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NanoDrops Beverage Enhancer – CBD

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1 bottle of NanoDrops Beverage Enhancer for $20

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Product Description

Get more out of your water or favorite beverage with this hemp CBD enhancer!

NanoDrops infuses your favourite beverage with the wellness benefits of Hemp CBD and more in a convenient, concentrated formula.

NanoDrops delivers the combined power of science and nature to your favorite water or beverage. Each convenient squeeze-bottle holds a concentrated hemp-based beverage enhancer. This unique formulation is powered by Heneplex™, a proprietary full spectrum nano-amplified full spectrum hemp essential oil complex delivering the most bio-available benefits of THC-Free phytocannabinoids and over 75 botanical terpenes at the cellular level.

• No calories, sugar or THC
• Full-spectrum non-psychotropic phytocannabinoids like cannabidiol/CBD and over 75 botanical terpenes
• Powered by nanotechnology for ultimate delivery

Directions: Add approximately one (one-second) squeeze of concentrate directly into drink of choice. Shake well before using.

Contains: Each bottle contains 63 ml. Contains 250 mg of CBD per bottle.

Cautions: Always consult your medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product.
There are no known serious side effects from taking CBD, so you can stop or start taking it whenever you like without concern.

6 reviews for NanoDrops Beverage Enhancer – CBD

  1. This doesn’t make me high or anything but really chills me out and gets rid of any anxiety I have.

  2. Bottle lasted long. Effects seemed minimal.

  3. I’ve already reviewed this product, but I can’t say enough about it, I’ve been using it in place of overpriced LP provided CBD oil, and have been seeing far better results for pain from my ankylosing spondylitis, plus it helps a lot with my gut issues, win win. I ordered as much as I could afford last order, and checked this page daily until it was in stock again to order pronto, glad I did, as I see it’s sold out again today!

  4. Great for anxiety, please restock. Love this product.

  5. Only fault I can see is the taste and while it isn’t good it’s not terrible.

  6. Unbelievable product, if you have ankylosing spondylitis like I do, or any similar reactive-arthritic disease, and are using LP provided CBD for treatment, time to switch to this stuff. I use slightly more than the recommended dose, three times daily, and have given up all pharmaceutical medications since starting this. LP’s that I order a lesser quality product from charge me close to $160 for 60 ml, and it lasts roughly as long as 1 bottle of this stuff for $20, and it works better due to it being a full spectrum CBD product, not “just” CBD, but other cannabinoids and terpenes, and absolutely no THC, so work and pee test friendly! Thanks Herbal Dispatch once again for bringing revolutionary cannabis products to the market so soon. I literally only heard of nano-CBD two days prior to ordering this from you, and I’m steadily looking for ways to minimize cost and increase effectiveness, and this has achieved both those goals in dramatic ways!!!!

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