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Hard Candies (Mota)

(89 customer reviews)


1 70g bag for $12.

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

Approximately 125 mg of THC per package

The power of flower soars to new heights of tangy greatness in these fabulous hard candies. And this wild marriage of tantalizing tartness with impeccably pure THC extract is more than just a taste sensation. It’s a measured dose of medication with a slow and soothing release. Infused with 125mg THC in the entire bag, these are the perfect snack on the go that are light and discreet.

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Cannabis, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavour and Colour

Warning: This product contains high levels of THC. Not a food. Keep away from children and pets.

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89 reviews for Hard Candies (Mota)

  1. LOVE the root beer, tastes amazing! Have also tried the cherry and watermelon, both worth buying again. I just found the root beer did a great job masking any weird taste edibles often have. If I gave them to a friend who had never had edibles I doubt they’d know there was THC in there. All 3 gave me a similar mellow relaxed feel. As a daily user though I was still able to do anything I normally would in a day. Use them if I’m stressed but still need to be productive, otherwise I dab 🙂

  2. These candies are wonderful, when you need to take the edge off or out and about. We’ve tried all flavours and enjoy them all. I recommend these candies to anyone and everyone.

  3. I have always really enjoyed these. I have tried every flavour and they all taste so good. These are one of my favs and a go to during the day when I am having a lot of pain. Easy to dose depending on how your feeling and works great.

  4. Not hard candies, more on the soft side but the high is there so not going to complain. The taste isnt bad on them either.

  5. Very tasty (root beer flavor) and has a nice but subtle effect. Normally 2 candies does the trick

  6. Great for a calming effect but being high tolerance id have to eat too many to get much effect. Great taste tho!

  7. We actually really enjoyed these. We found it was perfect for those times you’d prefer not to smell. For the heavy smokers, try taking two.

  8. The hard candy works perfect for daytime office environment. Very discreet, can barely smell anything other then the flavour of the candy. I particularly like the lemon flavour, with a tinge of sourness, I find it helps settle my stomach along with helping my migraines. Would definitely recommend.

  9. So damn tasty!

  10. A nice light high

  11. Tasty candies and while not very powerful they do give a nice light buzz.

  12. Very good tasting candy but one didn’t do much for me.

  13. Taste really good. Didn’t really do too much for me. Im a moderate smoker, and didnt feel any effects.

  14. Taste good but didn’t give much effect.

  15. love em, always a re order, rootbeer is dellish

  16. Wicked candies full of flavor. I munch on them at the office

  17. Kind of disappointed with these, had to eat the entire package to get any type of feeling from it. I am a regular smoker but smoke a VERY small amount each evening, so I don’t think that my tolerance is that high. They were very tasty and might work better for other people, but I won’t be ordering again and will hopefully find some edibles that suit me better.

  18. Nice flavor and great for a small high well out and about

  19. I love these little guys. Had the apple first go around. I Enjoy that a hard candy kept it sub-lingual and gives it a fast onset time.

  20. Great if you’re looking for a mild buzz and can always increase with more candies! Good value

  21. Tried the root beer ones. They get you buzzing and taste great! Definitely trying the other flavors.

  22. They taste great, but I had little to no high. If you are looking for edibles that aren’t very potent I’d recommend it.

  23. This is my favorite edible by far! Good for the price. The candies give a slight body high and a cool calm attitude. Great for those situations when you can’t smoke a joint.

  24. wasn’t my favourite Mota product, watermelon tasted good but wasn’t the best high

  25. Perfect and only needed one. Delicious tasting 🙂 will be buying different flavours to try ?

  26. I have tried the lemon and root beer. They both have a good taste. Definitely need 2-3 to feel anything.

  27. Taste good, light effects. Will buy them once in a while.

  28. Really weak, didn’t do anything for me.

  29. Great for micro dosing against anxiety because they are weak and steady. Great taste too, very lemony with a strong flavour to the end.

  30. Easy to travel with and discreet. 2-4 works for me, and the high is dreamy and fun, although I’m usually left feeling burnt out. I say 2-4 because after 5 bags I’ve determined they are unpredictable – sometimes it takes 2, and sometimes I don’t feel it at all. Kind of fun to eat and forget about; then you either end up with a pleasant little high or you don’t. Overall, enjoyable and shouldn’t be intimidating if you’re new to edibles.

  31. These are great for a little daytime buzz. Not too potent but totally effective. Favorite flavors are lemon and root beer so far. Looking forward to trying more!

  32. I purchased a pack of candies in December and they did not seem to be active. I consumed 4 candies in a sitting and didn’t feel any effect. The candies were very well made as was the packaging, perhaps I received a bad batch?

  33. Take the lemon ones with hot tea and a good book 🙂

  34. Tasty and not too potent, A light easy to control and dose boost!

  35. Was impressed! Great flavour with no herb taste
    Effect was noticeable not not crazy with just one candy and still allows you to go out and about just with the edge taken off – 2-3 gets me pretty couch locked

  36. Love these!

  37. I always have these on hand. The root beer ones are amazing! I also love the watermelon. Perfect for light smokers!

  38. Took 2 out of 12 of Root Beer sativa flavor before seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The trip was perfect. I felt like a child again. The flavor isn’t that good. Tasted like anise. Definitely going to buy more.

  39. I buy these almost every other order, great for work, eat one every couple hours and keeps pain down without getting real high

  40. I see some sad reviews but I have to disagree. I really liked them. I’ve tried lemon hybrid and root beer sativa. I’ll eat anywhere from 1-4. With candies I find it hits you a wee bit quicker at first since your saliva absorbs so much rather than a cookie that needs to be metabolized? I’m not a scientist. Each candy is about 12.5 mg of thc so nothing crazy to “get high” if you only have a couple but really helps you sleep or take the edge off a busy day and still be able to function properly. The sativa root beer ones however had me giggling after 3 candies and came in waves so I enjoyed that and the sleep afterwards. The “weed” taste goes away quite quickly and they taste just like root beer and lemon.

  41. Ate 4 candies which should be about 50mg and did nothing. I’ll take the rest(6) and hope it does something. Otherwise go-to the store and buy some barely flavoured candy, it’ll be The same but way cheaper. Cannadees gummies work way better at 30mg dose

  42. Love these candies, I find they give you a very relaxed feel, watermelon and green apple are my favourites.

  43. Tried the root beer and they taste really good. There’s about 12 candies in 1 bag.

  44. Light high, good taste, but wont reorder, there are better options on here

  45. Anonymous

    I tried the Root Beer and the Cherry and am ordering more now. Flavour was great. As a fairly new user to edibles and a very modest smoker over the years, I have a lower tolerance so tried these to be able to monitor the quantity better. Worked great, and I am very impressed and liked these a lot.

  46. Very potent, would recommend anyone to buy the apple flavor, Definitely buying more.

  47. A staple in my orders. Yummy and potent.

  48. Good for begineers have to eat 3/4 of the pack to feel anything for experienced smoker

  49. The sativa rootbeer is excellent in combating nausea

  50. I am a fairly heavy smoker so this product didn’t really make the cut for me, had 3 pcs the 1st time, as it was my first edible experience and felt nothing, then another day I ate the other 7 and still felt nothing, needs more potency. On a positive note I had the cherry candies and they tasted delicious! ?

  51. Anonymous

    These are ok, but needed to eat 4 to feel a bit, helped with the pain and kept a smile on my face instead of being a grump

  52. I gave these 2 because they taste good. Have to eat half the bag to get any kind of effect out of them. Need to make them a stronger concentration of THC. I am not a heavyweight smoker either. Just a one hitter puff here and there makes me feel right. Eating 5 or 6 of these makes your mouth kind of raw too. Needs improvement that is for sure. This is a review of the sativa drops.

  53. Anonymous

    The rootbeer flavour are delicious! Nice sativa buzz with just a few, good for a creative mood and relaxation.

  54. Was really stoked to try these candies especially for situations where it was not appropriate to smoke up. However, in one evening I probably sucked on about 6 of them and did not even feel a buzz. My mouth got tired of sucking on them so I gave up 🙁 Disappointed.

  55. Anonymous

    I ate the entire bag and barely got high, but they tasted good!

  56. fantastic. not too strong. they hit you fairly quickly. personally 2-4 gets me where i wanna be.

  57. These are my absolute favourite. I make sure to get them with every order. The buzz is awesome, cherry and rootbeer are my fav. I can eat two at work and keep a good head while feeling amazing. Top shelf stuff.

  58. 10/10, would highly recommend. tastes absolutely delicious, comes with 10 candies, and packs a punch.

  59. Love Apple and Lemon. The cherry and watermelon ones leave my mouth bright pink. Hard to be discreet. One is usually not enough. Two or three is just right.

  60. I found 2 candies just before bed worked great. Not a strong buzz but relaxed and comfortable. I love the watermelon flavor best. These have been a regular order for me and I will order again. 3.5/5 only because the buzz was not there. John

  61. Whether I took 1 or 3 I would not feel anything. It smelled like herb but had little to no effect on me.

  62. I ate 4 of these in
    One night and felt
    Nothing. Very disappointing

  63. Disappointed… I have a very low tolerance when smoking , a toke from a one hitter gets me to where im happy. Started with 3 candies and waited an hour, no effect. Had 3 more and waited another hour again no effect. Ate the remaining 5 candies , bag contained 11 total, i felt relaxed but wasnt anywhere near the effect that a toke from a one hitter would get me. Taste fine but no buzz

  64. Love these and my wife does too, Lemon, Cherry, Watermelon and Apple flavours are all great….you just gotta know when to stop….

  65. Love these, get some with every order , the root beer are amazing for day time and I like the watermelon for night time relaxation. . I eat 2 at a time and I medicate every day and I get a good shine on.. best bang for buck for edibles. .

  66. got the cherry flavor of these, at first smelled/tasted a bit like halls, but i think that was just the outermost layer because after a moment they tasted great. the high was soothing and casual, and these guys are absolutely perfect for on-the-go.

  67. For someone without a high tolerance, one would do, but it took me 2. Tasty flavour with rootbear.

  68. I ordered the watermelon flavor and they tasted awesome! Unfortunately i had to eat like 3 to get even a glow happening. I guess these would be great for partying and getting high gradually and not ripped in one session.

  69. I love these little things. Flavor is great. A single one (My package came with 10) provides no real buzz but it makes me amazingly positive. Really enjoy these on their own for a relaxing night or to take before smoking and going out.

  70. tastes great – can’t go wrong with MOTA

  71. For myself these do nothing for me other than a tasty candy and maybe slightly more relaxed after eating the whole bag, but zero buzz and I like my buzz.

  72. Root beer is a no go.

  73. Bought the Root Beer(Sativa) and Cherry(Hybrid)
    I took 1 of the root beer and wasn’t feeling anything, took another and 10 minutes later the first kicked in, when the second kicked in it turned into a pleasant afternoon, nice sativa body stone. Today I took 2 cherry and enjoying a nice indica buzz, should be another pleasant afternoon. lol

  74. great product can sit at work all day and chill

  75. Anonymous

    Tasty good for beginners not strong enough for the everyday toker peace n love

  76. Great for those of us who stick to little doses in the work week. 2-3 before bed keeps me sleeping straight through the night.

  77. By far the best candies I have had so far. Relaxing, enjoyable. Fantastic taste (purchased lemon flavour)!

  78. Anonymous

    Great value for a nice relaxing enjoyable high. I got the cherry (hybrid), and root beer ( sativa ). Both nice flavour. Very strong cannabis taste at first, so I assume they are coated in extract not infused, so sublingual intake makes sense ( ie: hold under tounge until pot taste gone. ). I will be ordering these every time! Oh….and I ate 5 over a 6+ hour period.

  79. Eating 2-3 of these will give you a nice relaxing high without hurting your productivity much, coming from a daily smoker. Apple flavoured ones taste nice, with slight weedy aftertaste. Definitely will order again

  80. I really was disappointed with these, I ate all within an hour and a half and felt nothing at all. I would not recommend to daily smokers

  81. Great product. Had the root beer flavor and it was amazing. . The buzz is spot on sativa and is very pleasant..

  82. Not super strong , but had a very nice mild high of just one , 2-3 will have you feeling great but able to function, taste was great, get lots of candies for 12$, a must by for sure , good job mota and hd

  83. Mota as usual the quality of the product and taste makes up for any potency issues.

  84. For 12 dollars these are a must add to every order. The taste of these is amazing with just a slight weedy taste at the beginning . My bag came with 11 candies which works out to be about 11.4 mg per candy and although low dose one will have you feeling at ease and if you want a real body high 4 or more will get you there. 5/5 ps get green apple

  85. wish they were stronger

  86. Honestly, these are the best edible hard candies ive ever had in my life, ( including those that dont have any cannabanoids ) I got the watermelon ones and they are awesome! very nice high, very enjoyable! Im saving some for my brothers wedding because I cant smoke there 🙂

  87. I’d have to say these were the best experience for hard candies I have come across. Great flavour and a very relaxing high. Will buy more 100%

  88. Oh man, love these…. they taste great and are wonderful for a relaxing book read before bed

  89. Easy to control your high.good for a light high

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