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Indica Sample Pack

(486 customer reviews)


10 strain Indica Sample Pack for $89

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

Indica dominant marijuana strains tend to have a strong sweet or sour odor to the buds providing a very relaxing and strong body high that is helpful in treating general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping disorders. Indicas are very effective for overall pain relief and is often used to treat insomnia for many people. Indica buds are most commonly smoked by medical marijuana patients in the late evening or even right before bed due to how sleepy and tired you become when high from an indica strain of marijuana, like Kush.

Love your indicas and not sure what to try? Now you can be indecisive and save!

Get 1 gram each of:

Black Hammer
CBD Diesel
Hindu Kush
King Kush
Larry OG
MK Ultra
Pink Bubba
Pink Death Star
Pink Kush (Organic)
Purple Widow

* Some of the strains that you receive may change as we regularly rotate strains.

Sativa vs Indica: What’s the Difference?

486 reviews for Indica Sample Pack

  1. Can’t go wrong with the sample pack!

  2. Having a variety pack is genius! Love this pack

  3. love this idea!! Makes it so much easier to know what you want to order when you are ordering a bigger quantity! will definitely try the sativa mix pack as well in the future!!

  4. The indica sample pack is a great value – a nice way to try different strains as well. There were no strains I thought were duds and I’ve found some new favourites.

  5. Love the variety of taste. Will order again

  6. J’aime pouvoir goûter plusieurs variétés de cannabis, ce choix est idéal.

  7. One of the 1st items that I ordered and comes in neat packaging with the best Indica buds you can choose.

  8. A good choice and great value for the first time order. Perfect way to try a variety without breaking the bank.

  9. If you like variety… This is definitely the way to go. Each Gram is also packaged and labelled clearly 🙂

  10. Great collection of Indica-dominant herbs. Quite a few kush strains as well as quad A and triple A strains. Good selection and great smell proof packaging as well. Will buy again!

  11. This is an awesome offer. Chance to try out multiple strains without breaking the bank! Thanks Hd!

  12. Love this sample pack! I purchase this every time I place an order and I am never disappointed! The variety is amazing and product is worth the price.

  13. Great choice and many different fav kinds that rock your world

  14. Great sample pack to
    Figure out what works for your ailments!! Great service and quality!!!

  15. Great variety with a solid price. Recommend to anyone who wants to try different buds

  16. Didn’t know what kind of indica I wanted to grab so I bought this.. don’t regret it at all. Best of both worlds. Recommend

  17. Love the sample packs. Great value and good way to find new favourites

  18. Nice way to sample different strains. Loved the Death Bubba and the Kush. Won’t buy again because it satisfied what I wanted to do. Good to try once to see what you like.

  19. Nice way to sample different strains. Loved the Death Bubba and the Kush. Won’t buy again because it satisfied what I wanted to do which was to try new strains. Worth the price.

  20. Both the indica and sativa sample packs were great. You pay a bit more, but well worth being able to try different strains every time. Some great. Some not so great. But now I have a list of those I can order in larger quantities with confidence.

  21. Cool to try but some out of the 10 were not that good. 3 were awesome 4 were great 1 was ok and 2 sucked.

  22. Awesome selection and a great choice if you’re not sure what to order! Get a little bit of everything! And it’s all great!

  23. Absolutely love getting a sample pack! Very fun to enjoy a variety! Indica is my favorite!

  24. This product is the best. I love all the strains and for the price it is well worth it.

  25. Not a better pack for price anywheres else. It’s the perfect pack that’s impossible to get sick of. My fav for sure

  26. Best deal I find when it comes to herb. Different types for different nights

  27. Great ! i love it

  28. A fun way to try many of the strains currently for sale on HD. Some were amazing!

  29. Great for first timers! Awesome value!

  30. Packaged very well. Love the different varieties. A must buy.

  31. I’ve bought this twice now and fantastic both times, had a different selection each time.

  32. I thought the sample pack was a good way to go. Quality was decent and there were good selections in the package.

  33. I love this sample pack, always amazing and never disappoints ! great for if you like variety

  34. Very pleased, packing was above and beyond compared to other MOMS, its nice being able to figure out which strains work best for you, and everyone of them seems to be A+ quality, Ive found my go to with HD

  35. Love it!! Quality×10
    Love getting this to try new shit.

  36. Always a great bang for your buck when unexpected bills and other expenses go else where definitely the best on a budget Grease monkey was by far the best and the nevilles haze I purschaed separately were the two that stood out the most grease monkey is worth buying an oz or more easily will try to stock up on that beauty next time around

  37. You cant go wrong with 10 of
    The best strain on HD !

  38. Great value for a first time purchase, great selection of strains. Would recommend for anybody unsure which strains to try

  39. I loved the assortment, great value and they definitely helped my aches and pains. Good for sleeping too

  40. Had this sampler pack a few months ago. Was not disappointed in any of the strains included and now that I see some new additions may order again. My fiancé and I both found a couple new favourites. Top shelf.

  41. I love being able to try and sample a bunch of different strains. Never disappointed

  42. Omg I love these packs! Not only do you get a great variety to try but 7-8 of the grams are usually on the higher ends of indicas and the weight is always on point. I am a professional smoker and there isn’t a lot of herbs that can get me really stoned but the one that I tried that not only got me stoned but exceeded my expectations was MasterKush this strain as soon as you exhale you feel it in your face like little fish hooks, it’s such a great high! Within minutes you feel heavy and feel like a nap would be amazing but if you do sleep you wake up wanting to smoke it again lol it’s an unbelievable strain from you guys and I definitely hope you get it in stock again soon. There are other great strains like Death Bubba, Island Pink and Pink Kush. All are good and I love to smoke them even the less potent strains but none so far can touch the high of Master Kush! Please bring it back!! 🙂

  43. Great way to try all thanks herbal

  44. I also ordered this, along with the Sativa sample pack a week ago (first time to HD), and I was thoroughly impressed. I found it so exciting to try a new strain every day. I even kept track of them all so I know for future reference which ones I liked enough to order in larger quantities. Overall, I was quite pleased with my first order with Herbal Dispatch.

  45. I just received my package and everything was extremely well organized and smelling absolutely beautiful. Tried a couple indica’s so far very nice. Top quality flowers

  46. Great for a 1st order. All 10 were great, some very strong. Picked my favourite (Master Kush)and order that next. Each gram got me 3-4 full joints

  47. Love the variety bags worth the price to switch it up lots

  48. Awesome variety and value

  49. Very good product, taste very good !!

  50. I ordered this, along with the Sativa sample pack a few weeks ago (first time to HD), and I was thoroughly impressed. I found it so exciting to try a new strain every day. I even kept track of them all so I know for future reference which ones I liked enough to order in larger quantities. Overall, I was quite pleased with my first order with Herbal Dispatch.

  51. Wish I had discovered HD so much sooner! Love the sample pack, great way to figure out what your personal favs are.

  52. What a great mixture to have for 420

  53. Great way to discover new strains, Cant go wrong!

  54. Great pack. The shiskaberry was my favorite in here, visually beautiful with a smell similar to a rainforest.. Awesome

  55. Just awesome, premium buds, great price and fast delivery. What more do you want?

  56. Good variety

  57. Wow 5/5 like always thanks for the insane package. 10 top Indica strains I love hem all

  58. Best sample pack Ive had in a long time. Good Kush in this assorted bundle

  59. Très intéressant pour découvrir les variétés

  60. Tried the sample pack and loved it. Such a fun way to try different strains. The only one I didn’t like that much was the CBD Death Bubba as it gives you more of a body high rather than a head/mental high. The CBD felt more like edibles rather than an indica strain. I loved the Blackberry Haze though!

  61. Second time purchasing this, great product! Great aromas and and even better buzz

  62. This sample pack was awesome.

  63. After my favorite strain ran out I had no idea what my new go to would be. I got this pack and it was the perfect way to try out all the different new strains! Plus it’s nice to mix it up, plus a great deal!! I know have my new favorite strain!!!

  64. There were a few different strains then what is advertised here. I think the master kush is the best out of all of them. So far so good

  65. Fun.

  66. Excellent way to explore the different strains.

  67. Definitely would recommend. Was great trying all the stains

  68. Purchased this for the boyfriend so he could try different strains. He enjoyed having a different strains to smoke each day and see how it affected him. He then rated it to which one he’d end up purchasing or what he enjoyed the most. Definitely a good way to see what’s offered !

  69. Very good , will be ordering more

  70. Honestly just love getting the sample packs, love the variety and always great!!!

  71. Great starter pack at a great value.

  72. While I have moved away from the sample packs in recent orders, I loved the variety. All smoked nicely. All were pungent and flavourful, and the names were worth a laugh every time I grabbed a new nug.

  73. Excellent variety and a good way to try different varieties. I can say you won’t be disappointed.

  74. Bought this when I first started HD, great way to see what strains you like!

    Just way to expensive i wont buy again but it was really cool to try once and experience those strains

  76. Always a good choice to test out what’s available

  77. great variety, an excellent way to learn the different strains

  78. Good price and a great selection to find what really works for you.

  79. Great way to find out what your favorites are and reasonably priced. or nice way to have a variety at your disposal.

  80. Amazing buds for a good price .. i love having a selection to choose from. Never been dissapointed ordered many of these

  81. Nice Krystalle buds great smell and taste. A great way to test everything out and decide what works best for you. I find after a couple of days of smoking the same stuff the effects aren’t as strong. With a variety like this I get full effect all the time which is more cost-efficient for me.

  82. I would highly recommend this sample pack, as well as the sativa sample pack for first timers. It was really fun trying out all the different strains and getting to know the effects of each one. I definitely learned a lot and had a lot of fun in the process!

  83. New to this site so this was a great option to try out what was avaliable so I could decide which ones worked best for me and what didn’t.

  84. Awesome Pack!!! A great way to find your favorite. highly recommend if your new on here.

  85. Great selection! Really enjoying the variety.

  86. Al great quality, had to chose a favourite.

  87. Al great quality, had to chose a favorite.

  88. You can’t go wrong with getting this sample pack. I loved trying out the different varieties. I’m not much of an indica smoker, but a little of this before bed and i’m out for the night.

  89. As always….. excellent products.

  90. great way to try a bit of everything! all good strains

  91. Thank you! Awesome product love it all.

  92. Great packaging, quality product. Exactly what I wanted and a good way to get started ordering from this site.

  93. Great way to try new strains with value highly recommend this.

  94. Best way to sample the best weed out there

  95. Great way to try new strains at Good Value…

  96. This stuff gets you right potatoed. Great quality!!

  97. This product is the best gives you chance to find which product you want LOVE IT

  98. This is such a great way to find out what works for you. I had a wonderful high on all the strains and it’s very nice to have such a big selection! High recommend.

  99. First time buying online, was not disappointed! Did not get the purple papaya in my sample pack as they mustve ran out but instead it got subbed for a similar strain which was excellent aswell! Would reccomend to anyone whom isnt sure which strain to buy!

  100. Great value for a 10 pack
    Plus having the ability to try before you buy is a great way to test out current site buds.

  101. great way to try different types can’t go wrong with this for any smokers
    new or advanced

  102. Bought this on my first order, was great!

  103. We ordered this sample pack the very first time on this site. We loved having the opportunity to try all the different strains available. Made it easy to order again from HD as we knew what we really wanted to try next. I personally love the pink budda! Can’t go wrong with HD!

  104. Great sample Pack. The Pine Tar Kush, was an exceptional bud. Nice heavy hitter, Great high on every bud of this pack. A+

  105. These sample packs (I call them “variety” packs) are simply a beautiful thing! Not only do you get a decent quality representation of 10 strains,! but the strains are ALL SWEET. So last night my favourite of the 10 was Hindu Kush, but tonight I have a new favourite and it’s Nuken! Thanks HD!!

  106. Say goodbye to developing a tolerance to a single strain and needing more for the desired effects. These sample packs are a great wat to keep your consumption down while still getting the full medicinal effects. Thanks HD for great service and AMAZING product!

  107. I love this deal. Perfectly priced when on sale. The idea of getting a variety pack… surreal. Like Willy Wonka’s flower shop. Nice way to test out different strains before grabbing a full Wizard.

  108. whenever I have those days where ordering seems to be impossible if every strain of weed just either you want to try or just sounds intense, this is both the best bang for your buck, and solves your problem of being indecisive. HD always hits sample packs out of the park. outstanding! 5/5.

  109. Love ….love …. love it . Great sample pack . I’m in love with the death bubba . Got a sample just as they ran out . Ps get more death bubba asap .

  110. Great selection!!

  111. Ordered this again to sample various buds. All top notch. Really hard to pick a fave but i did like the Death Bubba. So much i have ordered more to help with my chronic pain. HD provides excellent products along with great customer service. The sample pack is a great way to find the strains that work the best for your needs.

  112. For the selection anytime your unable to pick just one strain. This sample pack is the best choice. I was stunned and very impressed when i had got my first sample pack. Now i always get more. The sativa pack is just as good. I love having atleast one sample pack from both sativa and indica. 5 of 5!

  113. Very nice way no know the product offer and to avoid being piss by a product that wouldn’t fit yours standard good job HD !

  114. Anonymous

    Great deal, and an awesome way to try all the indicas, but I felt like 1 gram didn’t do the strains any justice. I hate to totally discount a strain without smoking a nice big cola over a few days. Highlights in mine were the pennywise cbd (strictly for medicinal) and purple white lightning.

  115. Very pleased.

  116. I love this option, all have been fresh and great to experiment with the different types

  117. Can’t go wrong, great way to find favs

  118. An interesting way to find something you enjoy also makes the perfect gift!!

  119. Excellent Deal; it’s become a regular part of our order. Love being able to try 10 different kinds so readily, it’s like being at a marijuana buffet 🙂

  120. Anonymous

    Awesome awesome awesome couldn’t be happier !!!!

  121. Anonymous

    great mix, helps you find your love

  122. Absolutely worth the money for anyone who loves variety. Although I didn’t get all strains as advertised, I was more pleased with receiving the Comatose OG (AAAAA) but found the Grand Daddy Purp a disappointment and would’ve preferred the Rockstar as shown on the list. Out of all of them, the Marionberry, Grape God, Comatose, Master and Nuken all stand out as top grade bud with no shake. I really enjoyed the CBD strain as well for being able to function while enjoying some cerebral effects. 10/10 for anyone who is contemplating this, buy it.

  123. This is an EXCELLENT sample pack. Definitely worth it.

  124. Bomb! Just ordered another. Can’t lose with this one.

  125. A nice way to find out which strains that you do not like. Maybe three outta the ten strains have decent potency……the other seven are medium indicas.

  126. Excellent sample pack.

  127. Pretty happy Every weighed on point and was great!

  128. Always a good deal and superb quality and variety.

  129. Great variety. Great way to find the strains you like

  130. Very discreet shipping and the product is definitely high quality

  131. There were a few that i really enjoyed, plan to buy more of and two or three i know not to buy.
    This pack was and awesome way to try out a few strains you offer.

  132. Love the sample pack… great variety and perfectly weighed

  133. Amazing package!

  134. Great deal. Nice to try various flavours.

  135. Best Bang for your buck! – If your a indecisive “must try everything” connoisseur smoker like myself then these are excellent because you get to try 10 different kinds then pick a few favs and aim for those next order. Its always a tasty grab bag but I’m not a fan of the CBD strain that’s in there (Not that its bad I’m just not a CBD guy). You always get a mix of top quality AAA strains and there’s usually 1 or 2 strains of AAAA. Shipping is on point also as always, pretty sure this showed up a day early actually.

  136. <3

  137. EXTREMLY HAPPY & SATISFIED!! This was my first order from HB(many more to come) and I must say I’m impressed at the service and the quality of the product I received. Let me add that every single gram was overweight, very fresh and super well packaged. Now, as for some of the actual strains being different than what was mentioned on the original list – that did occur with me, but let me tell you that the replacement strains are just as good or perhaps even better. Thx for providing awesome service and A+ flowers. “Where u been all my life?!?!?!?” 🙂

  138. Still enjoying this sample pack. None have disappointed yet! Can’t pick a favorite cause they’re all good.

  139. Very satisfied, all product received inmediately and as promised. 5*****

  140. Great selection of buds but what you receive will likely be different from what is listed. Not quite as good a selection as the sativa sampler but still a great value and highly recommended. Hope to see more sampler style packs (maybe an eighth of 5 different strains or something) offered at discount in the future. Great work HD!

  141. The Indica sample pack is an absolute must have! You may find that you enjoy the premium selection of samples that herbal dispatch chooses and just continue to order the sample packs. You will easily find a particular brand of botanical if it has been a hard choice, Definitely worth ordering. Will absolutely order again!

  142. Anonymous

    Love this pack. Will order again.

  143. Great deal ,trying again

  144. Anonymous

    Loving this pack!!!

  145. Really enjoyed the variety and the chance to try different strains

  146. Anonymous

    I’m giving 2 stars which is about double the percentage when compared to the accuracy of the sample pack I received. There was no Gorilla Glue #4 in my pack, no Ace Killer OG, no Chem Scout, no Marionberry. I suspect that the sample pack is a good means to clear out old inventory. When I reported the issue it was explained to me that whatever is in stock at the time of the order is what goes into the sample pack. This list of what’s in stock clearly isn’t reflected in the product description at the time you are making your purchase. So heads up. If you want something specific, don’t count on the variety pack.

  147. The only star missing is for the Outdoor, shouldn’t be in the sample pack …

  148. This was my first order and was such an awesome experience never really having had the opportunity to try new and some legendary strains before. I would say it was 50/50 in regards to what I enjoyed and disliked. I would highly recommend this purchase if this is your first time ordering!!

  149. Loved the pack

  150. Anonymous

    Pink OG … if you know what’s best looks like ! Them you know , if you don’t know , get this right now … the smell ,the high, the quality , the smoke , the burn, the smooth, what else??? Yo ‘ get this right now ..

  151. So far . So good . Awesome way to pick out what suits you best before you make your choice of flovor for yours meds ?❗Both sample packs are awesome ?

  152. Gotta love all the different kinds you get! Includes lower grade and high grade strains which helps give you a taste of what the site has to offer!

  153. Super idea having the opportunity to try a little bit of different strains. All were upper crust, no disappointments at all.

  154. Best thing to buy if your unsure what you like to smoke! Any 1st time buys should get this and that sativa pack! Will buy again that’s HD!!

  155. Anonymous

    I love this sample pack and recommend it for first time user who are using herbal dispatch for their medical needs. Everything was on or above weight, love the way it comes in it own little packages that are labeled! Each sample was great and wasn’t disappointed with one sample ??

  156. Get deal here gives u a taste of all indica strains to see what u like

  157. Good for people to start out with ?

  158. We loved the sample pack. 10 strains to choose from it was nice having a variety at one time. Great price, for what you receive. Great tasting and nice high on all strains. Will buy again, it was great having a selection on hand.

  159. Obviously a very smart idea ?

  160. I love the selection all the grams weigh out over which is awesome!!!

  161. Nice if you want to see what strain is the best for your needs. Quality products

  162. Great looking package. First time ordering and I am extremely impressed. All samples were more than a gram and still haven’t tried them all yet. Although I did not receive all the strains listed, the ones they replaced them with are just as yummy. The MK Ultra was a nice surprise. Hopefully that becomes available soon.

  163. I’m impressed, having everything in individual bagies makes it feel like such a treat every time, plus it really helps with my girlfriends anxiety when she gets really upset, she says she feels more grounded and of her wits a short time after, thanks for the help!

  164. Solid 5/5

  165. In my sample package I got: 1, Shiskaberry-3 stars Very nice flavour, made me sleepy worked great for me; 2, Blackdiamond – crapy taste made me cough a lot weaker strain- no stars; 3, Pinkkush- Has a mixed flowery smell , made me sleepy worked great – 3 stars ; 4, Rockstar – Medium high-crappy taste-threw in bin after test (the bin is used to make muffins).5, LA Confidential- Way to much like a floral taste for me found a low to medium high , put into bin; 6, Pennywise-“CBD”- crappy taste went right into the bin.7, MKUltra- Just a few minute after puff I had that heavy feeling behind the eyeballs one of my favourites so far 5 out 5 stars; 8, Headband Kush- Medium high ok flavour -1 star; 9, Nuken- Very nice flavour – med – high tossed in bin; 10. Blue God – Nice Flavour slow acting creeper but worth the wait ,- 5 stars out of 5. thats what I got and I used all the products with a dive called ” Krafty” vaporizer where as I could really get awesome taste of flavours from each different strain.
    It was nice to get the chance to try all strains help me determine what strains work best for me.

  166. Awesome

  167. I didn’t get all of the same strains as were listed but it is a great variety pack for people who still like flowers.

  168. This is the way to go. Especially if you’re a first-timer. You get to sample all the different tastes and flavors before you decide on which one you like the most. It makes you feel like a connoisseur!

  169. Couldn’t recommend more, enjoyed every strain in this sample pack! always fun to get a bit of everything,

  170. I loved the variety, everything was fresh, sticky, and a bit over a gram for each strain. The strains included change often so I’ll be ordering again sometime!

  171. I love this pack of goodies. It’s great to keep trying something new, you got ten different kinds to sample, so it will last a while. The buds are always good, some taste better than others, but I will keep getting the sample packs. Five stars. Thanks HD!

  172. Always love HD and the products. But whatever these postal issues are are becoming a pain in the ass. I’m forced to buy more product or pay for express post.. either way I pay for express post and told it’s 4 day wait max… one week later is the postal estimate and that’s just ridiculous to pay extra for. And now I might as well start next order knowing how long the dam wait is! ; (

  173. Outstanding service ! 10/10 every order I’ve placed has been perfect and arrived on time and exact weight . Five stars

  174. Thanks for finally responding. Just waiting for my credits. Thx u for the Purolator ship. I’m expecting nothing but the best again from HD. They are still the best.

  175. Awesome, sample packs are an amazing way to try everything and finding what one lime.

  176. Love this pack because of the variety. And it lasts us a while. So good for a relaxing moment or when you are about to go to bed. I love how the pack comes and the look of the buds.

  177. Where has this been all my life !? I’ve always wanted a bag like this , can’t say anything bad about any buds great high just unreal

  178. Amazing! Love the this sample pack. Great quality and best buds. Would definitely order again. I rate it 10/10.

  179. Love the sample pack Idea as I like to smoke a different strain every couple days or so. I just wish there was a bigger sample pack. maybe a 1/4 of 10 types at a deal.

  180. Great way to try out multiple types to see what you like. I ordered this my first couple of orders and was never disappointed.

  181. First time buyer, this was excellent the shipping times are crazy fast, nice fat aromatic buds also. Great for the indecisive smoker for sure!

  182. My first time purchasing from herbal dispatch I bought this and honestly I gotta say it was well worth the money and a good starting choice to try many varietys and see what suits me best and it had all big crystally potent buds that all seemed to work great for my many medical conditions I suffer with daily

  183. Honestly, for first time buyers or customers who are not sure which product to buy, there isn’t a better option out there. You get 10 separate grams of 10 different strains to try and this way you know what to order next time. Also helpful if you haven’t ordered in a while and there is a lot of new product available.

  184. Sure shot every time with the indica sample pack. Mine had northern lights which is a fav of mine. Get a little price cut, always a nice variety. keep up the good work, product always as shown.

  185. Anonymous

    Amazing quality, professional shipping and great company to work with. Loved everything about it. I was able to find the best for pain/productive and pain/sleep. This is very important to me! I greatly appreciate the help so that my fibromyalgia.

  186. The variety is amazing and you get a good deal.

  187. Absolutely love this sample pack!! It’s a great way to find what best works for you!! Amazing variety!! I get both the sativa & indica packs & am always 100% satisfied with the product! A MUST try!!

  188. Exactly as advertised! Great product, great service. Keep it up!

  189. My last pack was amazing. I have to say it seems like to me that the quality from Dispatch gets better and better. Really happy with the selection. Everything burned well. Cheers!

  190. Even if you’ve had one or a number of indica buds, instead of getting a bunch of just one thing, I’ll get this instead. Variety is the spice of life.

  191. Great buy! AMAZING service!!

  192. 10/10 must try. All the nugs were on point or slightly overweight, good trimming and all, the only thing that confused me is that what I received was slightly different from what was on the list, but it was all good stuff. Really liked pennywise cbd and LA confidential. I’ll try to get the sativa pack next time

  193. Love the variety and the ability to sample different strains

  194. Great sample pack to see what some strains may be your favs and others not so much, good price and great buds all round

  195. great place to start, figure out what u like and go from there

  196. oh YES i will buy indica again sample pack i like 2 choose what help me most keep up the work

  197. I very much approve of this sample pack, it made me fall inlove with ‘NUKEN’

  198. Really great selection!

  199. Anonymous

    Excellent product, A+ customer service!

  200. love the way the packs change from time to time. GREAT PRODUCT!

  201. Love the sample pack, love the selection. Its nice to be able to try out 10 different strains to find the best one to suit your needs.

  202. Four star , top notch , wicket super cool , only issue is they had a few sativa mixed into the pack.

  203. Very nice. Wonderful variety of indica strains, which allows you to pick your favourites. Shipment came in 2 days and everything was at least 1G.

  204. So good, nothing like 10 different strains.

  205. Anonymous

    Such a great way to sample and enjoy your chronic. Top notch stuff the lot. Great buy.

  206. such a genius idea and a great variety of strains

  207. This is great if you’re looking to get a taste of everything before you make a larger purchase. The only thin I will say is that because they are only 1g each you can sometimes get a fair bit of stem which takes away from the weight of the green. Overall would highly recommend!

  208. What a treat to try em all! I can pick a few days already, like black diamond, white castle, Jack herer, and haze. Beautiful blend of flavors. Oh and the grape god, really tastes like grape aftertaste. And blue dream was a happy time.

  209. loved having a wide variety of strains to blaze, i’ll try the sativa sample pack in the near future most likely.

  210. Anonymous

    This is the first time we’ve tried the indica sample pack. It just came this afternoon so haven’t been able to try anything yet but all the buds look good and come in at weight if not a little over. Was looking forward to trying chemo but it looks like it was substituted with black diamond. Can’t find black diamond on the site to read up on it but it looks and smells good! Thanks HD.

  211. Great if you don’t know what to buy!

  212. Good pack to try out some of the more expensive brands and they do pack more of a punch and the novelty of a different kind every 1 gram is pretty cool every gram comes in its own labelled package so you can read up on it before smoking which is cool, thanks HD could you please start sell pre rolls I would really like to be able to buy them from you thanks

  213. This pack is a great value and also a great way to try out some of the wonderful strains available and find some favourites to stock up on.

  214. Anonymous

    Great for nighttime smoking! Nice having such a variety of awesome strains. Rockstar has been my favourite so far for sure! Nice job HD!

  215. Definitely great for night time smoking! Nice having such a good variety and all strains have been A+++ so far. Rockstar’s my favourite strain so far! Great job HD!

  216. Excellent way to try out a bunch of strains to see what you like. I started keeping a weed diary of sorts because of this. I just write down the strain and the effects/taste. It’s easy to forget what you liked and didn’t. Overall quality is top notch.

  217. 4star ????
    Not bad, very relaxing highs, buds look good. Some buds tasted very similar. Overall for the first pack I’ve purchased it’s worth it!

  218. I mixed all 10 and all I can say is this is the best purchase ever!

  219. I am new to medical cannabis and this is the first product I bought. It is an excellent way to test the various strains in order to help my pain. Now I have better knowledge on what to order so I do not waste money. Great product.

  220. Usually love the sample pack…but this time I only got 7/10 listed strains. 3 of them (all 4 star strains I wanted) were replaced by lower quality random leftovers or w/e. Tuna Kush is not listed…was not ordered…and looks like crap. Hate to complain…but just expect to get what I ordered.

  221. The sample pack is my fav thing to buy Its a different taste every day

  222. this is definitely the way to go if you are new to the site! Best way to try out buds, get a discount, and see if you are more of a indica or sativa person! Me personally….indica all the way!!! 😀

  223. What more can I say that hasn’t been said already. Only tried a few so far but very impressed. Keep the sale price HD

  224. Can’t go wrong with a variety

  225. This was one of the first things I purchased from the site. Love it! It’s an awesome way to try out lots of different strains. I would definately order again!

  226. I have tried both strains but indica is my favourite and the sample pack is the best way to try everything and mix things up a bit! Everything has always come in slightly overweight as well! Thanks HD!

  227. I’ve got the sativa sample pack so many times from these guys I can’t even count any more .. and it’s always been amazing !…this time I got both, and so happy I did. No offence to the sativa sample pack but these buds are ridiculous! Definitely buy both at the same time …

  228. Great buds all around loved this in my order

  229. I love the variety. My only issue is that they don’t all weigh out to an actual gram… sometimes it’s as little as 0.6 of a gram 🙁

  230. Awesome way to try a bit of everything and see what medicine works for you. a great add on to any order:)

  231. Love this idea. Incredible selection at a reasonable price. Great for anyone who loves variety or can’t decide on a specific strain.

  232. my review is for the “Pink bubba kush” strain i ordered about a week ago.. I must say i was totally disgusted with this weak ass strain.. should have been only sold for 9 a g… i like to know whos giving the high reviews on such a shitty weak strain.. sad sad sad

  233. 5 star you get all favours and types off the best for your treatments . Love getting this order .

  234. Good mix for your first order. Highlights are pennywise, Larry og, nuken, critical mass. Nothing in the bunch was bad at all, by my standard.

  235. Great value, great selection enough said.

  236. Anonymous

    As a first time user of this site, this sample pack was a great idea. Being able to try multiple strains and figure out what I like is awesome! Highly(haha) recommended first time visitors.

  237. Great for newbies see what you like and order more 😉

  238. This pack provides you an opportunity to explore various different strains at a excellent price. You can’t go wrong..

  239. Best variety pack ever ?? not only was everything over weight but I found seeds in 3 of the strains I received (Nuken, Blue God, and Chemo. Potency did not suffer at all on non-sensimilla flowers so I’m excited to grow them out. Thanks HD ✌?️

  240. This and the other sample packs are a mist but if u want variety , or if ur new to the names of weed and how it may affect you. I prefer to get more of one type so i dont get this as much as i would like now. Still 5 of 5!

  241. i get one every order, great variety of indica stains, always fresh and nice buds for every kind every time..also labeled so its nice to see what you are dipping into for that round 🙂

  242. If you like variety then you can’t beet thIs my self I love to sample driffrent kinds and this is hands down the best deal for doing that you won’t be disappointed at all the quality of the product speaks for it’s self by far some of the best I have ever had

  243. Always get the sample packs one of each plz ?

  244. Can’t beat having the variety, especially considering the price and quality! Awesome stuff!

  245. The sample pack varies in strains often so keep an eye out for what’s included but how can’t you give this 5 stars? It’s a ten strain sample pack.

  246. if it your first time buy on HD you wont regret this buy ! the sativa variety pack to but it depend on your condition
    well last time i buy this pack i love each one and it make the chose just harder becaus there all good

  247. Best way to sample all premium herbs!

  248. Awesome variety, super fast an discreet shipping. I love sample packs I only wish you cauldron get half sativa half indica sample packs avail to purchase.

  249. Very good idea! I loved trying new strains and having a variety.

  250. I ‘m surprised this is still one of my favourites! A lot of variety and great for exploring different strains.

  251. Anonymous

    This indica sample pack was my first order as a new member with HD. NOT DISAPPOINTED! Counts are dead on or better. Super fast delivery and excellent discreet packaging. High quality. Love the variety and convenience.. Keep up the excellent service HD!

  252. Just received my third order, great variety that changes over time ensuring that there’s always something new to try as well as old favorites. All varieties came in well over a gram, nice buds no swag, your just not going to get a better deal.

  253. really nice to have s variety. All the samples were spot on. Great value.

  254. Awesome sample pack! Packed so well and discretely too. Wonderful quality bud. I very much enjoy getting to vape each different strain and getting to sample the flavour/scent profiles of each one. Ive discovered thru the sativa and indica sample packs that i prefer indica for how it helps treat my anxiety and depression. Thanks Herbal Dispatch! <3

  255. The indica sample pack is a great way to try all the beautiful different strains they offer and find your favourites. Will order Again!

  256. Love it, all good strains, great variety, good value.

  257. My favourite thing to order, love having the variety. Haven’t been disappointed yet.

  258. What an easy way to sample so many. no disappointments all very tasty. super fast service. Thank you.

  259. Was excited to try some of the kinds listed, 4 kinds were switched out for different ones, not the end of the world but sucks for sure. 5/5 because all great bud

  260. Usually a great deal. This time I ordered, specifically wanting to try a few new strains that were listed, including Watermelon. I got 9/10 of the strains listed…but watermelon was replaced by Matster Kush. Bummer…but shit happens.

  261. Anonymous

    Excellent way to try out various strains and compare their differences!

  262. Sample packs just plain rock!

  263. Exellent product, Every time certain strains change I’m never disappointed always good count top quality like all products from HD.

  264. Same with him the afghan kush you cant go wrong taste great and an awesome high to relax

  265. Great buy! 🙂 will buy again loved them all. loved the Afghan kush

  266. So many great tastes and smells. Always had an issue using the same type of flowers. Not anymore! Highly recommend!

  267. This is what sets HD apart from the other online vendors. 5 stars all around.

  268. Excellent, All pkg’s was over a grams all quality strains just like everything else i have bought “top notch”

  269. I received my indica sample pack yesterday and i was very impressed with the quality of the strains. Some were obviously better then others in my personal opinion but they were all quality strains that i would never feel bad about purchasing. This indica pack is great for indecisive people like me who can never make up their minds so we get a taste of all of them! Def recommend if your not sure of the quality of the product or what strain you what to try you will not regret it!

  270. These sample packs are a great help in understanding what strains help me for certain symptoms. Some I use for a sleep aid, some for appetite and others for pain relief.

  271. If you’re not sure what strain to buy in quantity, the sample pack is a great way to sample and choose which indica’s you like the most for future purchases. I found all the bud to be good quality and actually have a hard time choosing what I like best!
    As for Herbal Dispatch, they did a great job packaging the order and have quickly responded to any questions I had.

    Top notch HD……..keep up the good work.

  272. Killer sample pack. I like buying larger quantity but this is an awesome way to compare strains. HD is #1

  273. Between the indica sample pack and the sativa sample pack, I’ve been able to cut out 60% of my prescriptions. After figuring it all out. The 2 sample packs cost me about 6 bucks a month more than my prescriptions. It would still be worth it at $60 more. Love the variety, Love the medicine, Love HD. Loyal client 4 life

  274. Fantastic deal for the variety offered. Everything was top quality!

  275. Anonymous

    Love having such a variety, So far jet fuel is my favorite. I find the indicas work so much better for gaining an appetite. Highly recommend 🙂

  276. I wanted to try a few strains and this is a nice way to feel the effects of everyone,price is very good, and nice buds.

  277. got to love the sample pack, you get a little bit of everything!

  278. I love ordering the sample pack always different strains to try so you can see what stuff works best for you thanks again HD

  279. Find myself getting a sample pack often. I like to try everything. Can’t go wrong for about $9 a gram. Always weighs up, often points high. I’ve discovered some of my favorite strains courtesy of a sample pack.

  280. Beautiful array of indicas! Excellent way to decide which strain is right for you.

  281. This is a great pack to experience a little bit of everything!

  282. Love getting a sample of everything, perfect thing to get to try everything out just to pick out your fav and order more!

  283. Very Nice. Have and Will Order Again!

  284. Always everything as shown, excellent product and a great way to try out a little of everything!

  285. Great way to find the meds that work best for what ails you. The Bubba OG and Candy Kush were outstanding, have yet to try all of them but will be ordering again soon.

  286. Anonymous

    Instead of Afghan Kush & Master Kush I received Purple Kush & Romulan but they all look and smell A1, can’t wait for the weekend 😀 Thanks a lot HD!

  287. Exactly as advertised. Lovely flowers. Thanks

  288. wow seriously this sample pack is dope! cant wait to order some again! great quality ! nice job here

  289. Great veriaty, good to find what you like best and fast 3 day shipping

  290. First time buyer, and this sample pack was a GREAT experience. I ordered on Friday and didn’t send my E-transfer till maybe 3 PM, and they still shipped my order out that day, even though I was way past the 9 AM cut off time. Wasn’t expecting the order till Wednesday cause I’m in Ontario, but it managed to get to me by Monday morning and I’m not even near the GTA proper.

    I haven’t tried all the strains yet but I’ve tried about half and all of them are significantly better than anything I was getting on the streets before. Slightly more expensive here when you include shipping charges and stuff but for the quality of the weed and the ease of the experience, I am very happy.

  291. Dense Dense bud, aroma is overwhelmingly beautiful and pungent.
    Excellent quality herb; I personally prefer sativa but this sample packet is helping me decide my favourite HD strain.

  292. Anonymous

    All I can say is WOW! Completely blew away my expectations with the bud quality, as well as the shipping quality. Nice selection and some really tasty medication

  293. Excellent combo as always!

  294. Super dank smell as soon as you open the second vacuum sealed bag, be warned! Great selection, its hard to pick a favourite.

  295. Nice to be able to sample every cultivar. Excellent quality and variety.
    Much recommended.

  296. Every item I got was quality.

  297. I’ve been ordering online for years and I have to say this is by far the best service I’ve ever received. I was
    looking for a good backup site to order from and now they are my primary and only site I order from. Awesome
    service, excellent products, great packaging and all my orders i received in 2 days, also their prices cant be beat,
    thanks Herbal member for life.

  298. Amazing selection!!! Incredibly fast shipping.

  299. Awesome. Good selection, taste. Great for indecisive people like me

  300. j’ai acheter ce simple pack et je ne suis pas décus ! jamais eu de la qualité comme sa et je vais en recomander c’est sur

  301. Anonymous

    This is everything you could ever want and more!

  302. You cannot be disappointed by the indica sample packs! I have ordered 3 and only 1 strain I wasn’t fussy over (seawarp). The indica sample pack will always be my favorite and I look forward to what’s new each time! Of course….as always…every thing is always overweight which is an extra bonus to keep me coming back! Thanks HD!

  303. The indica sample pack is a great way to start off so you see which ones you like to smoke the most.

  304. Tout est parfait !! J’apprécie la variété et la qualité des différentes sortes de cannabis que j’ai reçu. Du très bon service.

  305. These sample packs are so perfect. First of you get 10 different kinds of herb to sample!!! 🙂 It’s so fun to act like a smug connoisseur and pick your top to bottom list. It all looks beautiful when you take it out and look at what you got, everything is on or over weight. Defiantly deserves 5 stars, such a great idea and such a great service to the people, many of us are so greatfull for this and it is such a relief from the years of hardships this is what it should be like and lets hope this remains the groundwork of what is hopefully soon to be big change in our country.

  306. Incredibly fast shipping, quickly responsive to my inquiries, and I ended up with extremely well packaged product. Wonderful first order experience. This is the best way to test out what works best for me – I love the sampler pack just for that reason.

  307. This is a great package to get in the mail ! Very nicely packed, fast shipping. What’s inside is even better ! Great looking buds. I tasted two strains so far and it’s a delight. I will give specific descriptions for each.

  308. i usually get one of these every order!

  309. Got this sample pack along with the Sativa and Hash Sample packs. Package arrived in a very discreet package, double vacuum bagged. Very well packaged, lots of care went into my order. Very pleased with my first order. I will be a repeat customer for sure. Thanks HD! <3

  310. The indica sample pack is the way to go if you’re new to HD and want to see which Indica on the menu suits you best or if you’re looking for a variety…
    I would suggest quickly sampling each one and following up with an order, because your favourite strain may be sold out if you wait too long.

  311. Excellent shipping time. Ordered Friday, received Tuesday, even with the holiday. Great packaging…took me longer to open than it took to sample. Nice variety. Fair pricing. Accurate weight counts with most .1 or .2 over. Raving about HD and haven’t even talked about the product yet, which btw is most tasty and medicating. I’ll be back, again and again

  312. sample pack always changes but after the first sample pack, I kept coming back!

  313. Sample is always a great way to get variety, but you have to be quick to follow up ordering what you like or it will be gone if you take too long.

  314. Always good to have variety and try out flavours before deciding which one suits you the best and then getting more of just the few you like

  315. Ordered late Thursday and got it on Monday in Ontario! Packaging was awesome! Love the variety! Awesome product awesome service Would order again and again and again!

  316. This sample pack is the best way to try a variety of buds and find what’s best for u

  317. Ordered sunday got my package monday! Almost every gran weighed in at 1.1 with only a few at 1.0! So far ive tried about half the buds and i can tell they are all of much higher quality than the local buds out here. Great bang for your buck! Will definitely be ordering another indica sample pack after seeing you switch up the strains! Amazing product and service!

  318. 2nd time ordering the sample pack. Still amazing, large bud’s, all great and potent. You can’t go wrong for the price. It’s nice to have 10 differt strains at your fingertips!.

  319. Real nice nugs – big time indica fan right here. Best thing about these sample packs is you have so much variety to mix n match it makes for real good smoking.

  320. Great deal for the price. Nice way to taste what you like and don’t like. All look pretty decent. I’ll post on each strain as I go through them. Thank you HD for great selection and service once again. Cheers!!!

  321. Great selection & variety!! Well worth the money!!

  322. The sativa’s pack is better then indica

  323. Best bang for your buck

  324. I always love variety and this pack is an excellent option with a good price and found some really nice strains. I ordered one of the strains on its own afterwards and would recommend this to anyone who wants to see what they like best before a quantity order.

  325. Best way to introduce yourself to the variety of indica stock they have. Their lineup changes frequently so you get a chance to experiment with a lot of different indica strains.

  326. The variety is amazing, this is the best thing you offer that others don’t. It is ideal from those trying to find the strains they prefer. All strains are amazing. Great products.

  327. Loved every strain with the exception of seewarp. 4/5

  328. What a great deal! I have only tried a few of my samples so far but this is an excellent package. Every bag is well over 1 gram, excellent packaging and labelling to keep track of all the strains and a quality nug or two in every bag! highly recommended

  329. Like a kid in a candy store.
    I haven`t seen other mail-orders offer to send all their current varieties for a reasonnable price.
    I find this is great because it lets you try before you buy. Some of us have to spend our money wisely.
    I am grateful for that.

    You know, I didn`t think it would be like this but, I thought I would smoke it all too fast (faster than a 14g) but the fact that I have all these strains and little of them… it makes me take my time and also I don`t want to smoke it too soon because there is still some buddies I want to show this too.

    It sort of makes me feel like I am living the coffeeshop lifestyle, reviewing and judging cannabis.

    good times

  330. Love it some thing different everyday

  331. HD!! you are too good to me. The selection that these samplers provide are phenomenal. Love every single one of them. Best thing to do is order these if you are confused and can’t make up your mind on which strain to get. This will give you an idea of how amazing each strain is and I can guarantee that it will blow your mind. Shipping is lightning fast. Approximately 2-3 days from BC to Ontario. Thank you HD

  332. This sample pack allows you to find what works for you. Highly recommended!

  333. This has to be the best idea ive ever seen with this sample`pack here,I myself love the idea/having the options of all the diff kinds of strains 2smoke.I add this to every order i place.KeepUpp The GreatWork HD,Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  334. great way to sample, pulling these out at a party will make everyone mouth water.

  335. Made me an indica fan all over again!

  336. So happy to be able to try-before-I-buy. The range of colours, tastes and effects of each strain is so unique! This is a great purchase for anyone unsure of which strains they need to best address their needs, or any marijuana connessieurs who want to have their own mini weed-tasting soirée!

  337. Amazing way to try before you commit to a high volume purchase. All bags were right on and looked appealing. Well worth the money at full price or on sale

  338. Amazing bud at amazing prices. Couldn’t even believe it when my first package came in. Normally smoke a half 0 a week between my girlfriend and myself, I’ve had this pack for over a week and a half, still going strong. GET THIS BUD NOW you will thank yourself a million times over. To the door and discreet. HD, you’re doing it right

  339. Top tier. Gandalf would be tripping. Grade AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  340. Great value, nice to try the different kinds to really find your favorites. I usually use indica at night

  341. Delicuios

  342. A great purchase! I loved being able to try so many different indica strains – if you like something order fast though, never know when your favourite strain may be out of stock when you want it.

  343. Awesome variety, good value, great cannabis. Would definitely be in my next order.

  344. Anonymous

    This is a great sample pack since you get to try the variety types of indica.

  345. Great products for the price. What’s everyones favorite kind? Mines the rockstar Master Kush. Happy smoking ✌?️

  346. Great way to get to know what types of strains you personally enjoy and is definitely the best value for 10 g’s. Be sure that it is indica that you want though!

  347. This sample pack is an outstanding buy!! You get great value for your dollar and get 10 different varieties of Indica flower to try out. I got 2 nice joints from each of the 10 samples and managed to get 3 joints out of 2 different samples. If your trying to figure out what strain and varieties benefit you the most or just like a variety, pick up this sample pack. You will not regret it. Herbal Dispatch is leading the way in these interesting days of cannabis legalisation and decriminalisation. There service and products are top notch. I wish I could do more for them. They have helped me more than the top Oncologists and Radiologists in Ottawa ever could. My point is, you will be very hard pressed to find a better service. They have gone above and beyond for me. Good luck to all of you at Herbal Dispatch. To the buyer, don’t hesitate to order, do it now or you will regret it later.

  348. Anonymous

    excellent selection of bud. it’s like having a veritable vending machine of goodness at your fingertips. each strain has it’s own special taste and aroma, allowing you to express your inner connoisseur. a great buy to figure out what you like.

  349. Does it get much better than this? No

  350. Very good quality and super fast shipping
    Nice to have the variety of the sample packs

  351. Sweet sample pack!! I’m an indica lover and loved all of these strains. They do wonders for my Crohns and insomnia. Wicked price too, great quality buds.

  352. VERY good choice cannot go wrong!

  353. each product was of great quality. i would have liked to have some more pink and nuken tho! you can’t go wrong with this, this and the other sample pack

  354. Anonymous

    Totally recommend this! Each gram was at least a gram, most were more. Worth your time to try out the sample pack for sure!

  355. Great variery, agree with Tyler. Have to be fast on the turnaround, or there is often none left. Sample packs always enjoyable

  356. Best way to figure out what you want to get a big bag of next week hahaha. All grams were medium to big buds no bottom of the bag or even close to. Everything scaled up right even over on a few varieties. Indecisiveness gets worse once you have them all infront of you. Sample packs are always a good choice unless your set on what you want. Thanks again HD _><_

  357. Speedy delivery and liked that I could sample and find what works for me.

  358. Love the sample packs cause not only are they high quality, give you chance to try each kind before making your choice in just one kind..

  359. As others have said, these ‘sampler’ packs are a great introduction to the various strains that are available at the time. While you won’t find any ‘bad’ products, there are definite and noticeable differences between the strains provided. Some just OK-ish and others you will want to remember for future purchase. Considering the lower price per sample in this offering, you really can’t go wrong even if you already have firm preferences established.
    As an example I found I liked the Pink Kush offering the best, and ordered that on my next order. But you might find another strain better suited to your needs, ad might I the next time around.
    Highly recommended.

  360. Order arrived within 2 days. Great way to try them all and decide which ones are my favorite. Only downside is the strains often run out and you can’t get it the next time you try and order.

  361. Anonymous

    Order arrived quickly as promised. Nice selection, letting me try various strains to see which works the best. I like it and will be back.

  362. Love this sample pack!! they always send a good stuff and you can try the best fits to you.

  363. Absolutely loved this, great sample pack to see what your favs are and then next time can order your specific favorites!

  364. Love the sample pack! Always good stuff..! Thanks!,

  365. One of the best places I have orderd from so far

  366. Everything was better than i had imagined. The sample pack allows you to try strains you might not have given a second chance before. Very impressed, will be getting more sample packs in the future

  367. Packing was amaxing. The price was amazing and so far everything I tried is amazing. I will be a long time customer!.

  368. I personally would always take an indica sample pack over a sativa sample pack but that’s me. If you have a hard time choising the right bud for you then a sample pack would be perfect for you! If you are an everyday smoker or need strong bud, you should take this sample pack. If you don’t smoke a lot and like a day high not to strong then take the sativa sample pack.

  369. This is my second time buying this sample pack, & if your like me and like to diversify the weed you smoke then this is the pack for you! 5 stars and have recommended to everyone!

  370. So glad I got this! I’ll be buying these individually for sure!

  371. Anonymous

    As a whole I would say these are awesome and will definitely be ordering them individually.

  372. Anonymous

    Love the sample pack option I include this in every order so I have something different to smoke every night. I think the most underrated thing about the sample option is how you get a few different strains every time so you really get a constant variety.

  373. 5 star great way to try em all each one is great in its own way Deff way to find your favs!

  374. This was part of my first order. It is great when you’re not sure what to get.

  375. Yet again for you first timer another perfect package A1 thanks HD!

  376. The indica pack is such a nice treat, I feel like a lil kid in a candy store when this shows up at my door! You will never be disappointed when purchasing this candy pack! Herbal dispatch is the best in the business, hands down!!!! Amazing packaging, shipping speed and customer service to boot to keep me coming back!!!

  377. Very impressed, great deal. Honestly can’t choose my favourite because they were all so good. My order arrived in 3 days and the vacuum sealed packaging was totally smell proof. Some of the 10 strains have changed since my last order so I will definitely be ordering this sample pack again. Thanks guys!

  378. Tried about half of my ten Indica samples. Very impressed Awesome deal. Awesome selection. Great buds. Perfect if you want to find the best strain for you.

  379. This sample pack is a fantastic way to go! A different flavor every day…and oh so yummy! Great buds, awesome burn, incredible tastes and smells! My shipment arrived on schedule in discrete packaging without odor…properly sealed! So far I absolutely love what I got and every thing is on or slightly over weight! I’m glad I ordered both sample packs and surely will order more!
    Thanks HD!

  380. I honestly can’t speak highly enough about the product and this website in general. Great quality, good prices, and super easy to order!

  381. Absolutely a great choice for someone who likes different flavours and effects

  382. Very impressed with the quality of the bud in this sampler pack ! Having a hard time choosing a favourite ! Thanks HD!

  383. Anonymous

    Quality pack for sure

  384. One agian here guys great taste very kushy. I would say it’s pretty strong about the same as the pink Kush but I got a half oz and very loose leaf and small buds seems to be near the end of product. Another buds were still not nicely trimmed

  385. This site is great! I had questions and they answered them very quick. they seem to actually care about there customers. They provide the fastest delivery i have seen. 3 days start to finish. I highly recommend to everyone and the sativa 10 pack great idea to find what you prefer. THANKS AGAIN HERBAL DISPATCH YOU ROCK!! it definitely is greener here…

  386. Love the sample pack great way to find your favroite, compare side by side and impress your friends with a good variety. If you don’t have a set product you are going for this is a must, a whole grab bag of goodness 🙂

  387. A wonderful variety of flower…Great service, timely delivery and great product. What more could you want? Oh and I never have to check weights with HD cos they’re always over. Thanks buds!

  388. I have gone through each strain from the indica sample pack so I think I now have the ammunition to write a review.
    First and foremost, everything arrived in a timely fashion, packaging was very respectful and everything was on weight. It’s a great idea to be able to sample the various strains to decide what’s your favorites, the price is reasonable too for the purpose and it feels pretty damn classy to have 10 different strains to indulge in. In my pack there was a top 3 that stood out over the rest but the other ones were fine, just didn’t blow me away with desire like the top 3 but each one has there own characteristics that you will enjoy to figure out. All in all, it was a perfect experience and I would 100% recommend it to anyone curious to try it. 🙂

  389. It’s nice to be able to try a bit of everything, great quality too.

  390. This was a nice treat to get in my mailbox. All the bags were a little over a gram which was awesome. No disappointments in the quality of buds either.

  391. Hands down the best package on here and everything and love how they switch it up from time to time. heavy hitters are the best!! Good prices and fast shipping!! Cant beat that, Cheers

  392. Amazing package with very nice strains thank you!

  393. it was just perfect

  394. The sampler pack is a great place to start if you’re having issues choosing a product.. All buds were very good, strong indicas and this way you are able to fine tune your preference, and at a great price!

  395. perfect 😀

  396. Really love these samples packs but wish there was an option for a larger sample pack with 1/8th samples cause i find the grams go so quick and i want more lol

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    Packaging is super amazing. Twice vacuum sealed. All strains were labelled and everything looks fantastic.

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    The bud looks so nice no shag Top Shelf for sure counts are very nice. It was cool to get 10 different kinds to sample and see what you like and what works for you. I liked looking at all the different types and the smells were amazing. It was nice and fresh not dry or CRAP well worth the money.

    Hardest part is deciding what you want to try first lol. They all are so different I have only tride a few but I was very happy all the way around. I will definitely order from HD agin with no hesitation at all and would recommend them to everyone I know..

  456. Anonymous

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    In the Indica, so far dipped into PK. Always a favorite! Great work HD!

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    Havent tasted the product yet, but any toker knows quality when they see/smell it!

    Thanks to the staff at Herbal Dispatch! Well done

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    This indicia sample pack is great in the evenings for the night time buzz

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