt

  31. Very bright and frosty, smooth and haze like.

  32. Love it ! Nice day time strain

  33. This is one of the strains everyone should try. I love ALL aspects of this bud.. its worth a try and you won’t be disappointed. taste,high are right up there with some of the best strains. My number one strain but hard to find as it takes a long time to bud and kudos to the grower for the patients. thanks HD

  34. Nice big dense buds covered in crystals. Great sativa with a clear, smooth taste and a nice daytime buzz with no burnout

  35. As far as bud goes it’s an amazing sativa strain! I only ordered a Quart, but I got a 5 gram bud, covered in Crystal. Gives a nice, uplifting buzz. Burns slow and tastes pretty great too.

  36. This strain is got really strong taste it might not be for everyone. Buds are filled with Crystal and will take away any pain or discomfort you may had.

  37. Bought a zip and man am I fuc$ing glad that I did!!! Looks insane in the bag, huge super dense quarter oz buds with so much resin that you don’t want to set fire to this unicorn, this is the kind of medicine I want every time I order!! BUY THIS NOW!!

  38. This one is very similar to that joejollyrancher haze..Very nice daytime high! You can get things done with this stuff, concentrate, formulate, others….Go for a walk, chill, no anxiety. Why not give yourself some fancy titles..Ornithologist, Philatelist, Philanthropist, etc…

  39. Beautiful thick heavy buds and that wonderful nostalgic aroma. Fantastic!

  40. extremely potent strain huge dense hairy buds and great smell taste love it would definetly get again wouldnt recommend for lightweights

  41. Mine arrived extremely dry but it was still hard hitting.

  42. Can’t really go wrong with this one if you’re looking for a haze to smoke. Really love the smell!

  43. Anonymous

    The new batch is the bomb, looks great, tastes great, burns and smells perfect. Well worth the money and the delivery from BC to ONT 3days spot on. HD you have got your game together, thank you for the unprecedented customer service, product and delivery my number one go to supplier?

  44. One of the best ive tried nice looking buds, good taste and great buzz!!!

  45. Get it. You won’t be disappointed. Frosty green buds that will leave you feeling euphoric.

  46. Anonymous

    Got this in a sample pack. Definitely going on my re-order list. Very good quality sativa.

  47. Perfect day time smoke with no burnout. Hits me with a sense of nostalgia. Great smell – even better taste. Thanks HD!

  48. Love it! Love the taste, texture and burn. Gives a real nice daytime go go.

  49. Simply Awesome in a good vape.Been so long since ive smoked Northern Lights i forgot how amazing it was.Thanks HD:)

  50. Beautiful bud. Very happy with this product.

  51. Beautiful frosty bright green buds. great uplifting high with some relaxation, an earthy taste with some spice!

  52. Up there in my top picks with Guerilla glue 4 , broought me back to high as high school days. Proper dank right here, well done

  53. Reminds me of good old hi school days !! Can’t go wrong with this strain… I’m very pleased with this product 🙂 thx HD

  54. Such a nice sativa with a rich diesel-ish piney flavor. Smooth to draw. Comes on slowly spreading through your brain which disperses glowing relaxation to your body while your mind opens to the beauty and hope set free by thc. Not the strongest sativa but yet possess characteristics that make it a good strain for between white widow or white sour diesel. I recommend it 4.5 out of 5

  55. Beam me up Scotty! This strand will surely get you to your desired destination!

  56. Next to organic cherry cookies this is my favourite strain herbal dispatch has to offer. You will not be disappointed at all!

  57. Anonymous

    Amazing Sativa and yes it smells like the 90’s, big time.

  58. Nice buds, smells great, amazing puff… great all day sativa. Highly recommend!

  59. Perfect Sativa

  60. Great looking dense buds, motivational high and tremendous 90’s stench

  61. 5 star sativa all day . Crystal thrichome covered big nug buds ?

  62. Had this strain the last time around and it was amazing… Lovely sativa … Solid 4.75/5 ..
    Gonna be getting myself some of this hard hitter sativa on my next order

  63. Was glad to have gotten the chance to get some of this before it was out of stock. This and Blue dream are my go to Sativa’s. Love the taste of this, buds looks great, smelled very earthy , woodsy. Very good buzz but still able to get shit done. Highly recommended!!!!

  64. Anonymous

    I have been looking fir this for about 15 years..until I discovered HD I finally got to try it.

    I had a lot of hype for this one. I find the buds bust really good and pleantyful

    The taste is earthy and the aroma is strong and wonderful.

    Not as potent as blue dream but this is a fantastic strain that im happy i finally got to cross off my bucket list of herbs. Thank you HD for another great mary jane!

  65. very nice nuggets, as well as nicely coated in trichomes. i agree with the previous comment that this did taser more like northern haze, but you can’t go wrong with this tho. nicely flushed product, with a very smooth flavour and smoke. also nicely cerebral! worth trying if you haven’t, you’ll be happy you did!

  66. solid great strain, with a strong lasting effect… clearly high quality!

  67. VERY TASTY , made me feel nice and medicated but the type of medicated where you get up and do things, type of stuff for during the day forsure!

  68. Not surprised its out of stock already. Fantastic buds. Sticky icky. Wish I grabbed more.

  69. Really nice stuff, glad I got some while it lasted. I find this to have a really strong haze effect, but tasted more like NL. Thanks again HD for sourcing some beautiful buds!

  70. Lovely buds. Such a classic strain, I’m happy to be able to finally try it. Great bag appeal, smell, taste and potency. Excellent quality for sure. This is a sativa everyone should try while they can.

  71. Very nicely done. Worth buying a few times. Didn’t get any kind of immunity to it. A solid high

  72. Wow great bud always wanted to try it and i was blown away definatly a favorite. It has a long lasting high and tastes good smells great!

  73. Anonymous

    Anyone suffering from anxiety or depressive symptoms, this strain is for you. I find it very relaxing – both mentally and physically – but not in a sedating way at all. Relaxing, but POTENT. It is a bit of a creeper, too, in my opinion. If I had to compare it to another strain I’d say it has a similar feeling to the Hempstar, but more potent. Great stuff.

  74. A prime example of high quality dense nugs that are full of crystals and no leaves. This bud is very high quality, the smell from the bud is not so strong, but it has a unique smell and you know it will be potent based on this smell. The smoke is very smooth and nice, flavor is good, not as good as blue dream though, but the effect is nice and clean , happy, positive with no couchlock ! I would buy this again, it has so much appeal.

  75. Amazing bud, super quality glad i grabbed some has been a long time since ive had stuff this potent, let alone clean 🙂

  76. This is a great sativa, Gave the ol lady a poundin after work then cleaned the house, buds are big and pretty, had an 8g one in my 28g, nothing special bout the taste but every thing else is tippy top! one of my all time from here favourites hands down!

  77. One of my favorites nice looking buds and a powerful high that won’t make you lazy a must have in it cart

  78. Nice bud structure. No haze smell or taste. Very dense buds. A little off/bad tasting. Nice example northern lights.

  79. Amazing bud!! From the minute I received if to the first puff I was in doubt , smoked that shit and instantly fell in love with the amaing high ! Worth picking up definitely recommend

  80. possibly my new fav hd sativa. Love this strain, the smell and taste. Thanks Hd

  81. Anonymous

    Great bud looks like picture, smells earthy, thought it had a woody smoke flavour. thank you herbal dispatch

  82. Holy dank stanky delicious buds batman! This is a proper AAAA Sativa. Best stuff I’ve had in a while. There is a reason that with 14 reviews this stuff is still at an average of 5 out of 5 stars. Great job again HD.

  83. Good stuff a great sticky sativa , smokes well . Brings you back to the best smelling weed before kush came out lol

  84. This stuff is amazing! Really a lighter smoke yhats still and heavy hitter! 5 stars

  85. Nice big buds covered in crystal and a really enjoyable high 5 stars from me!

  86. Anonymous

    I grabbed a 1/2 oz of this as soon as I seen it made its way back to HD. The buds were all real nice but had one very large dense frosty nug!! This is some nice AAAA…….HD rocks!!

  87. Amazing job HD!! Scale on 1-10 , 10 being the best I give this an easy 11, Def getting more of this stuff!!

  88. This is my first time trying this strain, and I am very impressed… The buds are covered in trichomes. They are dense, but easily broken down. The taste is really nice and the effects are heavy. I would recommend this strain to anyone. AAAA for sure…

  89. Anonymous

    This is a great strain! Good taste and smell, burns clean. Buds were tight and medium sized, def worth it!

  90. Never have had a strain like this. Damn strong, best for pain relief in my opinion. I just jumped outta my seat when i saw this strain again. Instant buy for me and i don’t have to even think twice about it.
    For sure a must try!
    Thanks HD!!!

  91. 5/5
    Sensational sativa! My quarter contained a couple of small budlets and one dense, frosty, earthy-smelling, 5+ gram nug. Effects are clean, heady, and immediate. Another winner from HD.

  92. My favourite sativa I’ve ever had hands down. I personally love this strain and have grown an unsatiable appetite for it! Big cannon joints burn with perfection this bud crumbles perfectly and hits so clean!
    5/5 Already contemplating a quarter of this on my next order.

  93. This is a strong one must say wow very good with pain relief wake ya right up put you in the mood to go out and do something you must try you won’t be disappointed

  94. Nice choice and smooth taste!!

  95. Anonymous

    A high quality bud and obvious grade AAAA strain the effects alone give it 5 stars the taste, smell and look are that of a quality northern lights x haze.

  96. Rock hard nugs with hazy high, smell and taste reminds me of hempstar mixed with jack herer with peppery exhale

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