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King Kush

(9 customer reviews)


Grade: AAA
Type: Indica

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Sold By: The Quarry
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Product Description

King’s Kush, bred by Green House Seeds, derives from OG Kush and the elusive Grape strain. With gradual but powerful effects, King’s Kush is famous for its potency and shiny trichromes during flowering. This strain comes across as sweet and sour with a powerful and tangy grape scent, as well as some hints of lavender. The flowering time for King Kush is approximately 9 weeks, at which point purple and blue veins will appear on the plant. King Kush’s THC content can range from 17% to 20%.

Flavours: Sweet, earthy, grape
Effects: Relaxed, happy, creative, tingly, sleepy
Medical: Depression, stress, pain, insomnia, muscle spasms

9 reviews for King Kush

  1. Wasn’t very purple at all and didn’t smell the greatest… smoked nice and was melted into the couch. But the taste just wasn’t there…

  2. Overall a good buy but I found it to be a bit hit and miss. I also found it to be a very inconsistent high. Same batch and sometimes I felt very little buzz and others almost too much. I had a bad reaction one night and it was honestly enough to ensure I don’t order this again.

  3. Great kush for the price!

  4. This kush is a very fine kush for a very fine price and this was my second purchase of this fluffy buu. It tastes delish vaped and bonged.

  5. Not nice weed at all. Would not recommend it. Was very disappointed.

  6. A very nice kush! Nice earthy kush taste, good kick for AAA’s, but won’t knock you out. The quarry looks good so far with that nice OGKush, and now this one, I’ll be lookin out for new strains from these guys in the future.

  7. Great looking and tasting bud!! Good price just wished it burned a little better.

  8. Really good buu! It’s a smooth toke and smelt like heaven. It left me feeling pretty high

  9. Got me high enough for the price. Nice looking indica and I did see some purple veins in mine.

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