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Gummies (Seven Star)

(18 customer reviews)


1 bag of Seven Star gummies for $25

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Product Description

A perfect alternative to smoking or vaporizing. Our THC Gummies are loaded with natural organic flavor and packed with quality Cannabis Oil, extremely effective for pain relief, and relaxation.

Contains: 40mg of THC per piece. Each package contains 7 pieces and comes in the following flavours – cherry, plum, orange, mango, raspberry, lemon, elderberry.

Ingredients: Purified water, organic gelatin, organic cane sugar, organic rice syrup, organic MCT oil, citric acid, truly natural flavours and colours.

18 reviews for Gummies (Seven Star)

  1. This gummies is so gooood… i laught si hard with my friends after 45min …!!!

  2. Geat high Nice taste

  3. Not bad at all. I think I will order some more!!

  4. Great product!

  5. bon gout et bon buzz je recommande cest edible a ceux qui aiment etre buzzer sans trop etre défoncer

  6. The taste and texture does not taste edible, more rubbery. The high is a hit and miss per star, sometimes a half a star gave me a good buzz. Then i took half, waited for 3 hours and took the other half, not much of a buzz. Other times I took half and got a heavy body high and liked the affects. Not consistent enough , seems like each star isn’t infused equally or consistently. If it was, I’d be hooked on the high it does give me when it works.

  7. Sleep ? like a baby

  8. Great high. Even with only half a star, I feel a good buzz for awhile. Taking multiple makes the rest of your day a blast! Besides the aftertaste, they’re great!

  9. Taste and texture was off not very strong ate 3 each time gave me a light buzz recomended for beginners and newcomers could be stronger and a bit cheaper

  10. Excellent product will definately purchase again.

  11. I don’t have edibles very often, so these hit me pretty hard. The taste is weird, but every edible I’ve had has a weird taste. The texture is offputting too and they’re quite large. But they got me pretty buzzed so I was happy with them and would order again!

  12. I found the texture a bit weird and all the flavours tasted the same to me but it is a nice body high.

  13. Hit nice and hard and good flavour. Plus the price can’t be beat

  14. They were ok!! I had too eat them all at once too get an ok buzz!! Good price but still too much for me and what I like!!

  15. Taste was ok but not amazing , ate 4 of them and had a good buzz. Will be buying again.

  16. Not the biggest fan of the flavour, buzz was kinda mild too. May try again just to give them a chance.

  17. I love edibles and like to try all the different varieties I can. I bought a couple packs of these and they do the job but man, do they ever taste weird. I’m 99% sure the green ones are fish flavoured.

  18. i’m an everyday smoker and eating this whole gives me a great body buzz then puts me to sleep 😀 going on my third order

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