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Honey (Purely) – THC

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1 50g jar for $17

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Product Description

Contains 5 mg of THC per gram. Each jar contains 50 grams of honey.

Infused honey is honey that has had cannabinoids blended to specific ratios in such a way that allows them to remain equally suspended throughout the infusion. We offer a THC Honey, CBD Honey, and a Halley’s Comet Honey. Infused Honey can be added to tea, added as an ingredient for food preparation, or used as a topping. Infused honey is most beneficial where masking the taste of cannabinoids is preferred. Use of cannabinoid medicines should always be used under the advice of a physician.

107 reviews for Honey (Purely) – THC

  1. Great product that didnt last long enough!

    I bought this for ME and I need to buy like 10 more man! This stuff is great on Toast at 6am 🙂 Trust me there! Be liberal!

  2. Perfect pairing with morning tea:)

  3. Prefer the Halleys comet mixture of CBD and THC, my THC honey came in the mail crystallized and was difficult to use.

  4. Excellent product, fairly mellow effect. I would like to know what strain of terpene profiles are infused into the honey. The jar is small. Easy item to add to meals, and in combination with their CBD honey.

  5. It’s one of my favourite edibles. I love adding it to THC Granola edibles in the morning to get an early buzz on or in a cup of tea at night while winding down after a late shift at work. You can taste the weed for sure but in tea or coffee it dilutes well. Great product overall.

  6. Heavy weed taste but as a regular smoker this give me one of the best edible buzz for a reasonable amount.

  7. Good buzz. I add to my morning coffee love the earthy flavour it gives my coffee. Good price point too.

  8. Always amazing in tea or coffee. I use it to medicate and it really helps calms my stomach issues.

  9. A little bit it your coffee in the morning and your buzzin love the honey

  10. Awesome product. A staple in most of my edible orders.

  11. This honey will make you feel funny, it tastes quite yummy

  12. Great product, Really uplifting in your morning tea or coffee, If it came in a larger Quantity i would definitely buy the larger quantity. Tip of a tea spoon numbs my backpain and Helps me for about 4-5 hours

  13. Cold made it crystallize faster than the Hailey’s comet honey, but does the trick either way. The honey is my favorite edible here because you’re getting about twice the amount of THC distillate for the same price as candies or baked stuff, and you can put it into almost anything or just eat a spoonful if you’re looking for a nice, uplifting buzz.

  14. I love this Honey, I like the taste and the effects.
    Suffering with chronic pain, this product provides almost immediate relief.
    No longer being a smoker, I do have to be careful with the dosage as I am not seeking a ‘buzz’.
    I find that about a 1/2 inch dose on the end of a butter knife takes care of my back and nerve pain for about 4 hours.
    If you are a regular user you would probably require more, and I expect my tolerance will increase.
    Highly recommend this product.
    One drawback…Honey does not ship well in colder months…may crystallize, but does not affect potency.

  15. Will be keeping this as a staple has a subtle cannabis taste but is still sweet and the buzz is amazing perfect for a morning tea

  16. Very tasty works well with tea or by itself, not too strong could be a higher dosage of thc and would be nice to see some bigger jars or a squeeze bottle for it I mixed mine with my purely most oil Phoenix tears gave it a nice boost in my opinion would get 5 stars if was a bigger size as well was a little stronger

  17. Small scoup in my coffee and I was buzzing will be buying again??

  18. Love the taste and it is nice and mild without being too potent. Excellent for insomnia. Perfect for low dosage users.

  19. Great for Sunday morning tea! Nice buzz off a teaspoon.

  20. very very good. all my friends love it.

  21. I found the weed taste to be very strong, it overpowers most tea flavors. I also thought the jar was too small, a larger quantity in a bigger jar would be better, most normal size spoons don’t fit in the jar. Good product for bedtime in tea with a J though.

  22. Really loved this product. A little goes a long way. Was also a big help for a friend who was injured but didn’t want to take the prescribed pain killers.

  23. I go back and forth between Haley’s Comet and Thc honey. So good with coffee and teas, these are a must have for me. I just wish larger jars were available. Still love the honey! Thanks

  24. one of my favorites. great in morning tea. prefer Halley Comet honey of same brand

  25. I ordered this for the first time and absolutely love it! I put a teaspoon in my tea before bed and sleep like a baby, it’s amazing. I use to have trouble sleeping a full night; let alone a few hours straight; however after a teaspoon of this honey i am out like a light, I really cant say enough positive things about this. I couldn’t taste anything but the tea, and about a half hour later i feel very relaxed and next thing i know i’m asleep.

  26. I use this daily as a sleep aid. It has drastically improved the amount of sleep that I get as well as the quality. Have given to 2 family members, who now swear by it for the same reason. It gives me a nice mellow body buzz and reduces anxiety. Love love love.

  27. Not a fan of the taste but 1/4 teaspoon and you’re set for a few hours. Great mellow body high.

  28. I have had a rather weak high, when I consume the honey, I would suggest having more than 1/2 a teaspoon if consuming by itself. I would also suggest consuming this on or in either Toast or tea/coffee to hide the strong weed taste.

  29. Amazing … this has taken a family member off of two prescription meds .. and I enjoy it as a sleep aid gets me deep sleepin

  30. Very potent

  31. Good taste, best in green tea… 1/2 a tsp kicked in after about 45 minutes… then hit me hard again after 2 hours, oddly.. will purchase again!

  32. This tiny jar was super helpful when I had my wisdom teeth removed and couldn’t actually smoke!

  33. I just can’t get enough of this honey! Whether having it with tea, in a hot lemon and honey, or just alone, it always works well.
    My favourite high.

  34. Arrived yesterday, very good in coffee, didnt need much for a morning tweek, buying again!!

  35. Not bad, made me super sleepy

  36. Anonymous

    Makes 420 teatime a lot more relaxing love this product ?

  37. I always get a jar of this or the HC in my orders. A small amount in a tea always does me in nicely. Highly recommend.

  38. best edible on here.
    just put a teaspoon in your tea.

  39. Tastes pretty bad on it’s own strength is there though enough for 4-5 doses great price would buy again

  40. By far my fave edible, potent but you control the amount. No anxiety just a willowy floaty experience. Don’t mind the flavour, 1 tsp in my coffee in the morning or tea at night and I’m set. Mood lifting and practically cures my social anxiety. A must try

  41. For someone who has an issue getting edibles to ‘work’, this honey kicked my ass! I put maybe half a tsp in a smoothie and almost instantly want to nap LOL
    Great product to have in the cupboard – definitely recommending to others AND coming back for more!

  42. Wonderful product will purchase again. Very potent, tastes good at a affordable price.

  43. Incredible stuff. Gosh we go through a ton of this stuff. It’s pricey but it’s worth it. I buy this and mix it and the Halleys Comet Honey in coffee or tea all day long…. Wonderful. It gives a great buzz and really keeps your head happy and your body relaxed

  44. Amazing Product. I had to come back and buy more!

  45. This stuff is great, and the marijuana taste adds a uniqueness that you can’t get from that squeezable bear 😛

  46. Loving this THC honey. Great flavour (you can definitely taste cannabis but I like it) and it’s pretty potent! Just a little half-teaspoon of the honey in my morning coffee and I am feeling great!

  47. Very potent. Tastes very much like weed and very little like honey. Tried this with the infused tea for a really mellow tea.

  48. This stuff is suprisingly strong. The taste is also a bit strong but the potency makes up for it.

  49. I’m changing my review from 4 stars to 5. I’m starting to appreciate the taste and I put it in all of my teas and coffees. I wasn’t too fond of the taste at first but I really like it now after trying it in different teas and such.

  50. First off. The jar is so tiny, lol. HD please also supply the 100g jar I’ve seen elsewhere. Second. It is a very good product. Dosage was a bit hard to determine (Tip: 1/4 -1/2 of a traditional teaspoon is about 10mg, if you believe the online conversion charts). Long lasting effects and helped with my GI issues.

  51. Awesome product, tastes best in fruity teas over black teas, but still great all around.. Works great for relaxing and ensures a good sleep.

  52. Great with coffee, haven’t tried with tea quite yet but it’s pretty nice. Taste for me isn’t the greatest but the effects are long lasting. Cheers

  53. Anonymous

    One of my favorite products on this site! Probably ordered over a dozen jars in the last few months.
    I am a moderate user and find a teaspoon in my morning tea makes for a lovely morning. I can make 4 or 5 cups of tea from 1 jar. I use 10 to 12 g in 6 to 8 ounces of tea and an hour later I am relaxed but not stoned…ready for the work day. Like anyone who enjoys this honey, I wish the honey came in at least 100 g jars…250 preferred 😉

    Also if you’re a new or infrequent THC user, be careful…this honey can be a creeper and if you used a lot, you may be in for a high surprise!

  54. Best edible on the site. Great price and works really really well.

  55. Perfect for your morning tea. leaves you feeling great the whole day.

  56. Anonymous

    thought i was dieing..

  57. I love this product. Huge bang for the buck here. As a heavy smoker I find edibles to be less than powerful. And usually the effects are gradual, great for certain times or activities. While not extremely strong the effects are nearly immediate. A small spoon full dissolved under the tongue does the trick. Comes on fast and doesn’t last for hours either. Definitely worth keeping in the tickle trunk.

  58. Best in coffee or tea, one jar goes a long way. First time I tried 1 tsp, which is way more than I needed, I was medicated and stationary for hours. IT was Awesome! But I take much less and still love the effects. I only wish I could buy in a bigger quantity.

  59. Great stuff, I have enjoyed it in my morning coffee and also just 3/4 grams(I weight it out) ate it right of the spoon, taste pretty good actually.Will definitely order again.

  60. I have to say this is great stuff! Great bang for the buck. 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon does the trick.Lasts for hours .Start with a small dose at first because this WILL hit you hard if too much at .Takes aches and pains away and great for insomnia .I have never slept so good in the last couple of months having this before bed.In tea or right off the spoon the taste isn’t that bad.:)

  61. What can I say? This stuff is the bomb, definitely one of the best edibles on HD. I make my own edibles quite often and this still packs a punch despite tolerance. As other have said, it’s a bit of a creeper so start off slow. Eating the whole jar is super easy to do, be careful!

  62. So I consider myself a heavy smoker with a pretty high tolerance but this stuff WORKS. a teaspoon of it in your coffee first thing in the morning and I literally don’t need to smoke until the evening. I medicate to combat depression, anxiety and everyday aches and pains. This particular brand of honey checks off all of those boxes. Recommend to any and all fellow shoppers of this great website.

  63. This stuff works great! Very potent and creeps up on you.

  64. Anonymous

    This does the trick!

  65. I am such a fan of this product. I am a heavy smoker and this does the dang trick, few spoons a day in between smoke is a great way to spread out the buzz. The taste is amazing, one of my favorite HD products.

  66. really good product, made me have a sleep coma, i also ate the whole bottle in a day sooooo just a heads up it wont be around for a while if you have a high tolerance

  67. Anonymous

    This is my favourite edible on this site so far. I’m slowly working my way through all of them. I am not a smoker, just an edible user. Half a teaspoon in tea is a good amount to start with, and is a very effective pain relief and sleep aid. If I used a full teaspoon, it seemed a bit much, and wasn’t all that enjoyable. I slept like a rock, though, but couldn’t really do much else. This stuff is potent and fast-acting, especially if dissolved in tea. Mix in some plain honey if the taste or smell doesn’t appeal to you, but you will get used to it. Half a teaspoon had effects for me that lasted close to 4 hours. This is a regular purchase for me, and will continue to be one.

  68. At just under a teaspoon in a greentea was the perfect amount for me. It was a relaxing buzz and had an earthy flavour. Not at an everyday price for me, but a nice treat to start a weekend.

  69. Had a half jar of this honey and a bag of gummies and it was very intense.

  70. Wow! “Going no-where fast” lol.I thought I would try a half a teaspoon in my tea in the evening well…. i slowly felt my aches and pains fade away.and….. then I got the munchies, so snacked on some veggies and dip and then…… went to bed had a body buzz and passed out until i woke up with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth got up a little groggy guzzled some water and went back to sleep where without it I would of probably laid there awake for hours.When i did finally wake up I felt a little out of it but after two coffees I felt refreshed.I have to say great bang for the buck.I think a little dab will do, a half teaspoon seemed to potent for me. lol. Great stuff if you wanna go no where fast!lol

  71. Absolutely amazing! Great if you don’t like to smoke things! It tastes amazing and boy does it do the trick! But it does tend to dry out quickly, and when it does, the taste suffers considerably. Still great, would recommend it. Try it out on a peanut butter and banana sandwich! On your day off of course! 😉

  72. Anonymous

    King was right. This stuff is potent. Use maybe a 1/4 teaspoon (half thumbnail or so)to start , if you are experienced. Its fairly fast-acting compared to gummies or oils. Do not take this if you have any plans to speak to anyone or do much of anything. I had a shower and ate brunch at home and had to stop to take a nap. Great value.

  73. Potent, great for sweetening up you coffee, slightly bitter taste when eaten on it’s own, good portion for the price, made me giddy and happy!

  74. Best tasting honey ive tried. The high as really nice peak and long lasting.

  75. This stuff is good. I am an experienced smoker but haven’t had many edibles so i figured i would try this out. I put about a teaspoon in my tea and got a little body buzz. Gonna try more next time

  76. I think this is my only 5 star review, not positive but this stuff is great. Very strong with a long lasting, big body stone type high. My back was bothering me and I was able to relax my muscles with this. Helped with pain too. A friend is having some major issues with their health and are awaiting surgery in a great deal of pain. They tried this as well and it made a great deal of difference for them. She was able to sleep, reduce the discomfort and pain. Great product.

  77. Great and easy to mix with tea, you can taste it a bit, but it’s not overwhelming. Solid mellow high for a few hours for sure. Fantastic!

  78. Maybe not the tastiest honey (product varies in consistency from batch to batch a lot I find, from bitter to outright chemical burning), but an effective and manageable way of dosing orally, especially if your tolerance is low. I get anywhere from two to six doses out of a jar, depending on my needs. I like to mix up my medible options by the day, so as to better keep my tolerance in check and get the most out of each of my purchases. A dollop of honey one day, a gob of phoenix tears the next, a capsule or two the following day, etc. I enjoy this honey right off a butterknife, after stirring it up. A solid edible option, even if the flavor can be a bit offputting at times.

  79. I took some about an hour ago, maybe a tea spoon size. I am flying now haha. It’s strong but not too strong. A very pleasant body and head high. King was right.

  80. This stuff is gold! One quarter tsp in a coffee after waking up and put me in a great relaxed mood for the day. Increased wellbeing. As opposed to taking massive amounts of edibles, I now enjoy taking low doses and their effect on my mood and body. Approaching it very different now and loving it

  81. Anonymous

    Green apples helps to rid of the taste if you’re not a fan…..
    Really a great start to the morning.

  82. I love edibles for the body stone but with the honey i discovered if i have half a teaspoon before bed i wake up muscle pain free! I usually eat 3 or more robaxacet a night but the honey works so much better never gonna go without this amazing product again!

  83. This is my favorite out of the 3 honeys. 1 teaspoon gives me the perfect medium. I put it in my coffee in the morning, and makes the day good by stress free.

  84. I see why it’s priced this way, it’s only a 50 gram jar of honey but don’t let that fool you this shit is POTENT, I repeat, POTENT. Edibles are good if you have inflammatory issues and don’t want your brain racing or in the clouds. Take a spoonful of this and prepare to jack in (or out) of the Matrix. First you just get this green goo flooding your system. If green was a food, I”d say this taste green. Call me crazy but I think the burning sensation in the throat people get from this may be the unpasteurized honey filtering out the crap in your system. All I can say about this is that THIS IS A MUST TRY PRODUCT! Get past the price, order it, take it, find a partner, learn to use your body all over again, come back on HD and leave a review just saying “KING was right.” Trust me, a must try product.

  85. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS HONEY! I use it at night time before bed with chamomile tea and it allows me to sleep through the whole night and lets me have a good sleep as well. No weird dreams and getting up so much. And my favorite part is that it doesn’t make me feel sluggish in the mornings!

  86. Great stuff. Taste is manageable and not too bad. Good buzz with just 1 teaspoon but I have a low tolerance to THC.

  87. Instantly makes your coffee and tea great. Tastes really good.

  88. Anonymous

    I Ate half of it and did not feel anything but I am a heavy smoker so might not be the best choice for people like me

  89. Anonymous

    I really enjoyed adding this to tea.

  90. This honey is amazing. Just a 1/4 to a 1/2 teaspoon in my morning tea and I felt great most of the day. A periodic hit of cherry oil, and my depression was kept at bay all day. I’ll be getting this with pretty much every order. HD, thank you

  91. I made the mistake of thinking you could just smear this stuff onto a slice of toast! Taste is just not that great but the potency definitely makes up for that! 5/5 for potency and thats all that really matters!

  92. Taste is a little off, but in a tea you can hardly tell. I didn’t realize how strong it was and took a full teaspoon in my tea one morning. Won’t be doing that again! A little goes a long way, and it’s a nice relaxing body buzz.

  93. Nice sleepy thc effects, great for insomnia. The taste of thc oil is very strong and that’s not my favorite quality but it’s super effective for the evening.

  94. Good product. The taste is a little funky but it gives you a nice buzz.

  95. Anonymous

    Hi, I bought this product not realizing how strong it is. I was in a rush one day and took half table spoon of this product before my drive to Toronto and wow I arrived with a really nice buzz. I mean really stoned, you know the place where all of us stoners like to go? I highly recommend this product!! Shout out to the HD Team for positive experience!!!

  96. sticky but still leaves an after taste alongside a nice buzz!

  97. I love this product! I use a little more than the recommended dose in my morning coffee and within 30 minutes I have a nice buzz on. Gives me the grins and helps me focus at work as well. I love the texture and the consistency of this compared to the Hailey’s Comet honey. There will be at least one jar of this in every one of my orders from here on out.

  98. i had taken about 2 soon of the honey and put it in my tea in the morning on a day off. It took about 3 hours to kick in for me, but when it did kick in, it was fantastic, it gave me a nice goofy feeling, and a nice, relaxed body stone. My friend had used a it a few times at my place and it helped her with her chronic neck pain, she said it helped in relieving the pain she was experiencing, it didn’t at all take it all away, but it did help. Good product, be nice for a higher dosage though. all in all I would recommend to beginner to middle level users.

  99. Try some on an English muffin with butter, love this stuff

  100. Now this Honey taste so good the effects are a bit low. But if you try it early in the morning with a Tea its a nice feeling! 🙂

  101. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste but the effects were nice.

  102. One of my new favorites. It will be a new staple of mine 🙂

  103. I have tried this product before joining HD. Half a jar produced a long lasting relaxing body high before bed. A++

  104. Easy to use and goes great in a hot beverage. A spoonful before bed ensures I have a restful sleep. Perfect for anyone who wants to use edibles on a budget.

  105. Lookout….a little goes a long way. Use 1/4 teaspoon and your good

  106. Taste isn’t that bad. I like to add it to my tea or coffee. Doesnt really seem to have much of a high like the tincture does. For the price though, I’d super recommend having it in your cupboard.

  107. tastes really good, not sure about effects because the dose is low. this would probably be good for someone that has a low tolerance for edibles but i could eat this whole jar and not feel a thing.

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