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Lubricant (MJ Creams) – Lust

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Product Description

Cannabis infused pleasure oil

Designed to enhance sensitivity, increase power and frequency of orgasms. Made with only pure organic hemp seed oil and pure extracted cannabis resin. Oil will increase sensitivity and sexual pleasure, creating easier and stronger orgasms.

Ingredients: Clarified organic hemp oil, pure cannabis resin.

Directions: Apply oil to fingers, then apply to clitoris, labia, and vagina or shaft and head of penis. Use 8 drops (0.4 ml) or as desired. Allow 15 minutes to absorb and take effect. Not for use with latex condoms.

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2 reviews for Lubricant (MJ Creams) – Lust

  1. Taught it would be bigger, but like it said on the box “increase power and frequency of orgasm” this is absolutly true!

  2. After using it, I think the description is full of buzz words and not quite true. I used it, it was slippery and I did feel higher than when I started but with that it matches would I would want in a lube with THC in it.

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