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Lubricant (Miss Envy) – Sutra

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1 30 ml bottle for $60

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Sold By: Miss Envy
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Product Description

Miss Envy Botanicals’ 100% organic personal lubricant will bring you and your partner to a higher level of intimacy.

Specially formulated to enhance the female orgasm with a unique blend of essential oils, intensifying and elongating the experience with a warm tingling sensation. Canna Sutra’s personal lubricant also acts as a natural male enhancement aid by prolonging stamina while providing a stimulating sensation.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, jojoba oil, ylang ylang oil, lavender oil, THC.

Suggested Use: Apply lubricant to desired area for comfortable physical intimacy.

Warning: Oil based lubricants can wear down latex condoms.

Each 30 ml bottle contains 420 mg of THC.

Q and A: A Calling to Cannabis, an interview with Miss Envy

9 reviews for Lubricant (Miss Envy) – Sutra

  1. The lube itself smells great and is good quality (though I didn’t feel the buzz others mentioned) What I didn’t enjoy was the bottle. Super hard spray, so it gets everywhere and not necessarily where you’re aiming. Also the black paint on the bottle started chipping away, so you end up having paint chips on your luby hands, and then wherever you put those hands… I would recommend this lube if it was in an other container, I really enjoyed it.

  2. If you feel like splurging it’s a fun product but is really over priced. Pretty strong flavour. Excellent results!

  3. I really enjoyed this product! I would love to buy it again but it’s so damn expensive it will be a day when I’m feeling rich!

  4. Awesome lube…but not sure I’d pay the price again…not that awesome

  5. Spectacularrrrrrr! Enjoyed by myself and the wife. My oh my this is a must buy.

  6. Anonymous

    Wow, this is like an HD button for sex, feels great, girlfriend loves it ! Worth the price

  7. Best. Lube. Ever. This did not disappoint, it lived up and succeeded my expectations. My Hubby was quite impressed as well. It smells nice, feels amaaazing, and makes the sex magic. Totally worth every penny spent!

  8. Hubby swears by it. He enjoys the scent, he mentioned he felt the warm tingling which I did not. I enjoyed the product but not as much as he. The scent was a tad over powering and I’m kind of hoping the price drops in the future.

  9. Warm and tingling as advertised, the “prolonging stamina” seems to make you lose sensation but I really only ran into that problem the first time and I may have used too much so I won’t hold that against the product. The only problem I can see is that the scent may be too overpowering and spark asthma attacks and allergy flare ups, I only had mild symptoms but I don’t have problems like I did when I was young so just a head’s up. Otherwise it works but it’s kinda personal all the results. I’m just going to say it’s the best lube I’ve used.

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