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Neville’s Haze

(45 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

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Product Description

A tribute to the father of all modern seed companies, Nevil Schoenmakers. There is something very special about this 3/4 Sativa that those in the know will recognize once they smell the end product. It is a tall sativa and is almost pure Haze. Green House Seeds crossed it to become 1/4 indica. It is known for being a tall plant with a pine cone scent and distinctive floral haze edge. The resin is high and potent, giving it a powerful cerebral high. Neville’s Haze won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1998.

Flavours: Diesel, pungent, earthy
Effects: Euphoric, happy, uplifted, energetic, talkative
Medical: Depression, stress, lack of appetite, pain, nausea

45 reviews for Neville’s Haze

  1. nice looking buds and strong effects, haze is amazing !

  2. This is a nice smoke, smooth and tasty, great strong sativa buzz, was pleasantly surprised the potantcy. 4.5 stars

  3. This has easily become one of my favourites for daytime. I’ve ordered it twice now and I will definitely be ordering more! Thanks HD!

  4. One of my favs for day time. Great
    Pain relief!! Ordered this before and will order again.

  5. Nice dense nugs. Smells of cantaloupe taste is on point with the high.

  6. I’ve purchased this is the past and found it to be much more potent than this time. I was disappointed, really liked it before but not this time. I’ll try it again next time it comes around and hopefully it will be a better batch.

  7. Amazing sativa, amazing high and beautiful looking.

  8. This was a great smoke during the day. Found it a big harsh though. But definitely a very uplifting stone.

  9. Exactly as pictured. Well trimmed cone buds of high quality morning/daytime. A bucket list strain for many many years, and for good reason.

  10. First time trying Neville’s and i must say i am pleasantly surprised for a sativa, great daytime smoke. Will definitely purchase again,would recommend to those who like a good sativa.

  11. Very potent and would order again! Lot of crystals and nice tokes.

  12. Very smooth smoking, got a nice cerebral high. Haze’s strain never disappoint.

  13. This strain is awesome!!!
    Felt it after a couple of puffs. Good quick pain relief. Will order again!!

  14. Good Sativa for daytime no burn out basic but good for casual but not as uplifting or mentally stimulating. Mellow

  15. I like Neville’s hard bud effect good for my blood pressure

  16. flavor profile not what I expected. this genetics carries no haze smell/taste and instead has a buttery fruity taste. white ash. good, just not what I expected. glad I only got 14 and not more.

  17. This one moved into the top 5 for me

  18. liked this one-good motivational high-got busy and the buzz lasted for hours

  19. A god send for my wife’s mental health. She does all the other work, but this helps a lot!

  20. Big nuggets, awesome fruity taste! Great product overall! But took a star off for the price.

  21. Very good strain.

  22. Very nice smoke,smooth and burns clean. I have a high tolerance and just got off work,so I can’t say too much for effects in that way yet… smoked a few bowls of it though,and what I can tell so far is it’s relaxing yet uplifting which is great! I love sativas that lift you up, but also relax you,as I have lots of pain and can be prone to heart racing. Seems like a over all good bud, looks great and burns well which is what you want!! Especially for the price 🙂 The relaxing aspect is nice, it doesn’t make me feel couch locked,so you could still get stuff done!! I am sure if I had more, the effects may be stronger.

  23. Wife loves this one. She finds it helps her breakthrough creative boundaries when painting and helps her depression and anxiety. I also find it’s a great day smoke and helps with an overactive mind.

  24. Beautiful sativa 🙂

  25. I’ve never had this strain before but I’ve been excited to try it since I read about it in Danny Danko’s book of strains. The buds are so frosty that my hands got sticky just unpacking the bag. It’s got this great, sort of peppery smell to it and the smoke is smooth and delicious. I’m describing the high in real time, as you can probably tell. I like energetic, euphoric sativas for the work day, and this is one of the best I’ve found. Great bud for being productive at creative work.

  26. Nice wet-greasy looking buds,, has a somewhat harsh – hazey flavour,,, nice resin content ,, excellent sativa smell,; floraly hazey ,,,energizing enlightening effect,,, thanks for the superb product

  27. Looks good and smells good in the bag, burns good, good buzz, no extreme munchies. All around great smoke.

  28. Very nice sativa amazing smoke very tasty

  29. 5 Stars, great strain ?

  30. Worthy contender for top sativa here. Enjoyed it greatly.

  31. Great high. Thanks HD

  32. Another beauty reminds me so much like the Northen lights haze definitely a winner and one to put away for a beautiful summer day at the beach or surrounding yourself with friends a around bomb fire keep up the great work herbal dispatch and thank you again for the wonderful service you provide always a pleasure choosing the best service out there , How about a 12 dollar quad strain for the ultimate connoisseur to go along with golden spruces limited time batch ?

  33. Wow love it !! Thanks Nevil. Another favorite haze.

  34. Very frosty hazy buds. Gives a really happy buzz makes ya wanna get out n do stuff. Grown and groomed very nicely

  35. Pleasantly potent. Solid consistency and sweetly fuzzy. Energetic and laughy buzz.

  36. Worth the Price beautiful nuggs gonna Buy again!

  37. Nice stuff. It’s definitely one you should try because you work hard for the money.

  38. beautiful looking buds and taste great

  39. Tight nuggets. Lots of crystals

  40. 5 stars are warranted for this gem.

  41. Really awesome for a nice daytime smoke that is still very strong but pleasant

  42. Really nice bud and potent. Taste is sweet and smooth, definitely a heavy hitter and kudos to the grower. Nothing better than a hazy day! Five stars AAAA+

  43. Great strain, worth the price

  44. Cured well…nice potency…..may buy again..

  45. A prime-time sativa strain! Nice and smelly, kinda pungent with a floral note, nice dark crystally buds, good cure, super tasty, nice potent high, really cerebral! I love these old school strains you guys keep bringing back, keep it up hd!

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