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Kief Powder – Love Potion

(14 customer reviews)


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Product Description

Kief (also known as dry sift or pollen) refers to the resin glands which contain the terpenes and cannabinoids that make cannabis so unique. While marijuana sans kief still contains cannabinoids, the resin glands that develop on flower buds pack the biggest punch.

The white hairs covering this cannabis flower are trichomes, or resin glands. While kief specifically refers to the bulbous, crystal formation on the tip of a gland, the substance itself is just one part of what is called a trichome, or a “hair.” Many different plants and algae have external trichomes for specific evolutionary purposes. For example, some carnivorous plants rely on sticky trichomes to trap their prey. Other plants, like cannabis, use them as a deterrent to herbivores.

Trichomes on the marijuana plant keep away hungry herbivores by producing an intense psychoactive experience, theoretically disorienting the animal and preventing it from eating the rest of the plant. The resin’s strong, distinct odor also attracts pollinating insects and predators, which might keep herbivore populations at bay.

Love Potion

Love Potion is a sativa-dominant strain bred by Reeferman Seeds. G13 was crossed with a Santa Marta Colombian Gold, and crossed with the Colombian Gold again to achieve this skunky, lemon-flavored sativa hybrid. This is a very ‎exotic‬ sativa‬ strain that is accompanied by a very cerebral feel and is a great daytime smoke.

Flavours: Lemon, skunk, spicy/herbal
Effects: Aroused, creative, euphoric, happy, uplifted
Medical: Depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, pain, stress

14 reviews for Kief Powder – Love Potion

  1. Nice treat when u need a little boost !,

  2. Great for the price. Little goes a long way. Took a star off just cause the effects don’t last that long.

  3. Tried this and the death bubba kief, love potion gets the number one spot, has a nice taste when you smoke it, the hit is pretty decent. Best part of it was the” love potion” effect it has below the belt;) truly lives up to its name.

  4. good kief gets you realy stoned

  5. Not as good i think it would be but its okay for the price

  6. Great for joints or top ups. Glad to see this option, hope they keep it around.

  7. Great for adding to joints or a top up. Really enjoyed this, hope they keep the kief around.

  8. I love the kief option but wasn’t a fan of this strain smelled kind of like outdoor bush weed and had a lot of green in it but overall was nice I’m gonna try some of the other strains and see if those are stronger

  9. Ouin, pas super mais pas mauvais non plus, je m’attendais a un peu mieux, mais fait quand même la job…!

  10. I threw it in with some joints and with it everything would hit hard. I really enjoyed it.

  11. Really hope they keep the keif option around! Got an eighth and seems to go decently far not the most potent keif but definitely added a kick to my bowls. Very good to smoke on its own to.

  12. Great for a daytime top up!!

  13. Nice, but not great. Not as loud as I expected it to be. Have a great appreciation for this strain, but wasn’t a fan of the keif. Good for adding to joints.

  14. Excellent strength and perfect by itself or for top ups

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