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Honey (Baked Edibles) – THC

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1 Baked Edibles honey for $15

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Product Description

Organic Honey Tincture

This delicious tincture has 100mg of THC within; perfect for a spread on your toast in the morning, a drizzle on your ice cream, or a sweetener for your tea! Besides the incredible health benefits, our THC honey will be a staple for any cannabis lover’s cupboard. 5mg THC per teaspoon for easy dosing! Oh, and did we mention that our honey is locally sourced? We thought you’d like that.

Contains: 100 ml of Honey. 5 mg of THC per teaspoon.

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6 reviews for Honey (Baked Edibles) – THC

  1. This product is just lovely. A teaspoon is a good light daytime buzz, and the honey itself seems very well made. Not sure why others are rating it so low. It works!!!

  2. Great product! Lovely taste and low high, perfect for anxiety and relaxation. I love it! ?

  3. Wasn’t my favourite honey , it has a good taste but very low dosage of thc there are way better edible choices on the site .

  4. The taste of the thc is bit overpowering despite it taking a larger dose to feel anything

  5. This is not a very good product ! the honey is ok but there is no thc in it . i had haily comet honey and that was good but this has no effects at all . if that was the intention than sorry for the negative reveiw.

  6. Another really good honey. Top tier among the honey sold at HD. Put a spoonful in your coffee or tea in the morning and spend the day with a nice floaty feeling. A great way to start the day.

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