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MK Ultra

(227 customer reviews)


Grade: AAA
Type: Indica

1 gram for $7
3.5 grams for $23
7 grams for $46
14 grams for $90
28 grams for $170

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Sold By: The Quarry
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Product Description

Named after the methods of mental manipulation employed by the CIA’s Project MKUltra, this indica-dominant strain stands apart due to its powerful cerebral effects. A cross between mostly-sativa hybrid OG Kush and indica G-13, this strain is bred by TH Seeds and won 1st place Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and 2nd place in 2004.

MK Ultra is renowned for its ‘hypnotic’ effects that are fast-acting and best used when strong medication is desired. As evidenced by its collection of awards, this indica is one of the strongest in the world. It might be best for a day when not getting off the couch would be fine.

Flavours: Earthy, pungent, skunk
Effects: Lazy, sleepy, euphoric, happy, hungry
Medical: Pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety, lack of appetite

227 reviews for MK Ultra

  1. Great stuff! Love it every time!

  2. Great strain with an excellent price!! Good
    for insomnia!!

  3. Really good for price value, would recommend for sleepers.

  4. Great price. Great bud. Good for the evening. Not the best bud for burning. Can be harsh yo smoke as well. Overall I give it a 4/5.

  5. My go to every time. Can’t go wrong.

  6. Aswsome green !!!

  7. Very good green !!!

  8. At this price point, you absolutely cant go wrong. After smoking this, its hard to justify paying more for buds that are certainly no better.

  9. I got this a little while back forgot to write a review its the bees knees for 7 terps and trichomes galore super dense and fresh looking but should be a 4 week flush if its not already burns great but some buds could be better flush wise but id still give it a 5 all day for the price hopefully they keep these heavy indicas from the quarry cheap and lethal as always beautiul work hd

  10. You’re going to need snacks for a sesh with MK Ultra. Impressed with the quality of these affordable indica buds. Thanks HD

  11. Steal of a deal at this price. Solid herb that burns good with a decent effect.

  12. Good value, but not as strong as some other strains. Good for a mellow couch buzz

  13. This stuff never disappoints, this is my third time ordering it. Really nice buds, has a great smell and taste. Smokes and burns really clean and gives you a great high. At $7 a g this stuff is an absolute steal.

  14. Good for the price but wouldn’t buy again if it weren’t on sale.

  15. Excellent strain for insomnia!! Great price!!

  16. I really like MK ultra. Get sale price and it can knock you out or make you munch out hard haha just a pre warning 🙂

  17. Picked this one up again because it’s good stuff for a good price baby ya. Buy it!

  18. This Indica was probably the best I’ve smoked in a while, I loved the smell and doozing off effect it gives, best before heading off to bed, probably during an relaxing day at home to be lazy this is your go too.

  19. Pretty good quality for the price.

  20. Great bud for evening use. Price cant be beat.

  21. MK Lovely! Nice tight medium nugs full of nose and flavour. For this price, doesnt get nicer….. really nice Indica thanx HD

  22. Nice taste and smell. I could smell it through 5 ziplock bags. Nice buzz. Would definitely order again

  23. Nice price, the nugs look good to, snowy look to it, little sticky, potency is decent, smooth smoke, and at this price it’s a great deal.

  24. Decent for the price.

  25. taste was amazing wasn’t harsh worth buying will definitely will buy again

  26. Great strain, my favourite. Great smell, relaxing, takes pain away and calms my brain :).

  27. Great strain of bud, helps me sleep after a long day of playing football. Makes the aches and pains go away. Would buy again.

  28. Im not a fan of the taste and the buds that I got were all tiny for a 14 g bag. Probably not going to order again but worth a try for the price when on sale.

  29. Holy stare into to space then sleep for 10 hours Batman! I like it. Nice “skunk in a pine bog” aroma and it puts me right to bed.

  30. Great strain, great price!

  31. Attention, très puissant ! A consommer en fin de journée une fois toutes les responsabilités terminées ! De beaux rêves en perspective.

  32. Works great for my stress and helps me sleep. It also works great on my migraines.

  33. Love it. Helped melt the stress and forget about being in such pain and made me ready for bed. Just what I need

  34. Keep coming back. Nice buds; great value

  35. Good for price and not the best strain but gets you high for a while.

  36. Can’t go wrong with this stuff! Love it every time I buy it! Goodnight sleep

  37. Can’t go wrong with this at all. Fair price. Great bud. Will order again for sure!!

  38. Great for the price. Burns clean. Very good after a rough day at work.

  39. Really great price aside this MK is excellent. This stuff is indiscernable from a lot of more expensive stuff. There were some hard nugs in there. Definite Indica feels…sleepiness, munchies and not much motivation. Perfect for being lazy.

  40. Great bargain buy.

  41. Good for the price.

  42. Great bud, burns well, great smell and great price. Definitely would order again!

  43. this bud is great. hits every spot. thinks its my fav strain out of them all.

  44. Decent stuff for the price. I’m not too keen on this one just cause I feel that the high doesn’t last long and I always preferred Street Fighter over Mortal Kombat Ultra

  45. keep coming back for it!

  46. Vraiment bien pour le prix, à coup sûr. C’est la deuxième fois que je commande cette variété et je vais probablement la commander à nouveau. Je recommande …!

  47. Excellent buds and buzz. Will buy again.

  48. One of our favourite strains!! Great high, great taste,great price!!

  49. Nice smoke at a nice price.

  50. Great for the price! Will order again!

  51. Great, chill high. Making a return order now. Still such a bargain too. Can’t go wrong with MK

  52. ver nice

  53. If this was the only weed I could get for the rest of my life I would truly die A happy man . Multiple orders never disappointed. Vape it bong it joint it press it, ITS all good. mmmmmmm

  54. great bud for the price ordered multiple times

  55. Saves me from insomnia, has a good price point, and my whole family is appreciative ; they’ve got their dad back.

  56. This strain has a great cerebral buzz. I have ordered it roughly 4 times now because i can’t beat the bud for the price. Great taste, beautiful large buds.. sticky and burns great. I’ll order it until it disappears!

  57. Relaxing. Opened the package and had a nice earthy smell but strong. Smokes really nice and slow. Will totally get this again

  58. Great bud for a great price. Will be buying again!

  59. Great smoke for an even better price!! Was really impressed with the quality of the flower, as well! Will definitely be ordering again!

  60. One of my favourites, I get it whenever I can. I particularly like the cerebral effects. Not recommended if you are prone to paranoia.

  61. I liked this one, a good indica. Smoked well, good stone, good sleep. Great value.

  62. I picked a. 1/4 of this stuff on a super good deal last week thinks if was on sale it must not be that great and boy was I wrong. Very strong kush flavour burns and rolls great. I will for sure pick some more up very soon.

  63. Vraiment pas mauvais, bonne senteur, bon goût. Pas déçu du tout, surtout pour le prix, je recommande fortement.

  64. High quality bud, smells good, tastes good, looks good and for the price it’s a no-brainer really.

  65. Good buzz, smooth blaze, dope sleep.

  66. Usually Indica’s get my heart racing, But MK makes me feel so relaxed, Happy, And chair locked, Nice smoke after coming home from work. Nice to chill & listen to music. I would recommend this strain. I would rate it 7/10-Please keep it coming!

  67. Totally amazed at the quality for the price. Good high and lasted a relatively long time. 4/5 quality 5/5 price

  68. Wow! Love this bud, dense and extremely aromatic, ordering some more before it’s gone, and at that price it won’t be long.

  69. I agree, best bang for the buck. I liked it, probably will get more.

  70. Best bang for your buck. Tastes good, feels good, smokes good. Great value for a solid bud.

  71. Great smoke would recommend for night time use

  72. Gonna give this a 5 star. I had fairly mild expectations, given the price, but the weed itself was actually quite good. And considering 3.5G for under $30 on top if that? Hell of a good deal.

  73. Better in the bong! Rolled one up and it was on the lighter side. This needs to be burned down proper!

  74. This is some fire… Especially for the price… I have to say. My first order of actual herb from and I have to say that they never disappoint.

  75. Very nice for the price. Easy on the lungs, and has a great aroma.

  76. Super bon MK

  77. This is super killer bud, at a really good price. Will always buy this. ?

  78. Always a fave!!

  79. Nice buds, great value, excellent sale

  80. Very nice strain at a steal of a price nice dense bud and smells amazing a must in ur stash

  81. Excellent taste sweet buzz will order again. Thanks

  82. Great strain, nice big dense buds. Good taste and burn. Pretty potent too. This really is a steal for $7 a g.

  83. i’m lovin this last batch of mk ultra! bought 2.5 oz of mk so far . nice smoke for a nice price, likely gonna grab another oz on my next order. still not tired of this great bedtime strain.

  84. Very nice! Price is right and I felt very very relaxed.

  85. Amazing body high and flavour is alright, but overall for 7 dollar a Gram this is the real deal.

  86. Solid choice, it has been on sale for a while now so that is appreciated. Can’t go wrong for the price, although I prefer haze strains.

  87. Great value for the dollar. Even at $10 it would be worth it. A great bedtime creeper, really outs you out of it.

  88. potently peaceful, good for relaxing and stop caring. taste normal, not flavourful but good and clean.

  89. Best bang for the buck

    Hard hitting impact just a little harsher than the high dollar stuff but still very good medicine

  90. Great bud for the price, smells great. Leaves you a bit sleepy, great for night time

  91. Definitely a great smoke for the sale price at the moment. Definitely made me a little sleepy at times, but gave me a good high. It seemed to burn fast, so it loses points for that. But overall, I’d probably give it about a 7/10. Would purchase again for sale price.

  92. Got this while it was on sale. Great buy for the low budget smoker. Thanks!

  93. Never disappointed!

  94. Everytime I order this it amazes me. I smoke it when ive had a long day and need to get some rest. It makes for a great pre bedtime smoke.

  95. Perfect for nighttime

  96. The buds themselfes are very big and beautiful filled with nice trichomes. It has a great taste. Great bud all in all.

  97. Can’t go wrong with this stuff. Been smoking it since the sale started and I hope it never ends!

  98. Ultra Mk Awesomeness!
    What a great bud for a great deal (when on sale). Had myself and my buds giggling like little school girls. Will buy more for sure.

  99. 5/5. Love this indica strain. The smell and taste is ultra great ?

  100. Great evening bud. Love it.

  101. great for nightime use! definitely something to smoke before bed or when you’re ready to veg after a long day

  102. Stock the pantry. This is a great deal! Love the high, taste and price.

  103. 5/5 for the taste, for the price and overall good strain

  104. This def worth the price great smell and really great buds. I got 7 g. Came in 2 big hugs loved it. Only reason not a 5. Kinda harsh on the throat. That about only thing wrong. But for the price it’s worth it

  105. Awesome green great price. Definitely a nighttime weed

  106. Honestly bought MK because it was on sale but my goodness!!! Smooth bud with great taste and aroma, perfect high not to far gone. will buy again!

  107. good quality for price

  108. I loved this strain, strong but not overpowering. Great value all around!

  109. 4/5 for quality/price

  110. I’m giving this a 5 star rating because
    1) It tastes nice in a bowl and even better rolled up
    2) Its not too heavy of a stonedness..? Stoneneation? I dunno but I feel nice.
    3) Excellent $

    I will order this again and again if it’s in stock/line up.

  111. 5/5
    Definitely one of our favorites!!
    Great taste,nice relaxing high!! I recommend for sure!!

  112. Pretty good strain. The high sneaks up on you and makes you feel relaxed. Kind of hash to smoke but you get used to it after.

  113. I think its the 5th 28 I grab and this one realy helps me go to bed and have a good night of sleep! Of you are a big chronic smoker to you will love it day time to ! Little harsh on the trost but goos taste! Can realy feel the lungh expanding smoke

  114. Great stuff, pretty good indica.

  115. Really good. Especially for the price. Would buy again. 4/5

  116. It’s Ultra Delicious

  117. Classic strain, solid smoke, makes you very relaxed.

  118. Really good flower.. Nice buds.. Great smell.. Pretty potent. The price makes it perfect!

  119. This strain is excellent and the price is very reasonable,thanks herbal dispatch !

  120. Good nightime strain and price is perfect. Nice dense buds and minimal coughing.

  121. I was surprised at the quality of this fine bud. Great weed at a great price.

  122. This bud looks good, smells good, smokes good. For the price, this is phenomenal, in fact its hard to beleive something of this quality is $7/g. I’ve got a q of this on my last 2 orders, and both times I feel like I cheated myself by not buying at least a half bag., or a full oz. You absolutely can’t go wrong!

  123. Thought id try this as its on sale and has some great reviews. I was a little disappointed by the harshness of this bud. I have a hard time taking large tokes as it really hurts my throat. Also I feel this isn’t a couch lock indica, not as strong as I hoped. Overall can’t complain too much as the price was decent, bud looks very nice and good count.

  124. This was one of those impulse buys , because the price was attractive.
    I really enjoyed this strain , nice aroma , breaks up easily , very smooth on the exhale , and KAPPOOWW it packs a big punch!

  125. Definitely worth it for the price taste good burns clean and a great buzz top notch stuff in my books

  126. Nice and strong sedating product !!!

  127. Amazing. Great stuff. Was my first order and I am extremely impressed.
    Great bedtime indica!

  128. This is some fine herb! Honestly I wasn’t expecting much at 7 bucks a gram but it actually gets me pretty high and it’s a giggly, laughy high which is a hard high to come by these days. It doesn’t give me munchies too bad which is great. It is a really small by so 14grams looks like nothing by it busts up nice and rolls good. Smokes good too, burns nice. I’ll definitley continue to buy at this price! 5 our of 5 for me

  129. Very nice mind buzz, earthy taste in the vap, beauty buds way less stock then Pink Lady we just finished and will definitely buy it again. Just wanted to add the service on this site is outstanding, so impressed how quickly and well packaged my happiness arrives in.

  130. Nice looking buds, smell and taste of pure indica. This is the most potent buds i’ve ordered from HD so far ! Seriously it’s not something you smoke early in the day unless you want to go back to bed ! Strong stuff for sure.

  131. Great taste!! Great high!! Great buds!! Definitely a favourite of mine!!

  132. don’t let the price fool you, every bit as good as the higher priced products

  133. Killer bud at a killer price ! Definitely
    Gonna keep ordering this. Hits hard, good high.

  134. Great high!! Good taste!! Definitely recommend!!

  135. great value

  136. Love it!! Everything about this stuff is five stars!!! Finally even the price!!! It would be nice too see other top shelf strains go on sale like this one!! I definitely recommend trying if you haven’t already!!!??

  137. Big fan of this strain. Great taste. Buzz is great but doesn’t couch lock me. Highly recommend it!

  138. Just got a big amount of this one and its a teày good solid indica espacialy for the price compared to many others ! Thanks hd ??

  139. This is some very nice product. The bugs are nice and tight. Full of aroma. The smoke is smooth and flavourful. I wish I had gotten more

  140. NICE TASTE AND KICKS STRONG, a quality option at $220 or even $240.00 an O. I prefer Rockstar a little bit more on flavor but I would compare the two in terms of punch.

  141. 8/10

  142. Second best indica I’ve had off this site, next to Chemo. At this price ($170) you definitely can’t go wrong! Very potent and good quality nugs too, great for sleeping!

  143. jonray

    Great bud for the price.. You have to try the strain Death Bubba.

  144. Pretty nice bud. I would rate this about 7.9/10. Looks great, smell is powerful, taste is good and smells danky when being burned. Nice creeper High and long lasting. Came a little to humid for my taste so i jarred it openinh jar every 12 hours. Was ready to smoke in about a day And a half. Would definitely purchase again.

  145. i love this strain the taste, smell and high are amazing! very enjoyable smoke…very smooth and clean taste. cant go wrong with the price one of my go to strains highly recomended

  146. Can’t believe it’s on sale still this is fire, for the price how can you go wrong. Only complaint is the 6 days it took to arrive ( first time that’s ever happened ). MK > death bubba which I wasn’t expecting.

  147. Absolutely great product, has been very beneficial to my mobility as I suffer from many lower body pains , great pain relief

  148. Realy enjoy this one espeacialy st this price ! Thanks Hd

  149. Solid 5 stars. My gf ordered some back in March, it was great then and still great now. Even better now actually, thanks to the sale price. Very nice stuff.

  150. Second time with this strain and once again it’s an absolute wow especially for the price
    5/5 all the way around!!! Love HD!!!!

  151. This has turned into one of my go to’s! It’s powerful and will leave you dazed and confused if you smoke to much. However, with moderation it’s perfect to take the edge off after a long day.

  152. Great name for something that leaves you sedated and not remembering lol. It’s perfect for my insomnia related to our PTSD. Son’s got a much better rested dad to play with. Please keep this strain!

  153. Very different smell on this strain. I only purchased an 8th so my review is based on popcorn nugs, the appearance could be better. It’s pretty clear the nugs have been on the shelf for a while. Not a huge complaint though as the effects are nice and the smoke is fairly smooth.

  154. overall i’m happy with this buy. the buds were on the small side, but that means less weight in stem so its not necessarily a bad thing. what it lacks in flavour it makes up for in potency…. wish they got more strains bred by T.H.Seeds, “the hog” hogsbreath pheno is the strongest flower i’ve ever come across. i would love to see that strain on the hd menu

  155. Doesn’t always burn smoothly, but this strain definitely gets the job done. Nice high for the price.

  156. Hope this is a summer staple strain I mean lab tested at 20 percent at a ratio of 93 percent flower this is the best flower on the site and hey all you death bubba fans this is better great job herbal dispatch for growing this meann fira flowa

  157. You get a good bang for your buck here,,, superb crystally kush smell when broken up,,, and a decent heavy smoke with an effect that ll linger for at least a good couple hours,,, ; sedating,, tranquilizing ,,ease your pain without a doubt,,, ,,,,greatly appreciated,,

  158. Love it. Very nice taste. Nice buzz. HIGHly recommend.

  159. Second time ordering MK , one of my top 5 for sure keep up the great work.

  160. Got this one sale and it was totally worth it. Good smoke, nice buzz, I gave it a 4 star because I found it to be really harsh on the throat. Other then that great buds.

  161. Quite good for the price. Kiefy, smooth and tasty hits.

  162. I love this strain. Tight little buds, fantastic flavor and amazing high. One of my all-time favorites

  163. Has to be one of the best strains I’ve ever smoked. I felt totally relaxed, giggly, the euphoria is real!! Plus the taste was good too which is a huge bonus, only downside for me was how heavy on the eyes it was especially for someone like me where things are very apparent via the eyes. 5 out of 5- would definitely try again!!

  164. Sticky when burning, nice high, great price, will buy again

  165. I didn’t realize it at first,maybe because I was mixing strains and now i was using it by itself to decide if I really want to get it again… but the last few times I was using this ,it wasn’t burning the best and a bit harsh for me. not sure if a bit wet or not cured right, but hoping if I was to get this again that it wouldn’t have that problem.. so hard to pick sometimes. the effects seem to do a little bit, but for how long i end up coughing before i can take another toke, it’s not really worth killing my lungs over for a cheaper price :/

  166. thinking of getting this one again… i feel like i should avoid getting the same thing as i have a high tolerance, but this strain is just great, and now the price even cheaper, even better!! a lot of the other indicas right now don’t really appeal to me… this strain does relax and help pain 🙂 very glad for that !

  167. Yass this was a fantastic Stone! Boughten once before and just ended up buying 2 more ounces. I’m in love ?

  168. I’ll pay 170 for this any day

  169. Pretty decent for the price!! Taste is piney and the buzz hit hard but doesn’t last a super long time overall i give this a 4/5. Thanks HD 🙂

  170. great stuff for the price and now even better on sale

  171. Great stuff, love this strain.

  172. not bad at all.

  173. The strains name hypes it up a bit much compared to the actual effect, however it’s of very good quality and taste. This is a Household favourite to treat hyperactivity disorders and insomnia.

  174. Great buzz. Love it.

  175. One of my favourite strains. Nice and clean bud, tastes great.

  176. Exceptional herb for the price, great for night time, very relaxing but can be a bit trippy as well, interesting genetics, that express a very dank smell that is hard to pinpoint…skunky, fuelly, a bit of pine, very loud when broken up. Purchasing more, great genetics!

  177. Very relaxing and uplifting. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a chill strain to smoke alone or with your friends.

  178. No complaints with this one. Nice taste. Nice relaxing buzz. Thanks.

  179. Not very impressed with this batch. We’ve ordered this strain a few times because of the great price and up until now we’ve never been let down. This batch is very leafy with quite a few stems.

  180. Nice smoke

  181. Great for the price! very piney, hits fast and hard.

  182. High quality, high potency, hard hitting indica. Great for relaxing or sleeping. Taste is great.

  183. great strain! first time buying.

  184. Nice batch 2bowls does the job.

  185. Great weed. Strong smell. Really hits you. If your looking for a strong Indica I definitely recommend this stuff!

  186. This stuff hits me fast and always makes me feel fucked with half of what I usually smoke. I love it! Overall super awesome experience with the weed and shopping. 🙂

  187. Good value for the price. Relaxing, and taste decent. Not too harsh. Would order again.

  188. Definitely a must try!

  189. Definitely a 5/5!!
    Smells good!!
    Tastes amazing!!
    Great buzz!!!!

  190. Good indica high, not overly strong. Excellent product for the price.

  191. Loved this weed. So glad I ordered a whole ounce. Nice taste nice high, very relaxing, stopped my panic attack with just a bowl full. full 5 stars will order again.

  192. Not the heavy hitter i was hoping for. Reasonably priced for a reasonable high.

  193. great

  194. Good taste, smells nice. Great relief for aches and pains. Hits good.

  195. Smooth smoking, clean burning, Excellent for pain management.

  196. I have taken this one as a help for my insomnia, but I did not have results. After two hours of having taken it, my mind was continuing very active. The flavor and smell are very strong but not his effect.

  197. Great deal for this heavy indica. Nice dense nuggets, pungent earthy smell with a hint of sweet. Great smoke for the evening, nice and relaxing.

  198. Excellent product, starts out with almost a Sativa high that turns into a nice relaxing buzz. Perfect for those who suffer from insomnia.

  199. Very nice buzz, great for the evenings or when you need to kick back.

  200. Great bud to settle down for bedtime. Hits hard and relaxes. Good price as well.

  201. Nice smoke, deep green colour, sticky bud. This was definitely a heavy hitter for night time. Very relaxing body stone followed by the need to sleep.

  202. wonderful smoke had me glued to the couch.
    One of the best indicas in my opinion
    tastes like dirt though

  203. I like it taste good tickles my sinuses I like that I feel pretty good thanks herbal dispatch

  204. This Indica smells amazing, the buds are big and very sticky, very relaxing.

  205. Really nice, especially for the price. Would order again.

  206. 4.5 stars. This high will creep in on you! Starts off nice and mellow then will set in and knock you out leaving you dazed. Definetely a night time smoke or for a good couch lock shut down.

  207. wasn’t impressed with this strain like all the reviews were saying. when it burns it gives off a very dark ash which states the curing and flushing were properly done. not at all satisfied with this strain.

  208. Good weed, hits mellow at first and then the high gets more relaxing and deeply sedating. Also great for stimulating an appetite.

  209. Ooooooh ya!!! ???what else is there ta say??!!

  210. Nice full buds with a heavy hitting high. Thick pungent smoke that tends to linger.
    Great night time strain!

  211. I don’t know what everyone is talking about they must not know what good weed is it!looks and smells all right, looks better than it smells. it almost taste like it, just almost started getting mouldy, but I could be wrong…and it definitely wasn’t cured properly the ash is so black and won’t stop going out and I barely get a high from it. this is not good quality weed at all and for all the people that think it is you know nothing about weed… it was a waste of $250. I get better wean down here for $150 an ounce usually I’m not disappointed like this I love this site but this one just didn’t do it for me !

  212. One of a kind strain for sure. Nice strong musky smell, great taste. Buds are big, dense and sticky. Very unique looking, ranging in colour from purple and brown to green and yellow. Hits very hard with both a very euphoric dreamy buzz, and a strong body stone. This is now one of my favorite strains.

  213. Good stuff, although it did make us incredibly good. So much so, that we turned a blind eye to a jaywalker.

  214. Buds like this are why I buy at HerbalDispatch. Beautiful sticky that are almost a shame to smoke, but very happy I did! It has a pungent smell and taste that all my favourite strands have..can’t quite put my finger on it. Highly recommended!!!!!!!

  215. Must try won’t be disappointed

  216. Hands down my favourite strain so far. Hits hard quick and last a while. Can couch lock you if you get gready. Would love to see this strain stick around for a while. HD with the slam dunk once again!

  217. Taste the good kush!! 😀

  218. Picked up an oz. Was super happy with the quality. Huuuuge nugs, that look just beautiful and the taste when you hit this is like no other. 6/5

  219. 5/5 you wont be disapointed. Get st least an 1/2 its worth it ! Thanks ??✌?

  220. yeah I under estimated this strain an only bought a hq kicking my self in my ass now amaszing stuff…

  221. Absolutely excellent. Highly recommend smoking an hour before bed. Very smooth as well.

  222. Really love the smell of this batch. Definitely a night time strain .Love the price

  223. Wow great stuff

  224. Great bud for evening smoking. Nice and relaxing.

  225. First impressions : definitely hits you right away, relaxing for sure. Great for the price! feel my muscles relaxing more ,pain reducing. Some help ease pain but my muscles don’t always relax ,so it is nice they are more, especially after working. My back pain is always the worst and I usually don’t use enough/have strong enough bud to help the pain much but this is doing a little bit which is good! Thinking a little more will help me sleep. 🙂 Sometimes these cheaper strains work better.

  226. Nice batch of MK

  227. This Indica is one of the best I’ve had in a long time. First off it smells amazing, the buds are nice and big also very sticky. It hits you very hard right away. very relaxing, and makes you feel very lazy. I definitely highly recommend this bud. I would give it a 6/5 if i could. Get it before its gone!

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