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Live Resin (HDC) – LHO 7.0 (Multiple Strains)

(43 customer reviews)


1 gram of LHO 7.0 for $115

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Sold By: Horatio Delbert Concentrates
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Product Description

What is LHO 7.0?

LHO 7.0 d-limonene extract is the culmination of over 3 years of constant never ending improvement in the art and science of green chemistry, solutions in the replacement of petrochemical solvents for the holistic production of nutraceutical grade cannabis products. Horatio Delbert Concentrates has taken the same game changing proprietary methods that brought about 99.9-100% THC-A isolate and expanded the scale of it’s scope to encompass All extractions without the use of hazardous pentanes, hexanes, acetones or diethyl ether.

Live Resin 95% THCA is the preservation of all available terpenes maintained from harvest to vaporization, but now encompasses a new dimension of the Acid only cannabinoids concentrate. The truest representation of the original medical constituents fresh of the plant; non-degraded, non-oxidized, non-decarboxylated! Free from the limitations of production, environment or processing based damage.

Crystalline Cannabinoids X Terps! The cleanest extract in cannabis is beyond smooth it’s MEDICAL… not only does that mean consistent potency from strain-to- strain batch after batch. It gives full inhalation potential to the bronchial arteries for uptake of what matters most, cannabinoids and maximum terpene modulation.

Due to its high level of refinement, the majority of what makes up the bulk weight and non-medical constituents of common concentrates available are separated out to a low yielding product that has nothing in common with the extract options of today and possible tomorrow.

Q and A: The Innovations of Horatio Delbert

Larry OG, also called Lemon Larry, is yet another member of the famous ocean-grown family. Originally created in Orange County, this indica is a cross between OG Kush and SFV OG. Larry OG produces a potent yet easy body buzz that will allow you to relax while getting things done. The effects are happy but not overwhelming. Like other members of the OG family, this strain has a very clean and piney aroma. The nugs tend to be dense and feature distinct burnt orange hairs that are longer than average.

Flavours: Lemon, pine, earthy
Effects: Relaxed, happy, uplifted, euphoric, hungry
Medical: Stress, pain, depression, insomnia, headaches

43 reviews for Live Resin (HDC) – LHO 7.0 (Multiple Strains)

  1. Last Larry OG I bought smelled like rubber – the effects were top notch as always, but the taste and smell weren’t. Ninja fruit was way better smelling and tasted awesome.

  2. The Blueberry Nuken was out of this world! I see why its so expensive, smokes flawlessly its like the caviar of concentrates.

  3. Just got the Larry OG strain and I must say I’m quite impressed. It works great for nerve pain and low back pain. I don’t think it’s worth the price though, I’ll have to wait and see how long a gram lasts as opposed to Budders. I gave 4 stars due to the price. If a gram lasts twice what a gram of budder lasts me then it would get 5 stars hands down. Only time will tell…..

  4. I suffer from Insomnia, I ordered !f Sciska Berry and all I have to say I wow! HDC never fails. This is !00% medicinal. I only use it before bed it works like a dream! I wish herbal Dispatch would restock on all of HDC products asap as it it the best and my favourite way of medicating!

  5. Truely the best cannabis product i have ever inhaled through my lungs. The quality of this product can’t be compared to any. Unique, tasty, and truely fire. The price is a bit too high, but understandable for how amazing it is. I got the Master Yoda strain.

  6. i have made a video for review this product , if you buy this i recommand buying a indica strain … i was waiting a long time for this product but i was disapointed and my friends were not fans of it also… i had astro boy… my youtube is dr weed , this is my review

  7. Excellent Product, tastes amazing, Nice High, worth the money

  8. The Lindsay OG is pure GAS. The texture of the concentrate is so nice as well. Kind of like cake frosting. Amazing product.

  9. Received the MK Ultra today and I am lit as I sit hear and write this review. The aroma of lemons is very overwhelming. The price is high, but you get what you pay for.

  10. Not a fan smoked lots of concentrates, this smells and taste like perfume, not worth the price won’t even smoke the rest of the gram.

  11. i dont know what everyone is complaining guys do know thats its the terps hes added back thats why its seems wet.. its not solvent and your wasting money drying it out

  12. Kinda tastes funny and smells funny but gets you pretty messed up ?

  13. I have the same issue bradpuhakka is having. Something is definitely off with the last batch. Blackberry train wreck looked melted and the taste like bad blue cheese with a horrible chemical feeling on the tongue. I’d like my money back or a reorder on a new batch. I’d avoid this normally 5 start product until this issue is fixed.

  14. Not sure if horatio is doing something different or possibly HD is storing it improperly but my last 2 orders all 3 grams of it was all melted and in a liquidy puddle in the center of container and honestly softer then room temp margarine never ever have I seen his product like and it’s not cause of the weather that’s for sure and the purple passion tasted so bad couldnt even smoke it had a waxy weird unbearable taste also the BlackBerry train wreck has a very similar taste but much more bearable not sure what’s happening with the product or I’m just the only unlucky one getting this very disappointing for what I have been paying honestly I have even left the stuff left out with the kids off them for days now and they are finally hardening up but it’s also separating harder concentrate with liquid collecting on the outter edge and if you didn’t know any better you would think not all the solvent is getting cooked out of it completely really hate saying something bad about horatio’s product but it seems to be all I am getting lately

  15. Honestly can’t say enough about or stop praising horatio Delbert for this life changing product absolutely without a doubt the best extract you’ll ever buy I guarantee it! Yes the price is little high but for what your getting is worth every penny trust me been smoking this stuff for 2 yrs now and I still get just as high off it as the first time I tried it and your lungs will thank you on every puff and the medical benefits pfffff don’t even go there mind blowing stuff you must try to experience the effects for yourself his products truly are game changing we need more entrapinurs like horatio in this world I seriously praise this guy and his products every single time I use any of it my girlfriend is getting tired of me never shutting up about it lol THANK YOU!

  16. A nice pine taste with a mellow high. Too mellow for the price.

  17. This is the go for for me. Lho7 is strong in thca and terps, the best combo for me. Plus a lot of cultivars are available so you can change from sativa to indica throughout the day as needed. This is the best product Horatio did imo.

  18. Top quality product. very little smell. slight citrus taste from the d-limonene. good for dabbing on the DL. phenomenal high

  19. Love this product, just recieve purple passion and special kush both with awesome tastes, give 3 thumbs up to purple passion, tastes exactly like a bouquet of flowers and the smell also is potent like a bouquet of flowers.

  20. Very unique smoke, maybe slightly overpriced but still worth a try

  21. I have tried about 4 of these… by far Lilly was the best! That said. If it was more affordable I would use this and only this. Awesome!

  22. LOVE this product. So very tasty, and very effective. The taste is so different – it’s hard to put it into words. Can’t compare it to regular shatter or budder, that’s for sure.

    It’s too expensive for me to medicate with this only, but it’s certainly a nice treat on a bad day.

    Blackberry Trainwreck – it smells good & stinks at the same time (lol)…I have no idea how to describe it. Sweeter taste.

    MK Ultra – very lemon-y. Smells like lemons & tastes like lemons.

    Love the packaging – little glass jar.

  23. I gave 4 stars because overall a nice attempt at creating something very different and unique However I will very likely not buy again…. my issue is that I bought the violator kush, this felt like I was smoking violator kush boosted with a massive dosage of limonene I could not get couch lock for the life of me that says shit loads with a strain such as violator kush am I the only one experiencing this!? It is the one and only strain I’ve tried but I put it away for weeks and come back to it and yep same shIt

  24. Finally got to try the mk ultra and taste is very different then what I thought it was going to be kinda hard to explain one that would have to be tried in order to fully get what I mean by different not in a bad way either but for effects another great one for nighttime use but not to over powering to where you can’t use it during the day just makes you a little lazy but you’ll be smiling all day from it

  25. Just tried the rockstar and it’s full of flavour and is definitely perfect for nighttime use ease’s you into a nice full body sedation not overly powerful but perfect if you have any problems sleeping

  26. Ive tried the nuken and its an amazing taste,nice hard buzz get you fast asleep

  27. Not happy with this i ordered it and when it came i was very disapointed, inside was a pile of wet chunks i managed to scrape what i could out on the scale it showed .6 of a gram. Most was melted into the jars liner. It was nice to try the high was different ,not really any flavor, i will stick to THC-a when i want a treat. I was not happy,buy shatter its about the same.

  28. Horatio is the king of dabs

  29. Anonymous

    I see everyone bitching and complaining about the prices of horatio Delbert’s lho see what you people are not realizing or even doing your research as some have stated is that out of a pound of flower his end product only yields approximately 21 grams! Just be happy it’s not $160 like it used to be at least he’s obviously trying to lower his prices it will take time as he keeps innovating new techniques you can notice this with the thca powder he makes which used to be $125 for half gram now it’s only $55 just hang in there people

  30. Totally over rated over priced.. no more potent that any half decent cheap dabs or tasty either … pick a strain flavour ? Why bother it’s all gona taste like D-limonene anyway… did some research… it is an irritant to humans and actually is not really healthy to inhale … and is used as a solvent in airplane glue and paint stripper and floor cleaner really not happy about this purchase

  31. the holy grail. Unfortunately the last order “lambs breath” seemed runny and unstable, not a more solid block like the previous. Maybe to hot from w/e and two days at canada post waiting for delivery…

  32. I thought i would try out the hype people I know have posted and tried this product and I ordered astroboy sativa blend for daytime use the high I can’t even explain it’s like instant cup a coffee you can have a hoot and go about your day and feel alert and just great. Also find it makes me more talkative to…
    Also purchased violator lho for bed time and just pure relax mode and I can say it hits like a freight train 2 3 rips and I’m couch bound or lights out.. overall product all together smooth no cough no harshness can taste how clean it is and love the limonene terpenes as a flavor enhancer to the product itself, and having a pure method without impurities is great and for the price may seem high but lasts along time I use it more as a treat and put it with my connaseur stash.. keep doing what your doing heratio just amazing..

  33. Anonymous

    It’s quite powerful but the high doesn’t last as long as I thought it would.

  34. This product will be underrated by those who prefer to smoke papers with chemicals and ultra hot waterpipe hits. This dabs super smooth. Works very well in a pen/vape on low temp. Tip: find a good concentrate atomizer and use on low temp to make concentrates last longer. Just as potent, uses less material but takes longer to kick in. This is one best concentrates on the site. Very clean smoke. First thing you’ll notice is the taste. It’s signature to Horatio’s products. This needs to be tried at least once.

  35. This is worth every penny I’m dabbing this right now and it’s the best stuff I have had in my life

  36. Anonymous

    Horatio Delbert concentrates are definitely tge cream of the crop. That being said, paying 140 for 1 gram of live resin is absolutely absurd. It should come with a blowjob for that price. Unfortunately it does not. Drop your prices Horatio.

  37. This stuff is by far the cleanest and strongest concentrate on this site. Definitely on the experience side but worth every penny. Another amazing product from Horatio!

  38. This one was hands down the best lho that I have had!!!! It was amazing!!!!

  39. Havent tried this particular strain but the gram I bought was phenomenal! Best shatter money can buy. Super clean effects. I highly recommend this product!

  40. Horatio kills it once again. 10/10

  41. Anonymous

    I echo John’s sentiments on this one – simply phenomenal product. Price is tad high, but you have to realize all the work/effort that went into perfecting this process – there isn’t anything else like this on the market right now, not even close. Thank you, Horatio – keep em coming

  42. I’ve been excited to try Horatio’s LHO since the day I saw. When I found Lilly, with such unique genetics and an off-whine shiney batch, I knew this was the one. Upon opening it, the smell seeped through and all I could smell was fruity, sweet aroma overpowering my nose. Although Sativa genetics, this had me out like a light (partly due to my insomniac tendencies from university) nonetheless I couldn’t be happier with this product. Wish I could meet him one day. ***If anyone can suggest how to work with the LHO on the dabbler i would appreciate it. When I tried to get a piece to stick, it turned to a power-like consistency that was difficult to work with. Price is the only reason I cannot justify buying this often, although if budget allows, I would smoke this every hour of the day. Cheers Hd and here’s to Horario, a legend who I can’t wait to see evolve and somehow (if it’s even possible) create a better product than this. 5/5 Terps gme on another level.

  43. Anonymous

    High is phenomenal, just melts problems away. Tastes like medicine, cant detect much weed flavor if any. 8/10 stars

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