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Honey (Purely) – Halley’s Comet

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1 50g jar for $23

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Sold By: Purely Medicinals
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Product Description

Contains 2.5 mg of CBD and 2.5 mg of THC per gram. Each jar contains 50 grams of honey.

Infused honey is honey that has had cannabinoids blended to specific ratios in such a way that allows them to remain equally suspended throughout the infusion. We offer a THC Honey, CBD Honey, and a Halley’s Comet Honey. Infused Honey can be added to tea, added as an ingredient for food preparation, or used as a topping. Infused honey is most beneficial where masking the taste of cannabinoids is preferred. Use of cannabinoid medicines should always be used under the advice of a physician.

90 reviews for Honey (Purely) – Halley’s Comet

  1. This stuff is amazing?? I use the handle end of a teaspoon to scoop some out. Day off morning coffee with some of this honey is just so nice. Makes me happy?

  2. Still waiting for my delivery, order was placed Thursday, been sitting in Winnipeg for two days as usual, totally unacceptable, I don’t appreciate my product being kept an extra day in a hot warehouse. My last order my bud was so wet when it dried my ounce was less than 20grams it also took 5 days to be delivered. Would like another shipping option with a more reliable company than Canda Post, really sick of my medication sitting in the mail for a week and losing potency. 2 stars because the product is good, have tried before

  3. Smells like hash oil, taste isn’t great, but wow what a wonderful buzz! Half a teaspoon to a teaspoon in my tea sets me up for a mellow, peaceful evening. I add some regular honey and almond milk too to mellow out the spicy, slightly bitter taste. Will buy again!

  4. The marijuana taste is definitely noticeable. The honey was not crystalized or dried out. It appeared high quality. I made chamomile tea and used half a tea spoon. I’m a daily dry herb smoker and still noticed a pleasant high from this. The taste blended well with my tea. I’m giving it 4/5 only because although it is good, it’s not going to blow your mind with it’s taste or high. It is good, though.

  5. I almost order this honey whether or not I have any left, I always want it on stock. Feels like it’s perfect for any occasion.

  6. Great product, taste good in hot beverage, i always take one of these when i make an order and my girlfriend always steal half of it haha.

  7. Fantastic product. You can definitely taste the cannabis, even in a flowery tea but half a teaspoon gives you a really mellow evening. Definitely worth trying. Would mix the honey before use as the bottom was real strong.

  8. Lovely and relaxing. I will definitely order again.

  9. Great product, I purchase regularly. However the first jar I received was crystallized, but also seemed like it was the bottom of the barrel honey with all the impurities in it. Gritty with a heavy dark green. The following … 6? jars Ive purchased have been crystal clear, smooth flowing, delicious and effective honey. Thats a big 5/5.

  10. Warning taking large scoup will lead to long period of laying on the floor stairing at the ceiling

  11. Absolutely in love with this honey, always have been. It’s been a while since I’ve ordered from HD, it was nice to see the change in packaging. These sealed jars are much better than the old ones.

  12. One of my favorite products. enjoy a teaspoon in my morning tea. 20 – 30 minutes later i feel great. love it even more than the THC only 5 mg/g which is good. a little pricey though. wish it came in bigger servings/bigger jars.

  13. This is worth the money. All I need is 1/2 – 1 1/2 teaspoons. Potent. As with any edible, try not to overdo it or you might be stuck lying down staring at the ceiling. Otherwise had awesome effects. It’s one of those edibles where the feeling of it coming on just makes you giggle. The taste/smell isn’t amazing but put it in some green or chamomile tea and it’s good to go. I found time it hits me can be anywhere between 15-30 minutes depending on what my stomach’s doing that day. Overall a solid edible!

  14. My dad loves this, eats it by the spoon full. Prepare for a taste adventure, tastes like a mouthful of pure BHO lol

  15. Great stuff 5 out of 5 would order again

  16. Great product. It works.
    It doesn’t taste very good to me. Though it tastes better in tea than coffee. The jar is so small you can’t fit a tea spoon in.

  17. Great taste, great in tea! Light high, more so just took away my back pain

  18. I always get a jar in my orders. A small amount in a tea always does me in nicely. Highly recommend.

  19. Have to give it another review because it really has grown on me. The best honey I’ve ever had, at first I didn’t like it but I sure do now! Wasn’t going to waste the jar so I experimented in other hot beverages. Halley’s Comet + milk and maple syrup = my perfect coffee.

  20. 5 * my girlfriend and I just loved it so much we just ordered few mores…just perfect great buzz

  21. Great product. I take a dose of 2 to 3 grams and it works well for pain and associated anxiety. Good value and one of my favourite edibles. J

  22. This is my favorite edible. Gives a gentle but noticeable buzz and does wonders for my lower back pain… especially at night or before a restorative yoga session… Can’t live with out this. I have to fight myself from eating the whole jar, I love the taste of it… It definitely has a bud taste to it but it’s strangely addictive… 1000/1000

  23. I will always have this product in my cart. Add a teaspoon if you want to affected but not too much and add a tablespoon if you want to feel high. I also enjoyed it in the morning most of the time. Put your hands on this I swear you won’t be disappointed !!!

  24. fast-acting and very mellow – had some in my coffee before taking a trip to a lavender farm. The bees weren’t the only thing buzzing! Would recommend an espresso-size spoonful, fantastically potent. Very happy and peaceful high.

  25. Great with tea. Not so much coffee but it gives it a different taste. Love it either way.

  26. perfect with your morning tea. will be making you feel good the whole day.

  27. im becoming a huge fan of honey … this is great not as good as the THC version but obviously better for the aches and pains…man i am loving honey

  28. This was delicious, and quick acting. Used it at bedtime to combat pain while falling asleep, and I’m sure during the night somewhat too. Would order again, enjoyed the nightime ritual, and it did last over a month.

  29. Honey taste in tea, yum! Roast taste on bread, strange. But this honey will be one creeper once it hits like a sativa. Strong long lasting feeling from such a little bit (half tablespoon). This small jar lasted me a long time. Twitchy at times and uh oh like most ediables for me it gave me anxiety. Quickly went away the anxiety but its a creeper this one.

  30. Might be good for pain and relaxing muscles.. Taste isnt very nice. Only buy if your not a big smoker.

  31. this has become a staple in my home. A small teaspoon amount in my tea on weekend mornings sets my day off right!

  32. wicked product , i use in my tea during the morning

  33. Big fan of all the honey. This is definitely worth the minor price increase.

  34. Wanted to try the 1:1 but wasn’t pleased with the taste or the consistency, and effects, prefer the CBD honey.

  35. better value than the cod only honey

  36. Product’s taste turns me away completely to the point of no return. HOWEVER, the effects help tremendously with chronic pain. Was given this accidentally but, no regrets thus far besides the taste.

  37. 4 stars because great effects but really grassy after taste. I don’t mind it to much tho. Tastes amazing drizzled into a Wendy’s vanilla frosty!

  38. Good way to start the day. Stir a teaspoon into a cup of hot water or in your coffee. Not too potent but just the right. Helps with dealing with pain throughout the day

  39. Favourite edible so far. I stir a big teaspoon into a hot lemon water in the am. Really delicious taste and a very pleasant way to start the 420 intake of the day as it leaves me feeling like i’ve got a 2/10 buzz.

  40. This is my new “go to” for edibles. I’ve tried the gummies, hard candy and many more. I don’t knock any of those products just I find it can get costly and this is a better bang for your buck. I add 1 tsp to my morning coffee. This can be added to anything really and it’ll give you a chill, subtle buzz. Nothing crazy. But also helps me get a super solid sleep. Thanks HD, wish this was available in a bigger bottle

  41. I added 1/2 a teaspoon to a cup of tea and it gave a really subtle chill buzz after about 1.5 hours. Really enjoyed it!

    The next time I tried it, added 1 full teaspoon (maybe a tiny bit more) to tea and had really bad anxiety. I guess I had too much, and it probably didn’t help that I was smoking a lot before and while sipping on my tea. If you’re an edible newbie, start with 1/2 – 3/4 of a teaspoon.

    Although its flavor is strong, I personally like it! Would love to try baking with this, but not sure about quantities to use.

  42. Tea spoon in a tea before bed and I’m out for the night. I liked the taste, others might not. Only complaint is it is not offered in a bigger jar:)

  43. Highly potent stuff Just give it time to kick in, folks.

    May have to try the other honey varieties someday!

  44. Great product, but i found going with the straight up CBD, or THC honey is best.

  45. Very good in tea. Nice to have cbd/thc mix. Will order again.

  46. I’ve tried the THC and although it is very good the Haley’s Comet is where it’s at! Haley’s Comet really provides all the medicating benefits I need. Wish it came in a 250ml jar!

  47. Anonymous

    The haileys comet honey works fantastic. Just a teaspoon in a cup of tea at night & I was out like a light. Sets in with a nice warm fuzzy feeling all over the body & helped relax my mind as well. Many reviews a warned of the taste but I quite liked it in a decaf chai tea. Only complains, as with others, is that the little jar prob won’t last long with regular use.

  48. I was a little worried since I’m a heavy smoker, but it’s awesome! The taste isn’t that great, it’s dark black/green – I’ve eaten it mixed with peanut butter on toast, and in tea with some regular honey to block the taste. Both times I used maybe 1/3 of a teaspoon, if that and I felt a nice buzz about 45 minutes later that last hours! I’m super impressed with the tiny amount I need, and how much is in the jar. I think this will be a staple in my kitchen for years to come!

  49. A lot more potent than I thought. 1 measured teaspoon gave me a good buzz.

  50. Just got a new batch. Much darker and thicker than the last batch. Stronger taste, which I don’t mind at all. Being partially crippled it doesn’t do anything to improve my walking at all, but when I do walk, at least it doesn’t hurt anymore. So…….Homerun. This will be a regular order for me. Thx HD and Purely Medicinal

  51. Good product but the taste is so strong I cant just take it by itself, going to makes some edible of my own with the honey now to see what happens

  52. Anonymous

    this product is awesome, only downfall for me is the intense cannabis taste that it packs. i find if i eat it alone the taste stays in my mouth for a while. great mixed into morning coffee though. i usually take it before bed and it knocks me right out.

  53. Great on toast! Cant put my finger on the taste but its different in a good way. A+

  54. I find that I can use this in moderation and get a good high going for a couple of hours. It was a little hard to swallow the first couple of times because it does taste HEAVILY of cannabis. It is a great product though; versatile and good results.

  55. For someone who has a big tolerance this stuff is fantastic. I was also pleasantly surprised. Put one full teaspoon in a small pot of jasmine green tea and I was set for a few hours!!! I think the CBD really enhances the THC, definitely making this a regular part of my order. It would be cool if Purely Medicinals started making larger jars too. I would by a 100 or 200g jar of this for SURE.

  56. Anonymous

    Great taste and great effects.

  57. Is a good product. Don’t forget to stir it up as the resin gathers at the top

  58. had about 2 teaspoons dissolved in 250ml of coffee on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. took about 15-20 minutes to feel effects. first edible ive had and it did the trick for me! left me spacey for the rest of the afternoon. would recommend!

  59. does the trick and cures what ails ya! Spoonfull with some sugar or in your coffee/tea is just the right amount for me.

  60. This was used for RLS by an MS sufferer and by myself, an admitted pothead.
    The RLS was relieved well using a small spoonful. The pothead used two spoons and received a warm and glowing body buzz.

  61. taste was how much you take tho its a creeper good for the daily aches and pains

  62. This was suprisingly strong to me. I was not someone who had ever ordered edibles before. My coworker saw the bucket wanted to see what it tasted like. He dipped in his finger and had a taste. He came in to work this morning with the greatest story of a non-stoner struggling for an entire evening with his familly staying composed, all in all, he still had a great time and laughed a ton.. As the daily smoker i can say a small tea spoon of this before a massage is probably some of the best times one can have on this planet. It has a very good body stone, super relaxing. Will get more of this when i run out.

  63. Top notch medicine right here. A wonky taste but that don’t matter. One of the best edible products on the site.

  64. Very strong Taste that I find over powers anything I eat it with but its got a kick

  65. Great taste and good effects. Got it for the wife, we both tried it and enjoyed it .

  66. I think I’m going to have to order more next time the jar just isn’t big enough, that’s why I cant give it a 5 star,other than that its great stuff.

  67. Herbal Dispatch is amazing for offering so many amazing cannabis products. This stuff is great, but I had to use like half of the jar to get the effects that I was looking for. I do have a pretty high tolerance though…

  68. good for the morning before work.

  69. I love this stuff! I go through it quite fast.

  70. I had a teaspoon of this in my tea the other night. I felt so good before going to bed. It added a nice sweetness to my tea.

  71. I’ve started adding this to my sleep routine, adding a spoonful to a tea 2 hours or so before bed has me sleeping through the night without interruptions finally and waking up painless. Thank you HD for your wonderful service!

  72. Really liked this! The colour and smell were quite a bit different than the CBD honey – to be expected! The taste is definitely less citrus, grapefruity and more on the green side which isn’t a bad thing. Grittier texture but undetectable melted down. It is more neutral tasting in warm beverages. It is nice melted into hot chocolate made with cashew milk in the evening an hour before bedtime or in a hot lemon water. Lovely to wind down the day with or to soothe a bad cold/cough. Will order this again.

  73. I like the taste. But a Lil bit of a after taste. Very happy with this .

  74. Much sweeter than it used to be. It’s good. Also, the jar is larger as well! Definitely a good buy!

  75. Another gr8 product 8.5. Worked wonders. Gr8 smell Clean potent

  76. This product works wonders but takes awhile to kick in.. I had a spoonful in my tea to try out, It has a strong taste I found. My initial observation was that I didn’t dose properly having only a slight buzz..then after about 1.5 hrs I sat down and had dinner, It hit me like a wall , a strong full body buzz. lasted for almost 3 hours. excellent product pain melted away instantly once
    initiated. Great sleep. Will have a jar in every order.

  77. Cant get better anywhere else!

  78. Anonymous

    Ate half the bottle and got a small body tingle, taste was on green side.

  79. I found the high was great and lasted a really long time, however I needed to used quite a lot since my tolerance is rather high. It didn’t really have that great of a taste but it wasn’t terrible either. Overall not bad but not something I would use often.

  80. A little expensive for such a small container and definitely a strong cannabis taste but altogether not that bad.

  81. Anonymous

    The honey is real nice in Green Tea, I usually have half a spoon full or a spoon full depending on my muscle pains from Hockey/Soccer gives you a great buzz and helps with the pain! Thanks Guys

  82. Anonymous

    greenish in color, distinct cannabis flavor, potent and very versatile. May not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, but works well in my morning coffee. Very pleased to have a jar of this in my cupboard. Less pleased with product’s recent price hike. 4.5/5

  83. Really great product. perfect to put a bit in a morning smoothie and have a nice medication. good flavour on the honey, just a pleasant cannabis taste and not overwhelming

  84. Very tasty has that nice herbal spice flavour, actually surprised by how little is needed

  85. Put the entire jar on a sandwich and split it with a friend. We had to put them down halfway to take a I’m-too-stoned break before coming back to them about 10 minutes later. Very fast acting, very potent. Buying more.

  86. I put a BIG spoonful of this stuff in my tea and I was gone. It was a very good stone and that’s coming from a daily heavy toker. Potent and fantastic, A+.

  87. Love it in tea! I think this is my go to sweetener for that from now on.

  88. Anonymous

    Very strong taste of cannabis, but not in a bad way, its not a harsh taste. Effects are fairly mild with a teaspoon making it perfect for medical users who dont smoke often. Good body stone with clear head

  89. Strong cannabis taste but great results. Takes away pain no questions asked.

  90. Really tasty, on its own the cannabis oil flavour is very noticeable and on a croissant or on anything edible that’s not already sweet and you want to make it sweet it’s pure awesomeness.

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