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Cream (MJ Creams) – Pain

(71 customer reviews)


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Product Description

Infused with Arnica, Juniper and Marijuana for fast-acting relief

MJ Creams are made with a neutral base cream, infused with Marijuana Resin, Hemp Seed Oil, and Essential Oils. They are used to treat the symptoms for a wide variety of skin and muscle conditions, providing relief from pain and inflammation.

The “Pain” formulation is best for rapid relief of all kinds of pain and inflammation. Treats immediate and chronic pain of all kinds, including muscle pain, post-surgical pain, joint pain, arthritis, bruises and burns.

* Not for internal use. Arnica should not be applied to open cuts or open wounds.

PAIN Secret Tip: Apply to problem areas before a workout or other painful activity, to stop pain before it begins.

Ingredients: Water, Sunflower Oil, Steric Acid, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Cannabis Hemp Seed Oil, Marijuana Resin, Extract of Arnica, Extract of Juniper, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Xanthan Gum, Tetrasodium EDTA, caprylyl glyocol, phenoxyethanol.

Made with pure, water-extracted marijuana resin.

Q and A: Dana Larsen on why MJ Creams are the future of cannabis

71 reviews for Cream (MJ Creams) – Pain

  1. I found this topical to work with my joint pain and muscle pain, it has a slight smell to it reminds me of cinnamon. I haven’t used it enough to see how long the effects last for though.

  2. I like this cream it really good for my back pain and knee pain

  3. Bought this product for the first time recently and i love it! I use it after a long day of work and it truely helps with my pain. Great price and i will buy again for sure!

  4. Helps with my chronic period cramps! Will buy again 🙂

  5. Helped with my sore back. Ive tried the Heat cream and honestly can’t tell the difference between the two. Its worth to try if you are tired from other back creams and pain pills.

  6. Excellent product thanks Hd,
    Works for my muscles and knee pain

  7. I like that there’s no odor so you can use this for work. It works ok. Not sure about how much CBD is in it. I find that the higher the CBD, the better. In all, the cream is nice, it absorbs well without leaving you sticky or greasy. It just didn’t have the pain relief I was expecting from this type of product as I have had great results with others.

  8. A pretty decent pain cream for regular muscle pain

  9. This cream smells amazing. When applied is easily absorbed and does not leave a greasy residue. My parents both report that this cream helps to relieve the pain they experience from degenerative osteoarthritis. I also suffer from arthritis and have found relief when using this cream. I will continue to order this product. We love it. Thank you ?

  10. Unfortunately…not for me.
    May be good for basic muscle pain, but I have severe back and nerve pain.
    I would like to give a better review, but not the product for me.

  11. Ordered for my wife and mother-in-law both chronic pain sufferers. In he case with my wife, she was elated as the product worked instantly and for a decent duration, and for my mother-in-law there was no impact to her pain and no relief.

    I will repurchase for my wife, and will look to other products in their line.

  12. I have neuropathy in my hands and feet from MS. every night my feet get hot, red and swollen and the only ounce of relief I get is from this cream. I now don’t wince in pain, or tears rolling down my face.
    Thank you thank you thank you!!

  13. Love this cream. I add some PanAway Young Living oil to provide some gentle heat when I use it. Better than any of pain relief cream I have tried.

  14. Anonymous

    I order this product for my parents who get stiff achy hands from arthritis. They were both impressed with how it starts to work quickly and is very effective. The cream is not greasy and absorbs right away.

  15. This works great. One of the few things that helps with joint pain for me.

  16. I order the pain cream on a regular basis it is absolutely magic for my foot Pain!

  17. Anonymous

    I’ve been using the pain cream for foot pain results are amazing!

  18. I was skeptical but it certainly provided relief. I put it on a pulled groin and it’s helped to keep the inflammation and heat down and used it another time on a strained shoulder. Didn’t send the pain away packing entirely but it did provide relief

  19. Ordered “Pain & Heat” about 2 moths ago, more as a novelty or curiosity than anything. We’ll after using them both for some min or aches & pains I became a believer! What convinced me 100% was using it around a surgical incision after minor operation. Within a day of the surgery the swelling & rawness of the cut were gone! Maybe its not for everyone but I can tell you it works, hands down over the crap perscriptions you get from the hospital. Keep up the good work , improve this product so everyone uses it! It works

  20. Not as much cooling senstion as I like. I like calm better for pain relief. However still the nice melt into your skin smooth texture as calm is. Pain has gone down though, so it does work! However if you lovely HD fans are in pain give Calm cream a try too and see which one you prefer. Happy healing❤

  21. i buy this cream for my 94 year old grandmother that has sever artrithis , cant walk anymore , and she only uses that cream , she says only cream that takes pain away at night and she can sleep . thx hd

  22. Penetrates the skin and doesnt have a horrible smell. Good purchase.

  23. Temporarily leaves a tingly feeling in the painful area when applying but the medication dulls the pain, rather than removing it, also the effects are minimal and temporary. Would recommend something stronger.

  24. I made it tried To my 2 grandmother and m’y mother and they looooove it

  25. Anonymous

    Very disappointed. Purchased this cream, I have nerve pain, arthritis and general sore and stiff muscles. After paying $25 for 50mls and applying 5 times in 12 hours, I feel absolutely nothing. Too bad the quantity of tch isnt listed

  26. Product works great. Both me and the girlfriend both use this and it works great.

  27. Works great!

  28. This is the most amazing product I’ve ever used. I suffer from fibromilga and chronic pain. I use this on my burnings muscles and hands. Its been a blessing. Only wish I was a huge jar lol but for this price im not complaining ☺

  29. Anonymous

    Works great! Had surgery a week ago and have been applying cream to sore joints and muscles that have been tense from compensating for other muscles throughout recovery. I apply it before bed and find I get a good sleep and wake with nearly no pain 🙂 <3

  30. For me and my non cannabis partaking girlfriend, this cream is fantastic! Way better and safer than any of those analgesic chemical creams that don’t work. If you’re contemplating buying this, just buy it. You won’t be sorry.

  31. I got this for my mom as she has terrible arthritis and had two basal thumb surgeries. I guess it worked fine. It’s kinda greasy and cold. used to have another topical that was shaped like a stick of deodorant that we both preferred. It was easier to use and wasn’t as greasy, and definitely not cold.

  32. Had knee surgery after a skiing injury. applied just a small amount starting a couple of weeks after surgery and continually through my re-hab. it really does relive those niggling aches deep in the knee joint. highly recommended for arthritis like symptoms.

  33. awesome for wrist pain!

  34. Love it! A little goes a long way

  35. good stuff. the more you use the better it works. i find it dulls the pain in my knees and makes me more mobile.

  36. Anonymous

    Good writeup, I am normal visitor of one’s site, maintain up the excellent operate, and It’s going to be a regular visitor for a long time. dakbaedbadcfecak

  37. Shoulders and knees requires a few applications a day to manage the pain of. My back though is where this product shines, I’ve gone from near constant pain to applying every 3-4 days when I feel pain again.

  38. this stuff is great! helps relieve all kinds of pain!

  39. Anonymous

    I love this product. I wish it was cheaper and came in larger quantities, but it an effective acute pain reliever and does help with my acute areas of inflammation and/or injury. My mom is going to love it as a gift! I know it will help with her arthritic hand aches. As it contains Arnica it seems better for bruises or muscle pains, not so much deep aches, but has a nice vapo-rub like sensation when applied. I was most impressed by how the smell is almost nonexistant, simply clean lotion scent, and that it absorbs quite readily into the skin and works quickly for relief.

  40. Works well for nerve pain, and general sores, not so much for joint, muscle pain. I suggest the Muscle & Joint balm -2.5 OZ for joint, muscle pains.

  41. Anonymous

    I tried it on my knees and hands. Did not have any luck. Gave to my daughter for her feet. Did not work. Wife tried it on her jaw, did not work. Have tried some of the other topicals since using the “Pain cream” from HD and they have worked.

  42. Anonymous

    This pain cream works Wonders! I’ve had 6 knee replacements and 2 spinal fusions. I rub a little on my knees and back at night. Really helps with the pain. So much so I’m taking less pain meds. A little goes a long way. I also use it on my elbows and wrist. Can’t say enough about this cream . I have a couple of friends who also use this cream and they love it too.
    I have the Heat cream but don’t find it as effective.

  43. I find this works great! I have a herniated disc in my neck and lots of scar tissue and pain, I use this every week or so and the pain is kept at bay! I also have painful hands and this does the trick when the pain is really bad!

  44. I put it on my sore back in the morning and I found that it did help the muscles to relax and the soreness went away faster. I would recommend for a general purpose ache cream, but the joint relief wasn’t as strong as I needed.

  45. Works well for aches, and pains, but if you are looking for deep healing i suggest the muscle, and joint balm. I found it more effective for deep pain, but it also works great for minor pain, and it lasts longer.

  46. Anonymous

    No effect for knee, back or joint pain over here. Glad it works for some though. Won’t be purchasing again

  47. I tried to use this for nerve pain in my feet post surgery and it was ineffective for me. I gave it to my mother and it was been working wonders for her sciatic nerve pain. She gives it 5stars when nothing else helped

  48. Fast acting and long lasting. This cream was purchased for someone with chronic nerve pain, they report this cream is more effective than what you buy at the pharmacy. She said the cream quickly numbed the pain and provided favourable results for her inflammation; she said the cream gave her 2 hours of relief. The cream has a minty undertone smell and a cooling sensation when applied. I recommend this product for anyone dealing with pain or inflammation. I’d imagine this product would work great for the elderly dealing with arthritis and joint ache.

  49. Smells amazing, feels great!

  50. this stuff is amazing for joint pain, i have major pain in my wrist and its nearly gone. wow

  51. i have muscle and joint pain and found this works great! I work it in and reduces inflammation

  52. Tried this out for my mom who is arthritic, she loves it and says it works better than most other creams. Thanks

  53. This was rated out of five for overall pain relief. 2 out of 5
    As stated below, there is better, but this is not without it’s merits.

  54. You get what you pay for pretty good but there are better stuff.

  55. Anonymous

    Was effective in relieving muscle tightness and soreness

  56. Getting older, I’ve had a lot of stiffness in my hands, especially my wrist and finger joints. As I work with my hands almost exclusively, your MJ Cream was a godsend !! After just a few uses, I’m nearly pain free, and my hands have become friends once more !! Very very nice, thanks lots !

  57. Takes a bit to start working but it’s certainly effective! My mom found quick arthritis relief and it works great on my neck and upper back pain.

  58. Anonymous

    Works great for all sorts of pain. Using it loosens me up and gets me moving pain free.

  59. Love this medication. Soon as I recieved it I had to try it on my wrists. Works like a charm:) very pleased with this product ! Soothing. Aching is gone. Works almost instantly for sore joints and muscles.

  60. Way better than transdermal LHO. MJ site has a sample pack. Either get this one or try that one. This 1 might be the best. Cat

  61. Great product , really does work . I have a torn abdominal muscle and no certildege in shoulder and sufficiently takes away pain and swelling

  62. got this for my pregnant wife whos been having back pains, she claims it works almost instantly and has a nice almost cooling sensation that last for a good while, will be ordering more in the future.

  63. Good pain relief and fairly long lasting although i would say a little slow to take effect

  64. Works well, don’t need very much on the affected area. Out of my whole order this is what I was looking forward to using, definitely not disappointed. Would and do recommend this to anyone needing a good pain cream, definitely works for my pain and the price is actually reasonable when comparing to other creams with similar ingredients (without the MJ).

  65. Rating it 4 stars now, because I purchased again to try on myself, and I found it worked quite well on my sore shoulder. Takes a little while to work but really does seem to help after a while. Would be nice to see the creams a bit cheaper, but it’s worth a try to see if it works for you.

  66. A good product overall but not the strength I was hoping for. Using it for my mom who is in the hospital suffering from all sorts of cancer.Does help provide her with pain relief but is just not strong enough to really make a noticeable difference when I just use it. I’m sure it would be great for someone who isn’t in such an intense degree of pain, still a good buy and might buy again just to have if the other creams don’t help more.

  67. I suffer from a really bad case of tennis elbow and psychatica I applied the cream and within a half an hour I had relief. I have looked far and wide for some type of relief from pain fro my elbow and back and found nothing. Until I tried the MJ-CREAMS PAIN I would have to suffer through endless nights. I consider it a small miracle that this cream really works. I will try to always include a bottle in every order I submit! Thanks HERBAL DISPATCH…another quality product from you.

  68. I have been trying this Mj pain cream for awhile now and I like it, it works good at night for spine injury in the neck and lower back but in conjunction with
    vaporizing other product, this is just extra relief when the pain is at its worst and it works great.

  69. I have used this a couple times now for my wrist pains and lower back. I can’t really explain the feeling but I feel the pain has definitely subsided. I try to use this at night that way I can sleep a full night and so far so good.

    Will be purchasing the heat one next to see if it can help even lore with the pain for day use.

  70. Obviously you are not gonna get high by rubbing this on your arm lol, but since using it seems to be working. I’m going to try the other ones if I can and compare. This doesn’t feel like bengay or feel hot, it’s really tough to explain how it feels, there’s definitely a difference before and after applying it to areas.

    hope this isn’t addictive or anything lol because anytime I have a slight pain I now have an urge to rub this cream there 😀

  71. All topical solutions I’ve tried for my pain have been consistently ineffective. This stuff actually helps with my chronic pain, I am pleasantly surprised!

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