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Jolly Rancher

(16 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

Jolly Rancher is a sativa dominant strain of unknown genetics popular in many California Cannabis Dispensaries. Jolly Rancher presents an overly fruity scent that hints towards it intensive sour grape hard candyesque flavor. Many paitents chose this strain for its flavor and scent only to later find out that it has many medical benefits. Medical benefits of this strain include the treatment of the following: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fatigue, Muscle Spasms as well as Migrains.

Flavors: Sweet, berry, flowery
Effects: Creative, euphoric, happy, energetic, giggly
Medical: Stress, fatigue, muscle spasms, anxiety, migrains, depression

16 reviews for Jolly Rancher

  1. Really like this one! Smells great, tastes great….
    It would be nice to this as a regular forsure!

  2. Anonymous

    Decent bud, nothing special. Average smell and taste. I preferred space queen much better smell and taste imo. Would pay 300 an ounce if the bud was right. yet to have that shit the blows ur mind off here and I’ve ordered a lot of weed

  3. Another Great Purchase From Herbal Dispatch. Nice buds and killer aroma. Uplifting High!

  4. Beautiful nugs. The high overall is upbeat and sociable. Next to no burn out if smoked responsibly lol. Very fruity smell definitely like jolly ranchers

  5. Looks and smells amazing! Feeling of being uplifted

  6. Beautiful nugs!

  7. MAKE THIS A REGULAR ON YOUR SITE!!! I`ve tried all different oddball strains you guys have for sativa from time to time…this is literally the best of every sativa you have listed…im so uplifted right now…im not high…im intergalactic lol great daytime smoke and if you`re at a party if this is perfect, great for writers block to as another reviewer has said…this strain is great for me as a writer too

  8. very good sativa for day time use, but still does the trick. enjoyable taste as well

  9. Tasty, smooth and quite potent! This is great stuff you’ll be happy with.

  10. One of my favourite sativas so far. I would say this strain is perfect to start your day with and to leave you feeling productive with a smile on your face. All is good:) Wish I ordered more!

  11. Great daytime strain, very uplifting effects. Awesome fruity smell and very nice nugs. Also very smooth.
    5/5 Will buy again.

  12. Looks good, smells very nice and fruity and piney, but doesn’t taste the best. High is good

  13. What a great smoke. One of the best tasting buds I’ve ever smoked. Great for daytime, very functional buzz. Hope this becomes a regular.

  14. Good in bongs smooth. Uplifting and relaxed very good high for daytime.

  15. Nice grape flavor. Smells sort of like grape Jolly Ranchers. Really nice and functional high that would work well in a social setting. Good remedy for writers block.

  16. Definitely some good buds here, not really a big sativa fan but this is definitely a tasty potent strain, nice nuggets, smells candyish, a definite recommend

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