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Hash – Moroccan

(307 customer reviews)


1 gram for $20

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

“Smell is aromatic and the taste is just out of this world.”

Morocco has been called the Mecca of hashish, as it is the largest producer of high quality product in North Africa. According to some sources, the country is home to approximately 220,000 acres of marijuana ready for cultivation.

Herbal Dispatch sources hash that is potent and high quality. Satisfaction guaranteed.

307 reviews for Hash – Moroccan

  1. Best hash on this site hands down. Great old school smoke. Taste fantastic. Easy to work with too..

  2. Prefer the bubble hash but this was okay. A little on the hard side but burns all right. Not a bad stone but would get bubble before this one.

  3. Best quality hash I ever had.

  4. Pretty hard… needed to heat to manage. Good effect…and pain relief.

  5. Great taste! Works well in a joint, spliff, pipe, or bong. Try it if you can!

  6. Great hash! Preferred the Lebanese hash but it was very close battle.

  7. Super bon, un peu cher mais la qualité est vraiment présente, plus la texture est plus que parfaite pas trop dur juste parfaite. Je recommande…!

  8. Tried at least a dozen different kinds of “Moroccan” hash by now I’d say. This one is extremely hard, while others that I’ve tried are much much softer, which I don’t like. If you’re gonna order hash order it from

  9. Very good Hash, it is hard and does not have much smell, but it has a very good effect, durable and pleasant, finally it is very good!

  10. Absolutely delightful! The taste brings you back to high school and the body high is fantastic! Love everything about it! Perfect in a bowl with your favourite flower or in a joint.

  11. Amazing taste, good price. Good buzz and all around good purchase for the money it costs!

  12. This is one of the better varieties of hash available here. Smooth smoking and good taste. The texture is a little crumbly however, but overall pretty good.

  13. Great hash , a little pricy but worth the money… smooth great taste !!!!

  14. Perfect quality, hard with little soft to it, it reminds me of the nights in Europe with my friends. This order is way better than the last, I am glad I gave It another try. If you need good Moroccan now is the time to get it at Herbal. I wish I could get some better deals for the Moroccan of this quality, help me Dispatch :o) cheers!

  15. jonray

    I wasn’t expecting much from this hash. I placed 14 gram order and was pleased with my purchase. Nice rock hard hash. Good high. I would recommend to all hash smokers

  16. The classic , taste great and hit really smooth , a mix with this and the libaness is a must . 5/5

  17. Nice old school hard hash. Give a piece a 1 second warm with the lighter and roll off a few nuggets for the pipe bowl and enjoy a nice hash draw. Good for ppl who feel like a relaxing nice stone.

  18. I wasn’t sure how i would enjoy this compared to the Afghani Hash. Was i wrong!! 5 stars. Very hard but a couple of seconds with a lighter and it falls apart nicely. Great smell, taste and buzz.

  19. Delicious! A very nice hash, beautiful taste, mellow buzz…..very, very nice

  20. Realy happy to still be able to find some morocan hash ! Thanks HD

  21. Decent hash, very hard, not easy to work with unless heat crumbled. Decent high, more mellow. Taste is good. I personally prefer the Afghani and want to try the Lebanese but is always SOLD OUT. Might buy again if it comes time to make another order and Lebanese is still out of stock

  22. I wasn’t all that impressed with this. I’ve been trying different hash & this one is my least favorite. I find it really hard to break up & when you do get it broken up it’s almost gets powdery. It tastes ok but I much prefer the Afghani. It’s much easier to work with & has a fantastic smell & taste.

  23. Excellent hash, reminds me of the first one I tried back in time, but I prefer the afghani and even more the lebanese

  24. good taste and smoke-mellow buzz-nice variety from the usual cannibus bud

  25. Great taste, brings back memories, only thing negative I could possibly say is that it’s pretty hard but well worth it, will definitely be ordering more

  26. One of my favorites so far grate taste and pretty smooth

  27. Never disappointed with this one of my favourites

  28. Yap that’s it….the taste i’v been missing for some time…recommend it….

  29. Great old school hash ??

  30. I wish I could rate higher then 5 stars… I was super excited to try this because it’s been so long since I’ve had any… and it’s everything I remember and more. If you can buy some…. now..

  31. Ordered this and received it yesterday. Last night I smoked some and my god was it ever tasty! Reminds me of the hash I used to get when I was younger! Beautiful appearance, consistency, taste, and smell, well a hell of a good buzz to boot!

  32. I quite enjoyed this hash and it was my first time trying this specific type. The taste and small is amazing and is almost soothing compared to other hash I have smoked. A major plus was it was super easy to burn and the buzz was a nice comfortable high that lasted. I will be purchasing again!

  33. Wow just wow again!!!

  34. Dang spell checker messed with my last sentence. Meant to say MAKES life livable again. Lol.

  35. Well, as usual; very quick delivery. Thank you for that. This has been my main go to since 2015, can’t use actual bud, “Allergies to grass”, can’t afford many other concentrates. This is and always has been the best hashish I’ve ever had, but when someone orders an ounce, I think they want to see an ounce intact!? But overall, can’t complain. Thank you so very much for this great and cherished medicine from the “Old World” of medicine making. My deepest respect and gratitude goes out for this. Males life livable again.

  36. It’s moroccan hash. . . .! need i really say more hahah? Very smooth and tasty. You can never go wrong with a good / great hash. And to top it off, the price is right where it should be. Buy this and enjoy

  37. Second time ordering this hash and probably not the last. It is really good quality. Smell, taste and high are excellent!

  38. Hard, but very potent. Tastes very good too.

  39. Very good, nice taste. Good addition to a bowl or joint.

  40. Taste the real morrocan im in love with the tasteeee

  41. Taste the real morrocan im in love with the tasteeee ❤

  42. Tasty and smooth, my mother is an old school hash smoker and she loved it. Smell is great too.

  43. This is outstanding! the smell brought back some super great childhood memories (Mom and Dad Hippies) definitely a reorder for me 🙂

  44. Really couldn’t be more please with this product. It’s smooth, tastes absolutely wonderful and packs a punch but doesn’t knock you out

  45. awesome hash decent price great smoke will buy again

  46. Very good hash, nice taste

  47. Kickin it old school! Great flash back! Good smooth taste and inhale and won’t knock you on your ass , which is kinda nice like the way it used to be.

  48. New batch, same good quality, taste and smell.
    Perfect to help me sleep and with neck pain. 5/5

  49. Love this stuff, has that wonderful sweet Moroccan smell and taste. Great buzz. Great price

  50. Great stuff and good taste 5/5 ?

  51. very good. alittle hard but not so that it ruins it. ggod taste and tingle. thanks again

  52. Excellent! I just finished my first order of 6 different items, and ALL items were wonderful. Will be ordering again, asap. As for this product, it was smooth, easy smoking, aromatic, and very relaxing. Good bang for your buck!

  53. Very nice!!!

  54. very sweet for the throat great flavor

  55. Could be cheaper, but still a nice treat if you dig the old school hashes. Great smell/taste.

  56. I have to admit, my favorite is the lebanese, but this one have the same perfect texture and color. The high is very smooth and social. Taste is spicy and smooth but not as smooth as the lebanese. My advise : try them all, it worth it !

  57. It’s tasty, its good. It’s everything you expect! 🙂

  58. Mellow and earthy

  59. Loved this hash . Reminds me of hash smoked years ago , been too long .

  60. I really love this hash. It is the closest to what i used to get 20 years ago. Virtually the same dense spicey hash that really gets you stoned. Great for medical or recreational. Always a nice addition to a joint of herb at the end of the day. I like to smoke hash at night i find i sleep better. This has helps me sleep for sure. I have ordered this several times now and recommend all to try it.

  61. Couldn’t recommend enough

  62. already have plans to reorder!!

  63. That sweet taste is hard to beat, always a sure win. Very enjoyable high.

  64. Good quality hash. Wasn’t expecting it to be so hard, and not much of a hash flavour. Perfer the afghani hash personally. Was definitely worth trying though

  65. Great stuff, great taste! This is the hard stuff, if you want the soft hash go with Afghani.

  66. Great tasting hash. Totally reminds me of trips to Amsterdam for the cannabis cup. More hash plz. Maybe Nepal temple balls?

  67. Anonymous

    Excellent taste and stone….reminds me of being in amsterdam

  68. Perfect in joints with some Polecath kinda M39

  69. Perfect as the one I use to get 15 years ago. Realy happy to find this back again. Thanks HD. Allready ordered some more.

  70. Anonymous

    Really good high brings u back to the old days heat up with Bic and crumbled good stuff will by again

  71. Excellent return to my younger years, great taste, excellent effects.

  72. Good taste and texture. Softens with some heat. Mellow medicating

  73. I love this hash. It is a bit hard but tastes great. I will buy again.

  74. Anonymous

    loved this hash in joints but my 3.5 grams only weighed 3.1 grams- poor QA/QC -seems pretty junior high school to rip off on weight

  75. Didn’t find this style of hash easy to use or especially nice to smoke. Still have some and have been putting it on top of bowls, but i think i’ll stick to the bubble hash from now on.

  76. I’m a fan of maro and that’s was the best maroI smoke.I must say II enjoyed it very much!!!

  77. I have only got hash prior to this back in the day off the street. I am very impressed with this hash. Looks full of crystals, tastes delicious, and a nice, solid buzz. Best if consumed while listening to Weezer-Hash Pipe—Will not disappoint!

  78. Love the Morrocan hash, very hard but very strong. Burns nice and tastes great another flashback to the old days. Very nice product for that extra punch when needed. Love the aroma, classic hash smell.

  79. Great hash. A little hard, but a great body buzz!

  80. Okay hash. Smoked the whole gram on top of some purple space cookies, and got really high. There was a distinct hash stone and pain relief too. The hash was too hard though,
    It would be nice if they had more of this for sale than a few grams and if the quality was a little higher.

  81. this hashish is a wonder!!!!tasty and sweet .powerful too!!!the flavor transports me back to the 70s when tai stick was around and was always one of my party favors. Speaking of tai stick products!!!just a little worm in your ears for those of us who remember it!!

  82. Tried a gram of this as mostly as a kick to some of my bowls (also got an indica and sample pack in the same order). I felt kinda sketchy the first couple times I smoked it, but after that was fine. Decent.

  83. ordered this before i find it tastes better looks better and isnt as hard so ill give this a solid 5

  84. Anonymous

    ordered this before i find it tastes better looks better and isnt as hard so ill give this a solid 5

  85. This is nice import hash, reminds me of the old Red Lebenesse from yr’s ago, I perfer nice bubble or the other afganny but this stuff hit the spot, a bit hard but breaks up nice for little hits, Has a nice taste can;t figure it out, burns nicely , I’d order again ,

  86. Nice contrast of dark outter colours with a light brown inside. Solid hash that crumbles well when some heat is applied. Although not as top shelf as some of the Moroccan Hash I’ve tried, this is a great import product with a clean taste and burn. Great value for a solid product.

  87. First time trying this. It was great! Tasted a little bit different from the Afghani I’m used to, but had a nice long lasting effect. Great for for long term gaming sessions. 🙂

  88. dang, topped off a bowl of white haze with this and the head effects really amped up the experience…definitely woody/hash taste that i knew from a long time ago…i would say its worth every penny…also added it to some pennywise and felt pretty good as well. Would highly recommend, going to try the bubble next time

  89. To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed, it’s my 1st time to try hash and was expecting a strong buzz but it did not hit me as expected.

  90. Too pricey to be rebuy . Buzz is mild , presentation in picture is nice , but in mine at least , those little unfriendly piece and dust were not nice to work with .

  91. My latest 1/8th arrived today. Thank you as always for the prompt delivery. Flavour and buzz and consistently spicy and good. Just need to warm er up a bit, prior to twisting one up

  92. this is in my top 5 hash ! great stuff at an even better price! cant go wrong with this. this is a must try and I loved everything about this hash. worth every penny!!!

  93. this is in my top 5 hash ! great stuff at an even better price! cant go wrong with this. this is a must try and I loved everything about this hash. worth every penny.

  94. always a fave of mine

  95. Awesome hash. Tastes, smells, and burns great. Comes hard, but with a little heat it fluffs up for a few seconds. This is now my favorite hash. This is a great social buzz without the paranoia. I highly recommend.

  96. Very nice hash, good aroma and taste Buzz was mellow yet satisfies will order again

  97. This was some fantastic hash. Made me realize all the local hash I’d had previously was garbage in comparison lol. 5 stars thanks HD will order again and looking forward to the Afghan restock!

  98. Finally 35 years later

  99. Like pretty much everything else, top notch. Solid rock hard hash i remember from many years ago. Lovely distinct spicy scent and pretty smooth taste when burning. Excellent additive to supercharge a joint. I like the mellow buzz that works well for early eve smokes.

  100. I’ve alway been a hash lover and this is one that makes no exception. massive scent and excellent feeling.

  101. I ordered to smoke in joints and it just wouldn’t burn for me, but the buzz was still there and great quality

  102. Nice smoke but chunk seems to be rock hard and dry.

  103. Anonymous

    Tastes great, very nice smoke, will be ordering more!! Thanks HD!!

  104. Anonymous

    Absolutely five star.
    Wish I could get it in a larger chunk ?

  105. Very potent and flavourful stuff will definitely be ordering again. Only complaint is it would be nice if you could order chunks larger than a gram at a time

  106. 2nd best hash next to the afghan hash when you can get it. As another reciewer said some nice blonde Lebanon would be nice!

  107. Very nice flavor to this hash. Little on the mellow side of what I expected but over all a very nice hash. Would order again.

  108. Great taste, great buzz. Love this hash and will continue to order it.

  109. VERY NICE flavor. I was expecting a bit more potency though. Overall good product, I would order again.

  110. Really enjoyed the flavour of this hash but was a little disappointed as the high was very mellow.

  111. Will order again

  112. Anonymous

    Love it .. nice for a change and grest taste and all around greAt product !! Thanks

  113. This was a nice unique hash for me, ordered twice now.

  114. best hash i have smoked 🙂

  115. Good but not as good as it has been in the last year. Keep sourcing! Thank you?

  116. This is’s second best hash. The smell is out of this world and the taste is spicy but the best one is the Afghani hash because it is easier to work with (even though the Afghani hash can taste tarry at times). The Moroccan hash is just too hard and brittle. But it seems has removed the Afghani hash from their line-up so this is your best option! They really need to get some blonde Lebanese hash, because as we all know: It is king!

  117. The smell before burning is just insane ,look relly good and hit me like a train ! This is the best hash I have ever smoke

  118. For the price its some really good quality hash good high

  119. Been along time since I had hash! This is worth getting.

  120. not as good as it used to be, would not order again, this shit was fire 6 months ago

  121. Awesome, tastes like coffee too me

  122. Very happy with the quality one of the best Moroccan I’ve had great taste breaks apart easy fluffs up nice has a good high

  123. Anonymous

    One of best buys on the site for your money. Beautiful aroma and bold taste with a strong body buzz.

  124. This batch was not as good as what I received earlier this year, not as flavourful or as potent but still a great product, giving it three stars because I wish it was cheaper, though I respect the fact that this is an imported product and is not easily attainable.

  125. good hash, breaks apart nicely, looks nice.
    adds that kick you look for in hash.
    worth the price

  126. This is the best hash I have had, although I have not tried any of the higher priced full-melt hash. Great product, I would highly recommend this hash.

  127. Definetly something to buy

  128. was very hard and not as strong as the afgan

  129. Wow !!!! Open it up and just take a big wiff!! It’s smells soooo damn good. Has a lemon type of smell . I only really use hot knives for hash and I feel it’s not the best way but don’t really
    Know how else to use it . But crazy thick hoots that made my eyes squint for sure . By far the best tasting, burning , smelling and high I have ever gotten from hash

  130. nice texture, sticky but a bit crumbly, the flavour and high is where this shines, potency is about 7 compared to shatters and more refined extracts, flavour brings me back to high school with this nostalgic spicy, leathery, perfume taste that lingers and coats your mouth after exhale, wish this was cheaper, but it is a quality hash.

  131. Smells and tastes great. Not potent.

  132. This is some very nice hash almost a spicy taste after Inhale followed by a deep relaxed high

  133. Anonymous

    Good stuff. Would like the stuff sold in bigger quantity

  134. Very nice hash.very potent .great for hot knives .hopefully stays in stock

  135. Very nice, fluffs up nicely after a little heat and burns well. Nice taste and quite potent.

  136. Very positive effects, but not as potent as I had hoped

  137. Anonymous

    love it , maraccan!

  138. nice taste and smell great moroccan sativa high !

  139. Love the taste smells great but did not get the high i should have

  140. Anonymous

    It’s a dream come true. Taste, smell and high are all top notch. Highly recommend.

  141. Great, loved putting a bit in my bowls!

  142. This is the first hash I’ve ever tasted and I loved it. The smell and taste are both amazing and its great for topping your bowls off or putting into a joint. 5/5

  143. Good hash is hard to find where I live. Thought I’d try a few grams of this in my last order, and it did not disappoint. Great taste and buzz worth a try if u like hash.

  144. Anonymous

    Great aroma and great flavour. Perfect to just throw on top of a bowl of flower for that extra kick. Don’t need a lot of this stuff to feel an effect so be careful!

  145. Exactly what you expect from high grade Morrocan. It’s hard and dense. The taste is spicy and lush. It burns slow and even for extra smoking pleasure. Step into the time machine…you should have tried this sooner.

  146. Not the best tasting Moroccan I’ve had, though not the worst. Buzz was the classic happy mellow high you expect from a Moroccan. Would buy again.

  147. unique flavour because it’s cut with fucking nutmeg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY

  148. Very nice hash. Very unique flavour, slightly spicy. would buy again

  149. Anonymous

    Quite mellow, with a nice smooth smoke though the taste was nothing worth writing home about. I pressed mine into rosin after a few tokes.

  150. Anonymous

    excellent tasting hash with and nice mellow uplifting buzz that’s great for daytime use. A fresh batch as good slightly moist texture that won’t crumble

  151. Very good taste, great color, smell but not that strong. Hadn’t had hash since I was a teenager. Made me felt nostalgic.

  152. I smoke almost daily but not enough that I feel like I have some crazy tolerance. I didn’t get that much higher than normal with this hash. Wasn’t super happy honestly.

  153. love it , taste ,smells , and prefect for bong ,joint , bots, love will grab again forsure

  154. I couldn’t get over how amazing this smelt!!!!! I just wanted to live in the container! Strong??…..not too much…. but smooth and again SMELLS AMAZING!

  155. One of the best Moroccan hash I have ever had!!
    Perfect choice!

  156. If you’re gonna go with hash, go with this Moroccan hash. Very unique and potent.

  157. I ordered this everytime and that will not change. If you are on the fence with this and the others. This is what you want. Classic taste smell and appearance.

  158. Very good hash, it’s pretty compacted but you can warm it up to soften it. I usually throw some chunks on top of a bowl. Thanks!

  159. Very nice hash. Very unique flavour profile, slightly spicy and enjoyable! Rock hard consistency which goes soft if you in your hand. Nice container too!

    Thanks so much

  160. Very nice! Mellow and stony high.
    My only complaint is it smokes fast, so if you enjoy hash I’d recommend getting a few grams to really have enough to get into it.

  161. Nice hash. Very clean compared to hard pressed hash I have tried. Buzzy sativa 4.5/5 a price break for buying larger quantities would be greatly appreciated

  162. Great stuff will buy again

  163. Nice hash, gets soft after you play with it a bit, very good in a joint.

  164. Anonymous

    Very Smooth , very compacted stuff so very good quality enjoy smoking love the exotic smell recommended

  165. Anonymous

    First time trying hash. Didn’t realize it had to be heated to help it crumble but once we figured that out, we were able to enjoy it. Definitely added to the high, but not that much. Maybe we’re still doing something wrong, but overall, not that impressed.

  166. great hash, tokes very smooth with a spicy taste i quite enjoyed, would buy again!

  167. sweet earthy taste would buy again

  168. Good hash over all ,very dens and hard . Smokes nice and has a sweet earthy taste . Effects seems to be uplifting and happy . Very enjoyable. .

  169. Tastes nice top grade, but i prefer a softer hash. The bubble is much better in my opinion.

  170. Super tasty and the aroma was amazing. Will definitely buy again.

  171. Always a good buy, best of all hash brands

  172. Awesome product would like to see availability for more bulk prices. Like half ounces and ounces

  173. Anonymous

    Really great hash! I haven’t smoked hash this tasty since the 1990’s.

  174. first time i smoke marocan hash and i love it ! this is a hard hash, that tast smooth will buy again if you guys can make a price for 3.5

  175. This is the best of the 3 hashes IMO, very smooth, clean and long lasting, rock hard.

  176. Really enjoyed the Moroccan , it reminded me of the red leb we used to get in Europe.
    Yes , it’s kind of hard , but it softens beautifully if you heat it a bit…..great taste …great buzz

  177. I have ordered the sample pack before and came back for this one specifically. An excellent and spicy hash, if not a little hard.

  178. This is the perfect hash!! Nice high very energic, taste very good, i will order again for sure 🙂

  179. a little more mellow then the afghan but still great smoke.

  180. A very chill high. Definitely much easier to work with once it is warmed up a little. I would definitely get it again.

  181. This is my favorite hash on HD for sure. It tastes great, it’s smooth to smoke, and gets you nicely high. I highly recommend it ?

  182. Hash from the Internet. What’s to complain about? This is good stuff just like when it showed up in buddies rotating inventory back in the day. Get the sampler, pick your fave and go from there 🙂

  183. This is a treat, hard and brown with a spice and peppery aroma and taste. Hard hitting and a great choice for the hashish lover. A water pipe or bubbler bong is a must to enjoy the full taste and experience. I see a lot of complaints because of the hardness of the hash, let me give a bit of advice as I’ve smoked this since the 1970’s, take a lighter or other heat source to the edge of the hash for a few seconds, the heated hash will soften and crumble in your fingers, perfect for the pipe or a spliff. Mmmmmm moroccan hash.

  184. This, and the bubble has are pretty much the same quality in my opinion. Only downside to this hash was that it was very crumbly.

  185. This was the closest thing to hash that arrived in my sample kit – though I don’t like “rock hash” (hard). It compares to $11/g hash locally – the stuff that if I didn’t know where to look might be good enough to not get laughed out of a party. It had only mild isopropyl undertones and a good flavor overall.

  186. I can totally see why this might be someones favourite out of the three types of hash as well as someones least favourite. Moroccan hash is like a hard brick, because of this you can really feel it in the back of the throat which some people might hate or really enjoy from this as it’s full of flavour. I’m not much of a coffee person but this belongs with a hot cup of coffee. Let’s be subjectively objective here. This is my least favourite of the three but it’s still a high quality product as with almost everything on HD.

  187. This is delicious tasting hash. Very potent as well. The thing I don’t like about it is that it comes in such a tight pressed nugget, harder to work with than the other hashes but not a big deal just a personal prefference. The only reason for 4 stars is inconsistency. The first time I purchased this it was nice and blonde, the second time very brown. Still delicious

  188. Keep coming back to this! Get it in a 3.5g container and treat yourself!

  189. This is the best Hash ever

  190. This is my favourite hash, got it in the sampler and it’s a great consistency and lasted me a long time!

  191. Just got another order of this stuff. Worked great in doobs and bowls. I shared a bit with a couple friends over the weekend and they loved it. Keep the good products coming

  192. hard product but if you chipped away small parts it becomes easy to work with 5/5 just what I was expecting

  193. After enjoying all three of HD’s wonderful hashish selections, I gotta finally admit that this is the best buzz (and taste) for the money. Bought an eighth & I just love to out a wee chip or two into my pipe. Like a fine cigar, only better for you.

  194. Amazing spicy taste, with an excellent high! Hard like rock as Moroccan is supposed to be, but not difficult to break up with knife/scissors. Give it a try forsure.

  195. Not quite as good as the Afghani and pretty hard, but nice hash. Works very well on the knives and it is a pleasure to have a nibble of this on hand. Thanks HD!

  196. Best hash that I have seen in a long time

  197. Anonymous

    Good stuff, great price/quality ratio. Will buy again

  198. Found the Moroccan hash to be a little bit harder, dryer, and lighter in color as compared to the bubble, found the high to be quite uplifting and sharp, can be a pretty powerful jolt for your day. The hash on here is a great deal imo

  199. Great stuff. Delicious taste and smokes nicely. Potent too gets me as high as I want to be. Will be buying again.

  200. Pretty good hash no doubt

  201. This was the best out of the three that came in the sample pack that I tried. Best worked in my bowl.

  202. Hard as a rock Good for Joints and on top of weed good High,

  203. Anonymous

    Some of the best hash I’ve ever had.

  204. Good product would by again it is hard but most morocon is. Give it a try.

  205. The “Moroccan” hash that I received was not malleable, it was hard- like a rock, nothing undesirable, but not as good as the bubble hash in my opinion at this time, I am use to getting the bubble-hash product here, and I hope it returns..

  206. This is very potent! Smells nice and burns slow. Well worth the cost.

  207. great taste, great smell. great buzz, what more needs to be said!!!

  208. Great hash, burns very well. Will be ordering more, excellent service from Herbal Dispatch!

  209. I love that this comes in silicone container like the afghan prefer the taste of the afghan more but this one was really good to does the trick and is well worth a try!

  210. Great smell. Great taste. Great high. Will buy again 5/5

  211. Very nice smell. Very hard chunks. Put some heat to it for a second and it crumbles to a powder.

  212. Almost reminds me of the blonde hash I used to come across in high-school & that wasn’t yesterday . Nice mellow high and smell as its burnt , brings me back to a special place in time . Funny how a good burn can do that ! Thank you HD ! 5/5!

  213. Amazingly smooth taste compared to the others. Very hard to break into pieces but is the best I believe

  214. Great product, very dry and easy to scrape with an almost minty taste

  215. It was much harder than I expected and I wound up using a knife to shave bits off of it, but it’s very good. It’s very potent and tasty. I think I preferred the bubble hash for the price but this one is a very close second.

  216. So very, very good. It’s the traditional taste and smell that take me back to olden days 🙂 Love this stuff, and I’m so grateful to Herbal Dispatch!

  217. Anonymous

    Again, that old school (and I do mean school) flavour — this is heaven for me. Thank you so much, Herbal Dispatch, for giving me access to so many kinds of medicine!

  218. Great for Joints. This hash is super hard. Its almost impossible to just pick off a piece. I ended up using a pair of scissors to cut a piece off. The scissors worked so well for me I never bothered to fluff any of it. I just chopped it up into the consistency that I wanted sprinkled into my joint or into my pipe and it burned beautifully. Taste is nice, effect is good. This is a good quality hash that blends with herb beautifully. Its capable of complimenting any cannabis you mix with it. I Highly recommend this hash to be smoked in a marijuana joint. Great Stuff Herbal Dispatch!!

  219. Much harder than I though it was going to be. It was difficult to burn at first. Provided a delicious hash flavour. Nice body high.

  220. Rock hard hash. I bust mine in a grinder to top off bowls. Instantly disolved my headache last night

  221. I like the buzz a lot.

  222. Not bad but I enjoyed the Afghani more.

  223. A smell full of nostalgia, I felt like a high schooler again, would buy again.

  224. great product, but harsher to smoke than the afgani hash

  225. Great hash, will definitely buy again!

  226. good product will buy again

  227. I will have to get more next order this stuff is amazing.

  228. Wow this stuff is goooood.

  229. Very smooth and tasted great. Nice mellow buzz that got me through my day.

  230. Nice moroccan hash, but not the nicest one. That’s why I got the sample pack again; I enjoy smoking this hash, but not enough so it would keep me from getting some of the other ones. Still… the taste is good, and you can enjoy it because it’s not too harsh. The high is what you would expect. I just wished it tasted a LITTLE better but hey..Thanks HD !

  231. I don’t know if it’s because iv smoked so much Moroccan hash in my life but I find this my least favourite of my hash choice in its categories.
    3 on 5 from me.
    Still does the job though

  232. Anonymous

    definately the best of the hash’s from the sampler pack in my opinion

  233. This stuff is so0o0o0o0o0 tasty, and the stone is so heavy, excellent!

  234. i really like this one my kind of hash old school haha taste was so good very realxing heavy high

  235. Got this one in my hash sampler. Exactly what I expected. Nice, mellow, tasty Moroccan. $20/g is a bit steep though.

  236. This is tasty stuff, Found it had a heavier stone than the Afghan which is what dreams are made of, God Bless HD!

  237. Had a bit of a stressful morning, so I tried some of your Hash. Bam … stress gone, morning turned around, bad mood lifted and I’m ready to take on the day ! Thanks for the great Hash !

  238. Tasty in the vape. Smells great. Wife loves it. If it makes her happy- it ain’t all bad! lol

  239. Lo0o0o0ove this kind of hashish but would Lo0o0o0oo0ve to be able to buy more for a tad cheaper, 14G’s would be perfect for around 150 but it is the service and quality you certainly desire, Thanks HD!

  240. Nice and solid. Great smoke and taste. I want more!

  241. very good smoke and flavor. counts were great. will be buying more with next order.

  242. Anonymous

    Very dry but great hash got this in my sample pack. It’s a little harsh but still great taste when you heat it up a bit. It crumbles so nice I smoked it in my pipe but I want to vape it. All around this is great hash the buzz is awesome and very relaxing.

    You get a nice body buzz as well as a great high this is my second time ordering from HD and I definitely will order more..

  243. I prefer this hash.. really nice

  244. Loved it can’t wait to try the other types nice and dry easy to smoke 🙂

  245. I tried some of my husband’s that he ordered. I am from back East and getting my hands on good hash out West is like finding a needle in a haystack. I love the smell. It has a nice, spicy, exotic smell and the taste is beautiful. It burns down to a nice fine ash and doesn’t leave a nasty residue. Isn’t too sticky but isn’t hard. Its just right. The high isn’t as good as the Afghani, hence the 4 out of 5, but I’d take it over the bubble any day. I’ll be ordering a gram of this next go around. Love it.

  246. This tastes so good. It’s pretty dry so it’s easy to vape without using too much flower.

  247. i have never had really good hash but now that i had a chance to get some from HD! I have to say this is hands down the best hash I’ve ever had! Would buy again in a heart beat! 🙂

  248. Grabbed this as part of the sample pack. Went to this nugget first since it was other poster said old school hash. Didn’t disappoint in the pipe.

  249. Great old school hash , awesome in a pipe or rolled with some tobacco , awesome quality for the price

  250. Really like this hash , it was dry and hard easy the break up and some with weed

  251. Smells great, tastes great, burns to a fine white ash.

  252. Very familiar with Moroccan style hash and I found this to be good quality for the price. Thanks HD!

  253. Very good product for the pain works wonders Gr8 smell and puff/high. Congratulations .

  254. 5/5!!! 100%!

  255. This is by far better than any hash i actually smoked in Morroco and ive been there like 5 times!

  256. This is some good smoke boy.. Had to order more 2 days later! ..great stuff..

  257. Old school, its ok, the bubble hash was better. If you want to relive the 60’s ,I think this would help with the mood.

  258. frankly all the hash on this site is great… but if your looking to save a bit of money but you want potency and flavor and cant deiced to go afghani or pressed hash,,, hit up the morroccon hash, this brings me back to the 90s with a pipe for sure. deffinatly worth the try if you are a connoisseur::::::
    an expert judge in matters of taste.
    “a connoisseur of music, a connoisseur of all things cannabis”
    synonyms: expert, authority, specialist)

  259. Anonymous

    Great hash great taste first time I’ve tried it will definitely order again thanks hd!

  260. Awesome taste and great high, nice texture for hot knives.

  261. Good Enjoyment Made me laugh

  262. Classic Moroccan flavour, so delicious and tasty. Burns great but the high isn’t as strong as the bubble or afghani hash.

  263. I found it a bit dry. Not much aftertaste but the medication is sound

  264. Very nice hash, reminds me of what we smoked 20+ years ago in high school.
    Nice taste, burns real clean.
    Definately recommend it if your an old school hash smoker

  265. A bit pricy, but worth it. Very tasty, hits hard, and smoulders for a good while.

  266. Cant go wrong with this for sure!

  267. Super good hash. Was rock hard when I received it. Weight was .2 over so that’s always good. Amazing taste and smell. If I wasn’t so into dabbable oils right now, I’d buy more.

  268. Unreal all that needs to be said about the product

  269. Beautiful aroma, crumbles nice and easy! Nice high good lasting and mellow.

  270. Awesome stuff. Always wanted to try but never thought i’d ever have the chance. Distinct taste and fantastic buzz…thanks again HD

  271. This was a trip back in time for me 🙂 Good, old school hash with a really delicious flavour and smell. Crumbled nicely and smoked in both a bong and j to great effect. Full weight plus a little, too. Thank you, HD!

  272. Great stuff. Can’t wait to try the gold seal next.

  273. Beautiful looking hash, taste great, clean strong high. Another satisfying product get it before she gone!

  274. This Hash is actually the easiest to work with and like that about it. The taste is nice to.

  275. Smells amazing when burned. High was nice and mellow.

  276. Great Hash. Very dense, burned well.
    I highly enjoyed this hash and would recommend it to anyone looking to spice up a joint or bowl.

  277. This is some nice hash, it tastes great, and seems to have no ceiling, just keeps taking you higher. Reminds me of some hash I use to get back in the day. Very enjoyable.

  278. this is a real nice hash,i tryed all 3diff types/kinds of hash that are on the site now and my opinion this is my 2nd fav,when i bought my was hard but if worked with for awile it would start 2soften upp abit,not as hard as the pressed bubble still smoked and tasted real nice.would deff get again,KeepUpp the GreatWork HD.Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  279. Anonymous

    Very nice. The taste of it was out of this world

  280. Great morracan brings me back I recommend you try it. ..

  281. Very nice old school hash , been years since ive seen hash like that and damn I love it ! Taste and smell of moroccan hash is really distinctive you never forget it . Very potent hash too

  282. real nice burn and smell, great taste!

  283. Awesome after taste, warm and relaxed buzz, enjoyed it most mixed in a joint with the OG kush kif.

  284. Thats bomb … Omfg remember me the first hashish that i smoked !!!:o

  285. Knocked me right out! Seriously! This stuff is hard, it fell from a shelf, and it knocked me right out! But in all seriousness; this stuff rocks! Nice, earthy smell and taste. Insane Indica buzz. After a rum and Pepsi and a couple tokes of this hash, it was nighty night for me.

  286. Haven’t had this since the 90’s! Cant believe how smooth this stuff is and the taste is signature Moroccan. Total relaxed mellow buzz.

  287. Haven’t had hash like this since I was 17. I’m now 39!! I live in a small town and back when I was in high school there was great hash all the time. For some reason it stopped coming so I’ve really missed it. Must say this is a great product! Headed over to a buddy’s to hang out in the garage and hot knife the day away!! Thanks Herbal Dispatch, you have been able to control my severe back pain and you are the only one that I’ll be coming to from now on….

  288. Nice old school smell and taste. A great product.

  289. I was disappointed for sure the potency of the is half of the bubble, and when vaped I thought it tasted reminiscent of a latex glove dipped it the rinse water from brushing your teeth. Yes I definitely say, if you can’t stop your self, get a little cause it was worth getting a 1/4. Sorry to say…

  290. Just got back from Portugal feasting on all the morrocan Hash i could hit i my lungs. This is the exact same delicious natural flavour that I grew to love. Amazing little nostalgia trip to traveling at every hit. Only rating 4 because its flavour based and you can find more potent bubble hash for the same price, but that flavour is phenomenal.

  291. This is a tasty hash. I prefer the bubble that was on the menu before, but this works just as well! Looks small for 1g until you notice that a little speck goes a long way

  292. Anonymous

    You can’t go wrong with this hash! A little hard on the lungs but of course you are smoking pollen,for you asthmatics out there. Reminds me of my days growing up back on the rock!

  293. Ordered 3.5g, kind of disappointing honestly. Not going to say it was low quality hash because it wasn’t, but it wasn’t the best id ever smoked either honestly. If you enjoy Hash over Ganj then i cant fault you for this order, but i have been more impressed with their buds undoubtedly.

  294. I picked up a G of Morroccan to smoke with an older friend of mine and I must say he and I enjoyed it very much. It tasted great, smoked long and got us high for a full day. We had a high yield so we did unlimited hot knives all day. The hash has a bit of a hard consistency with a nice brown colour and slight smell when squeezed in your palm.

    Overall great product! Very pleased with quality as always with HD!

  295. Here is another Great Product from HD,I was/am really happy with this product,It has a real nice taste to it when smoked and i found that it wasnt harsh atall.Nice to have the option/nice to have a peice of this stashed away for something diff/a treat other then pot everyday.Keepupp the GreatWork HD,Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  296. old school as it gets, the smell, the mellow high, its all there

  297. So glad you brought this back! Can’t get enough of that taste & smell. I gave it a 4 out of 5 last time due to the price. …but it deserves 5 this time!

  298. Finally had a chance to sit down and crumble this amazing hash from Africa. It arrived nicely weighted and reminded me of the 1990’s here in Ottawa. Can’t say enough about the flavour and aroma. It was simply delicious! If you want to enjoy a great body buzz and thick smoke …include a sample in your next order. Happy Holidays!!!!

  299. Awesome flavour, I’m in love!

  300. Simply one of the best Hash’ that I’ve ever had. Perfect for a daily get up and go, but also calming enough for an after dinner cap. Perfect for guests and fellow Connoisseur’.

  301. This is the best hash I had in years it’s a little dry but the smell is that great aroma I smelt back in the day and taste is smooth, the smoke is nice and white this is another great product from HD you guys are the best in the west great team thank you Chris

  302. smokey, earthy flavour. super smooth, nice evening smoke to relax.

  303. Heated it up a bit to crumble this up for a bowl wow knew then this was the real thing had a bowl nice well worth to have

  304. Instantly gave me memories of Amsterdam. Very tasty!

  305. Great hash, nice comfy high, nice taste.

  306. This brings me back! Love the smell & taste of this hash. I plan on getting more… Hope you keep the imports coming!

  307. If you’re an old school hash smoker (or from back East), you’ll enjoy this. Brings me back to the good old days. Smell is aromatic and it the taste is just out of this world. Nice to revisit my youth with this product.

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